Grow Your Business By Digital Marketing

Grow Your Business By Digital Marketing

Digital marketing signifies the most often utilized term in today’s business. Everyone is talking regarding online marketing, and experts believe that it’s a process to expand an online business. However, what precisely is it? Online marketing is a process of promoting and selling products or services by numerous digital marketing strategies. It is a tremendous range that can be exceptional if you signify new to the field of digital marketing.

Before you choose to spend your time and resources on strategizing, this is necessary to know the elements of online marketing, including how you can grow your business utilizing those elements. By using these strategies, you can gain significant growth in the industry. Let’s begin!

Here Are Top 10 Steps To Expand Your Business Through The Digital Marketing

1. Website Design

The first and foremost step is to possess a responsive website for your business to grow your business. In this competing business world, this has been necessary for business owners to have their website. If you do not sell your services or products online, the customers presume to possess an online presence. Each website signifies the face of any specific organization. The expansion of a particular business should be recognized as an essential component for your business’s growth.

To accomplish the most beneficial outcomes, it is essential to design a complete responsive website as the responsive themed website seems excellent on all the desktop, tablets, and smartphones. Presently, there exist several responsive WordPress themes that are accessible on the internet. Through utilizing specific pieces, you will be able to create a useful website. If you do not possess the skills to design a website by yourself, then it is worth hiring a website designing company.

2. Content Marketing

After creating a responsive website, the next most beneficial digital marketing advice signifies to generate engagement and valuable content. As it will assist you in attracting a wider audience over your web page, website, social media platforms, as well as any additional platform on which you are advertising your business. When it proceeds to content marketing, then many techniques help you expand your business or brand.

There Are Some Of The Most Recommended Content Marketing Strategies:

  • Blogs:

While it reaches to formulating a list of the marketing strategy for the start-ups, blogging is the foremost thing that arrives in each marketer’s mind. Also, why not? Because it benefits the businesses in making organic traffic as well as improving the SEO.

As per Forbes, the websites that possess one separate webpage for the ‘Blog’ have 434% extra indexed pages than the websites that do not. Therefore, for the business’s growth, begin accomplishing specific blog webpage design; furthermore, the list of the topics to be included in your blogs. Make sure to create content unique and valuable on particular issues associated with your business entirely.

  • Infographics:

The Infographics signify a unique method to teach the audience through the appropriate information and the most advanced statics. When both the infographic design and the content are excellent, it will assist you in acquiring quality backlinks for the website. You can furthermore share them on the blogs as well as on any social media stage.

  • Newsletters:

Businesses utilize newsletters for informing the audience regarding the latest news, updates as well as tips. When formulating newsletters, you must be precise with your purpose, concentrate on quality, not on quantity, furthermore most significantly, keep it appealing. Choose an expert designer moreover receive a productive newsletter design concerning your business industry.

  • Case Studies:

This is a different kind of content marketing that is utilized by organizations to highlight their achievement stories. Also, it accommodates the dissimilar possible customers in understanding how your services or products can assist you in resolving their queries. You can also share the case studies on social media platforms, emails, and your website for your business growth.

  • Ebooks:

The E-books signify electronic books that present a chance for businesses to share valuable information with potential customers. Unlike Infographics, the foremost objective of the ebooks is not to sell the product or services but willingly connect with their target viewers.

  • Testimonials:

In this competing world, it is hard to accomplish the trust of potential customers. The testimonials assist businesses in presenting proof of the superior quality of their services or products. Combine them as a component of any specific design of the website. Also, you can distribute them on all the social media platforms and gain authenticity for your business’s growth.

3. Social Media Marketing

In this competitive world of businesses, companies are executing all possible factors to grasp the attention of potential customers. The social media platforms are the most powerful marketing channel that is signifying utilized by the companies to interact right with the possible audience. It has transformed the way businesses used to talk with their customers.

Gone are days while businesses managed to target further to convince the consumers by press-releases and hard-hitting campaigns. Staying in the time of online marketing, customer’s requirements straight and trustworthy relationship with specific businesses. By understanding social media’s value, companies have begun building their social media accounts in its beginning step.

All social media channels signify differently from each other and also have different page designs. Some highlight an expert social media page plan like LinkedIn, while another has a pleasant and friendly design like MySpace. Platforms such as Facebook stumble around within personalization as well as professionalism. Whatever channel you take, make sure that you share content that should be creative and engaging.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Considering business growth and generating leads signifies the highest goals for every businessperson; several start-ups believe that they can accomplish this purpose by hiring sellers and conducting phone calls. These may improve your business. However, these are an antiquated method of growing a business. Now, SEO has reached the concentration of marketers. SEO remains one of the most reliable digital marketing tactics, which is utilized to increase your website’s visibility on the top page of the search engines. By optimizing the website’s specific content, you can quickly drive more possible customers to your website.

For improving the ranking of your website, do keyword research upon your services or products by utilizing the keyword research tools. And after doing conventional analysis on the short tail, long-tail keywords, including phrases, combine them into your content. Although, you require to be sure that you are not doing keyword stuffing. Unless it affects the search engine ranking of your website, furthermore Google may further penalize your website. After performing SEO, you may receive to view the outcomes after a long time. Therefore have patience. Moreover, try to learn different digital marketing tools to assist you in expanding your business—the right SEO strategy used to pay off in the long run.

Take A Look at Some Points To Get Top Position In SERPs And Make Your Site More Visible:

  • Create always quality content.
  • Optimize the images.
  • Write a good meta description.
  • Share content by guest posting.
  • Perceive Google business listings.
  • Improve the specific speed of the website.

5. Email Marketing

It is also the most efficient method to promote businesses. Considering the specific time of its growth, email marketing has come a significant way, giving the most reliable digital marketing resolutions for the business’s development. Now, due to the promotions in the technology and the availability of the internet, you can easily reach their emails. You are conveying an engaging email to the potential customer can benefit you to get new consumers on your website and maintain all the old consumers. Even if you are in the B2B business, then utilizing this online marketing tactic remains essential because the emails are the core of the company’s specific marketing.

As per the reports, 93% of the B2B marketers share their content by email, and 83% of the B2B companies utilize the newsletters as a component of the content marketing plan for their business. Therefore if still, you have not begun considering adopting email marketing concerning your business’s growth, then start thinking instantly. To build your business or brand with assistance from email marketing.

Take A Glimpse At Some Of The Most Effective Email Marketing Tactics:

  • Send emails at an appropriate time.
  • Send a welcome email for making a healthy relationship.
  • Look at the deliverability as well as avoid the specific spam folder
  • Prepare the accurate frequency for a healthy and performing list.
  • Do not utilize the noreply@ address.
  • Utilize an exceptional sender name.
  • Design engaging body content.
  • Write attractive subject lines.
  • Email Automation.
  • Create it mobile-friendly.
  • Add the alt text to all the images & buttons.
  • Social media alliance.
  • Utilize an email signature concerning authenticity.
  • Measure email performance.
  • Endeavour an unsubscribe alternative.

6. Google Ads

For sure, you have already listened to Google Ads as it is a comprehensive digital marketing platform that supports businesses to target all consumers looking for your services and products and are willing to buy them. This tool has grown as the favourite amongst firms nowadays.

Including a conventional strategy and inadequate investment at the appropriate time, online marketers can genuinely bring more extra potential customers, gain more sales, and ultimately get the business to grow. With the guidance of Google Ads, you can build a vast network of ads like:

  • Search Ads:

Those ads that appear on top of specific SERPs while someone searches something.

  • Display Ads:

The ads are shown on apps or websites. Certain ads are a blend of videos, text, images.

  • Video Ads:

The ads that generally present at the starting or the end of the videos.

7. Shopping Ads:

Certain ads are those ads that present as a recommendation when you purchase or view related products.

8. Affiliate Marketing

As the completion, including the accomplishment of the businesses both online and offline, depends upon the specific number of customers purchasing products or such a company’s services. Therefore essentially, the hurdle is to enhance the consumer base. Moreover, to accomplish that hurdle, building quality services or products is not sufficient.

You are required to discover unique methods to help them. Affiliate marketing remains one of the exceptional techniques of retailing services or products with the guidance of affiliates (someone who used to work on any company).

Now, everybody is searching for methods to make accessible online money. Even people dream of making money when they signify sleeping. Affiliate marketing presents possibilities to such people to make money easily anytime and anywhere. Affiliates view the outputs they are involved in, promote them, and earn the commission from it.

Certain brands (on account of which specific affiliate operates) establishes the commission composition and gives affiliates either on specific sale of individual products or quantity of the products. To earn more extra commission, companions seek their level most suitable to sell more extra outputs. By this process of affiliate marketing, both of the parties remain in the win-win spot. Therefore begin distributing your information on the commission-based programs and perceive your business completion in just a few periods.

9. Video Marketing

Distributing content by videos is an excellent method to involve the customers. With the progression in technology, this is growing more extra affordable as well as comprehensive.

To understand where video marketing’s eternity continues supervising, you require to have a glimpse at the most advanced statics.

  • 55% of the people used to watch videos daily.
  • 92% of the mobile video users used to share videos, among others.
  • 90% of the customers discover videos useful in making their purchasing choice.
  • Videos shared on the emails lead to an increase in CTR by 200% to 300%.

Promoting the business by videos necessitates creativity as well as a perception of human psychology. Each great video may go viral in a few hours moreover accordingly. Therefore, it is necessary to consider video marketing virtually a component of your marketing strategy. To assemble the content concerning video marketing, also you can endure tutorials, webinars, live events, and many more. If you desire to make creative designs for marketing your products or services? Then you need to take expert graphic design services.

10. Influencer Marketing

This is the kind of marketing in which you can convey your message to specific potential customers in an organic process. This is another excellent method to make more extra customers for the growth of your business. Influencers signify those people who possess a substantial social following. Preferably than marketing right to your potential customers, you have to pay the influencers moreover get out the message for your business. Each business has a different influencer according to their industry. Therefore, to expand your business or brand, if you want to proceed with this strategy for online marketing, get the appropriate influencer regarding your business or brand.

This is not necessary that an influencer possesses to be a celebrity. Also, you can prefer general people as influencers for marketing your product or services. For instance, Dove, a specific brand, rather than choosing stars for promoting their brand, used to promote their brand by ‘regular women’ to expand the message. When you understand every step, you will be required to recognize their interconnected nature and how they combine in your overall online marketing tactics.

11. Marketing Automation

It is one of the great alternatives to accomplish tasks with more limited effort. It presents a chance for businesses to keep their relationship with current, known, and inactive customers. When it arrives at marketing automation, this is more extra than sending the bulk SMS and the email newsletters.

While integrated, marketing automation, including intellectual user behavior-driven programs, supports businesses in appealing to potential customers by meaningful content. Specific content then turns possible consumers into loyal customers. When preferring marketing automation concerning your business’s growth, always make sure to keep the flexibility in certain content on all the stages. It will help potential consumers evade any brand confusion; it will also surely help you grow your online business.

The Best Popular Free WordPress Website Themes

The Best Popular Free WordPress Website Themes

If you are checking out for the WordPress Website Themes 2020 you are right here. In this article, we give some Best WordPress Website Themes of 2020 that are updated. These Free WordPress themes will help you make your website attractive. With the assistance of these themes, You can make your WordPress website stylish with the help of these best free WordPress website themes for blogs. 


There are so many free and paid creative and attracting WordPress website themes in, you can choose any one of them. Here in this article, you can also check the Topmost WordPress website themes 2020 and 2021 (updated). 

All the WordPress themes are different from each other so that you can choose any one of them that suits your blog and website or their requirement.

You can also make the changes in these WordPress website themes according to your requirements, you may add plugins, any code, make changes that you want. As these WordPress website themes are user friendly, with different layouts, appearance, and designs that help the user choose the best WordPress theme for the website. 

Most of the WordPress themes consist of Images and JavaScript.

Best WordPress website themes include these three parts are:-

  • Style.css file
  • The WordPress template file
  • Optional function .php

These WordPress themes for the website can be changed, managed in the WordPress admin area under Appearance>> Themes.

Here are some useful benefits of the top responsive WordPress website themes, that are as follow:-

  • User Friendly
  • Completely ready for your website
  • Multi-purpose used 
  • Mobile Friendly 
  • Affordable
  • Customizable
  • Content management is easy
  • Future of web design
  • Flexible

List of Best and Topmost Free WordPress Website Themes:-


1. Divi:- 

Divi is the best WordPress website theme which is the most popular multipurpose theme that is created by the elephant themes. With the help of the Divi Best free WordPress website theme, you will create a website that you want to build. It gives an advanced design interface that supports both beginners and experts alike.


  • This Divi WordPress theme is a drag and drop building theme. 
  • This WordPress theme gives you add, delete, and movements of the elements on your website according to your preference.
  • This Divi WordPress gives you True Visual Editing. With the help of this, you can create and design your page, blog, website in real-time, and check the result immediately.
  • Divi the best WordPress theme gives you a Custom CSS Control. With the help of Custom CSS Control, you can easily make changes and can easily combine the Divi’s Visual Design with their Custom CSS because Divi’s interface is simple.
  • Divi’s most popular WordPress website theme is Responsive Editing that means accessible and you have full control over websites that look on mobile devices.
  • It gives you so many design options for your websites, blogs, and lots of unique page elements that you will love and enjoy.
  • It also gives you the Inline Text Editing Option which means you just click and start typing and edit your page easily according to your preferences. 
  • In this best WordPress theme, you should Save and Manage your Unlimited Custom Designs, so that you can re-use them when you start the new pages. 
  • You can also create a Future Design System and Streamline your Workflow.
  • In this Divi’s WordPress Website theme you will Manage your website Design Elements, Styles, and Website Wide Design Settings because it’s not a page builder, it’s a website-design system.
  • In this WordPress theme, you can easily undo, redo, and travel through your entire editing history because if any mistake you should do it will be backed by these options.
  • This WordPress website theme works on modern software applications.
  • It also gives you multiple demo options, so that you will first check how it looks on your website.
  • Divi the WordPress website theme also includes marketing form and tools.

It gives the tagline:- “Divi is for Everyone”  that means for:-

  • Freelancer:- As a freelancer, you will create a website for your clients which is so easier, faster, and enjoyable that your client will love this. This best WordPress theme gives you a single platform for creating and managing lots of themes and designs for your pages, websites, and blogs.
  • Agencies:- Agencies will also make their WordPress website with the help of Divi’s WordPress theme which is so faster and more efficient. As an agency, you will create unlimited websites with the help of unlimited themes and designs on a single membership. It will also help to improve your team collaboration and also streamline your workflow and design process. 
  • Website Owners:- With the help of the Divi WordPress website theme, you can create your visions to life as it gives you freedom. You can jump into visual editors and pre-made designs to build your website.

Divi the best popular WordPress theme gives you 40+ website elements like Calls to Action, Sliders, Blogs, Galleries, Forms, etc.

Divi WordPress theme should be globally accepted as it is translated into 32  languages.

Divi WordPress theme gives you 100+ Full Website Packs.

Divi WordPress theme also gives you 800+ Pre-made Designs.

It also adds royalty-free photos, icons, etc. in Brand new layouts Weekly.

It also includes:- 

Customization:- Complete Design Control On Everything

  • Hover State Styling
  • Responsive Editing
  • Text and Font Styling
  • Shape Dividers
  • Border Options 
  • Transform Controls & Effects
  • Advanced Code Editing 
  • Filters & Effects 
  • Drop Shadows 
  • Text Shadows
  • Background Images
  • Background Colors
  • Background Gradients 
  • Background Videos
  • Animations

Efficiency:- Design the website more Effectively

  • Multi-Select and Modify Bulk
  • Models Find and Substitute
  • Boss Magical Hue 
  • Copy and Paste Style 
  • Extensible Type
  • Divi Quick Actions
  • Drag & Drop Uploading
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Quick Access To Element Styling
  • Searchable Settings
  • Filterable Settings & Search


  • Email Opt-In Provider Support
  • Contact Form Building Full-Width
  • Pricing Table
  • Social Following
  • Built-In Split Testing

WooBuilder:- It helps in Building and Selling Stunning Products

  • Create product templates using the WooCommerce modules from Divi
  • Sell your Products

Intuition:- The Smartest Builder 

  •  Builder Setting and Controls
  • Quick Page Creation 
  • A Fluid & Intuitive Interface
  • History, Auto Saves & Browser Backups
  • Save, Import & Export Elements
  • Builder View Modes
  • Builder Walk Through

Themes Builder:-

  • Header & Footer Builder
  • Post & Product Template Builder
  • Global Website Styles


  • Roles of Consumer 
  • Options for the Theme 
  • Supporting the website
  • Browse Documents, Get Technical Assistance, and Allow Remote Access by Single Click 
  • Set Custom User Functions and Permissions for Your Team or Customers 
  • Simple Theme Setup And Full Style Control With Style Choices.

2. Astra:- 

Astra is the best free WordPress website theme for blogs, businesses, web pages, online shops, etc. 

  • This WordPress theme was developed by the Brainstorm force which is a WordPress development company.  
  • This best free WordPress theme is the fastest growing theme for your businesses, personal portfolio, blogs, websites, online shops, etc.
  • Here 10lakh+ users can join and build their beautiful and attractive website with the help of the Astra WordPress website theme. 
  • As we can see that almost all the WordPress website themes require at least 300kbs but the Astra WordPress theme needs less than 50kb of resources.
  • In just 0.5 secs Astra WordPress theme loads on your website. It’s a speedy and fully optimized theme.
  • Astra uses the Vanilla Javascript because of No jQuery in the way of optimization of performance.
  • Astra WordPress website theme has the largest library of the pre-built websites, in which there are also various page builders.
  • Astra WordPress theme is very helpful for non-techy users to build their website for their industry with the help of professionally designed Astra theme plugins.
  • With the help of the Astra Elementor, you can create your website with pre-built sites by just one click and you can create your full website.
  • Astra the best WordPress website theme gives you 100+ fully professionally designed templates.

Here are Some features of the Astra WordPress theme that you love this WordPress theme:-

  • Pre-Built Website which means ready to use websites with live demos.
  • Customize without code which means you can change your website design with the help of WordPress customizer in Astra. There is no need for coding knowledge.
  • Made for Page Builders that means Astra gives you full accessibility to use their theme according to your requirements by adding and deleting the Page Title Bar, Slidebar, etc.
  • Super Fast Performance that means it is a lightweight theme with super fast speed with optimized performance.
  • Astra, the most popular WordPress website theme is fully customizable.
  • Astra gives WooCommerce Storefront accessibility.
  • It requires only Less than 50kb space for installation.

Astra Customize Everything Easily that means you should set your visual theme according to your preference that is:-

  • Colors And Typography:- You can change the colors and fonts according to your needs and page preference.
  • Layout Settings:- In this, you can change and manage your page layout like page header, Sidebars, Page footers, your blogs, your posts, etc.
  • Header Option:- In this, you can change your header with different several in-built headers by adding more features and more options.
  • Blog and Archives:- In this, you can manage the Archive Pages and the blog posts with help of neat options.

Astra, a free WordPress theme for Blogs and Websites has some favorite tools that are:-

  • Elementor      
  • BeaverBuilder   
  • WooCommerce
  • LearnDash        
  • Toolset   
  • Yoast  

Astra gives some more benefits like:-

  • Translation & RTL Ready
  • Hooks & Filters 
  • Developed on Github 
  • Made For Page Builders
  • SEO Friendly Markup

Some More Features of Astra WordPress theme are:


  • No jQuery
  • Less than 50kb resource
  • Code to be optimized

Options for Powerful Design:-

  • Layouts 
  • Options for Header and Footer
  • Header Clear
  • Header Sticky
  • Header for Mobile
  • Header of Article
  • Super App App
  • Color and typography
  • Slide Bar Dedicated
  • Ready for WooCommerce

Layouts of styles:-

  • Enclosed
  • Full width of its
  • Padded back
  • Space Control
  • Layout of fluid
  • Container Default


  • Google fonts  
  • Fonts Custom
  • Appropriate font sizes
  • The option of the paragraph margin
  • Pixels font size, Em
  • Shape text

Color combinations and backgrounds:-

  • Head of the main
  • Header above
  • Behind this header
  • Consistent header

Custom Layouts:-

  • Custom Footer
  • Custom Header 
  • Custom Layout- Hooks
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Display Conditions


  • Video Tutorials 
  • In-Depth Articles
  • 24/7 Support

3. Neve:-  

Neve is the Best WordPress website theme for blogs, small businesses, Startups, Woocommerce, Portfolio, etc. Neve is a mobile-friendly theme that you love. Neve WordPress theme is a member of the Honoured Club.

  • Neve is a super-fast best WordPress website theme.  
  • This WordPress theme is easily customizable.
  • Neve WordPress themes can be used for a multi-purpose and responsive theme.
  • It should take mere seconds to load.
  • This WordPress theme is lightweight.
  • It gives you a minimalist design.
  • It is a highly extendable theme. 
  • In this WordPress website theme, you can drag and drop page builder according to your capability.
  • This theme gives you multiple demos and it is an SEO friendly WordPress website theme. 
  • Neve includes WooCommerce, RTL & translation ready.

Some of the popular page builders that work with Neve WordPress website theme are:- 

  • Elementor
  • Brizy
  • Beaver Builder
  • Visual Composer
  • SiteOrigin

Neve a WordPress website theme includes:-

  • Translation & RTL Ready
  • SEO Friendly Markup
  • Optimized for Speed
  • Fast and Easy Onboarding
  • No jQuery
  • Easy to Customise 
  • 1-Click Rollback
  • Safe Updates
  • Accessibility Ready
  • Fast Support

Look at some key features of the Neve WordPress website theme are:-

  • Control the Website Layout Option
  •  Fast Lighting and Completely Customizable
  • Custom Design of the Header 
  • Get Start on Design and Content Editing 
  • Custom Design of the Footer
  • Mobile Ready and AMP Compatible

4. OceanWP:- 

OceanWP is the best WordPress theme that will help you to build your website with beautiful design and Layout with the help of the OceanWP a free WordPress theme. With the assistance of the Ocean WordPress theme, you will design beautiful website according to needs.

  • This OceanWP theme is very useful for travel projects, websites, blogs, etc.
  • This OceanWP WordPress theme is used for multi-purpose.
  •  It gives you a fast loading speed.
  • OceanWP WordPress theme provides you with an easy Drag and Drop page builder facility.
  • This WordPress theme is responsive.
  • Modern OceanWp WordPress themes can support multiple languages. 
  • It also includes WooCommerce.

Here are some reasons that you love the OceanWP WordPress website theme are:-

  • Fully Responsive
  • Fastest Page Load Time
  • E-Commerce Ready
  • SEO Base Built-In
  • Translation & RTL Ready
  • Awesome Support

Here are some extensions of the OceanWP WordPress theme are:-

  • Full Screen
  • Demo Import
  • Stick Anything
  • Popup Login 
  • Portfolio
  • Elementor Widgets
  • Woo Popup 
  • Modal Windows 
  • Posts Sliders
  • Sticky Footer
  • Ocean Hooks
  • Instagram
  • Custom Sidebar
  • White Label
  • Cookie Notice

5. Total:- 

The total theme is the Top WordPress theme to build your Creative website. This total theme was developed by the WPBakery page builder. With the help of this WordPress website theme, anyone can make their website attractive and beautiful so that people love this.

