On-Page SEO – A Complete Guide (2021) | DG Royals

On-Page SEO – A Complete Guide (2021) | DG Royals

The major organic traffic on Google is attracted with the help of On-Page SEO. Therefore it contributes to approximately 60% of internet users.  On-Page SEO has a significant function in optimizing web pages to get a good ranking and get organic traffic. This particular post will help you to understand more about On-Page SEO and different principles to achieve success with its help. The most important factor of On-page SEO is Keywords. To know how factors of On-page SEO must learn the Digital Marketing course.

On-page SEO is one of the organic methods of optimizing individual web pages or websites to improve their ranking on various search engines, especially Google. A higher ranking will help you to attract more relevant traffic to search engines. On-page SEO comprises both the content and HTML tags of a page optimized to get traffic. 

On-page SEO is different as compared to off-page SEO in learning the best digital marketing course.

Off-page SEO is completely based on making networks and creating quality backlinks. To optimize a web page with the help of on-page SEO that would include optimization of title tags, internal links, content, and URL. Let’s begin our article with the role and importance of Keywords in optimizing our web pages with the help of On-page SEO.

And if you learn how on-page and off-page works, you must join our DG Royals Institutes Best Digital Marketing Course.

Role and Importance of Keywords in On-Page SEO

The set of instructions for keywords utilized and required earlier is almost the equivalent in the current on-page SEO situation. Google also needs a website with the best keywords. Not only that, but Google also takes the backup of all the data and keywords. You’ll see the primary keyword in the heading tag with exact language nearly all the time in almost every search you do.

However, order to get your content ranked on search engines is not only about keywords anymore. Optimizing the search purpose, customer experience, CTR, mobile-friendly, loading speed of the page, bounce rate, and dwell time are also the factors if you are looking to get your web page ranked on Google with the help of a digital marketing course.

What is the Importance of “Keywords” in On-Page SEO?

Keywords are really important if you want organic traffic on your websites and rank your web page. It plays an important role because the internet user searches as per their requirements and we have to mention all the keywords they can search for, and if we have all the possible keywords on our web page, it will increase our chances of getting a good rank.

How to Optimize the keyword for SEO in Digital Marketing?

Optimizing a keyword is very important to attain the desired ranking, and for that, there are many ways and techniques. Let’s discuss a few of the techniques in the article below.

Firstly, the content writer needs to keep in mind he/she must use the keywords in the blog as per the keyword density, and in simple language, it means that the writer should use a keyword at least once in 100 words. Additionally, put your primary keyword within the first 100 words and, more specifically, in the first paragraph itself. Because of this, Google will be aware of the content and what the article is all about to get your article ranked; it is very important to use HTML tags in Heading 1. It is one of the most important ways with the help of which you can optimize your heading and google aware of the structure of the page.

If you use specific blog forums like WordPress, you do not have to insert the HTML tags manually; WordPress does that automatically. If it’s not WordPress, you have to do it manually with the help of HTML code and tags, and these tags are very important to get your website ranked. The subheadings like H2, H3, H4 tags. Additionally, add a keyword in one of these subheadings. 

How to generate SEO-friendly URLs?

A simple and shorter URL is considered user-friendly. It should also contain a Keyword and certainly is one of the most maxima used techniques of on-page SEO used by most professional bloggers and content writers. Nevertheless, the URL should also contain some other words apart from just the keyword in it. And to know more about SEO-Friendly URLs, you must learn the digital marketing course at the best digital marketing institute.

How to Optimize the Title and Description Tags?

The title plays a vital role in getting the web page ranking on search engines, and the page can be visible on the first page because of its title only. Optimizing the title and description tags is one of the most effective on-page SEO techniques, and this technique has proved that it can be the best to get the page rank on Google. The title gives a little idea to its readers about the topic of the article, and the description has everything about the topic in it. If any internet users want to know something about the topic and description, their optimization will help users search it easily, and the web page will get a good ranking.

How to Write SEO Content?

Above, we have discussed the factors responsible for the On-page SEO now. Let us talk about writing SEO Friendly articles and getting your web page ranked on any search engines. Try to be generous with keywords, but add other features too. Firstly create bizarre content. Make sure that your article is similar to some other article. There are few tools available to check the plagiarism of your content, and rank on Google originality is one of the important factors, so make sure the article you write is 100% original and fresh! A creative idea is something everyone is looking for, and it can be anything that may be a piece of advice, a different strategy, new research points, etc. On-page SEO content requires unusual content. The content should be rich in knowledge, strong, and relevant. If you are looking to have the edge over others and be an outstanding writer, you need to pull up your socks and work hard. You have to write excellent and distinct articles that will make you an expert in on-page SEO and will be able to get your web page rank on Google with the help of digital marketing also.

Tips to Become an Expert in On-Page SEO

These days everyone wants to become a digital marketer and wants to be a blogger but to become a successful one, you need to invest a lot of time, energy, and creativity. We have a few tips for you to practice these skills while blogging and writing articles, and these tips will help you get your