  • In this WordPress theme, drag and drop page builder available.
  • This WordPress theme gives you a frontend and backend page design facility.
  • This theme gives you customized layout solutions.
  • This Total WordPress theme gives you an amazing ready-made premium slider.
  • This total WordPress theme gives you multi-purpose page templates.

Here are Some features of the most popular Total WordPress website theme:-

  • 1-click demo import
  • Multiple Header Layouts
  • Cookies Consent for GDPR compliance
  • Mega Menu
  • Customizability
  • Feature ability
  • Flexibility
  • 100+ building elements
  • Live theme customizer
  • Custom Footer and Header Builder
  • Premium Plugins included
  • BBPress Ready
  • RTL Support & Translation Ready
  • Developer Friendly
  • WooCommerce Ready

Some compatible with free plugins used by the Total WordPress website theme are:-

  • Yoast SEO
  • The Event Calendar
  • Jet Pack
  • Contact Form7
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Polylang
  • Translate Press

6. Newspaper:-

Newspaper is the Top WordPress website for Free themes for WordPress Magazine. When there is lots of content that you want to upload on the WordPress theme, here the best name for the WordPress theme is Newspaper, and also for the WordPress Magazine, the name comes the most popular theme for that is a Newspaper WordPress theme.  NewsX Paper is the latest WordPress theme of the newspaper theme.


  • This Newspaper WordPress theme was built by tagDiv, an Envato Power Elite.
  • This newspaper WordPress theme has the power of versatility with an elegant design combined.
  • This newspaper WordPress theme gives you a stylish architecture design and layout also.
  • This newspaper website theme is a user-friendly theme as the builder can design your theme according to the content, how it will display on the tablets, mobile, desktop.
  • This WordPress theme gives you 80 beautiful pre-built designs and layouts.
  • This WordPress theme also provides you a gallery of 810+ already built design templates which is in the tagDiv Cloud Library.
  • This WordPress theme also gives you dozens of pre-built sites. 

Here are some pages and categories of the Newspaper WordPress theme:-

  • A myriad of elements and shortcodes
  • The countless big grid-style combination
  • Ready-made category page templates
  • 25 Predefined blocks
  • 5 Flex Block element 
  • Publish article without constraints

Newspaper WordPress theme gives you  Astonishing Post Styles which includes 90+ unique post templates with a complete toolkit for write, publish, and broadcast.

Newspaper the best theme of WordPress website gives you  Engaging Category Templates which include dozens of fully customizable and professionally designed templates in tagDiv Cloud Library.

Newspaper theme the best WordPress theme also gives you Easy 1-Click Install which means it has an extremely simple installation engine, demo loading in every single heartbeat, easily customizable with perfect pixels.

This newspaper WordPress theme powers up your inspiration by giving you lots of specialized demos and so many approx 100s of one-click element & layout.

Newspaper WordPress theme has a support of the GDPR Complaint that is the European General Data Protection Regulation.

This newspaper WordPress theme also gives:-

  • Header Builder
  • Footer Manager
  • Pre-Built Pages
  • Google AMP Ready
  • Landing Page Elements
  • Blazing Fast Website
  • Delightful Mobile Design
  • SEO Ready
  • Video Tutorials
  • Access a Community
  • 5 Shapes for Flex Block
  • Automatic updates ON
  • Video Powered Website
  • Monetize your Website
  • Featuring Content Creator
  • tagDiv Custom Gallery
  • tagDiv Video Playlist
  • Weather Widget
  • Social Counter Widget 
  • Instagram Widget
  • NewsLetter Widgets

7. Zakra:- 

Zakra is the Top Free WordPress website lightweight themes that help to create a website.  This Zakra WordPress theme has a super fast speed. In this Zakra WordPress theme, an in-built available theme has optimal performance. This WordPress website theme is suitable for weddings, shops, dentists, education, almost all types.

  • Zakra is the best WordPress theme that has combining impactful visuals.
  • Zakra WordPress theme has easy to use customization options.
  • Zakra WordPress website theme is fully responsive.
  • This Amazing WordPress theme has a sleek design Feature.
  • Zakra WordPress theme has multiple types of devices.
  • Zakra WordPress theme is SEO Friendly.
  • This WordPress theme is the RTL ready theme.

Here are some more features of the Zakra WordPress website theme:-

  • Detailed Documentation
  • Color Option
  • Free Multilingual support
  • Mobile- Ready
  • Advanced Typography
  • Multiple Header Styles
  • Multipurpose Theme
  • Lightweight theme
  • Creative and business purpose theme
  • 7+ widget areas
  • Primary color options
  • Translation ready theme
  • Compatible with Gutenberg

Best tips for the Zakra best WordPress website theme For Free:-

  • Best WordPress Hosting
  • WPML/Polylang & Translation Ready
  • Create a site on WordPress
  • Seamless WooCommerce Integration
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Best Hosting Services Compared
  • Trending WordPress Plugins for Social Media
  • Live chat tools for Business

8. Sydney:- 

  • Sydney is the free WordPress website theme which is mostly used by the business and freelancer for building a beautiful website.
  • Sydney a WordPress theme is recommended by Elementor.
  • This WordPress website theme gives you access to all Google Fonts.
  • This WordPress website theme gives you Layout Control Option also.
  • Sydney a powerful business WordPress website that gives you Sticky Navigation.
  • In this Sydney WordPress theme, you can upload the logo of the business, brand, etc. according to your needs.
  • In this WordPress website theme, you can use the- Header Image Option. 

Here are some awesome theme feature of the Sydney WordPress website:-

  • Responsive
  • Custom Elementor Blocks
  • Powerful Theme Customizer
  • Parallax Backgrounds
  • Google Fonts
  • A slider or Static Image Header
  • Translation Ready
  • Social Icons

Sydney WordPress best theme also includes:-

  • Cross-Browser Support
  • Live Customizer
  • Always Up to Date
  • WordPress Practice
  • Fast Support
  • Translation Ready

9. Hestia:-

Hestia is the Leading WordPress website theme. This WordPress theme is loved by almost everyone but mostly this theme is used by the firms, Corporate Businesses, Firms, Creative Agencies. Hestia WordPress website gives you modern design. 


  • This WordPress theme has Highly Responsive Performance
  • This Hestia WordPress theme is SEO Friendly.
  • This WordPress theme includes Ecommerce Compatible, Mega Menus which are helpful for the Hestia.
  • Hestia is a Gutenberg-Ready WordPress theme. 
  • This Hestia WordPress theme is Easily Customizable.

Hestia, a best WordPress Website theme include:-

  • Multipurpose 1-Page Design
  • Travel Map
  • WooCommerce
  • Elementor Page Builder
  • Mega Menus
  • Translation & RTL Ready
  • SEO Friendly
  • Live Customer
  • 1-Click Updates & Fast Support
  • Video Tutorials 
  • Page Builder Compatibility
  • Speed Optimization

Best features of the Hestia WordPress theme are:-

  • Uncompromised Speed.
  • All Done Within the Customizer
  • Page Builder Compatibility
  • Starter Sites Include
  • Take full control within the Customizer
  • Use Elementor / Your page Builder Choice
  • Build a User-Friendly Online Store
  • WooCommerce Design Ready
  • Slick material Design

10. Optimizer:-

Optimizer WordPress theme, the most Popular WordPress theme helps to create the website and page build. This theme has a unique customization menu with a multipurpose theme. Hestia WordPress a Starter Sites.

  • The Optimizer WordPress theme is created by the Amplebyte Studio (Indian Based Developers).
  • This WordPress website theme is suitable for almost every website, blog, business, etc.
  • The optimizer WordPress theme is flexible.
  • This Optimizer WordPress theme is based on a wealth of customization.
  • This WordPress website theme also includes the Personalization option. 

This WordPress website theme includes – Fully width or Boxed Layout

Here are some feature of the Optimizer WordPress website theme:-

  • Image Slider
  • Easy Logo Upload
  • 600+ Fonts
  • Lots of Color Options
  • Intuitive Easy to Use non Technical Users Interface built 
  • 100% Responsive
  • SEO Optimized
  • Amazing Customer Support
  • Advanced Header Customization
  • Powerful theme options
  • 5 Gallery Styles
  • 160 Theme Options
  • Custom Font Upload
  • Auto Email Theme Backup
  • Custom CSS Field
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Fastest Page Load Time 
  • Rocks Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Optimizer WordPress website theme built with HTML5 & CSS3

This WordPress website theme also includes:- 

  • WooCommerce 
  • Translation Ready
  • BBPress 
  • Mailchimp
  • Contact Form 7

11. Uncode:-

Uncode WordPress theme is the most popular Pixel Perfect WordPress Website theme.  It gives you multi-purpose functions for using this WordPress website theme

  • Uncode WordPress website theme launched by Undsgn in 2015.
  • You can check that this WordPress website theme is active by 50k users.
  • Page Builder of the Uncode WordPress theme is WP Bakery.
  • This WordPress theme is available on the site as a Zip File.
  • This WordPress website theme provides you a page editor tool that is the Frontend Editor.
  • This theme is a Pixel Perfect Theme so that it gives you a Plugin that is  ShortPixel Image Optimization.
  • The Uncode WordPress website theme is Flexible.

Uncode WordPress website theme provides you A Huge Library of 410+ templates sections in Wireframe Plugin.

Uncode WordPress theme provides you The Creative Impressive one-page sliding websites in the Side Scroll.

The Uncode website theme also provides you The Toolkit needs to be GDPR Complaint in the Privacy Plugin.

The Uncode WordPress website theme provides WooCommerce Integration also.

Here are some of the Best Features of the Uncode WordPress Website theme that you love the most:-

  • Pixel Perfect
  • Frontend Page Editor
  • Wireframe Plugins
  • Side Scroll
  • 1-Click Import
  • Demos Library
  • Content Blocking
  • Adaptive Images
  • Advanced Grid System
  • Animated Headings
  • Shape Dividers
  • Impressive Posts Module
  • Gallery Manager
  • WPML Certified & RTL Support 
  • Privacy Plugin (GDPR)
  • Regular Updates
  • Colors Palette
  • Unique Posts & Media Gallery
  • Adaptive Images
  • Integrated Header Builder
  • Power Elite Support
  • World-class Design
  • Hierarchical Theme Options
  • Animated Headings 

12. Ultra:-.

Ultra WordPress website theme is the Best Popular WordPress theme that was Developed and Created by Themify. With the help of the Ultra WordPress Theme, you can create your beautiful website according to your needs and preferences.

  • In the Ultra WordPress theme, No Coding required.
  •  Ultra is the Best Drag and Drop option Theme.
  • This WordPress theme is Super-Flexible.
  • This Ultra WordPress Website theme provides you Multi-Purpose Functions.
  • This Ultra WordPress Website theme provides you the Theme Design Full Control From Header to Footer.
  • It’s the Most Versatile  WordPress Website theme.

The Ultra WordPress theme also gives you the Function of Parallax Scrolling & Responsive that helps you to Design the Stunning website with the help of the Parallax Floating Effects which will work on all the devices.

Here Ultra WordPress theme provides you Pre-made Demos with Just 1-Click.  These Premade demos are easily imported so that clients can save their time.

Ultra gives you the Smart Layout Options so that you can create a unique page or website with help of full control on the Header to Footer.

Here Ultra WordPress theme gives you 15 Headers/ Page Styles that are:-

  • It provides you Header Magazine(*New)
  • It provides you Split Menu
  • It gives the Header Block option.
  • It provides Header Horizontal
  • It gives the Header Boxed Content
  • It provides you Header Boxed Layout
  • It gives the Header Left Pane
  • It provides Header Min Bar
  • It gives the Header Top Bar
  • It provides Header Boxed Compact
  • It gives the Header Stripe
  • It provides Header Overlay
  • It gives the Header Slide Out 
  • It provides Header Right Pane
  • It provides No Header


Ultra also provides you the 6 Header Background Effects that are:-

  • Image- Upload the Background Image
  • Transparent- Pick the Solid Color
  • Slider-  Insert the Slider
  • Video- Upload the Video 
  • Animating Color- Set the Animating Color
  • Any Color- Have it Transparent


Ultra WordPress theme gives you 6-Footer Layouts with toggle visibility of footer logo, menu, widgets, and Credit text Options that are:-

  • It gives the Footer Block 
  • It provides Footer Left Column 
  • It gives the Footer Right  Column
  • It provides Footer Horizontal Left
  • It gives the Footer Horizontal Right 
  • It provides No Footer

Ultra WordPress theme gives you 5 Single Post Layouts that are Single Post Layout with Default layout +4 Unique Layouts.

  • Split Layout
  • Full-Width Layout
  • Slider Layout
  • Gallery Layout
ultra single best wordpress website theme


Ultra WordPress website theme gives you the 6 Archive Layouts with different Styles that are:-

  • Slider 
  • Full-Width
  • Masonry
  • Grids
  • Polaroid
  • Overlay


Ultra theme provides you with a Section Scrolling option that is New which is Inspired by the Fullpane Theme. 

  • Full section Controlling that is Horizontal and Vertical scrolling both.
  • Vertical Section Controlling     
  • Horizontal Section Controlling  

Ultra WordPress theme gives you 140+ Pre-Designed Layouts.

Ultra gives you Bonus Addons that are $120 valued. These 12 Bonus addons are:-

  • It gives you Progress Bar
  • It provides Counter
  • It contains a Timeline option
  • It provides Contact addons
  • It gives the Image Pro option 
  • It provides Typewriter
  • It gives Maps Pro
  • It provides WooCommerce addons
  • It gives the Pricing Table
  • It provides Countdown

Ultra WordPress website Theme gives you Animating Colors, Gradient, Overlay.

Ultra WordPress website Theme gives you the Mega Menu which allows you to show recent posts with some widgets.  


Ultra WordPress website Theme gives you Image Filters & Hiver Filter for both Globally and Individually like:-

  • Auto-apply Grayscale
  • Blur
  • Sephia Filters 

13. Oshine:-

Oshine is the most popular WordPress website theme that helps to create a website. It is mostly used for business and corporate purposes, personal and commercial purposes. Oshine WordPress website theme is the single-page website.  Mostly all types of you will create with the help of the Oshine WordPress theme. This theme is mostly helpful for creating Photography Websites, Portfolio website, Agency, Blog, Architecture, and many more. Oshine gives you lots of free and premade demos to choose the best WordPress theme for your website.

  • The Oshine theme is Flexible.
  • The Oshine theme gives you 51 Unique Demos.
  • This WordPress Theme is very helpful for All Creatives and Businesses.
  • Oshine WordPress theme provides Tatsu Page Builder.
  • Oshine provides you the Elegant live Frontend Page builder.
  • The Oshine theme provides you 50+ Styling Modules.
  • The Oshine theme comes up with a Live Text Editor.
  •  Oshine Theme has Pre-Built Concepts.

Live Text Editor includes:- 

  • It gives you the Change Colors option
  • It helps in Format your text
  • It provides you Change Alignment
  • With Typography Settings you can easily make changes in fonts and lines also. 

Oshine provides you the 50+ Styling modules with 50+ shortcodes.

Oshine also provides you the Time-Saving Keyboard Shortcuts that are:-

  • It provides you Save option
  • It gives you the Cut option
  • It provides a Copy option
  • It gives the Paste option
  • It provides a Delete option
  • It gives a Duplicate option
  • It provides an Undo option 
  • It gives Redo option    

Oshine WordPress website theme helps you to Build Stunning Portfolios with help of:-

  • It provides you Metro Style Grids
  • It helps in Play around with a Plethora title 
  • It provides Hover styles
  • It helps in Loading Animations

Oshine WordPress theme provides you WooCommerce so that you can Sell your Products in Style. It’s the best Plugin for Ecommerce business. You can easily sell the products on the website by adding this Woocommerce Plugin 

Oshine provides you the Nifty Ajax Cart in the Header option in WooCommerce Plugin.

Oshine WordPress theme provides you 30 unique Header and Menu Styles so that you can create a stunning website.

Oshine provides you some beautiful features that you love that are:-

  • 6 Blog Styles- Masonry, Large, medium layouts thumbnails, play with titles, and also meta variations.
  • 1- Page Website- Oshine and Tatsu provide you the best feature for those who only want a single page website with some different sections. 
  • 1-Click Import- Oshine theme provides you with a 1-click import feature that creates love the most with a single click you can import your theme easily.
  • Video Backgrounds
  • Parallax & Full Screen Sections
  • Superior Performance

Here are some other feature that the Oshine WordPress theme provides that are:-

  • Dozens Of CSS animations
  • Sticky Header
  • Transparent Header
  • Semi-Transparent Header
  • Mobile Visibility Controls
  • Mega Menus
  • Full-Screen Section
  • 600+  Google Fonts
  • 800+ Font Icons
  • 4 Menu Locations
  • Instagram & Flickr Galleries
  • 3/4 Footer Column Layout
  • Column Parallax
  • SEO friendly clean code
  • Child Theme Support
  • Adaptive Image Sizes
  • Internationalized & Location Ready
  • Back & White Hover Effects

14. TheGem:-

TheGem WordPress theme is the most popular new add collection of the WordPress themes. With the help of this theme, you can easily create your website as it’s a multi-purpose WordPress theme that is very helpful for creators for creating any type of website that you want. TheGem WordPress theme gives you an impressive library with multiple live demos so that you can easily check the demo. TheGem WordPress theme is built with very high standards.


  • TheGem WordPress theme gives you the Ultimate creative Multi-purpose Toolbox. So that you can create any type of website with a multi-purpose toolbox.
  • TheGem theme is based on High Performance.
  • TheGem WordPress theme is Best for SEO.
  • This WordPress theme is the most versatile.
  • The TheGem WordPress theme is based on Modern Creative Designs.
  • TheGem WordPress theme provides you Smart Tools.
  • TheGem is a Mobile-Friendly Theme.
  • TheGem provides you Blog Types that are:-
    • Advanced Grids 
    • Timeline Creatives
    • Classic Grids
    • Timeline List
    • Classic Posts
    • Styles List 1
    • Styled List 2
    • Posts Slider
    • Multi-Author
  • TheGem provides you Portfolio Layouts that are:-
    • In Content
    • Masonry
    • Packery
    • Justified
    • List 
    • 100% Width
    • With Sidebar
    • Slider
    • Metro
    • Full Width
  • TheGem provides you a Flexible Gallerie with 20+ flexible styles and 6 Hover options.
  • TheGem WordPress theme gives you 20+ Custom Widgets.
  • TheGem WordPress theme provides you Animations & Lazy Loading.
  • TheGem WordPress theme gives you Unlimited Sidebars with Modular Design.
  • TheGem is a Pixel Perfect theme.
  • TheGem WordPress theme gives you WooCommerce.

Here are some Core Features of the TheGem WordPress theme that are:-

  • Award-Winning Design- Its the feature of the TheGem best WordPress theme, where the creators made their websites with these Award-winning Designs.
  • WPBakery Page Builder- TheGem WordPress website has a WPBakery Page builder which is updated and fully integrated. This provides you the Frontend Drag n Drop which is very helpful.  
  • High Performance- As this TheGem WordPress theme gives you an Unforgettable experience, unbeatable performance, and unique luxury so that you run this theme with high performance.
  • Perfect Toolbox-  TheGem theme gives you the perfect toolbox where there are lots of tools and shortcodes which is very useful.
  • 400+ Demos- TheGem theme gives you more than 400 demos so that you have lots of designs and layouts to create your website.
  • 60+ Content Elements- TheGem provides you over 60 elements in a total of over 250 styles. This gives you some beautiful content elements.
  • Versatile Navigation- TheGem WordPress theme gives you 8+ Navigation benefits from 20+ Premade styles with some Colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc. 
  • Multi-Page & One Page- TheGem provides you one Page and multi-page function. You will create multi-pages for your websites. 
  • Unlimited Layouts- TheGem gives you unlimited layouts with 50+ widgets, unlimited sidebars, etc. With this, you can create your websites.
  • SEO & Page Speed- TheGem WordPress theme is SEO friendly with high speed so that it gives you the high page speeds scores.
  • Easy to Use- TheGem theme has a feature of Easy to use with so many features and shortcodes. It gives you the 1-click option.
  • Customize Anything- TheGem WordPress theme is an easily customizable theme where you can make a beautiful look at the website which is customizable.

Here are some Additional Features of this TheGem Best WordPress theme that are:-

  • 1-Click Start
  • Adjust Everything
  • 2500+ Font Icons
  • Unlimited Portfolios 
  • Advanced Blogs
  • Video & Parallax Sections
  • Fancy Page Headings 
  • Built-In Mega Menu

Here TheGem WordPress theme gives you 400+ Stunning Creative Templates.

TheGem WordPress theme gives you New Version 4.3 Meet with TheGem Blocks Plugin. With this TheGem Blocks Plugin, you can easily Convert Better and Design Faster.

Here TheGem WordPress theme gives you 300+ Pre-designed Page Sections.

TheGem WordPress website theme gives you Navigation & Header Layout Option.

TheGem theme provides some Logo Position Options that are:-

  • Left Logo
  • Centered Logo
  • Right Logo
  • Centered Above Logo
  • With Vertical Logo
  • With Hamburger Logo

TheGem theme gives you some Menu Layouts that are:-

  • Standard
  • 100% Width Menu
  • Vertical Menu
  • Hamburger Menu
  • Overlay
  • Perspective

TheGem WordPress theme also provides you Mobile Menu layouts that are:-

  • Classic
  • Overlay
  • Slide Left
  • Slide Top

TheGem Free WordPress theme also provides you Mobile Menu layouts that are:-

  • Separated Sidebars
  • 100% Width Content
  • Left Sidebar/ Content
  • No Sidebar/ Full Content
  • Two Sidebars + Content
  • Right Sidebar/ Content
  • Boxed Layout
  • Left & Right Sidebars

TheGem WordPress theme Page Builder WPBakery provides you some In-built benefits that are:-

  • Create complex layouts in minutes
  • Drag ’n’ drop visual content editing
  • No programming required
  • Free for you, save $64!
  • 40+ predefined layouts
  • Preview changes on-the-fly
  • Extremely easy-to-use
  • Both in frontend or backend mode
  • 70+ awesome content elements
  • Built with top UX approach
  • Save pages as templates for re-use
  • Save tons of time, sweat & blood

TheGem WordPress theme has some Compatible Plugins that are:-

  • Advanced Custom fields
  • MailChimp
  • Jetpack
  • Gravity Forms
  • All in 1 SEO Pack
  • WP Super Cache
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Polylang
  • Contact Form 7
  • qTranslate X
  • The Events Calendar
  • Yoast SEO

TheGem Best WordPress Website theme has Elite Support.

15. Spencer:-

Spencer theme is the most popular WordPress theme which gives you creative designs for building your website. You can create your beautiful websites and blogging websites with the help of the best free WordPress website theme. With this theme, you can easily create your website as it’s a multi-purpose WordPress theme that is very helpful for creators for creating any type of website that you want.

  • Spencer WordPress theme mostly used by Entrepreneurs, Internet Marketers, and Bloggers. This theme can be used by everyone but mostly this theme can be used by the Bloggers and Entrepreneurs.
  • Spencer is the Multi-purpose theme. This top WordPress website theme is mostly used for business and blog websites.
  • Spencer WordPress theme is created and designed by CSSIgniter.
  • You can see the live demo of this Spencer theme with this link that is
  • Spencer theme is an Easily Readable and Accessible theme for every device.
  • The most beautiful feature that Spencer gives you Hero Areas.
  • Spencer gives you the Newsletters Signup Form.

Spencer WordPress best theme gives you some beautiful features that you love the most that are:-

  • Responsive Layout:- As a Responsive layout, Spencer provides you a beautiful website that you love most which are easily accessible in every device and easily readable for everyone.
  • Newsletter Form:- You can easily catch out to your audience with the help of this Newsletter Form. 
  • Sticky Menu:- You can easily navigate your users with the help of this Sticky Menu. 
  • Customize Color:- Spencer provides so many color setting options so that you can design your stylish website.
  • Above the Fold Call to Action:- Spencer gives you a beautiful feature that is the Powerful Widgets and the Hero Areas and seamlessly attract your readers. Your website readers will be attracted to this.
  • Flexible Layout options:- Spencer WordPress’s best theme provides you a flexible layout option that you love the most. Here the spencer theme gives you multiple layout options so that you can easily choose the best option for your website.
  • Page Builder Support:- Spencer theme page builders give you so many unique page designs so that you can easily make your website as drag n drop. 
  • Complete Color Control:- Spencer gives you complete control over color settings. You can use these color options to make your beautiful website.

Spencer a beautiful and most popular WordPress website theme also includes:-

  • Constant Updates:- Spencer WordPress theme gives you constant updates. As you are updated with the latest version of the website you have not to worry about our website updates.
  • Premium Support:- Spencer theme give you constant support of the website as they are available 24*7 hours of friendly support.
  • 1- Click Demo Import:– Seamlessly and only a single-click import your full website.
  • Documentation:- Spencer WordPress theme gives you detailed documentation of the website. You can easily set your website. 
  • Easy Customization:- Spencer gives you easy and simple things on the website so that you can easily change the settings of your website according to your needs and preferences.
  • Speed Optimization:- Spencer theme gives you a speedy loading on the website. 
  • SEO Ready:- Spencer gives you an SEO plugin also that creators love the most. You can easily rank your website on the top of google with SEO.
  • Translation Ready:- Spencer include .po and .mo files also. It also gives you a Loco translator used by Polylang users.
  • Compatible with Popular Plugins:- Spencer gives you 50,000+ popular plugins with a WordPress coding theme. You can easily use these plugins while creating your website.

Best Spencer WordPress theme gives you these page builder options for creating your websites. Here Page Builders are:-

  • Beaver Builder
  • Elementor
  • Divi

Some most popular plugins of Spencer WordPress theme that are:-

  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Toolset Types 
  • Pods
  • WPML
  • Yoast SEO
  • Popups by OptinMonster
  • WPForms
  • Mailchimp for WordPress
  • NextGEN Gallery

You can use Spencer WordPress theme design and plugins without any restrictions that mean you can use these for an unlimited period.

16. Avada:-

Avada is the most popular WordPress website theme. It’s WordPress’s largest most popular Selling Theme of All Time in the marketplace. You will design any type of WordPress website with the help of the Avada best-selling WordPress theme. Avada gives so many best features to build a beautiful website according to your preference and need.  

  • Avada is the Multi-purpose theme.
  • It’s a Drag ‘n’ Drop theme. You can easily drag and drop the Avada WordPress theme on your website.
  • Avada WordPress theme is Flexible. You can seamlessly make changes after installing this theme on your website. It gives you full access to rebuild your website using Avada different options.
  • No coding knowledge required.
  • You can use Fusion Builder for creating your beautiful website that means the Page Builder the Avada WordPress website theme was the Fusion Builder.
  • If you want to make a business, lifestyle, and portfolio website then it’s a beautiful WordPress theme for creating these websites.
  • LayerSlider WP and Slider Revolution are the external popular premium plugins of the Avada WordPress theme.
  • Avada website theme gives you Prebuilt beautiful layouts for your website. You can choose the best one of these prebuilt layouts that suit your website.
  • Avada WordPress theme design elements are versatile and help to create dynamic content for your website.
  • Avada laid out a beautiful and neat Fusion Library
  • Avada WordPress’s beautiful theme provides you 70+ design Elements.

Avada WordPress theme is an 8 Layout Section Elements that are:-

  • Archive 
  • Author
  • Comments
  • Content
  • Featured image
  • Pagination
  • Project Details
  • Detailed Posts

Avada theme provides you Dynamic Content Options with Flexible Ultimate Designs for your WordPress theme.

Avada WordPress theme is a Pixel-Perfect theme and  A Perfect Theme on Any Device.

Avada theme is a 1-Click Demo Importer which means it has fast-import tools that are highly flexible.

Avada a beautiful WordPress website theme also include:-

  • Know What You Have Imported
  • Plugin Status
  • Remove All Demo Content
  • Safety Dialog
  • Import All Demo Content
  • Installed Required Plugins

Avada WordPress theme provides you 68 Pre-Built Websites and No Coding Knowledge required for using these websites.

Avada provides you Global styling Options.

Avada WordPress website theme has 20+ Strong Team which helps in Supporting Avada.

Avada WordPress theme also includes:-

  • Avada Builder
  • Slider Revolution 
  • Layer Slider
  • Fusion White Label Branding(FWLB)
  • Convert Plus
  • Advanced Custom Fields(ACF) Pro

Avada’s Most popular WordPress theme plugins are:-

  • The Event Calendar
  • WooCommerce
  • bbPress
  • Contact Form 7
  • Avada Global Styling Option

Here are some of Avada’s Privacy Tools With GDPR Compliance:-

  • Control Contact Form Consent
  • Control Third Party Embeds
  • Customize your Privacy Banners
  • Google Font Management
  • Control Tracking Code Consent
  • Custom Registration Messages

Avada WordPress website theme is a Translation & RTL Ready.

Avada WordPress theme also includes WPML and Polylang.

Here are some reasons to buy the Avada WordPress theme that are:-

  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • The Ultimate Website Building Toolkit
  • The #1 Selling Theme of All Time
  • Unlimited Layouts & Designs
  • 23000+ Average 5-Star Reviews
  • Professional and World-Class Support
  • 68 Professionally Designed Demos
  • Feature Packed Demo Importer
  • 400+ Pre Built Web Pages
  • Optimized Performance
  • 100% SEO Friendly
  • 100% Responsive Across Devices
  • Optimized For Speed
  • 6 Premium Plugins Included
  • Developed Exclusively In-House
  • 100% Translation & RTL Ready

17. Infinite:-

Infinite is the best WordPress website theme which is you for multi-purpose. The infinite theme is the most powerful theme of the WordPress themes. This theme provides so many beautiful functions that you love the most and that will help you to make a beautiful website. This theme provides you so many plugins also to make a beautiful and attractive WordPress website. 

Infinite WordPress theme provides you 3 main demos that are:-

  • Main Demo V1(Business/ Corporate)
  • Main Demo V2(Corporate/ Creative)
  • Main Demo V3(Corporate/ Creative) 

The infinite theme provides you so many features that are:-

  • Good Layers Page Builder:- Infinite theme gives you good layers Page Builders which helps to make a beautiful website for you that you love the most.  
  • Free Sliders Included:- Infinite theme includes free sliders that help to make a beautiful WordPress website.
  • Super Powerful Admin Panel:- As a super powerful admin panel, it gives powerful admin support and a powerful admin panel.
  • Google Font Library:- Infinite theme provides a huge library of the Google Fonts that you love to create a beautiful website with the help of the awesome Google Fonts Library.
  • Very Easy To Use:- Infinite theme is the Drag ‘n’ Drop theme which is very easy to use. You can easily drag and drop this theme on your website and you easily make the changes on the website according to your needs that you love. 
  • Awesome Support:- Infinite theme provides awesome support of the theme. You can easily contact the Infinite theme Support if any problem arises while creating your website. 

The infinite WordPress theme provides you so many Sections and wrapper that you can easily manage here with the Brand New GoodLayers Page Builder. 

You can easily download and check the live demo of the Infinite theme from 

Infinite theme Save A Lot Of Your Time which means you can easily drag and drop this theme on your website and gives you so many prebuilt demos that you can check the different layouts and designs that save your time.

Infinite WordPress theme provides you Friendly Support.

Here are some awesome Incredible Layouts that are:-

  • Full Wrapper & Sidebar Wrapper
  • Column Wrappers
  • More than Elements Items
  • So Many pre-built Templates

Themeforest and Power Elite Author are the top authors of the Infinite WordPress theme.

As a New Framework Infinite theme provides you 3 Modes that are:- 

  • Block Mode
  • Preview Mode
  • Live Mode(Frontend Builder)

Infinite best WordPress theme also includes:-

  • Buttons
  • Accordions & Toggles
  • Alert Box
  • Counters
  • Blockquotes
  • Column Services
  • Social Shares
  • Countdown
  • Skill Circle
  • Divider
  • Call To Action
  • Drop Caps
  • Promo boxes
  • Featured Boxes
  • Icon Lists
  • Images
  • Tables Horizontals
  • Testimonials
  • Personnel
  • Tab Verticals
  • Typography
  • Price Table
  • Skill Bar
  • Stunning Texts
  • Titles 

The infinite theme provides you a Shape Divider plugin with 12 Styles.

The infinite WordPress theme has 54 powerful elements and 44 Pre-Built Blocks.

The infinite WordPress theme provides you 21 Header Variations.

Here are some Cool Blog Layout options Infinite theme provides that are:-

  • Full Layout
  • Metro Layout
  • Custom Layout
  • List Layout
  • Modern Layout
  • Widget Layout
  • Left/Right Thumbnail Layout

8 Cool Portfolio Layouts with hover style that the Infinite WordPress Theme Provides that are:-

  • Column
  • Grid
  • Thumbnail with Side Description
  • Grid With Description no Space
  • Metro
  • Grid No Space
  • Metro No Space 
  • Column No Space
  • Grid With Description(on hover)

18. Exponent:-

The Exponent theme is the best Modern WordPress website theme specially for business. With the help of the Exponent WordPress theme, you can create a stunning website with high performance. The Exponent theme is a Fully Visual Interface Without Using Code WordPress website theme. The exponent theme comes up from the Author of Oshine that is a Best Selling WordPress Theme.

  • The Exponent theme provides you 27 Stunning Pre-Built Websites so that you can easily build your website.
  • The Exponent theme gives you Fully Responsive Demos that you love the most for creating your awesome WordPress website.
  • Some examples or demo website that you create with the help of the Exponent theme that is:- 
    • Corporate
    • Mobile App
    • Finance/Consulting
    • SEO
    • Startup
    • IT Company
    • Construction
    • Lawfirm/Attorney
    • Medical 
    • Agency
    • Education
    • Architecture
    • Portfolio
    • Fitness
    • Event/ Conference
    • Life Coach and Many More….
  • 20 High-Quality Premium Design pre-built Websites are provided by the Exponent WordPress theme.
  • The Exponent theme is a Fully Visual Builder Website where you can use the revolutionary pages also.
  • The Exponent theme is a 1-Click Import theme. You can install in just one click.
  • Exponent is a Professional Blogging theme where it gives you so many blog style options, you can choose the best one from these options.
  • The Exponent WordPress theme is a Translatable and Multilingual compatible with WPML & Polylang Plugins.
  • It provides you GDPR Tools where you can create a Cookie Notice Bar and Consent Checkboxes.
  • It provides you TypeHub where it gives you 1000’s of Google Fonts and Typekit. Here you can control the text settings in typography. As a TypeHub, it also gives you:-
    • Google & Abode Fonts 
    • Responsive Controls
    • Custom Fonts
    • Complete Control
    • Import & Export Settings
  • It gives you ColorHub Option also where you can use different color Palettes, Swatches, and Gradients.
  • Exponent theme also provides you:-
    • Full-Fledged Online Stores
    • Beautiful Portfolios
    • Top-Notch Support
    • Blazing Fast
    • Pixel Perfect Design 
  • The Exponent WordPress theme provides you 100’s with Unique Layouts Blocks and Elements.

Exponent theme gives you a Unique Style Blog like a Pro that is:-

  • Typography
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Spacing
  • Meta Info
  • Backgrounds and Color

Exponent WordPress theme gives you the WooCommerce option also so that you can make an Ecommerce Website.

As a Beautiful Portfolio Exponent theme gives you:-

  • Infinite Stylish Grids
  • Galleries
  • Project pages
  • Light Boxes
  • Crafty Project Pages
  • Fixed Sidebars
  • Videos
  • Carousels
  • Stylish Hovers

Some Features of the Exponent best WordPress website theme are:-

  • Responsive Controls
  • Multi-Select & Edit
  • Undo Redo
  • Save as Templates
  • Header Builder
  • Global Section
  • Cut, Copy & Paste

19. Customify:-

Customify WordPress theme is the best Ultra-Flexible. It helps the creators to design a new website. You can create the best website by using the Customify WordPress theme. Customify theme is a Highly Customizable theme. It’s an SEO Optimized theme.  

  • Customify theme is Highly Customizable.
  • It gives you Comprehensive Header & Footer Builder so that you can easily create your WordPress website by using the Customify theme.
  • It gives you Ready to Import Websites that are lots of pre-made websites you can easily import your website in just 1-click.
  • Customify theme is Made for Page Builders.
  • In the Customify WordPress theme, you can easily Customize Everything that you want which means you can measly make the changes on your websites according to your needs.
  • Customify theme gives you Fast Performance of the website.
  • It’s a lightweight theme.
  • Customify theme gives you Friendly support as you can email your queries regarding the website.
  • Customify theme gives you a Real-Time Visual Editor.
  • It gives you a Unique Header for Mobile.
  • It also gives you Responsive Edit Modes.
  • You can check the demo the Customify theme here

Page Builders of the Customify WordPress theme are:-

  • Elementor
  • ThriveArchitect
  • King Composer
  • BeaverBuilder
  • Visual Composer
  • Brizy

Some PRO Features of the Customify WordPress theme are:-

  • Scroll to Top
  • Sticky Header
  • WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider
  • Multiple Headers
  • Custom Fonts
  • Blog Pro
  • Advanced Footer Builder
  • Portfolio
  • Customify Hooks
  • WooCommerce Booster
  • Mega Menus
  • Infinity Scroll
  • WooCommerce Single Product Layouts
  • Advanced Styling
  • Advanced Header Builder
  • WooCommerce Off Canvas Filter
  • Transparent Header
  • WooCommerce Quick View

20. Enfold:-

Enfold is the top listed WordPress theme. You can easily drag and drop the Enfold top WordPress website theme on your website. This theme gives you so many best features that you love the most.

  • Enfold is a multi-purpose theme.
  • You can Easily Drag ‘n’ Drop the Enfold theme on your website.
  • It gives you WooCommerce Integration.
  • It provides you Multiple Slideshows.
  • It provides you Customizable Colors so that you can easily make changes on the website color, fonts, etc. 
  • The Enfold theme is A Real Time-Saver where you can easily import this theme on your website and it saves your time by Drag ‘n’ Drop.
  • There is No Rocket Science need which means you don’t need any knowledge of coding for running this theme on your website.
  • Enfold theme provides you Free Update & Support.
  • Enfold theme works on Template builder.
  • Mostly this is used by Designing a beautiful Portfolio website. It gives you:-
    • Single Portfolio: 2/3 Slider
    • Single Portfolio: 2/3 Gallery
    • Single Portfolio: Big Slider
  • Enfold WordPress theme gives you High-Resolution displays on:-
    • iPads
    • Retina MacBooks
    • Smartphones, etc.

Some features of the Enfold WordPress theme are:-

  • Translation
  • Template Builder
  • Instant Search
  • Style Generator
  • Icon Font
  • Free Support & Updates
  • Demo Content Import
  • Mega Menu
  • Dozens Of Header Layouts
  • 4Blog Layouts
  • BBPress 2 Forum
  • 2D/3D layer Slider
  • Easy Slider
  • Sidebar Manager
  • Visual Shortcode Editor

You can check Above Best Popular WordPress Website Updated themes.

30 Best WordPress Plugins in 2020 for websites

30 Best WordPress Plugins in 2020 for websites

Before explaining anything about WordPress, Plugins let us first see some of the fundamental questions that come in the mind of every non-user of WordPress. 

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and Open Source content management system written in PHP and is paired with a MySQL database. You can install various plugins, templates, and themes in WordPress to build a website.

What is WordPress used for?

WordPress is the most popular open-source CMS used to build custom websites, be it a blog, company website, or an e-commerce website. 

In the beginning, it was used by few, but now it is the craziest thing to use in the market. It is effortless to use and build websites faster than coding. 

What are Plugins?

Plugins are some software programs that add additional features in an already existing program to put it merely. 

In WordPress, Plug-in plays a significant role in customizing the websites according to the users.


WpForms is a drag and drops WordPress form builder. It is the most famous WordPress form plugin. Its renowned drag and drop feature lets you create forms in just a few clicks. It is trusted by 3,000,000+ professionals when it comes to building forms or surveys. WpForms has many different types of forms, such as contact forms, payment forms, survey forms, newsletter forms, registration forms, and many more. You can also start from scratch or can choose from over 100 templates provided by the company. You can customize it as you want. WpForms is a 100%responsive WordPress plugin that works on mobiles, tablets as well as desktops. This top WordPress plugin creates a form to reply as soon as someone dropped a query with its notification feature. You can even see all your leads in one place with WpForms. Apart from the custom build form menus, you can also customize its look. All and all WordPress WpForm plugin is an excellent way to introduce forms on your website.


MonsterInsights is the best WordPress analytics plugin. You can quickly grow your business with MonsterInsight, like over 2,000,000 professionals are doing. MonsterInsights is the top Google Analytics plugin for WordPress that is both easy to use and powerful. It has many features that make it very user-friendly, such as universal tracking, google analytics dashboard, real-time stats, page-level analytics, performance and optimization, and many more. The company offers one-click tracking integration with famous WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, WP Forms, Google Adsense, AMP, pretty links, easy digital downloads, google optimize, and many more. As we said, this fantastic Plugin for WordPress is straightforward to use; let us see how. A tech genius can only do its nothing like it. You can also do it, just install MonsterInsight and enable the features you want with just a few clicks. Now, let’s know more about this affordable WordPress plugin. You can now know your users and potential users better in a whole new way. You can see these stats in your WordPress dashboard itself. With the MonsterInsight Plugin, you can see exactly how people found your website and what they use your website for? You can see all this in one place. Visit MonsterInsight today.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is also a perfect WordPress plugin for everyone. Yoast gives due importance to its customer’s time and so directs them throughout their SEO journey so that they don’t need an expert for doing this. Yoast SEO WordPress plugin gets you more customers from Google and Bing. Attracts many more visitors from many social media platforms and increases user engagement as well. Yoast SEO is a useful WordPress plugin for blogs. The Plugin helps you optimize your keywords, keywords phrases, synonyms, and forms of keywords. The company uses for better indexing and telling search engines what exactly your website is all about. Yoast SEO 14.0 has a revolutionary way of gathering data creating work faster, safer, better experience. One significant feature of the Yoast plugin is that it keeps a check on your important pages and notify you if they haven’t been updated for six months. You can even set your breadcrumbs as you want with full control. And with a click of a button, you can mark your content as no-follow or sponsor. You can get everything in at one place with the Yoast WordPress plugin.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is the best WordPress plugin for email marketing, and more. The Plugin has many features; the first and foremost is the drag and drop feature. Apart from that, it has email marketing automation that allows you to schedule your emails and keep engaging your customer, e-commerce tools that helps you grow your online store, social media marketing tools that make your job of posting easy, contact list management helps you import and edit contact list easily, tracking devices that allow you to track your result in real-time, and much more. This WordPress plugin is essential for managing your email marketing and social media strategies. You can even collect donations safely. The company also has an Eventbrite integration that helps you in managing, creating, and promoting events.

Most importantly, it is a free WordPress plugin for the first month so that you can decide whether to make further plans for this Plugin or not. These plans are email and email plus at affordable monthly installments. Do check out this best Plugin for WordPress today.


OptinMonster helps you convert your efforts into money. It is the best conversion WordPress plugin of all times. It helps you in growing your email list almost instantly. OptinMonster is trusted by over 1,000,000 brands worldwide, such as McAfee, Capterra, Pinterest, TripAdvisor, wp beginner, and many more. Let us now see how exactly the OptinMonster work does? First of all, create a stunning offer visually. Choose from several prebuilt templates that are specifically designed for conversions, or you can always make the page yourself.

Most importantly, you don’t have to use codes for any customization. Just use their drag and drop feature. Secondly, you can personalize your offers according to user behavior. The company’s targeting and segmentation engine helps you in giving the right offer to the right person at the right time to increase your conversion rate. The third step in this process is to test and adjust all your lead generation strategies in real-time. Finally, compare the split tests that enable you to list the pages with higher conversions so that you can work on those pages more. This best WordPress plugin has many more useful features that can help you increase your online income. OptinMonster has different plans for your additional basic, plus, pro, and growth requirements, the most popular one is the pro plan. So try out OptinMonster, the best WordPress plugin for eCommerce.


Sucuri is the top WordPress plugin for protecting your website. You can achieve your peace of mind as Sucuri is finding security risks and cleaning them from your website. Sucuri WordPress plugin is a cloud-based platform for every site. The Plugin has many different features to help you with various risks. These features are removal of malware from your website that removes any suspicious or dangerous code from your website system and database and restoring your site as well, remove the website’s blacklist status so that the site does not lose any additional traffic, renovate SEO spams from your website that makes your online store looks right on search engines and prevents malicious traffic from coming back by filtering it. It also speeds up your website. So you see, Sucuri is the best WordPress theme for blogs and eCommerce websites as well. The company also gives you immediate help within 6 hours of signing up with their business plan. However, it’s a little expensive from other programs but worth the money. Other plans are the basic plan and Pro (most popular). They also have a toll free number on their website. You can even customize your plan according to your need. Check out the best Plugin for the website. 


UpdraftPlus is the WordPress plugin for backup and restores files. Your website is vulnerable to many things, first and foremost being hackers. There are other vulnerabilities as well, such as bad plugins, server crashing, or user errors. If your website went down, you could lose time, money, and reputation. That is the reason you need Updraft trusted by many websites around the globe. It provides an easy and intuitive way to backup your website files and databases. You can even create an automatic backup schedule and send the backup to your selected locations like dropbox, google drive, and more with just a few clicks. The best part is that some of the features of this WordPress plugin are free. But if you get the premium version of this plugin, you can backup even more databases and have more options while storing it. It has database encryption. You may copy or move the whole website to a new domain. It works with multiple sites. The Plugin has many other features that every website owner will love. So do try out at least the free version to know more about the UpdraftPlus Plugin.

WP Rocket

As the name suggests, it makes WordPress websites as fast as a rocket. WP Rocket is recognized as a powerful WordPress plugin around the globe. You can install this WordPress plugin in just a few clicks rather than wasting your precious time struggling with complex plugins. The company is good at page caching that creates load time very fast, therefore improving SEO and conversion rate of your website. The indexing of the website is instantly improved. It uses minification to reduce the size of files, thus decreasing loading time. This WordPress plugin is developer-friendly so that developers can easily customize it according to the preference. With WP Rocket in hand, you can make fast websites in a few clicks without an expert’s help. Many reputed brands intuitively interface three basic plans using WP Rocket as their main Plugin and have trusted them for many years now. The brand has three different price plans, namely Single, Plus, and Infinite, with 1year support and updates for 1,3 and unlimited websites. All these three plans have other price structures. Moreover, it has a 14 days 100% money-back guarantee. So do try out this awesome Plugin for WordPress today.


Today Elementor is the world’s leading WordPress website builder. Elementor helps you to build new and awesome websites on WordPress very quickly. There are over 5000,000 professionals who are using Elementor to build websites and shining in their careers. It is an all in one solution to control and ensign all your workflow from one place. With Elementor, you can build websites that load faster. The Plugin has many features like pixel-perfect designs that help you create perfect designs. With Elementor, you can create visually attractive forms and even integrate them with your favorite marketing tools that will help you generate more traffic, leads, and sales. You can do whatever you want to do with Elementor with its super helpful drag and drop feature. You can even access all of your website’s parts like header, FooterFooter, pages, and much more very quickly with Elementor.

Additionally, you can create magnificent popups for your website that stands out. Through Elementor, you can enjoy and design your website’s using over 80 design elements. The best feature of Elementor is that it always world best with any type of Plugin’s or themes whatsoever. The Plugin has a free and a paid version. You will get a drag and drop editor, responsive editing, 40+ widgets, and over 30 basic templates in the free version. And in the paid version, you have three different plans to choose from: Personal, Plus, and Expert Plans. You can use it for 1,3 and 1000 websites, respectively, although the features are the same for all the three paid plans. So check it out today.


MemberPress is the membership WordPress plugin. You can build awesome WordPress membership websites with this awesome WordPress plugin. It is a powerful plugin and very easy to use. It helps you to charge your users for using your content instantly. The plugin also enables you to create, manage, and track your member’s subscription. You can even grant or revoke permission to posts, videos, files, etc. to members. Unlike other membership site solution, MemberPress is the robust yet simple to use solution that integrates fully with your already existing WordPress websites. They have worked for many successful brands like Zion Eye Media, Membership, nine seeds, and many more. Also, MemberPress integration includes ConvertKit, MailChimp, PayPal, and much more. Moreover, MemberPress is recommended by many reputed brands such as Chris Lema, WPbeginners, MemberSite Acadamy, etc. additionally, it has many pricing packages like the Pro, plus, and the basic. All three have different features depending on what the package offers but comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. 


RafflePress is the best WordPress Giveaway Plugin. You quickly grow your traffic, email list, and social media followers with viral giveaways and contests. There powerful drag and drop builder lets you easily create successful giveaway campaigns with just a few clicks. You can start from scratch or use one of there giveaway templates for your giveaway campaign within minutes. It is 100% mobile-responsive, which means your pages will look good on smartphones and tablets also. You can also have a 1click entry for your users and protect your content and users from fraud entries and keep the contest fair. You can again do a word of mouth marketing technique with there refer a friend feature. You can also integrate RafflePress in WordPress to gain followers in your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, youtube, and many more.

Moreover, you can use their distraction-free giveaway landing page. It also has a tracking and retargeting feature which allows you to track your new users and retarget your exiting users again and again. As far as the price is concerned, it has four different price plans. These are Plus, Pro, Growth, and Ultimate Packages. All four plans have different prices. The Ultimate Plan is a one-time payment package that gives you a lifetime subscription not to have to pay ongoing fees again.

CSS Hero

CSS Hero is the Plugin for WordPress that helps you to customize WordPress themes and that to live. It has an easy to use point and click very intuitive interface. The Plugin is trusted by many industry leaders worldwide, such as Elegant Themes, Envato, Themify, WooCommerce, and many more. With CSS Hero, you can gain full control over your website’s appearance; you just have to click and adjust the element according to your needs. You can also change your website’s style and typography just the way you want it to be.

Additionally, you can even change the color and measurement of different elements of your website. Now let’s talk about the price packages of this Plugin. This Plugin for WordPress has four other price plans: starter, personal, Pro, and lifetime pro. Lifetime pro is a one-time payment package with lifetime access. Try it out today.


SeedProd is the best WordPress plugin for announcements. It has beautiful coming soon pages that you can create in minutes with just a few clicks, and it also has an attractive maintenance mode that helps you maintain everything in one place. Apart from coming soon pages, you can also expand your email list, have traffic on your website, and get leads for the company. You can even limit access to your website while it is in construction mode. Also, you can get a good ranking on google only after some time of launching your website. You can again go viral with your social media sharing and referral traffic. The Plugin is recommended by reputed brands such as Chris Lema, WP beginners, WooCOmmerce, GoDaddy, and wpmuDev. Some of these PluginPlugin’s other features are a real-time page builder that helps you customize webpages virtually, 500,000+ background images, over 750 google fonts, and 50+ themes to choose from. You can also collect email with your favorite 3rd party email services. It also gives you the option to change the language in your coming soon pages. SeedProd has three plans, namely Basic, Plus, and Pro, all with different prices and additional features, respectively.


LearnDash is the most trusted WordPress LMS you will ever get. This is the first choice of various companies, universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs to create and sell their online courses. With LearnDash, you can create impressive online courses, deliver quizzes, give certificates, and much more. You can also add a one-time purchase option on your courses, subscription, course bundle, membership, course license, or even shopping cart on your website. LearnDash helps you have more control than any other learning management system in the market can give. You can group the users, alter your progression, precise data, re-print achievements, and more. It also has a tech feature that enables you to learn the latest technical tools, e-learning, and the WordPress industry. Moreover, it has three basic plans, plus package and pro package. The packages have different prices but almost the same features with a difference in the number of sites. 

G Suite

G Suite is a suite for cloud computing, productivity, collaboration tools, software, and products developed by Google. You will get Gmail, docs, drive, calendar, meet, and more for business. Let us see all the features in detail. You will get Gmail with your domain name to make professional-looking email addresses. You can meet safely and securely with google’s meet video conferencing. You can collaborate with files in real-time and saves your precious time by working faster and smarter. With G Suite, you can get a security alert if someone tries to enter your id without your permission, and also it takes automatic backups. Many reputed brands use G Suite for their business like DB Corp. Ltd., Whirlpool, all Nippon Airways, and many more. Google even provides you 24/7 email, chat, and phone support from a real person. The suite comes in three different price packages that are basic, business, and enterprise. To know more about the enterprise plan, you have to contact the sales team. Google even allows you to use its suite for free for 14 days to make a proper decision.

SEMRush SEO Writing Assistance

As the name suggests, this is the SEO plugin for WordPress. It provides instant recommendations for content optimization based on the qualities of google’s top 10 ranking pages for a particular keyword in a given location. The Plugin has different features, such as checking the website’s overall scores based on readability, length, and keywords. The Plugin can help you target keywords by recommending new keywords, semantically related keywords, volume, and difficulty. It will also show you your voice tone to let you know the level of formality in your content. It even has a feature for checking plagiarism and linking errors.

Moreover, this WordPress plugin is free; you just have to create a SEMrush account. Then set your target keyword and get a recommendation for your content. It also has a pro version that is paid. After that, select the location and the device you want to target. Now you are good to go after creating an SEO content template. 


LiveChat is the complete customer service WordPress plugin. It is trusted by reputed brands such as McDonald’s, Mercedes Benz, Adobe, Uniliver, Paypal, and more. With LiveChat, your customer can reach you with any messaging platform such as messenger, WhatsApp, email, apple business chat, websites, chat links, and many more. You can even showcase your product in fantastic product cards and generate sales while chatting. You can even create leads with custom forms and AI chatbot automation. You can give your customer a superb experience with LiveChat by anticipating customers’ questions and respond faster.

Moreover, you can easily connect LiveChat with other apps that you use like Twilio, Mailchimp, Dropbox, Zendesk, and many more. It is an easy-to-use option that you can use for free for 14 days with no requirement of credit cards. LiveChat has connected people from 150 countries with 27000,000 monthly chat. Many industry leaders trust LiveChat like Sony, LG, Ikea, Samsung, and many more. The company has four plans, starter, team, business, and enterprise. For the enterprise plan, you can request a call from their sales team by visiting their website. Also, they have fabulous customer support staff working round the clock to provide the best services.

Shared Counts

Shared Counts is the WordPress plugin for tracking URL shares, links, and more. The company has been trusted by 1000+ reputed marketing agencies worldwide like SERPbook, SEMrush, Moz, SERPWoo, Forbes, and more. Started in 2010, it is the first API tool capable of giving us comprehensive engagement data on our website content. Shared Counts is scalable that handles over 2.5 billion requests every month. The company is also reliable and claims to provide a 99.98% + success rate. It is also a powerful WordPress plugin backed up by a vast group of servers. The working of the Plugin is relatively simple than complex. This works by choosing a plan and signing up to get your API key, then using their instructions to integrate the API key in your application.

Finally, you just have to analyze your analytical platforms and use those analytics to improve your site engagement. Now let’s talk pricing. Shared Count has three different plans, namely personal, professional, and enterprise.


WP Mail SMTP is the most popular SMTP and PHP mailer plugin for WordPress. At times it becomes difficult to send emails via your WordPress sites. That time WP Mail SMTP comes to your rescue. Over 1 million websites depend on WP Mailer to send their emails. Their main objective is to make email delivery a reliable and convenient process. They do this reconfiguring WordPress to use a proper SMTP service provider for sending emails. For those of you who don’t know what SMTP means, here is an explanation. SMTP is a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol; it is an industry standard for sending emails. It improves email deliverability by using authentication. Many popular email provider companies like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Zoho are in a constant battle with mail spammers. These companies look for the location of the email sender and its accuracy. And if these companies can’t determine the email address’s accuracy, they go as spam mails or sometimes don’t go to the receiver. And that is precisely the problem with WordPress sites. So how does WP Mail SMTP works as a solution? WP Mail SMTP reconfigures the wp mail function to either use a proper SMTP or use an SMTP mail provider. The best part is this is a free WordPress plugin.

Header and Footer

Header and FooterFooter is another excellent plugin for WordPress. It gives us the power to insert code like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, Custom CSS, and many more in the header and FooterFooter of your website. You don’t have to hire an expert to make changes in your theme files. This simple Plugin gives you a place where you can insert your script without coping with many different plugins at the same time. Moreover, it is easy to set up a WordPress plugin with simple to insert scripts and codes. You can get many codes instantly. You can even insert codes that include HTML and Javascript. And if at any step you got confused while setting it up, just go to the page and check out the how-to set up header and footer script video. It is everything you’ll ever need to know for installation. The best about this awesome WordPress plugin is that it is free. And even though you don’t have to invest your hard-earned money to but this Plugin, it gives you maximum benefits.


WPML is the WordPress multilingual plugin. It makes it very easy to make multilingual websites and manage them, whether it is a powerful business site or something as simple as a blog. WPML claims itself to be complete, compatible, and dependable. Entire because you can translate any page of your website: pages, posts, taxonomies, menus, custom types, or even theme texts. Compatible because it works with almost theme, Plugin, or page builder that uses WordPress, be it contact form 7, WooCommerce, Yoast, Elementor, slide revolution, and many more. And dependable because they have outstanding support staff that helps you in every possible step to make your website dream come true. WPML WordPress plugin is also very reliable, stable, and secure. The reason for that is they take stability and security very seriously and runs a full QA before any release. This means that they test WPML with every WordPress updates, themes, or even plugins. They have different pricing packages like multilingual CMS, Multilingual Blog, and multilingual agency. All plans have different prices and features. Choose whatever plan that works best for you and follow the steps given on the website, and you are good to go.


WooCommerce is the WordPress plugin for eCommerce websites. WooCommerce is everything you need to start selling online. You can add the Plugin to any WordPress sites, and you are ready to open up a new store in minutes. With WooCommerce, you can get secure payments, Configurable shipping options, and many more for absolutely nothing. Yes, it is free. Whether your business is gym classes or luxury cars or the basic amenities store, you can customize it. The Plugin is highly customizable with add on features. It is trusted by many eCommerce store owners around the globe.

Moreover, it is developer-friendly. Whether you want to create a new store or extend the old store further, you can easily do it with WooCommerce. And also, WooCommere is the fastest growing community. They have engineers from over 58 countries that help you with multiple time zones. The best part of WooCOmmerce is it has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a safe and secure online payment getaway. 

Code Snippets

Code Snippets is the WordPress plugin for run PHP code snippets on your site. It eliminates the need to add custom snippets to your theme’s function. Code Snippets is like a mini plugin which gives less load on your site. Many snippets ask you to add snippet codes to your theme function, which provide problem in the long run. But code snippet provides a GUI interface to add snippet and runs that on your website like they were always in your theme function. They offer a graphical interface that is very much like a plugin menu for managing snippets codes. You can easily activate or deactivate them. You can easily install them by login to your WordPress account and search for Code Snippet in the plugin section. And you are good to go. One more important thing about the Plugin is that it is a free WordPress plugin.

Easy Google Fonts

As the name suggests, it is a WordPress plugin for Google fonts. This Plugin helps you to add custom google fonts to any WordPress theme without coding. This Plugin for WordPress merges WordPress customizer so that you can see google fonts on your website in real-time. The plus point of this Plugin is that it is compatible with almost any WordPress theme. With Easy Google Fonts in hand, you can even customize theme-specific fonts in the admin setting area. This Plugin allows you to take full control of your theme’s typography without the use of coding. You can choose from over 600 google fonts and insert them. It also enables you to preview fonts in real-time. It allows adding google fonts to add in your theme without editing theme style. This google font is ideal for who wants to use google fonts in their sites without coding. Just search for Easy Google Fonts in the plugin section in WordPress. 

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is the complete design package for creating a responsive WordPress website without using any codes. It works on the website’s front end, meaning the design you create is exactly what your visitors will see after you hit publish. With beaver builder, anyone can easily create a column, correctly position images, text, and create pages that include things like tabs, slide shows, videos, and more. It also contains dozens of beautiful templates that make designing easy. You can quickly publish a landing page, services page, about page, or any other essential website page. Just choose a template, change the images and text for your own, and you are done. Beaver Builder templates and modules are entirely mobile responsive as long as you are using a responsive theme, any page build with beaver builder will look great on a computer, a phone, and a tablet. Your designs can even be saved or exported as templates so you can reuse them later. The Plugin also has an excellent support team with many video tutorials that help you build a website way too quickly. It has three packages, namely standard, Pro, and agency, with different prices and features. 

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is the web performance optimization plugin for WordPress. With over 11 million downloads and counting, it is the most popular performance framework for today. It is the only one recommended by countless web developers and web hosts like,,,, and many more for improving SEO results, especially for mobile and eCommerce sites. W3 Total Cache is an excellent way to enhance performance via caching while ensuring that your site’s scales sustain huge traffic loads without crashing. You can also improve your site’s user experience with ten times faster page loads and reducing download time. W3TC also provides minification of Javascript and CSS, support for reverse proxy, advanced architecture, integration into the entire server stack, and maximizing server scale. Millions of users around the globe trust W3TC. Moreover, you can easily download your free copy whenever you want.

WP Everest

WP Everest provides you many different top-notch plugins for WordPress. These plugins are well thought off and are easy to use. Sometimes user registration on your site becomes a strenuous task, and for that reason, you can lose some of your users. But with WP Everest’s User Registration Plugin, you can create a frontend user registration and login forms. Its drag and drop feature lets you create forms very easily. The Plugin is exceptionally light-weight and straightforward to use. Another excellent plugin is the Everest form plugin, enabling you to create any form, including contact forms. The Plugin is 100% mobile responsive and very easy that even a beginner can create beautiful forms. WP Everest’s Plugin is functional and well coded, creating less conflict with optimum results. Also, the company gives handy customer support that helps you in almost everything.

Social Icons

Social Icon is the highest-rated social media plugin for WordPress. This Plugin makes putting social icons on your site easy. With just a few clicks, you can place the icons as a widget or floating sticky before or after posts or pages or anywhere you want on your site. Or over 100 platforms and social media sites, you can pick from 20 designs and over 1000 themed styles to match your site’s topic. Animate your icons in different ways so that people notice them and share them. Give your icons one or several functions and find exactly which text and pictures are shared or tweeted from your pages. You can also use counts to show how many times your site got liked or shared. Popups to invite your users to like, share, or follow your site. This Plugin is highly mobile responsive. Moreover, this Plugin is packed with many more useful features for increasing traffic on your site. The company also has a 24/7 support system. 

Pretty Link Pro

Pretty Link Pro is an excellent link management WordPress plugin. It helps you to unlock more affiliate revenue from the old content. It is the easiest way to monetize your content. Putting affiliate links manually can be a strenuous task. What if we put affiliates intelligently in our content and automatically add it to all the content. Yes, it is possible with Pretty Link Pro. You can make sharable links for emails, podcasts, youtube, and other platforms as well. And all this Pretty Link Pro is charging affordable prices with its three different plans to choose from.


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There are many WordPress plugins in the market, but we brought you only the 30 best WordPress plugin in 2020 for websites, be it blogging websites or company websites, or even eCommerce websites. You can use these Plugin with almost every site. Som is free WordPress plugins while others paid. Do check out these awesome plugins for WordPress today.

Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in India

Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in India

Today everyone uses Social media, and everyone wants to grow their business on social media with the help of Digital Marketing Agencies. The top listed Social Media Marketing Agencies help people to promote their business on social media and help to capture more and more people to increase the brand in social media with the help of Social Media Marketing Services. 

We all know that everyone is busy in their jobs, and no one is free to devote their full time to social media than they hire the Best Digital Media Marketing Agencies. The Top Digital Marketing agencies help companies and industries to grow their business and become a good brand on Digital Platforms. 

best social media marketing agency

Best Social media marketing agencies help people and businesses to grow online and increase the brand on social media. These Digital Media Marketing Agencies help in lead generation on social media also. Social Media Agencies In India allow businesses to expand the sale of the market, increase the profit of the company, and help to engage with the people on social media so that people know about you and your business.

Top Social media marketing Experts In India are cost-effective so that most of the businesses and companies can smoothly tie-up with the most popular social media Expert Agencies In India. Top social media marketing agencies help to gather new customers and more traffic for the business. They help to make you active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and many more so that your customers are always getting in touch through Top Social Media Marketing Agencies.

top social media marketing agency

Digital Marketing Agencies in Delhi helps you to promote, advertise, increase your brand awareness in the market, generate more traffic for your business and companies. There are lots of Best Social media marketing agencies in India, and Companies can heir Top leading Digital Marketing Agency.

Here are the Reasons Why you should Heir the Social Media Marketing Agencies:-  

  • For Increasing Brand Awareness:- 

As we all know that in Today’s World, everyone is on social media platforms. Social media is one of the biggest platforms to increase the Brand Value and Brand Awareness of the Business in the Market. With the help of Social Media Marketing Agencies In India, you can Quickly Increase your Brand Awareness on Social media platforms as they will help you generate more traffic. To Increase brand awareness, you must give excellent quality content to your audience so that they will love your content and help to increase your brand awareness and help in making new business partners quickly.

  • Generate More Traffic and Capture more customers:- 

Best Social Media Agencies help you to gather more customers and generate more traffic on your site so that people know about you and always get in touch with you and your business. Without social media marketing, you can’t get more traffic and customers for your business.

  • Boost up your Search Engine Rankings:- 

Social media marketing agencies help your business site to boost at the top on Google. Social media is not only sufficient to increase your business and comes directly on the google search engine when people find about your business. Search Engine Optimization tool used to improve the page ranking and generate more traffic for your business by the Digital Marketing Agencies. 

  • Working with Experts:- 

Social media marketing Companies in India help businesses to work with experts. Large Businesses can easily hire the Leading Social Media Marketing Experts for their business to grow more on social media and increase the brand of their business. They will pay these social media agencies as a cost of hiring.

  • Become Relevant to your Business:- 

Every business wants to research their competitors’ campaign, their strategies. Top leading social media agencies help your business to do this and become relevant to your business. These leading social media marketing agencies research the competitors of your company and make appropriate strategies for your business.

  • Helps in providing the New Ideas:-

Top Social Media Agencies help you in providing new ideas for your business. The best digital marketing agency makes efforts to give you excellent ideas for the company and for increasing the customers by gathering more audiences.

  • Save your Time:- 

Social Media Marketing Services help you in saving your time. Company owners are not so free to devote their all-time on social media for generating new customers and making brand awareness on social media. Companies will hire the Best Leading Digital Marketing Agency for this work and save her time. 

  • Tools and Tricks:- 

Social Media Companies have the best tools and tricks for the business to increase brand awareness, to generate new real customers for the company. With different tools and methods, social media marketing Professionals provide you excellent ideas and the best strategies for the growth of the business.

  • Scalable Service:- 

Social Media Marketing agencies help in the online growth of the business. Every good business and company needs to grow with the latest technologies so that companies need to hire the best digital marketing agency. 

  • Customer Satisfaction:- 

With the help of social media agencies, you can easily make your customer satisfied by solving their problems in social media and make your customer satisfied. If a customer interacts with your business on social media, then it’s the best opportunity for your business. Social media is not just limited. It’s the best platform to make customers satisfied and increase the bond with the help of service channels where they easily communicate with you as we all know that everyone is on social media. You can easily influence the people and customers on social media for your business and brand with the help of social media marketing agencies.

List of Top Leading Social Media Marketing Agencies (In No Particular Order)

Here is the list of these digital marketing agencies with different features. There are so many Top Class Social Media Marketing Agencies that are:-

1. DG Royals:- 

DG Royals is one of the best Leading Social media marketing agencies in India that provide you lots of social media marketing strategies and helps you to grow on Social media. DG Royal provides you many best features for handling social media, digital marketing, SEO Strategies, SMO Strategies, PPC Strategies, Graphic Designing, Web Designing that you love the most.

DG Royals, a best leading digital marketing agency in India provides you the best services that are:-

  • DG Royals provides you the Best Qualified Leads to their Clients with the help of Digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing strategies are essential for businesses that deliver the exact result.
  • DG Royals leading social marketing agency provides you the Effective Marketing Campaign for the Strong Foundation of Data, Research, and Proven methods.
  • DG Royals provides you with the best SEO Strategies so that potential customers find you on the top of Google search results.
  • DG Royals, a social media marketing agency, helps in Social Media Management. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. audiences are captured and will be managed to increase brand awareness.
  • DG Royals helps you in Brand Designing and Strategies so that Website making for the business owners is seamless. 
  • The best Leading digital marketing agency, DG Royals, provides Content Marketing Services as it’s the best world-class platform for the digital media to grow business.
dgroyals best digital marketing agency

The Top-Class Digital Marketing Agency, DG Royals, also provides you:-

  • Google Ads:- 

Google Ads are the most effective advertising on the multiple social media platforms to get maximum return on investment. 

  • E-Commerce:-  

E-Commerce for an online business is digital visibility, which is the best key to success. Online business owners make their e-commerce website to display their products and attract customers for purchasing. 

  • Website Development:- 

They Built 100s of fully custom and best shopping carts for their customers because they have the best and experienced team which is best for your business. 

  • Email Marketing:- 

DG Royals set up the various Email- automation like:-

  • Cart Abandonment
  • Restocking
  • Flash Sales
  • Business and Product Reviews
  • Upsales Email

DG Royals, a leading social media marketing agency, helps to think about leverage technology that makes it seamless so that customers engage with you on online advertising, digital media, etc. through:- 

  • Personalized Content
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Real-Time Targeting

DG ROYALS tells you-

  • Start with a Goal
  • Build the Blueprint
  • Tools to Execute
  • Test, Learn, and Scale 
  • Reports and Transparency

You check more details about DG Royals, the best leading social media marketing agency in 2020, on the website that is   


It is the most popular Social media marketing agency. Lyfe Marketing is the best award-winning social media agency that provides you Social media, Search Engines, Website Design Services. Lyfe marketing social media helps you in managing the whole social media business.

lyfe marketing best social media marketing agency
  • Lyfe Marketing, the best social media marketing agency provides you some of the best services that are:-
    • Social media Management Services
    • Social media Advertising Services
    • Email and SMS marketing services
    • Search Engine Services
    • PPC Management Services
    • Website and Graphics Design Services
    • Consulting and Coaching Services
    • Product Photography
    • Content Marketing Services
  • Lyfe Marketing, the top leading social media marketing agency, manages social media networks like:-
    • Facebook
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
  • Lyfe Marketing helps in the growth of the business by providing and using their best services to meet business goals.
  • Lyfe Marketing is a social media management firm that helps you to save your time and gets the best results. 
  • Lyfe Marketing provides organic traffic for the clients’ websites and helps in storefronts. 

Lyfe marketing helps Strangers to build:-

  • Web Pages
  • Videos
  • Photography
  • Graphics
  • Email Drips

Lyfe marketing helps visitors to attract by:-

  • Social Posts
  • Social Ads
  • Organic Search
  • Paid Search

Lyfe marketing helps in generating the leads with the help of:-

  • Pre-Sales Blog
  • Lead Magnet
  • Low-Dollar Offer
  • Sales Page

Lyfe Marketing allows customers to convert their mind by the support of:-

  • Regarding Ads
  • Text Reminders
  • Email newsletter
  • Email Drips

Lyfe Marketing leading social media marketing company helps in the advocacy for the promoters by the help of:-

  •  Email Newsletters+Social Engagement
  • Lyfe Marketing, a leading digital marketing agency in India, manages lots of digital marketing need by the support of:-
    • Content Creation Calendar
    • Content Calendar Publishing
    • Social Media Advertising
    • Social Media Monitoring
  • Lyfe marketing best social media management average cost lies between $500- $1000 per month that includes:-
    • One time Setup Fee
    • Monthly Management Fee
    • Account Manager
    • Advertising Budget

You check more details about Lyfe Marketing, the best leading social media marketing agency in 2020, on the website that is

3. SociallyIn:- 

SociallyIn is the best social media marketing agency. SociallyIn social media marketing company helps the business to grow with the best revenue. Every business and company can easily tie-up with SociallyIn, the best leading social media agency. 

SociallyIn provides you the best services of the digital marketing services that are:- 

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content protection
  • Community Management
  • Creative and Protection
  • Paid Social advertising
  • Influencer Marketing, and many more.
sociallyin leading social media agency

SociallyIn provides you the service of Creative and Production which include:-

  • Build Strategy and Brand Voice
  • Brief
  • Ideation and Creation
  • Test, Measure, and Optimize

SociallyIn provides you the service of Social media Community Management which include:-

  • Multilingual Social Media Management

SociallyIn provides you the service of Social Media Strategy which include:-

  • Social media Strategy Services
  • Simple Strategy that includes-
    • Research
    • Development
    • Results

SociallyIn provides you the service of Social Paid Advertising which include:-

  • Platform Intracases
  • Proper Targeting Selection
  • Conversion Tracking and Optimization

Here are some approaches that SociallyIn(a leading digital marketing agency) includes that are:-

  • Discovery
  • Paid Media Strategy includes-
    • Ad Copy
    • Social Media Advertising
    • Creation / Design
    • Remarketing
    • PPC advertising  
  • Project Brief
  • Strategy
  • Paid Media Audit
  • Measurement Planning
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Content Implementation
  • Optimization / Testing
  • Short Term Adjustments
  • Targeting
  • Campaign Adjustments
  • Technical Implementation

You check more details about SociallyIn, the best leading social media marketing agency in 2020, on the website that is

4. GOZOOP:- 

Gozoop is the most popular social media marketing agency. Gozoop is the Best Social Media First Integrated Communications Agency. Gozoop helps the business to achieve its mission with brand awareness. Gozoop, the best digital marketing agency, firstly understands the market and industry dynamics then makes you realize to become a trusted advisor for your company. Gozoop social media agency provides the best business strategies for the business to activate the best goals.

gozoop best social media marketing agency

The Strategy that Gozoop best social media market company includes:-

  • Product research
  • Consumer Research
  • Brand Planning
  • Campaign Planning
  • Business Consulting
  • Brand Consulting
  • Branding and Identity Creation

Content that Gozoop leading social media market company includes:-

  • Social Media 
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Blog Marketing

Design that Gozoop Best Digital marketing agency includes:-

  • UI/UX 
  • Logo and Merchandising
  • Print / Digital
  • Illustrations

Technology that Gozoop leading social media agency includes:-

  • ZOZOLO Loyalty Programs
  • Brand Websites 
  • HubSpot Marketing
  • Ecommerce Solutions

Performance that Gozoop leading social media marketing agency includes:-

  • Media Planning
  • Performance Marketing
  • Media Buying
  • SEO( Search Engine Optimization)

The Consumer Experience that Gozoop best social media marketing agency includes:-

  • Digital Command Centers
  • Data and Insights
  • Amazon Response Management
  • Customers Experience Management
  • Open Reputation Management

GZ Productions that Gozoop leading social media marketing agency includes:-

  • Brand and Corporate Films
  • Live Event Coverage 
  • Photography
  • Customer Testimonials

Gozoop best digital marketing agency works with their inbuilt dashboard that is ZOZOLO which helps you in social media presence that helps in:-  

  • Boost Campaign Participation
  • Tracking
  • Decrease Media Spends
  • Increase ROI
  • Enhance Engagement
  • Increase sales from social media

ZOZOLO, Gozoop’s inbuilt dashboard helps in tracking all devices which include:-

  • Customized Social Solutions
  • Independent API Provision
  • Easy Web Integration
  • Mergeable with Existing Programs

Products of Gozoop’s social media agency Inbuilt dashboard ZOZOLO includes:- 

  • Zozolo Social ROI that includes-
    • Ensures the Trackable Sales
    • Monitor Social Engagement
  • Zozolo Shop- ready to use e-commerce solutions
  • Zozolo Social tracker
  • Zozolo E-Checkouts

You check more details about Gozoop, the best leading social media marketing agency in 2020, on the website that is


Brainwork is the top digital marketing agency. It is the best social media agency that works on the best technology and the latest social media strategies that help businesses for brand awareness and meeting the best goals of the business.

  • Brainwork social media marketing agency helps in making the best website and gives you the WOW effects on the onlookers.
  • Brainwork best digital marketing agency helps in creating:- 
    • Business website
    • Mobile applications
    • Enterprise Apps
    • Ecommerce Portal
  • Brainwork leading social marketing agency provides you the excellent results with the help of the WordPressfollowing elements that are:-
    • Provides the best website performing the way that you love.
    • For engaging the audience they provide SMO Strategy.
    • Content Marketing Campaign
    • Leading marketing plans with measurable results.
    • Best SEO strategies that help to boost sales and Return on Investment.
    • Unique content
    • Communicate with your audience.

Brainwork social media agency provides you Website Development service that includes:-

  • Custom Applications
  • E-commerce 
  • CMS Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Flash Development

Brainwork Digital marketing agency provides you Digital Marketing service that includes:-

  • Pay Per Click
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Media Optimization

Brainwork leading social media agency provides you Content Writing service that includes:-

  • Copywriting Services
  • Technical Writing
  • Ebook Writing
  • Proofreading
  • Industrial Designing Services

Brainwork leading digital marketing agency helps to Manage IT service that includes:-

  • 24*7 IT Infrastructure Monitoring & management
  • Customer Support
  • Performance Management
  • State of the Art Network Operation Center
  • Remote Server Monitoring and Management

Brainwork best social media agency provides you Web Design service includes Corporate Identity, Website Redesign, Flash Design India with the help of some elements that are:-

  • Concept Design 
  • Computer Graphic 
  • Animation, Shockwave, and Flash Motion
  • Movie Editing
  • Web Graphics and Interface Design
  • Navigation Planning
  • Imaging solutions and Graphics Enhancement
  • Dedicated Designers
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Flash Design and Development
  • Custom Code Websites
  • PSD to HTML / XHTML / CSS Conversion
  • 100% control of Code style and Preference
  • Flash Developers

You check more details about Brainwork, the best leading social media marketing agency in 2020, on the website that is

6. SCULPT:- 

Sculpt is the Best Leading Digital marketing agency in India. Sculpt is the best social media to inspire advocates and schedule the meeting to grow faster in 2020. Mostly sculpt is used by advocates for scheduling their meetings to make your work so easier. 

  • Sculpt social media marketing agency is mostly used by the Advocates to schedule their meetings.
  • Sculpt leading social media agency helps B2B marketing and business leaders and delight customers.
  • Sculpt for B2B companies is the best social media marketing agency that helps for achieving the big goals by making the best social media marketing strategies and helps in the customer acquisition system to grow fast.
  • Sculpt leading social media marketing agency helps to Grow your Audience and awareness with the help of:-
    • Making the Best social media strategy playbooks
    • Community management and Audience Grow
    • Employer brand content and campaigns
  • Sculpt best digital marketing agency help to Acquire more Leads and Customers with the help of:- 
    • Social media ROI(Return On Investment)
    • Paid social media budget for measuring the MQL’s and attributed revenue.
    • Paid Social Media Ads Campaigns
    • Advertising creative production, testing, and their reporting
    • HubSpot and Drift Marketing Automation 
  • Sculpt best digital marketing agency in India engages yours in one the three ways that are:-
    • Training your team by the help of-
      • Instructional Content
      • Personalized workshops
      • 1 on 1 Coaching
    • Managing the Campaigns( managed social media marketing) that include- 
      • Planning
      • Creative 
      • Advertising Optimization
      • Accountability to the agile marketing retainers(fixed time)
    • Ongoing Marketing Retainers that include-
      • Customer-Centered Strategy   
      • Measurable Goals
      • Agile team

Sculpt B2B social media marketing agency provides you some features that are:-

  • Audience Clarity
  • Brand Story Definition
  • Channel Strategy
  • Creative Content
  • Community Management
  • Paid Amplification
  • Report and Insight

Sculpt best B2B leading social media marketing agency provides some best services that are:-

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Measurement and Reporting
  • Social media consulting
  • Content Creation
  • Paid social advertising
  • Community Management

You check more details about Sculpt, the best leading social media marketing agency in 2020, on the website that is


Sweans Technologies is the best social media marketing agency. Sweans technologies digital marketing agency provides the best services for which you love the most. Sweans help you in aching the best goals for the companies and make you active on social media and grow your customers and helps in brand awareness. Sweans technologies help businesses to target your audience through digital marketing.

Sweans Technologies best leading digital marketing agency provides you some best services with their different features that are:-

  • Pay Per Click Ads-
    • Google Search Ads
    • Bing Ads
    • Remarketing
    • Display Advertising
    • Google Shopping Ads
    • Amazon Sponsored Ads
    • iOS App Advertising
    • Mobile App Advertising
    • Adwords Campaign Optimization
    • SEM Audit
    • Display Ads
    • PPC for Charity and Trust Google Grants
  • Search Engine Marketing- 
    • E-Commerce Optimization
    • International SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
    • Local Search Engine Optimization(SEO) 
    • Reputation Management
    • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Audit
    • Voice Search
    • Keyword Search on Google
  • Design Services- 
    • Branding
    • Creative Designs
    • Illustrations
    • Logo Designs
  • Web Services-
    • Hosting Management
    • Shopify Web Development
    • E-Commerce Site Development
    • Web Maintenance 
    • WooCommerce Customization
    • Responsive Web Design
    • WordPress Customisation
    • User Experience Design
  • Social Media Marketing-
    • Instagram Ads
    • Social Media Management
    • Linkedin Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • Reddit Marketing
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Twitter Advertising
  • Content Writing-
    • Content Creation
    • Copywriting
    • Digital PR
    • Editorial Planning
    • Press Releases
    • Blog Writing
    • Quora
    • Technical Content Writing 
    • Creative Content Campaign
    • White Paper
    • Content Strategy 

You check more details about Swean Technologies, the best leading social media marketing agency in 2020, on the website that is


ROI Minds is the best social media agency. ROI Minds is the best Ecommerce Marketing Company in India. Best ROI Minds social media agency helps brands to grow. 

  • ROI Minds are the best Ecommerce Marketing Agency in India.
  • ROI Minds helps the E-commerce business to scale 7Figures+ by using Paid Advertising and Organic best marketing Strategies. 
  • ROI Minds social media agency helps the clients for achieving the best ROAS using Google Advertising and Facebook Advertising.
  • ROI Minds leading social media marketing agency provides the best social media marketing to the E-commerce store.
  • ROI Minds e-commerce marketing agency helps you to-
    • Save your Money
    • Save your Time 
    • Save your Efforts
    • Save your Resources

ROI Minds E-Commerce marketing agency provides you the best services for the business that is:-

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads to-
    • Generate the Leads
    • Local Stores
    • Sell Physical Products
    • Branding
    • E-Commerce Sales
  • Sales Funnel includes-
    • Decision-Making Stage
    • Awareness
    • Consideration
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) that provides you-
    • Organic Traffic
    • Technical Analysis
    • OFF Page SEO
    • Competitive Analysis Services
    • Organic Backlinks
    • ON Page SEO
    • Content Writing
    • Free SEO Audit Report
  • Content Marketing Services /  Copywriting that includes-
    • Social Media Content
    • Webpage Content
    • Ebooks
    • Guides
    • Blog Posts
  • Click Funnels that provides you- 
    • Web Pages
    • Best Marketing Strategies
    • Profitable Sales Funnels
    • Front-End Sales process 
    • Back-End Sales process
  • Conversion Rate Optimization that provides you-
    • User Research 
    • Insights Gathering 
    • Creating and Prioritizing Hypothesis
    • Qualitative Research 
    • Do Analytics Health Check
    • Quantitative Research
    • A/B Test
  • Marketing Automation that works with- 
    • Marketo
    • Active Campaign
    • Mailchimp 
  • ROI Minds Marketing Automation Services provides you-
    • Building the List
    • Nurturing the Leads
  • White Labels 
  • E-Commerce Ads as Drop Shipping business for the entrepreneurs through-
    • Research on Products
    • Product Test
    • Sales Funnel
    • Facebook Ads
  • Lead Generation Ads for local and online businesses.
  • Amazon PPC by using Internet-based Ads and Contextual Strategies.
  • Local SEO(Search engine Optimization)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Analytics as a Google Analytics and Google Tag implementation service
  • Affiliate Marketing Service

ROI Minds best online marketing agency helping Businesses to Grow. ROI minds social media agencies provide profitable campaigns on Google and Facebook.

You check more details about ROI Minds, the best leading social media marketing agency in 2020, on the website that is


Digital Technolabs is the best social media marketing. Digital Technolabs is the Digital Marketing Agency which is located in Ahmedabad. Digital Technolabs is the best social media marketing agency that provides you, genuine Digital marketers.

  • Digital Technolabs Provides you the best digital marketing services and also:-
    • Provides you Genuine Digital Marketers
    • Creative and Best UI/UX Designers
    • Best Web Developers who work hard.
  • Digital Technolabs leading digital marketing agency helps businesses to meet their business goals.
  • Digital Technolabs social media marketing agency works on:-
    • Digital Marketing
    • Web Development
    • Web Design

Best Core Competencies that Digital Technolabs digital marketing agency provides you that are:-

  • Digital Technolabs provides you SMM- Social media Marketing 
  • It also provides you SEO- Search Engine Optimization.
  • Digital Technolabs provides you Digital Marketing also.
  • It also provides you PPC- Pay Per Click

Digital Technolabs digital marketing agency provides the Web Design Services by providing the best quality designs:-

  • With the help of Responsive Web Design
  • With the help of Mobile UI and UX Design

Here is the Workflow of Web Design which is used by the Digital Technolabs Digital marketing agency use that is:-

  • Strategizing and Planning
  • Prototyping
  • Designing 
  • Integration
  • Testing 

Digital Technolabs social media marketing agency provides Digital Marketing Services that help the business to bring your brand to life with the help of different digital marketing strategies that are:-

  • It helps in Pay Per Click.
  • Digital Technolabs helps in Search Engine Optimization.
  • It also helps in Search Engine Marketing strategy. 
  • Digital Technolabs also provides Email Marketing strategy.
  • It also helps in Social Media Optimization. 
  • It helps in App Store Optimization

Here is the Workflow of Digital Marketing which is used by the Digital Technolabs Digital marketing agency to take the business at a new level that is:-

  • Strategizing and Planning
  • Analyzing
  • Execution
  • Quality Testing
  • Tracking the Outcome

Digital Technolabs leading digital marketing agency provides the Web Development Service that helps you for building the best website for business for long-lasting. 

Here is the process or the workflow used by the Web Developers of the Digital Technolabs social media agency that is:-

  • Strategizing and Planning
  • Technical Analysing
  • UI and UX Designing
  • Architecture Development
  • Web Development
  • Database Development
  • Integration and Testing

You check more details about Digital Technolabs, the best leading social media marketing agency in 2020, on the website that is


Fullestop is the top class social media agency in India. It is the best digital marketing agency that helps the business to grow, brand awareness, managing the business on social media, and helps to capture the audiences. Fullestop is the best social media agency that passionately works for digital marketing strategies, web development strategy, e-commerce strategy, CMS development, etc. 

Fullestop best social media agency works with some best features that are:-

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Development
  • Consulting and IT Staff
  • ML and AI
  • Digital marketing

Fullestop leading digital marketing agencies provides the best digital services that are:-

  • Web Development Service:-  

Fullestop provides you Innovative and best technology for the Web development services that include-

  • It includes WordPress development
  • It helps in Node Js Development
  • It includes Angular Development
  • It helps in Laravel Development
  • It helps in Zend Framework
  • It helps Ruby on Rails Development
  • It includes CakePHP Development
  • Branding and Web / App Design Services:- 

Fullestop social media agency provides the best branding, web, and app designing services that help businesses for their online presence with the help of:-

  • User Experience
  • Landing page design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Mobile Development Services:- 

Fullestop social media marketing agency provides you the smarter mobile development services that include:-

  • It contains Flutter App Development
  • It helps in Android App Development
  • It includes React Native Development
  • Fullestop social media agency workflow for the mobile app development that is:-
    • Strategy / Consulting
    • Design
    • Development
    • Quality Assurance and Launch
    • On-Going Support
  • Digital Marketing Services:- 

Fullestop best social media agency provides digital marketing services for the business, companies, etc. that includes:-

  • It includes SEO 
  • It helps in Social Media 
  • It helps in Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • It helps in Content Marketing

Digital marketing services also include-

  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Press Release
  • Rank optimization
  • Link Exchange
  • Article Writing
  • Title and Meta Tags Optimization
  • Directory Submission
  • Tracking and Reviewing
  • Powerful Link Building
  • Social Networking
  • SEO Consulting and Analysis
  • Web Traffic Analysis
  • On-Page and Off-Page Optimization
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Consulting and IT Staff Augmentation:- 

Fullestop leading digital marketing agency provides the best and the latest technology and business consulting and IT Staff service that includes:-

  • Engagement Models
  • Managed IT Services
  • Dedicated Terms

IT Consulting services are- 

  • Enterprise Architecture Services
  • ITIL Process ServicesIT Transformation
  • Focused Process Solutions
  • Offshore Advisory Services
  • Model Base Software Process Development
  • Organization change management
  • Strategic Cost Transformation
  • Quality Management
  • Process Consulting Services
  • Social and Collaborative Knowledge Management
  • Customer Experience Consulting
  • 6 Sigma Consulting Services
  • Customized Solutions

Fullestop digital marketing agency in India expert on:-

  • Data Analytics
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Web Technologies
  • Relational and non-relational database design
  • Windows and Unix App Development
  • Data Warehousing

You check more details about Fullestop, the best leading social media marketing agency in 2020, on the website that is


Bcwebwise is the most popular social media agency. Bcwebwise is a digital marketing agency that helps in empowering brands with the help of different social media solutions and services. Bcwebwise is the leading social media marketing agency that helps the business to manage the magnitude of information and their transitions into an effective social media business.

Bcwebwise is the top leading digital marketing agency that is made with FishSense. As Bcwebwise social media agency provides the full services that are 360 degrees portfolio service.

Bcwebwise best leading digital marketing agency provides you the best services that are:-

  • Social Media Marketing:- 

Bcwebwise digital marketing agency provides you the best and powerful social media marketing services that:-

  • Help to Capture the more audience for the business
  • Provides you the best End- To End Social media strategy
  • Clutter-Breaking
  • Engaging Campaigns
  • Focus on Return on Investment 

Bcwebwise social media marketing services include:-

  • Social Media Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Community Management
  • Online
  • Podcast
  • Media Planning and Buying:-

Bcwebwise social media marketing agency provide you media mix strategy services that include:-

  • Digital Media Planning
  • Programmatic Solutions
  • Digital Lead Management
  • SMS Marketing
  • Mobile
  • Video
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Social
  • Search Marketing:- 

Bcwebwise provides you the Search marketing service that helps to reach the websites’ full potential with the help of their expertise. SEO search marketing service includes:-

  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Account Setup
  • Reporting
  • Online Reputation Management:- 

Bcwebwise digital marketing agency provides you Online Reputation Management Service that includes:-

  • Social and Web Listening
  • Social CRM and Integrated Response Management
  • Online Crisis Management
  • Social Media Analytics

ORM services the best features that are:-

  • One-stop for all tools 
  • End to End Conversation Tracking
  • User-Friendly Dashboard
  • Latest data technology
  • Easy to use software
  • Automated services
  • Video Production:-  

Bcwebwise best social media agency provides you video production strategy that includes:-

  • Digital and Tv Ads
  • Music and Interactive videos
  • Interviews
  • Explainer and Event videos 
  • Documentaries
  • AR/VR
  • Animation, Product, and Training Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Showreels
  • 360 Videos
  • Web Series
  • Short Films
  • E-Commerce Web Design and E-Commerce Development:- 

Bcwebwise leading social media agency provides you E-commerce web design and E-commerce development service that include:-

  • Ecommerce Website Design
  • Ecommerce App Development
  • Responsive Shopping Website
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Ecommerce marketing strategy
  • Website Development:- 

Bcwebwise digital marketing agency provides Website Development services that include:-

  • Competitive analysis
  • Blog Setup
  • Responsive web design
  • Ecommerce 
  • Open Source Platforms
  • CMS Development
  • Landing Page Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Community-Based Sites
  • Custom Themes
  • News Portals
  • Mobile App Development:- 

Bcwebwise leading social media agency provides Mobile App Development Service that includes:-

  • Deployment maintenance and support
  • Competitors landscape analysis and Planning 
  • UI/UX Design and Prototyping
  • Information Architecture Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Performance Marketing:-

Bcwebwise leading social media marketing agency provides Performance marketing service that includes:-

  • Performance Strategy
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • SEM
  • Paid Social
  • Creative strategy
  • Display Ads
  • Video
  • Web Analytics
  • Mobile Strategy 
  • Lead Generation
  • WhatsApp Chatbots:- 

Bcwebwise social media agency provides Whatsapp chatbots service with FishSense that helps in:-

  • Running Campaigns
  • Providing Customer Support
  • Integrating Services
  • Getting Customer Insight

You check more details about Bcwebwise, the best leading social media marketing agency in 2020, on the website that is


Indeed SEO is the best social media agency. Indeed SEO is the best SEO agency which helps businesses to grow online. Indeed SEO social media marketing agencies provide the best services and strategies for small and large companies to grow online. 

Indeed SEO best social media marketing agency provides the best services for the business that is:-

  • SEO Services:-  

Indeed SEO social media agency provides Professional SEO Services for the business and companies that include:-

  • Google Penalty Recovery Services
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Services:-  

Indeed SEO social media marketing agency provides social media services that include:-

  • Social Bookmarking Services
  • Facebook Marketing Services
  • HubPages Creation Services
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Squidoo Lens Creation 
  • Twitter Marketing Services
  • Reputation Management:-  

Indeed SEO leading social media marketing agency provides Reputation Management Service that includes:-

  • It helps in Push Down Negative Search Results
  • It includes Online Reputation Management
  • It also helps in Remove Negative Comments
  • It contains Remove Negative Yelp Reviews
  • Pay Per Click:- 

Indeed SEO social media marketing agency provides Pay Per Click (PPC) services that include:-

  • It includes Facebook Ads
  • It helps in Google Adword Campaign Management
  • It includes Microsoft Adcenter
  • It provides Pay Per Click services
  • It includes Yahoo Search Marketing
  • Link Building:- 

Indeed SEO digital marketing agency provides Link Building Services that include:-

  • One Way Link Building
  • Guest Posting
  • Edu
  • Web 2.0 Link Building
  • Contextual
  • Link Building Services
  • Link Wheel Creation
  • Reciprocal Link Building
  • Content Writing:- 

Indeed SEO digital marketing agency provides content writing service that includes:-

  • It includes Article Writing
  • It include Web Page Writing
  • It helps in Blog Writing
  • It helps in Landing Page
  • It helps Press Release

You check more details about Indeed SEO, the best leading social media marketing agency in 2020, on the website that is


Ignite social media is the most popular leading digital marketing agency. Ignite social media is the digital marketing agency that helps to empower the brands with the help of different digital marketing services. Ignite, a leading digital marketing agency provides the best strategies for the business to grow online with the help of digital solutions. 

Ignite social media agency provides the best services for the companies social growth that is:-

  • Social Media Strategy Development services
  • Content Creation Services
  • Community Management services
  • Influencer Management services
  • Media Buying Services
  • Insights and ROI services
  • Consulting services
  • Paid Social Ads services
  • Measurement and Monitoring services
  • Social Listing services
  • Crisis management services

You check more details about Ignite Social Media, the best leading social media marketing agency in 2020, on the website that is


 MindStorm Leveraging Chaos is the best and popular Digital marketing agency. Mindstorm is the best Hybrid Social media marketing agency that helps businesses to build their brand online and globally. Mindstorm is the best digital marketing agency that believes in Leveraging Chaos. Mindstorm, the leading social media marketing agency in India, provides the best digital solutions for business growth.

Mindstorm social media marketing agency provides best services that are:-

  • Social Media Marketing Management services- 
    • Digital Brand Strategy
    • Channel Strategy
    • Content Planning
    • Copywriting Services
    • Creative Design Services
    • Reporting and Analysis 
  • Amazon Marketing Services
  • Digital and Social Media Ads services-
    • Target Specific Audiences
    • Increase Brand Awareness
    • Increase Customer Loyalty
    • Reached engaged Audiences
    • Lead Generation 
  • Influencer and Blogger Management services
  • Twitter Trending services
  • Search Engine Optimization services
  • Online Reputation Management services-
    • Fixing Google Results
    • Repairing Internet Repute
    • Protecting Online Reputation
  • Online Review Management services
  • Digital Strategy and Consulting services
  • Wikipedia Page Creation Services
  • Online Press Release Services
  • Web Design and Development services

You check more details about Mindstorm Leverage Chaos, the best leading social media marketing agency in 2020, on the website that is


SoftProdigy is the best digital marketing agency. SoftProdigy is the social media marketing agency that helps the business to grow online and build a powerful brand. SoftProdigy is the top leading social media marketing agency that provides the best services as a high-tech solution for businesses, companies, entrepreneurs, and startups. SoftProdigy social media marketing agency provides the best services to their clients. 

SoftProdigy best leading social media marketing agency provides you the best services that are:-

  • Web Development:- 

SoftProdigy social digital marketing agency provides the best Web development service that creates an attractive social media presence for the growth of the business. Web Development services provide you the best features that are:-

  • Best Responsive Page 
  • Attractive Website Design
  • Helps in faster Loading of web pages
  • UI and UX design
  • Web App Development
  • Compatible with Search Engine Guidelines

SoftProdigy Web Development services include:-

  • Microsoft .net services
  • Full Stack development services
  • Open Source Development services
  • CMS services
  • Java Script services
  • Web Designing Services
  • Mobile App Development:- 

SoftProdigy leading social media agency provides Mobile App Development services. This is the best service for the business so that you can easily access a single tap.  Mobile App Development services include:-

  • Hybrid Mobile Application 
  • iOS Mobile Application
  • Android Mobile App
  • React Native Mobile App
  • Mobile App Designing with UI and UX Design 
  • Ecommerce Development:- 

SoftProdigy best digital marketing agency provides E-commerce Services for the business to grow online. SoftProdigy provides you the best e-commerce services that are:- 

  • It provides you Magento Development Services
  • It gives you WooCommerce Development Services
  • It helps in Shopify Development Services
  • It provides you Spree Commerce Development Services
  • It helps in PrestaShop services
  • Digital Marketing:- 

It provides digital marketing services. SoftProdigy helps businesses to grow fast by providing the best Internet marketing services. These digital marketing services that the SoftProdigy social media agency provides that are:-

  • Social Media Marketing services
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) services
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services 
  • Content Writing services
  • App Store Optimization services
  • Custom App Development Services:- 

SoftProdigy digital marketing agency provides Custom App Development Services. As an On-Demand app development, SoftProdigy provides Futuristic Ideas for the Companies. SoftProdigy Custom App Development Services includes:

  • On-Demand HyperLocal Application Development services
  • Social Networking Apps services- 
    • Facebook 
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Linkedin
    • Pinterest
  • Chatbots Development Company 
  • Scrapers and Crawlers services
  • Audio and Video Apps services
  • Blockchain Development:- 

SoftProdigy best leading social media marketing agency provides blockchain services that help businesses for future best growth. SoftProdigy provides blockchain development services that help businesses to provide quality assurance to the customers. SoftProdigy Blockchain Development services include:-

  • Blockchain CryptoCurrency Exchanges Services
  • Steem Blockchain Development Services
  • Blockchain Application and Consulting Development Services

You check more details about SoftProdigy, the best leading social media marketing agency in 2020, on the website that is

You can check Above Best and Leading Social Media Agencies in India. 

Best and Popular WordPress Plugins For Websites

WordPress Plugins for the website are the best software and additional features that help to design and build an attractive website for you. Top WordPress plugins are mostly free. Best plugins for WordPress are used by anyone who can create WordPress websites. You can easily download the WordPress plugins from the website that is 

best wordpress plugin for website

Here all the best WordPress plugins for website are available for the websites, for beginners, blogs, and many more. The best and most popular WordPress plugins help to design the best website. WordPress plugins make your website seamless. With the best plugins for WordPress for website, you can save your time as WordPress plugins help save time and make it so easier and seamless.

List of Best and Popular WordPress Plugin

Here is a list of the Best and Popular WordPress plugins for the websites with their best features.

1. WP Forms:- 

WP Forms are the best WordPress plugins for WordPress websites. WP Forms can easily Drag ‘n’ Drop top WordPress plugins from the Builder. With the help of WP Forms, you can easily build beautiful forms and surveys for the websites.

WP Forms best plugins for WordPress website
  • WP Forms Top WordPress plugin provides Drag and Drop from Builder feature to help breathe the beautiful form for the website within a second.
  • WP Forms WordPress plugins are the most powerful, user-friendly, and easy to use a WordPress plugin.
  • Top WordPress plugins WP Forms provide Form Templates that help you save time and easily select the best form design with pre-built forms designs. 
  • WP Forms, the most popular WordPress plugins, are 100% Responsive Mobile Friendly, which means it will easily work and access any device and desktop, like tablets and mobiles.
  • WP Forms are the most popular WordPress plugins that provide you Smart Conditional Logic so that you can seamlessly create the best performance forms.
  • WP Forms WordPress plugin provides you the Instant Notification feature.
  • WP Forms WordPress plugin provides you the best beast feature Entry Management. With this entry management feature, view all the leads in a single platform.
  • WP Forms plugin provides you Multi-Page Forms. It helps in splitting the long forms into multi-pages.
  • WP Forms plugin allows user forms submission with File Uploads and Medias.
  • WP Forms Plugin allows users to create the Custom User Registration Forms.

With the help of the best WP Forms top listed WordPress plugins, you can build and design:-

  • Contact Forms
  • Payment Forms
  • Newsletter Forms
  • Registration Forms
  • Survey Forms
  • Over 100 Templates

Here are some other best features that WP Forms WordPress plugins provide that are:- 

  • It provides you Spam Protection
  • It provides you PayPal Addon
  • It also helps in Stripe Addon
  • It provides you Authorize.Net Addon
  • It provides you Constant Contact Integration 
  • It provides you AWeber Addon
  • It provides you MailChimp Addon
  • It provides you GetResponse Addon
  • It provides you Campaign Monitor Addon
  • It provides you Active Campaign Addon
  • It provides you Drip Addon
  • It provides you Custom CAPTCHA
  • It provides you Geolocation Data
  • It provides you Zapier Addon
  • It provides you Post Submission Addon
  • It provides you Surveys and Polls Addon
  • It provides you Signature Addon
  • It provides you Form Pages Addon
  • It provides you Form Abandonment Addon
  • It provides you Offline Forms Addon
  • It provides you Form Locker Addon
  • It provides you Conversational Forms Addon
  • It provides you Form Templates Pack Addon
  • It provides you Webhooks
  • It provides you Suggest a feature
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugin that is the WP Forms plugin from the website

2. Contact Form 7:-

It is the best WordPress plugin that seamlessly handles contact forms in a single platform. Contact Form 7, top WordPress plugin uses reCaptcha Verification, and it will help to filter out all the spam submissions within a second with the help of Akismet.

Contact Form 7 most popular WordPress plugin is a simple plugin that does not require any extra coding to create contact forms. 

Contact Form 7 supports:-

  • It supports CAPTCHA
  • It provides Ajax-powered Submitting
  • It helps in Akismet Spam Filtering
contact form7 best WordPress Plugin for website

Here are the best features of the WordPress plugin Contact Form 7 that are:-

  • You can seamlessly manage and design multiple contact forms.
  • Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin is seamlessly customized form fields.
  • Contact Form 7 plugin allows us to add the extensions of the third party as an additional function.
  • You can post using the short codes in this contact form 7 WordPress plugin and insert a form on any website page.
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugins that are Contact Form 7 plugin from the website and for more details from the website

3. Yoast SEO:- 

It is the best WordPress website plugin. Yoast SEO top listed WordPress plugin helps to improve the On-Page SEO. With the help of the best Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, you can easily do On-Page SEO. Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is the top class SEO friendly plugin.

yoast seo most popular WordPress Website plugin

With the help of best free WordPress plugin Yoast SEO:-

  • Easily optimize social media 
  • Easily connect your WordPress website to the Webmaster or Google Search Console.
  • Easily add Meta Tags.
  • Generate the site maps.

Here are some best features that provide by the best WordPress plugin Yoast SEO that is:-

  • Keyword Optimization with all word forms like synonym, keyword phrases, etc. in premium and free one keyword only or keyword phrase. 
  • Yoast SEO premium best WordPress plugin provides you the best feature Redirect function. With this redirect feature’s help, you can seamlessly build 301 redirects that help to change URLs and make the auto-redirect.
  • Faster Indexing with rich results in both premium and free Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.
  • Yoast SEO WordPress plugin provides Internal Linking for premium only.
  • Yoast SEO plugin premium provides Internal Linking Blocks that include:-
    • Subpages Block
    • Related Links Block
    • Siblings Block
  • The best feature provided by Yoast SEO WordPress plugin for both premium and free is What your webpage is about exactly tell Google. 
  • Yoast SEO WordPress plugin provides a Preview of the page on Google for both free and premium.
  • Yoast SEO WordPress plugin provides a Preview of the page on Social media like Facebook and Twitter for premium only.
  • Readability Check feature provided by the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin for both free and premium so that you know about people that read your page or not.
  • Yoast SEO WordPress plugin provides a feature of Breadcrumbs Full Control for both free and premium.
  • With the help of the WordPress plugin, Yoast SEO, you can provide Google No Duplicate Content.
  • Yoast SEO WordPress plugin Works in all WordPress Editor.
  • With the help of the Yoast SEO plugin, you can easily manage Background Technical Stuff with the help of:-
    • Robots.txt
    • URLs clean up
    • .htaccess files
    • Sitemaps generate and update.
  • Yoast SEO Premium WordPress plugin provides Content Insight feature. 
  • Yoast SEO Premium WordPress plugin provides a Focus Keyword Export feature. 
  • This WordPress plugin Updated within every two weeks for Google’s Algorithm.
  • Yoast SEO premium best WordPress plugin provides 24/7 support for one year.
  • Yoast SEO becomes an Ad-free WordPress plugin in premium only.
  • Video SEO Plugin:– Video SEO WordPress plugin by Yoast SEO is the best WordPress plugin for improving video SEO and showing videos on Google video search results and Google’s Video Carousel. It is the best Yoast Video SEO top WordPress plugin to enhance the searchability of your videos.  
  • Yoast best Video SEO WordPress plugin supports:-
    • XML video sitemap by Yoast SEO (Automatic)
    • MediaRSS
    • OpenGraph tags
    • Supports- Dailymotion, Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia.
    • Snippet Reviews
    • TubePress
    • Cincopa WP Media Plugin
    • Youtube Video Post (Automatic)
    • Youtube Lyte 
    • Video Lightbox
    • Vixy Video Lightbox
    • Responsive Video Embedder (Advanced)
  • Local SEO Plugin:- Yoast Local SEO WordPress plugin is the top WordPress plugin for local businesses. Local SEO popular WordPress plugin helps in local search results and get more audiences for your business. With the help of Local SEO Yoast top WordPress plugin, you can seamlessly add google map. You can also easily add a route planner with the use of Yoast Local SEO WP plugin.
  • News SEO Plugin:- Yoast News SEO best WordPress plugin helps optimize the Google news on your site. With the help of Yoast News, the SEO WP plugin builds XML news sitemaps. Yoast News SEO WordPress plugin provides everything to your site that you need for Google news. With the help of the Yoast News SEO plugin, you will be in Google’s News Carousel.
  • WooCommerce SEO Plugin:– Yoast Woocommerce SEO plugin is the best WordPress plugin that helps make your products and site on Google carousel and get more buyers for your business traffic for your website. With the help of the best WooCommerce WP plugin, you can easily sell more products online with the help of the WooCommerce SEO plugin to make it easier for people to find you on Google. 

Some features provided by the WooCommerce SEO top listed WordPress plugin that is:-

  • Attract more buyers by clicking on your products on Google Search Engine and social media.
  • Breadcrumbs Navigation 
  • Cleaner Sitemap
  • Save your time for scrolling up.
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugin called Yoast SEO plugin from the website

4. All in One SEO Plugin:- 

It is the best WordPress plugin. All in One SEO plugin is the best alternative to the Yoast SEO plugin. It provides an API for developers. All in One SEO plugin is Seamless.


All in One SEO pack WordPress plugin provides their best and advance feature that is:-

  • For Google and Bing, XML Sitemap.
  • RSS Sitemap
  • markup
  • Automatic Redirect of web pages
  • Canonical URLs (Advanced)
  • In-Built API
  • 57 languages translation
  • 100% compatible PHP 7
  • It provides Automatically generated Meta Tags.
  • Optimization of your Titles automatically for Google 
  • For E-commerce and WooCommerce sites, All in One SEO pack free WordPress plugin provides SEO Integration.
  • All in One SEO best WordPress plugin provides features of Automatically Notifies Search engines. If any changes you made to your site, this one of the best WordPress plugins automatically notifies the search engines (Google and Bing).
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Support (AMP)

All in One SEO Pack provides some other Pro features that are:-

  • WooCommerce advanced support
  • Image SEO 
  • Google Local Business SEO
  • Google Tag Manager Support
  • Google Analytics tracking tool advanced
  • News Sitemap
  • Social meta- Custom Taxonomies and Tags, Categories
  • Video SEO
  • Control on Display Settings
  • Knowledge Center access
  • Video Screencasts access
  • Premium Support access
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugin in One SEO Pack plugin from the website and for All in One SEO Pro that is

5. Social Chat plugin (Whatsapp Chat):- 

Whatsapp chat plugin is the best social chat WordPress plugin. This WhatsApp chat plugin allows users to chat on sites directly if any doubt comes. Whatsapp chat WordPress plugin can be attached to the website to directly contact and engage the audience by automatically showing the message. Whatsapp chat helps to generate the leads for the business. 

social chat whatsapp top WordPress Plugin for website

WhatsApp WordPress plugin provides:-

  • WhatsApp Button:- Whatsapp chat button WordPress plugin allowed visitors to send messages and contact you directly and start chatting with you. You can easily add the WhatsApp chat button on your website with different styles that you love.
  • WhatsApp Chat:- Whatsapp chat plugin for the WordPress website is the best plugin to connect with audiences. With the WhatsApp chat, you can automatically show the personalized message and contact information of yours that you want to offer so that the audience will easily contact you.
  • WhatsApp Premium:- As a WhatsApp chat premium WordPress plugin provides:-
    • Multiple team member agents.
    • Difference between their names and labels.
    • Easily contact with different support areas.
    • Agent including option
    • Show custom messages to your audiences when they come to your site so that they will easily engage with you.
    • Allowed users to chat with you and send messages to you.
    • 14 WhatsApp icons with full integration.

Here are some best Whatsapp chat features provided by the WhatsApp plugin that are:-

  • Two Button layout option
  • You can add a square border or rounded border according to your need.
  • Whatsapp button
  • The Whatsapp button allowed some custom icons to be added to it.
  • Choose the WhatsApp button box color.
  • Easily hide and show WhatsApp button 
  • Custom text button
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugin that is the Whatsapp plugin from the website

6. Monster Insight Plugin:- 

Monster Insight’s most popular WordPress plugin is the best Analytics plugin. Monster Insight plugin is used to grow the business. A monster insight WordPress plugin is the powerful WordPress google analytics plugin and a user-friendly WP plugin.   

monster insight top plugin for WordPress Website

Here are some best features provided by Monster Insight Google Analytics Tracking WP plugin that are:-

  • Published time tracking
  • Outbound Link Tracking
  • Ecommerce Tracking- 
    • LifterLMS
    • MemberPress
    • Easy Digital Downloads
    • WooCommerce
  • Forms Tracking
  • SEO Score tracking
  • Scroll Tracking
  • Universal Tracking
  • Google AMP Tracking
  • EU Compliance-
    • CCPA for the US
    • PIPEDA for Canada
    • PECR for the UK
    • GDPR
  • Custom Events Tracking
  • Author Tracking
  • File Download 
  • Affiliate Link tracking
  • Category Tracking
  • User ID Tracking
  • Tag Tracking
  • Media tracking
  • Post Type Tracking
  • Telephone Tracking
  • Focus Keyword Tracking
  • Hash URL Tracking
  • Email Link Tracking
  • Enhanced Link Attribution

Here are some best features provided by Monster Insight as a Custom Report WP plugins that are:-

  • Access Control for Custom Reports
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Analytics Overview
  • Real-time report
  • E-commerce Report
  • Email Summaries
  • Publisher Report
  • PDF Exports
  • Audience Demographics Report
  • Behavior Report
  • Search Console Report
  • Forms Report
  • Page Insight in Admin Bar
  • Content Report
  • Individual post and page report
  • Customizable data ranges

Here are some best features provided by Monster Insight Google Integration WP plugin that are:-

  • WooCommerce
  • Short Links by Pretty Links 
  • MemberPress 
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • LifterLMS
  • Thirsty Affiliates
  • Gravity Forms
  • Google Optimize
  • WP Forms
  • Google Adsense
  • Ninja Forms
  • Facebook Instant Articles
  • Custom Privacy Regulation Solutions
  • Contact Form 7
  • Cookie Notice by factory
  • All WordPress form plugin
  • CookieBot
  • Formidable Forms
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugin that is the Monster Insight plugin from the website

7. Jetpack Plugin:- 

Jetpack plugin is the best site management WordPress plugin. Jetpack WordPress plugin provides 24/7 site security and also helps in to measure the site performance. Jetpack WordPress plugin provides Jetpack Backup and Jetpack Scan also.

jetpack best wordpress plugin

Jetpack best WordPress plugin provides 24/7 Site Security with the help of some tools that are:- 

  • Spam Filtering
  • Downtime Monitoring
  • Brute-Force Attack Protection
  • Jetpack Backup for site protection one daily or in real-time.
  • Malware Scanning
  • Threat Resolution Automatically
  • Malware Scanning

Jetpack best WordPress plugin provides Peak Performance with the help of some features that are:- 

  • Static Files and Images that include Javascript and CSS.
  • For faster mobile experience, it offers Lazy load images
  • Elasticsearch-powered related content
  • High-Speed Video

Jetpack best WordPress plugin provides Effortless Site Management with the help of some features that are:-

  • Advanced site analytics and Statics
  • 100s of professional themes
  • PayPal Payment Button Simple
  • Powerful and Intuitive Customization Tools
  • SEO Tools for-
    • Google
    • Bing
    • Facebook 
    • Twitter
  • Advertising Programs include-
    • Yahoo
    • Amazon
    • Facebook Ads
    • AdSense
    • AOL
    • Google Ads
  • Integrate with mobile apps by WordPress
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugin called the Jetpack plugin from the website and for details of Jetpack premium Jetpack Professional from the website

8. Google XML Sitemap Generator:-  

Google XML Sitemap generator is the most popular WordPress plugin for Creating the best XML Sitemap for the business. With the XML sitemap WordPress plugin, you can easily index your sites on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, XML Sitemap WordPress plugin makes it seamless for the audiences to view the website’s complete structure more efficiently. XML Sitemap plugin automatically notifies the search engines all time whenever you post new content. XML Sitemap is the best free WordPress plugin for everyone. 

google xml sitemap most popular wordpress plugin

Here are some best feature provided by the XML Sitemap Generator WordPress plugin that is:-

  • Google XML Sitemap formats.
  • HTML and RSS.
  • With XML Sitemap WordPress plugin, make a list of all the Word-Press pages and posts, categories, archives, and tags.
  • Taxonomy and custom post types support
  • XML Sitemap WordPress plugin includes the page link for posts for categories, archives, tags, etc.
  • XML Sitemap plugin is compatible with bbPress, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Etc.
  • In your robots.txt files, the XML sitemap WordPress plugin automatically adds site map entries.
  • Add the latest pages to the page header.
  • In your robot.txt files, the XML Sitemap plugin adds custom entries. 
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugin that is the Google XML Sitemap Generator plugin from the website

9. Insert Header and Footer:-   

Header and Footer is the best WordPress plugin. With the help of codes, you can insert the Header and Footer WordPress plugin easily to your site. With the header and footer WordPress plugin’s support, you can easily insert scripts by providing one place.   

insert headr and footer best plugin for wordpress website

Here are some best features of the Insert Header and Footer WordPress plugin that is:- 

  • Easily and Quick to set up the Onsiteheader and footer plugin on your website.
  • Facebook pixel code insert easily.
  • Google Analytics Codes added easily to any WordPress theme.
  • Header code and footer code can be insert
  • Scripts insert easily
  • Custom CSS can be added easily across the themes.
  • Including Javascript and HTML, you can easily add any script and code.
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugin that is Insert Header and Footer plugin from the website

10. OptinMonster:-  

OptinMonster is the best and most popular marketing WordPress plugin for your business with the help of getting more sales and more email subscribers. It is the best ultimate popup builder where you can use their best features for building the website. OptinMonster WordPress plugin conversion toolkit helps convert your website visitors into your WordPress website’s customers and subscribers.

optinmonster top plugin for wordpress website

OptinMonster is the best WordPress plugin that helps to get more customers and subscribers for your business to generate the lead of the business witty the help of instantly growing your email list. 

OptinMonster WordPress plugin provides the best features that are:-

  • Drag and Drop Builder feature includes:-
    • Drag and Drop Builder
    • Yes/No Forms
    • Custom Success Message
    • Mobile-Friendly Popups
    • Canvas
    • Monster Effects
  • Campaign Types feature includes:-
    • Sidebar Forms
    • Countdown Timer
    • Slide-In Scroll Box
    • Content Locker
    • Lightbox Popup
    • Floating Bar
    • Inline Forms
    • Fullscreen Welcome Mat
    • Coupon Wheel Options
  • Actionable Insights features include:-
    • A/B testing
    • Conversion Analytics
    • Real-Time Behavior Automation
    • Smart Success 
  • Campaign Triggers feature includes:-
    • Campaign Scheduling
    • Time Display Control
    • Scroll trigger
    • Monster Links 2-Step optics
    • Inactivity Sensor
    • Exit-Intent technology
  • Seamless Integration feature includes:-
    • Success Tracking Scripts
    • List Segmentation
    • Lead Sharing
    • Smart tags
  • Targeted Campaigns features include:-
    • It helps in AdBlock Detection
    • It provides you Page-Level Targeting 
    • It helps in Onsite Retargeting
    • It provides you Referrer Detection
    • It helps in Device-Based Targeting
    • It provides you Cookie Retargeting
    • It helps in Geo-Location Targeting
    • It helps in OnSite Follow Up Campaigns

Some Additional Marketing Integrations provided by the most popular OptinMonster WordPress plugin that is:-

  • WooCommerce Popups
  • BigCommerce Popup
  • Many Chat Popup
  • Shopify Popup
  • Magento Popup
  • WP Forms Popup
  • Gravity Forms Popup
  • Contact Form 7 Popup
  • Ninja Form Popup
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugin that is the OptinMonster plugin from the website and for more details of the OptinMonster plugin from the website

11. RafflePress:- 

It is the topmost WordPress plugin. RafflePress plugin is the most popular Giveaway WordPress plugin. With the help of the best RafflePress WordPress plugin, you can get more traffic for your website. RafflePress is the best user-friendly WordPress plugin.

raffelpress popular wordpress plugin

RafflePress WordPress plugin is best for:-

  • Grow social media followers for the business
  • Increase website traffic
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Helps in growing your Email List

RafflePress best WordPress plugin provides some best features that are:-

  • Viral Sharing (Refer-a-Friend)
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly
  • Viral Giveaway Templates
  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Giveaway Landing Page
  • Marketing and CRM Integrations
  • Tracking and Retargeting
  • Social Media Integrations
  • 1 Click Entry + Fraud Protection

The best reasons for loving the RafflePress WordPress plugin provides that are:-

  • Landing Pages in a Minute 
  • Easy to use and offers huge and fast results
  • Provides Real engagement and more social media followers
  • Built-in Viral Sharing
  • Seamless marketing integration
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugin that is the RafflePress plugin from the website and for more details of OptinMonster plugin from the website

12. Akismet Anti-Spam:- 

Akismet is the top anti-spam WordPress plugin. Best Akismet Anti-Spam WordPress plugin helps in filters out the spam comments and checks all comments. With the help of the Akismet Anti-Spam WordPress plugin, you can easily check out the history of each comment so that you can easily check whether comments are true and spam comments. 

akismet antiapsm best free wordpress plugin

Here are some features provided by the best Anti-Spam WordPress plugin Akismet that are:-

  • Akismet best anti-spam WordPress plugin helps to check all the comments automatically and find out all spam comments.
  • Akismet Anti-Spam WordPress plugin is also called Moderator.
  • With the help of the Akismet Anti-spam WordPress plugin, you can easily check the history of all comments and check whether the remarks are true comments or spam comments.
  • Akismet Anti-spam WordPress plugin helps to show URLs in the comment body and remove the unnecessary links. 
  • With the help of Moderators WordPress plugin, you can easily check every user’s true comments.

Akismet Anti-spam is the best spam protection WordPress plugin against:-

  • Professional and Commercial Sites
  • Personal Sites
  • Large Networks
  • Professional and Commercial Blogs
  • Personal Blogs
  • Multisite Installations
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugin that is the Akismet Anti-Spam plugin from the website and for more details of Akismet Anti-Spam plugin from the website

13. WooCommerce:- 

It is the topmost e-commerce WordPress plugin. It is the best open-source e-commerce solution WordPress plugin that helps retain the store’s full ownership. WooCommerce best WordPress plugin is a flexible and free plugin. You can easily design a beautiful store for your brand with the WooCommerce wordpress plugin.

woocommerce top wordpress plugin for website

Here are the best features of the WooCommerce WordPress plugin that are:-

  • Helps to Grow your Business.
  • Monitor your store easily
  • Easily own and control your store data
  • Provides leverage Hooks and Filters
  • Part of the Growing International Community
  • Easily translated into multi-languages and contribute
  • Offer flexible and Secure Payments that includes:-
    • Google Pay
    • PayPal
    • Amazon Pay
    • Stripe
    • Apple Pay
    • Cash on Delivery
    • Credit Cards

WooCommerce WordPress best plugin provides 16 blocks that are-

  • Filter products by Price
  • Reviews by Category
  • On Sale Products
  • Product List Categories
  • Best Selling Products
  • Active Product Filters
  • All Reviews
  • Product by Category
  • Hand-Picked Products
  • Filter products by Attributes
  • Featured Category
  • Product Search
  • Newest Products
  • Featured Products
  • Products by Tag
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugin that is the WooCommerce plugin from the website and for more details of the WooCommerce plugin from the website

14. Elementor Page Builder:- 

Elementor is the top free page builder WordPress plugin. Elementor is easy to use. With the help of the Elementor page builder WordPress plugin, you can easily build a beautiful and most effective website. Elementor is the best and easy drag and drop WordPress plugin for the website.

elementor best plugin for wordpress website

Here are some best features provides the Elementor Page Builder Plugin:-

  • Drag ‘n’ Drop Page Builder
  • High Speed
  • Live Design
  • Surprising Feature like:-
    • Hover Effects
    • Shape Dividers
    • Gradient Backgrounds
    • Background Overlays
    • Headline Effects
    • Box Shadows
  • Pre-Designed 300+ Blocks and 100+ Templates
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Undo/Redo and Revision History
  • Design your page with Canvas
  • Built-In Maintenance Mode
  • WooCommerce
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugin that is the Elementor Page Builder plugin from the website and for more details of the Elementor Page Builder plugin from the website

15. Beaver Builder:- 

It is the best WordPress plugin of the page builder. With the help of the Beaver builder WordPress plugin, you can easily build a beautiful website. Beaver Builder WordPress plugin helps in building professional pages also. Beaver Builder plugin is Drag and Drop best WordPress plugin. Beaver Builder plugin provides you world-class best dozens of WordPress templates for your website. Beaver Builder WordPress plugin provides you with an image and text position option. It is the best Flexible WordPress plugin. 

beaverbuilder top plugin for wordpress website

Here are the best features of the Beaver Builder WordPress plugin that is:- 

  • Mobile-Friendly and Responsive
  • Developer Friendly
  • Live and Front End Editing
  • Shortcode and Widget support
  • Hand Off Sites with Editor modes for the Clients
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Support Posts and Pages
  • Works with almost every theme
  • Custom Post Types
  • Optimized and Tuned for SEO
  • Multisite Capable
  • Reusable Templates
  • Import and Export
  • Save and Reuse Modules and Rows
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugin called the Beaver Builder plugin from the website and for more details of the Beaver Builder plugin from the website

16. UpdraftPlus:- 

UpdraftPlus is the best backup WordPress plugin for websites. UpdraftPlus WordPress plugin is best for restoring and cloning also. If your website is lost due to hacking, dodgy update, server crashes, etc., you need the UpdraftPlus WordPress plugin to fix your website. The UpdraftPlus WordPress plugin for websites provides you Backup, Set Schedules, and restore.

updraftplus most popular wordpress plugin

Best UpdraftPlus WordPress plugin provides you the best benefits for your websites that are:- 

  • Cloning and Migration
  • Incremental Backups
  • Fast, Personal Support
  • Pre-Update Backups
  • Backup of Non-WordPress files
  • Backup of Non-WordPress databases
  • Networks and Multisite
  • Backup Time and Scheduling
  • More Database Options
  • Reporting
  • Importer
  • Lock Setting
  • Run from WP-CLI
  • No Ads
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugin that is the UpdraftPlus plugin from the website and for more details of the UpdraftPlus plugin from the website

17. WP Rocket:- 

WP Rocket is the best WordPress plugin for the fast loading of the website and webpages in a few clicks. WP Rocket WordPress plugin is best for Speed Up Your Website. WP Rocket WordPress plugin is simple and easy to use and provides you a high speed for the website. WP Rocket WordPress plugin provides you Page Caching for the ultra-fast load time for the website. 

WP Rocket WordPress plugin also provide:-

  • Cache Preloading
  • Static Files Compression
  • Image on Request
  • Developer friendly
wp rocket most popular wordpress website plugin

Here are some best features of the WP Rocket WordPress plugin that are:- 

  • Multilingual Compatibility
  • Minification and Concentration
  • Import and Export
  • Connected Users
  • Multisite Compatibility
  • Developer Friendly
  • Quick Setup
  • E-Commerce Friendly
  • Mobile Detection
  • Page Caching
  • CDN and GZIP Compression
  • Defer JS Loading
  • DNS Prefetching
  • Cloudflare Compatibility 
  • Browser Caching
  • Lazyload
  • Database Optimization
  • Sitemap Preloading
  • Cache Preloading
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugin that is the WP Rocket plugin from the website

18. MemberPress:- 

It is the All in One best WordPress plugin. MemberPress is the most powerful membership WordPress plugin. With the help of MemberPress, the WordPress plugin helps in tracking membership subscriptions. Memberpress is the best WordPress plugin that provides lots of features to build a beautiful website. It is easy to use. 

  • MemberPress WordPress plugin helps in Controlling the website content by checking who can see the content.
  • It helps to sell digital downloads.
  • MemberPress WordPress plugin also helps in accepting the credit cards securely. 
memberprrees best wordpress plugin

Here are some best features of the best MemberPress WordPress plugin that are:- 

  • Ridiculously Easy Setup
  • Powerful Access Rules
  • Premium Community Forums
  • Coupons that Don’t Suck
  • Pretty Pricing Pages
  • Ultra Stable and Secure
  • Content Dripping
  • Works with any theme
  • Affiliate Program
  • Clear and Relevant Reporting
  • Full Blown Subscription Management
  • Simple Payment Gateway Integration
  • Brilliantly Extensible
  • Unwavering Brilliant Extensible
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugin that is the MemberPress plugin from the website and for more details of the MemberPress plugin from the website

19. WPML:-  

WPML (WooCommerce MultiLingual) is the best WordPress plugin. This WordPress is mostly used by e-commerce and corporate websites for multilingual WooCommerce. WPML is the best WordPress plugins, which is also called Glue Plugins. WPML is the Complete, Compatible, and Dependable WordPress plugin. WPML WordPress plugin is Secure, Stable, and Reliable. 

wpml top wordpress plugin

WPML plugin helps the search engines seamlessly understand your website structure and help drive the right audience to the correct language.

WPML top listed WordPress plugin is Great for Multilingual SEO where:- 

  • WPML WordPress plugin provides you full control over the URLs’ look.
  • Translations are linked together.
  • With the WPML WordPress plugin’s help, you can easily set the Meta Information for the Translations.  
  • WPML plugin helps Sitemaps that includes the correct pages and helps to pass the Google Search Console or Webmaster for validation.

Here are the features of the top listed WordPress plugin WPML that are:- 

  • Multiple languages for Multilingual Blog and Multilingual CMS.
  • Powerful Translation Management
  • Multilingual e-commerce for smooth translation of WooCommerce products. 
  • Translations for Plugin texts
  • Translations for themes
  • Affordable Professional translations
  • Works with powerful WordPress themes
  • Proactive development and Reliable Support
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugin that is the WPML plugin from the website and for more details of the WPML plugin from the website

20. Bloom:- 

Bloom is the top-listed WordPress plugin. It is the lead generation and Email Opt-In WordPress plugin. Elephant themes build Bloom plugin. Bloom plugin helps in gaining more Email Subscribers for your website. It is an Email Opt-In best popular WordPress plugin. It is best for Converting Visitors into Loyal Followers with the help of Bloom plugin tools.   

bloom best popular wordpress plugin

Here are the features of the best wordpress plugins Bloom that is:-

  • Increase Conversions with A/B Testing
  • Convert Visitors into Loyal Followers
  • More Email Subscribers
  • Add, Modify and Track Accounts
  • Highly Targeted Content
  • Elegant Design Option
  • 19 Email Marketing Integrations
  • 100+ Pre-made designs and templates
  • Target Specific Post Types 
  • 3 Opt-In Form Orientations- Right, Left & Bottom
  • Customized Borders and Edges
  • Refine on a Pre Post and Page Level
  • Image Orientation Options
  • Unlimited Color options
  • Target Specific Post Categories
  • Fully Responsive
  • Import and Export Bloom Data
  • Highly Targeted Display Settings
  • Automatic Fly-In and Pop-Up Triggers
  • 24/7 Support

Bloom top listed WordPress plugin provides 6 Different Display Options that are:-

  • It provides Automatic Opt-In Popup
  • It Require Opt-In To Unlock Content
  • It provides Automatic Opt-In Fly-Ins
  • It provides In-Line Opt-In Forms
  • Bit provides Below Content Opt-In Forms
  • It provides Widgets Area Opt-In Forms

Bloom most popular WordPress plugin provides you Fly-In Triggers and Automatic Pop-Up that includes:-

  • It helps in Bottom of Post
  • It provides you Timed Delay
  • It includes After Scrolling
  • It provides After Commenting
  • It contains After Inactivity
  • It helps in After Purchasing
You can easily check and download the best WordPress plugin that is the WPML plugin from the website

You can check Above Best and Popular WordPress Plugins for Websites.

20 Best Web Hosting provider in 2020 with top hosting Services

20 Best Web Hosting provider in 2020 with top hosting Services

Introducing some of the Best Web Hosting Providers in 2020 that are suitable for business. 

This list is based on web hosting experts with hours of research. We classified some Top Hosting Providers in the industry based on its plans, performance features, and cost. Each and every consumer has many choices if you’re searching for Best budgeted web hosting for WordPress or full-fledged business hosting, we’ll do it for you. These are tested Web Hosting Service Providers to ensure that you do not sacrifice any security, stability, and speed if you decide to go with them.

Why do we need the Best Hosting Provider for our business?

Many of us think that buying Good Web Hosting for a Website is enough, but honestly speaking, that is not a complete process but to get a website online to the world and to live on the Web. Hence we need a Best Web hosting Providers. A web host is a powerful device installed in a multi-million-pound, secure data purpose-built service offering the data Centre.

A cloud service offers a cooling system, backup, protection, and stability to the server and powered connectivity,  important aspects of the safe, trouble-free connectivity on the website.

 There are different hosting types to choose the Right Web hosting Service provider for your situation and your needs.

Are you looking for the Fastest and Most Reliable Web Hosting Provider for your WordPress website, but you don’t know where to go? You land at the right place as we monitor all their server response time and uptime and give you accurate non- biased results in which the hosting company is truly reliable and fast.

 Website Hosting serves as a digital space for your website files and helps to make them available for the user over the web.

You can use a Best VPS hosting provider for creating your own WordPress site.

Clients need the most  Affordable Web host company or web hosting service provider to host websites. Hosting companies on this domain have a 24 * 7 Web server linked to the “World Wide Web.”

However, the challenge confronting website owners or bloggers is selecting a VPS hosting provider for your  company which is capable of delivering high-quality hiring services.

Sometimes this can be a very challenging task because in the market there are millions of WordPress hosting Service and might get confused which to choose or a find the Best Web Hosting Company that suits your needs.

These are the few tips to get you popular on the Internet, based on a variety of statistics.

Best Web Hosting” is one such key factor. There are certain criteria to analyse them and finally help you up with this article Top Domain Hosting Service Providers in 2020

Let’s focus on what  you need and select the best hosting provider that offers great plans. 

1. Bluehost – Best overall Web Hosting Service

one of the most popular  web hosting, best web hosting provider for beginner

Bluehost is the one of the Top Ranked web Hosting providers which serves millions of internet users globally. It is a very popular Web Hosting Service that gives an ideal solution for both small businesses and even perfect for experts. For several reasons, it occupied the top position by almost every Web hosting professional.

There are several Best Website Hosting plans available according to individual needs. Hence choose Web hosting services that are most ideal for you.

As with most web hosting sites, their standard cost packages start low as Rs 295 a month with a one-year membership. when you register for a minimum web hosting term of one year offers immediate free domain registration.

Bluehost has grouped these into three main categories so as far as hosting services go. WordPress configuration method has been easy to understand. They provide you with multiple free WordPress themes so you can choose from which fulfil your requirement  and also gives you many free features such as helps to decrease your page loading speed.

Bluehost provides the Top Hosting Service for your company website and ensures that you have a smooth and reliable experience.

  1. Shared Plans

2. VPS plans

3. Dedicated plans

You’ll also have various choices within each  group. When you sign up, it may seem sometime it seems  very complicated , however with the help of website manages it direct you through the entire procedure so that it become easy to  sign up for The Best shared hosting of Best Hosting Services that suit your requirements, whether it’s for small business, blogs, company, or e-commerce.

Blue host is one of the Great Web Hosting Providers. In 2020, websites and blogs for personal and start-ups businesses provide most of the introductory rates available, as well as provide affordable and Ideal hosting  services around the world.


1. Simple to use operates and build your website 

2. WordPress optimized closely with an integrated web host 

3. It provides bandwidth without restrictions 

4. Excellent customer service with quick response with online email chat and good wellness.

5. They provide a number of hosting options for small and medium-sized businesses, from personal blogs to business solutions and its hosting plan helps to  fulfil your needs. 

6. Even the simplest shared hosting schemes provide unmetric storage.


  1. For most plans, the renewal rate for the first year is highly competitive with renewal rates.

2. Its Constant selling pitch Often really distracting.

3. Migration service on site would cost you to move your current site to Bluehost and if you want this service you need to pay.

4. As per customer review with high volumes of traffic  the performance for the site becomes low sometimes.

2. Hostinger – Best Cheap Hosting Plan

Hostinger is most afforable hosting service provider

This is the Top Affordable hosting services Company in 180 nations, uses about 29 billion users and offers 15,000 new clients nearly per day, and gets a huge amount of positive comments. Hostinger is one of the cheapest web hosting providers available in the market and  best for those who want easy to understand and very convenient for your website which comes as low as $2,99 per month at a one-year subscription with their standard cost plans.  They offer some solid hosting packages for a great option for almost any need. They can vary the names, but they are known to offer the same services for their packages. 

India’s best web hosting provider even if you establish your business or a simple blog. They offer cheapest web hosting plans for success, such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, one of the most suitable VPS  and cloud hosting so choose the best hosting plans according to your needs. Here, users have all the advanced features that so many big-name hosting services offer, such as an SEO toolkit, a free website creation service, and free domain name free SSL Certificates protection against DDoS attacks. It’s Shared hosting is generally comes in the cheapest service, and that’s particularly true with word press no matter you’re a blogger or  have a small company to run here  you’ll get tons of options.

It’s easy to  handle features through their user friendly H control panel so if you found problem of using WordPress  then sure this will going to help you lot. The main features are quick response with safe service; they don’t provide a lot of sounds and whistles, and their main point of concentrate is to provide a Fastest or reliable WordPress Hosting In 2020 with a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

Hostinger offers not only the Best Affordable Website Service Company but also known for its quality.


1. Users get stunning results with a few excellent features.

2. Lowest prices with excellent quality.

3. It’s easy to install WordPress by just one-click; whether you are blogging a website or a new site, install WordPress with a single click of a button.

4. Excellent customer service is available 24/7 with online chat email and ticket service.


  1. Telephonic support is not available.

3. Dreamhost -Top Cloud Hosting Service

Dreamhost One of the Greatest Web Hosting Services

One of the Greatest Web Hosting Services available on the market nowadays provides competitive pricing and decent functionality for easily understandable hosting services to operate a good-sized webpage without any problems. Those who build a website for the very first time have some unique features for them.

DreamHost is known for its Best website hosting provider because it ranks on top list which provide extremely high service quality.

Even though speed and load times are essential for your sites, they assure you that your website is hosted on a fast database. Dreamhost has been one of the Perfect WordPress hosting companies in India for a long time. 

This one is the best WordPress hosting provider that has been available for a long time, along with some of  other premium services.

It provides attractive  pricing plans with several hosting options and provides its customers with lots of advantages and keeps their rates very low.

They also provide cloud storage for more amazing speeds. You can run a DreamHost cloud server as much as you like, and will only be paid up to 600 hours or 25days in a month.

It is an individually operated and Most Trusted Web Hosting Services Company in 2020. 

The one thing that is really noticeable is that they are better suited to high-traffic websites but you can’t find hosting options for beginners and smaller websites.

It provides many types of hosting solutions like shared managed and WooCommerce hosting . The company’s moverover expands its deal to its simple shared hosting service as well as dedicated server hosting, cloud email hosting, and VPS hosting.

It is available with a custom cPanel and allows customer service 24/7 as well as regular backups for better experience. There are some basic features  that become DreamHost the most favorite providers of Website hosting.  Hosting solution with an affordable  pricing package with easy to use interface. The really good thing about dreamhost is that website speed is so good.


1. There is excellent Customer support with fast 24/7 chat and email response times.

2. It comes with 97 days money-back assurance of industry-leading service.

3. WordPress provides dedicated website hosting facilities.


  1. No cPanel at all. Although we know cPanel is an easy way to handle different approaches to running your website.

2. No Phone support.

4. HostGator – Best worth the money

Hostgator this is the best value per dollar powerful and reliable WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting This is the best value per dollar powerful and reliable WordPress hosting totally worth it.

Hostgator is among the best web hosting providers in the market, offering hassle-free services with affordable fee shared hosting options managed multiple websites at once. It allows you to operate if you have a personal blog, high profile website.

Hostgator also has WordPress cloud hosting, with plans for almost any need to be the top best cloud hosting providers, delivering faster speed than most WordPress hosting businesses. 

It benefits because you get many limitless features, including endless disk space so you can hold as much data as you need unmetered bandwidth to give your website visitors unlimited quantities of data and complete databases.

Hostgator comes with the Most Popular VPS Hosting with fully managed  Website Builder that looks great for anyone who wants to get an essential website up and running fast.


1. It offers a  45 days money-back policy with a faster service which makes the right choice for you. 

2. No need to worry about if you want to migrate your site because it provides you free migration of sites and moves the current website to others with no extra cost.

3. It helps you as it automatically provides free week backups with restores facility.

4. Firewalls offer free storage, customizable firewalls against DDoS attacks.It is simple to save as many files as you like there is no limit of bandwidth as you have access to unlimited bandwidth as much data as you like on your website.


1. There are few domain names that are quite expensive to register and update.

2. If your concern is speed then this might be not perfect for you because the only cloud and  managed WordPress plans provide speed protection.

Hostgator is one of the Top Rated Website hosting service companies that offer different versions, but some Pro features come with a higher plan. It provides some great options if you have the very first WordPress website because with lots of good options plus its easy to understand method will attract most users.

5. SiteGround – Best overall web hosting service 

Siteground most famous WordPress hosting provider

Most people are juggling picking the Good website hosting  according to their needs here siteground comes with the best hosting services provider for many problems. 

Their standard price features offer one-year membership with 395 per month and good enough plans. It provides numerous hosting services that are unique. This includes WordPress hosting, web hosting, cloud hosting and even dedicated servers for WordPress.

It is suitable for running a successful blog or as they provide Cheapest Web Hosting Services and policies.

No matter whether you have SiteGround can be used by small scale websites, professionals business websites or even large e-commerce sites they perfectly fit your requirements.

Today siteground builds a trust factor among its users all over the world that is why most organizations use its services. Undoubtedly a best WordPress website service company for those who have a new website.

Compared with other hosting services, SiteGround is the rank holder when it comes to its average uptime measured. 

You hardly face any issue with its customer support, you will find their  service quality is outstanding and super fast or smooth, with an average response time of under 10 minutes.

Siteground is well-known in terms of it’s high-performance hosting services and website hosting providers, as per industry norm.

Site-grounds hosting has become the most famous WordPress hosting provider and will be suitable for small or medium size business. Its best technology meets all your expectations with reasonable price which is much more than average.

Hosting site-grounds is one of the best website hosting companies that have expert support come in three types they call startup, grow big and go, geek. 

Site ground is recommended by WordPress to host WordPress sites because it’s easy to use functions. It is a very important point for any website about its speed and uptime surly siteground is the winner in this point.


1. Its Rapid, advanced speed will enhance innovations  site performance.

2. Security to keep your files and website from cyberthreats.

3. The money-back-guarantee comes with 30-day.

4. Without extra charges, free site migration moves the current site to the siteground.

5. Free regular automatic backup and restores.

6. Customer support is too responsive and very easy to connect.


  1. limited storage depending on your plan.

2. After renewal its plans will be slightly costly. 

SiteGround focuses on efficiency and safety of speeds. SiteGround is an ideal option that offers lots of additional features to host your website. Top performance and best quality Web Hosting for large businesses that are secure and safe, with excellent customer support.

6. Name cheap-Best Cheap Web Hosting

Name cheap Top website hosting provider

Namecheap is a Web hosting company that is known for its Cheapest WordPress hosting in 2020 available in industry. If you are looking for the Top website hosting provider then this one is incredibly helpful with an amazing support team. 

It has three plans for Web hosts.

  1. Stellar basic plans at $2 per month very cheap plans great for beginners.

2. Stellar Plus plans at $4.85 per month, where you can host unlimited websites useful if you run multiple websites at once.

3. Stellar Business plans at $8.88 per month, where you get 50 gigabytes of pure SSD disk space again. It allows you to host unlimited websites. It is Great for Business hosting and E-commerce Website Hosting.

Stellar basic plans at $2 per month very cheap plans great for beginners.

Stellar Plus plans at $4.85 per month, where you can host unlimited websites useful if you run multiple websites at once.

Namecheap has always been an outstanding WordPress hosting service provider business and known for its solutions and services.   It’s easy to instal and manage even if you are newbies with his new quick WP hosting which is so elegant. A WordPress site gets the setup running up and on the Internet so quickly. Hardly you can find any disadvantages to this best  Namecheap ‘s website hosting. It’s amazingly fast and gives quality  performance with high flexibility and security. 

Perfect WordPress Hosting from Namecheap is entirely aimed at being fast, convenient, and adds more power with the best speed for your business.

It is important to select the correct host for your WordPress website even if you have bloggers of small companies.

It cost $3.88 a month or $30.88 a year. It’s a stress-free experience no matter whether it’s for your personal blogging website or company website with this best hosting provider that will help you to create your web presence. You can use an external backup service like CodeGuardto backup your Namecheap easy to use WP hosting provider as no auto-backup service is available, but that costs around $5a month or $60 a year.


1. If you want the fastest web hosting service with an affordable price then this must be the best choice. They create most of their plans for beginners.

2. You get an SSL with it and you even get the protection of a free domain.

3. Free site migration if you are hosting with another like Bluehost, site-ground if you want to start with the cheap name. So Namecheap gets a Free transfer of your website.


  1. They don’t even provide regular automated backups as an upsell.

2. A little bit expensive for automatic external backup.

7. A2 Hosting-Best free Website Builder

A2 hosting one of the Most VPS hosting providers

A2 Hosting is one of the Most VPS hosting  providers which offer best service to fulfill your particular needs. Optimation plugins offer page caching, database facing, image and code optimization, and extra security. It also provides some incredible website loading speed.

It can be more difficult, however, to select a secure web hosting service. Do you alright have a website? A2 is the hosting which is easy to switch your website from your old web hosting service to A2hosting completely free with an easy to move process without any issue. There are many other service providers that can charge a huge amount but A2 does give all these facilities free of cost.. This will require some efforts and if you are a little nervous move it to somewhere else. Their experts will take care of every single step even they will help you to free migrations of  your website which is a very nice thing about A2 hosting company.   

A2 hosting comes with a lot of good features that is why it is called one of the Top best web hosting service providers.

If you want the fastest possible website with the lowest cost, this would be the Great Web Hosting Provider For The Beginner. 


  1. Refund the whole money if you cancel your account within 30 days.

2. Free Migration of your website as it would not charge a single amount.

3. Good performance.

4. If you are a beginner then you need a hosting with an affordable price with good features this is the right one for you. 


1. There are not the most reliable they got hacked, and lots of websites went down.

2. They have poor uptime, which means there is a higher percentage of a chance you have an issue with your website.

8. WP engine – Managed Web Hosting

WP engine one of the Best Hosting companies

WP Engine offers a Managed WordPress Hosting service that allows you to set up everything at one place. This web host has a free SSL certification to your website which is convenient and simple to understand. You’ll get automatic backup, plus whenever you require it you can get daily backups. 

No need to worry because they don’t create issues as they get a copy of the site that helps you to try the plugins and templates that you want to use on your official website. 

They had a perfect server response time and excellent load speed as well.

WP engine is one of the High-Quality Premium Web hosting services Uptime is much better. They are saying that their server will never fail 100% uptime. Their high complex systems maintain an easy, flexible, and stable WordPress. They have a variety of different plans available. Suppose you’re building websites for let’s say you have a web design company. In that case, you are building many websites, or maybe your business has multiple websites. They have various packages available here from professional to business with most reliable VPS hosting services.

They are pretty expensive but they promise to offer fantastic wordpress hosting experiences with additional features. The four key pillars of usability, performance, intelligence, and innovation help your company to grow faster. Hence If you talk about the performance, it is the Top-Notch and one of the Best Hosting companies with excellent security.


1. They have the fastest server, and their support system is powerful.

2. They are the most reliable.

3. The best customer service support 24/7 days.


1. They are more expensive than another Web hosting company.

2. They do not provide domain names.

9. Green Greek – Best Hassle-Free Web Hosting

Green greek best web hosting for wordpress

Green Greek has provided Perfect Hosting Services for Small Business since 2008, and it offers service to more than 1million clients who registered about 50,000 websites. It was also awarded AS Best Technical Support Web Hosting provider.

 Green Greek is last year champions as one of those companies that pride themselves on their green energy. They have a pretty good server response time, and their loading speed is excellent.

Over two months, Their average had just 31min of offline,so there is no need to worry about. and their average server response time is about 2000/ ms,which saves time.  The average loading speed is about 2.73, that is not bad at all, again.Their server is so consistent.

Faster Hosting Service Providers for WordPress than site ground, even though it is mostly recommended as an official hosting.Their ave

They performed among the best they were a little rage low speed around 2.7 sec with their server response time is around 2.4 sec.It also stores your website backup copies for 24 hours only, otherwise, you’ll have to provide yourself with data security.

If the process needs 512 megabytes of memory for 100% of the Processor power or has 20 simultaneous server links, then a dedicated VPS server is suggested.


1. They also have good customer support within 24/7 days.

2. With a reasonable price, you get lots of services which are very mean full for you.

3. It is the best budget friendly hosting service which also comes with a 30 days money-back policy.


1. The plan costs are comparatively high, and the expense is among the reasons the business has less customers.

2. Uptime is an important indicator of website availability as its uptime is 83% is the worst among the other Web hosting companies.

10. GoDaddy – Best for small business plans

Godaddy best hosting provider in india

Godaddy is among the world’s largest and best-known providers of web hosting services. Of several hosting firms, Godaddy still has the most comprehensive user base. A very good Response time is consistently low as about 365 milliseconds on average. The less time for reply, the better.

The average website loading speed is 1.2 sec.

When testing web hosting services, the loading time metric is even more important.

They automatically create a professional-looking email account during the installation.

Each small company needs a website that goes smoothly without any issue which is why Godaddy is a fantastic provider of web hosting services.

Top Web Hosting solution  with an easy to manage process is suitable for a small business website or professionals websites.

 It also has friendly tools such as MySQL, cPanel, CloudLinux, Python and other PHP models and its simple drag and drop feature is very helpful for small businesses.

It comes with very affordable hosting plans which  start at $4.33 / per month  with 100 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. Testing for security and DDoS protection are also included.


1. They also provide one-click installation to their customers.

2. They offer professional-looking email accounts

3. Good customer support over a phone call, email, or live chat 24/7 days.


1. It’s expensive, and they overcharge everything.

11. Liquid Web – Fully Managed VPS Hosting

Liquid Web most popular web hosting service plans for beginners

The liquid we have come a long way in the hosting web service. It is a leading Top Web Hosting Company in India since 1997. Liquid Web is a perfect match for the hosting requirement of small as well as big enterprises and professionals.

Liquid Web is recognized for its WordPress and eCommerce hosting plan with outstanding speed and stability of servers.

Maintaining every step of business such as sales, after-sales services, marketing is always being challenging and requires a lot of time and effort. So everyone wants to operate their own hosting services like Liquid web is the top web hosting service which offers valuable benefits.

Its main focus is to manage its excellent WordPress hosting with a solid plan and an excellent customer support team.

 On the other side offers unlimited websites, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth high-performance SSDs.That why this one be the  most popular web hosting service plans for beginners.  


1. Dedicated hosting experts help you 24/7, 365 days.

2. If support and reliability are essential to you, the liquid Web will be a perfect host.

3. Unlimited data storage.

4. Unlimited bandwidth.

5. Free domain name as per your choice.

6. Best for personal and business hosting.


1. They can’t provide shared hosting.

2. Some plans are a little bit costly as compared to its features.

12. IONOS – Best Uptime Web Hosting

IONOS Affordable Web Hosting Services

Another Most Fabulous Web Hosting Company and a website builder based in Europe and it’s become more popular on the US over the last several years

 Web hosting tools built to fulfil the ever-rising demands of owners and entrepreneurs of online businesses.

Its web hosting solution is merely perfect and feature-rich, adequately addressing website owners or bloggers’ requirements. In addition, hosting plans are the most versatile and extremely cost-effective plus Affordable Web Hosting Services that fulfil your needs.

They offer a few different things: hosting, e-commerce websites, Buy a server, and domain. Certainly, this would be the best service provider for web hosting potential business goals.

Choose the right hosting service provider  who wants to host several websites then this one surely is the best for web designers and business owners. Hence the perfect place to purchase the domain.Whether you would like to buy new domains  it could be the ideal place to buy Top Domains Hosting Provider it is strongly suggested that you check out and confirm that before taking up any web hosting plans that they have no extra fees.

These are precisely why which makes 11 feature in this list of the Most Popular Web Hosting Services.


1. They have 24/7 excellent customer support on a phone call, email, or chat.

2. They have automatic backup within six days after registration.

3. Lots of useful templates are available to choose from.


1. It costs for domain registrations.

2. It’s not a standard cPanel, and it’s not all helpful and easy to use either.

3. After completing your first year, the cost of renewal plans is much higher with some hidden charges.

13. Inmotion – Best Affordable Web Hosting

Inmotion Top best web hosting provider for small business

Inmotion is another Top Popular Website Hosting Company.

The hosting plans are versatile and reasonable and meet the needs of a wide variety of websites, including small to medium websites owners.

It has been offering Best Quality WordPress hosting Service since 2001. 

It can compare its efficiency and credibility with the best in the hosting industry, and its advanced hosting technology ensures that network uptime is 99.9%.

The Best cheapest InMotion Hosting Plan costs $6.39 per month compared to Bluehost, which charges only $2.95 per month. So the InMotion seems like it’s priced way too high. They offer many more features than others. You get a domain name, so you don’t have to purchase it individually.

In addition to your domain, an SSL certificate will add a green lock and increase your protection. This must be beneficial for you as you get  two website hosts or get access of an an infinite number of business emails , or you’ll also get unlimited internet bandwidth and storage. This will take care all your needs so that there is no need update to your plan in the future hence you will get much more in single plan  it the most trusted provider of web hosting services in 2020.

They don’t force any overpriced extra BS, they don’t irritate the I user by upselling it’s product every single time like other service providers will do.

Its loaded speed is just 0.7s this is pretty much fast as compared to other Web Providers. Of course, with Good Affordable WordPress hosting plans, your website will be fast. It also follows a standard cPanel, and it is quite simple to use as their navigating system is easy to use.

If you plan to create a serious project that you think will grow and develop rapidly, then InMotion Hosting is the Best web hosting Service Providers In 2020.


1. Inmotion performed exceptionally well in terms of loading speed.

2. Their servers are high-speed and stable.

3. You will get One-Click WordPress Hosting very user friendly.


1. There is no doubt that the proposals for InMotion are more costly than other hosting providers.

14. iPage – Best fastest and affordable Webhost

iPage Top Best Web Hosting Providers

iPage is yet another Best Cheap as well as very Popular Webhosting Provider. It has a great number of customers because they offer excellent service and plans. As per serve it is exclusively used by billions of WordPress professionals throughout the world. In addition, to find the perfect WordPress hosting providers . The iPage helps to design a responsive website that suits for both small and big enterprises. The bonus point is that it offers.

It is very simple to use and potentially the best cloud hosting service one of the Top choices among all.

 In other words, easy to understand set up with the best web hosting. It provides top performance and high-quality support,with a great hosting solution for all your projects, one of the fastest and best web hosting for WordPress, in reality, it has great options for both beginners and professional businesses.


1. The best hosting provider with an affordable budget plus there would be no secret costs.

2. You will get the best feature in all plans where it is basic plans or a premium one.

3. It’s user-friendly features or best themes or plugins that are preinstalled and free domain make them very popular. 


1. It took a couple of extra steps to install WordPress.

2. Some plans are not budget-friendly as compared to other fastest hosting like Bluehost, Namecheap.

3. They make things hard to buy and not convenient interfaces. Overall the panel is too confusing.

15. HostPapa – Best fast and secure web host

Hostpapa best website hosting providers

We are well aware that choosing a best wordpress hosting company is never easy especially when you’re a beginner. 

In its data centres, HostPapa hosts more than 500,000 domains established in 2006 based in Canada  by Jamie Opalchuck.

HostPapa provides excellent rates on web hosting services for beginners and small websites FREE drag-and-drop website builder unlimited bandwidth and storage. Their support is in multi languages like English, French, Spanish and German which add value to many users.

Its shared hosting rates are affordable to everyone no matter whether you are a beginner you can easily create a nice website.

Whether Hostpapa is the Good web hosting for websites is definitely a  great point to be noticed that  offer great hosting at a great price,that offers a great response time and roughly 99.7 percent is fewer than three hours of downtime each year, which offers a good plan with superb reliability for personal blogging websites or company websites. 

It provides some solid features like free site migrations access to the Cloudflare CDN, fast storage with Free web hosting service. 

Their startup package also allows for 100 Gigabytes of disk space for your website and a good space of storage. 

In fact, to include all the hardware services required by a standard website at times of high traffic without additional costs offer services at a reasonable fee.


  1. You get a free domain.

2. The great thing about that is they are available on email chat and phone with 24/7. 

3. They are super friendly and incredible helpful plus there is not hidden fees .

4. It also offers unlimited bandwidth.


1. Sometimes it causes issues with its backup. 

2. When large files the loading speed becomes slow. 

3. The prices for one or two plans are relatively high.

16. HostMonster – Best For E-COMMERCE Websites

hostmonster one of the famous website hosting providers

Web hosting is just based on the themes itself. It just looks like a bland, very dark. They do provide a lot of the same features that Most Web Hosting Companies provide. You can set up multiple email accounts. There are different CMS platforms that you see, like Drupal, Joomla, and others, where you can add those subdomains.

The pricing itself starts at $ 4.95per month, the basic plan they offer you. The host monster has two types of the package: the regular and the pro package in which you allow you to host only one website.

The Plus Plan at $6.95 allows you to do ten slightly pricey websites than other Web Host Service Providers.

HostMonster is a famous and one of the most affordable web hosting India for website builder service with free domain names entirely made for small business customers. The Prime Plan itself, as you can see, that host monster is the only plan that offers unlimited everything if you were to go with the hostmaster, it recommended that you purchased not one year. Still, three years or so, that’s the only way you’ll save with the Web hosting across the world.

It offers better quality and efficiency with award-winning WordPress hosting in 2020. If you buy only one year, the price you renew will bump right up to that $14.99.


1. They provide a free domain, which is always an excellent option.

2. 30 days money-back guarantee.

3. 24/7 customer support.


1. It’s not user-friendly websites.

2. Little bit expensive plan if compared to other host providers.

17. AccuWeb Hosting – Best Affordable hosting

Accueweb are the Top rated web hosting for every business

You will not have to spend a considerable amount on The world’s Best Budget WordPress Hosting Services for those with a limited budget to start as Accu web hosting offers just $2.99 per month. It was established in 2003 as a US-based Web Hosting Service Company. They offer enough bandwidth for every shared hosting account, so there are simple update choices based on your website’s increase in visitors. 

There are plenty of helpful plans and services , delivering users with the most accessible and effective options that is why it is leading WordPress website services. Best website hosting providers with good team support in today’s times suitable  for your ecommerce website or bloggers.

Easy to install all other CMS such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Share points, Drupal.


  1. It offers an excellent money-back guarantee with a refund option, which prevents you within 30 days of availability. It is because you will have. That is why you get enough time to check out your website or hosting web system thoroughly.

2. They provide Linux and Windows hosting services plans.

3. Strong customer support on phones, emails, or live chat.


1. Plans are quite confusing for newbies.

18. Host Winds Web Hosting – Best Affordable Dedicated Hosting

Hostwind one of the best WordPress hosting companies

This VPS hosting service is one of the Most Affordable Hosting Providers in the UK And US that serves US and UK startups and small businesses. Hostinwind Is known for its reliability with a no-downtime guarantee If you create a website online and want to get out to the potential customer who will be purchasing your product, you need that with a most reliable hosting provider. Hostwinds have been around a long time since 2010. They offer shared web hosting, VPS, Cloud, and even dedicated for high volume.

If you are a beginner, you don’t have high traffic volumes, so you don’t need dedicated web hosting, cloud hosting, or VPS hosting because they are slightly more pricey.

 They have the Best web hosting  for beginners with their basic plan itself that’s great about host winds, but you can create one website that is great if you only want to make one website with the price point. It’s only $3.29 per month.

Its advanced solution offers Unlimited storage space and bandwidth automated  backups. 

Prices for a single domain are as small as $4.50 a month and $5.50 for up to four domains. Hosting is one of the fastest web host service providers  and give a Excellent dedicated IP address at $6.50 every month with affordable hosting it also gives you the option like free domain name, cloud storage, free installation and unlimited monthly data transfers.If you have a small budget to get a web hosting, this would surely be a perfect startup option.

If you want to create a couple of websites itself, the advance plan is ideal for that. If you want unlimited everything across the board, then the ultimate plan is the ways to go.

All the technical terms are solved by experts whenever you need them. They fix issues very fast and are very affordable, budget-friendly WordPress Hosting.


1. Customer support is available 24/7 day via phone calls too.

2. It is easy to operate with, excellent overall.

3. 67-day money-back guarantee.

4. Unlimited bandwidth and disk space.


  1. It is a little bit tough for the affiliated website.

19. MochaHost – Best Innovative & Reliable Hosting

Mocha Host is the preferct managed wordpress hosting

MochaHost is among the good website hosting services .

They have many Web hosting Types and aim to provide Cheap and customizable hosting plans to their clients. That way, the client first refers to this Budget-Friendly Hosting Services.

  1. Shared hosting

2. WordPress hosting

3. VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting

4. Dedicated hosting

5. Reseller hosting

They have some cheap domain names themselves. It specializes in providing Professional Web hosting Service plans . Mocha host plans are designed to tailor specific needs from personal use or small businesses to sophisticated e-commerce sites with higher bandwidth and disk space requirements.

It offers both Windows and Linux or UNIX based< robust> shared Best Web Hosting Packages in addition to dedicated servers. The WebHost also provides customized business hosting solutions and services to help business entrepreneurs bring about a paradigm shift in the industry, taking it to the next level.

Why Mochahost? Guarantee 100% uptime180 days risk-free guarantee and high customer satisfaction rate, which is registered at over 98% in a very recent customer satisfaction survey with one of the best providers of web hosting.


  1. Unlimited sites bandwidth space.

2. Cheapest domain registration fee.

3. A very high customer satisfaction rate 24/7 day.


1. They don’t provide auto backup.

2. Quite confusing for newbies for selection for plans.

20. Cloudways – Best Eco-Friendly Webhost

Cloudways is also known the top managed cloud web hosting

HostMonster has millions of clients in 2020 who use the top best hosting service providers. The longer the plan’s length, the cheaper the rate is they offer a free domain name, which is always an excellent option.

Most popular web hosting with a  ton of features excellent for developers and agencies and bloggers, online store, assisted set up a WordPress website excellent performance. It is very simple to set up and potentially the best web hosting company that is both reliable and stable if you have higher traffic websites.

Cloud hosting is sort of like a cluster like several different servers that basically store your website files where so you scale your website better.

For individuals and companies, Cloudways is popular which offers the best of hosting services to its clients, its primary focus is to maximize a WordPress site’s output so that you can customize your website any way you like.

In their cPanel, the nice thing about it is that you have an amazing amount of tools right here in one place.You should customize unlimited email accounts  you want. There are different CMS platforms that you can see, like Drupal, Joomla, and some others you can add those subdomains and some other features.HostMonster is another Websites Hosting Provider Company that provides free domain with WordPress installation one-click.


1. It also provides a superb uptime guarantee 99.9%.

2. 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support.

3. Unlimited hosting space, bandwidth, and domain.

4. Standard back end availability will guarantee 99.9% uptime.

5. Attractive offer for first-time customers.


1. Expensive pricing and planning structure.

2. We have limited bandwidth and storage. Protection Status
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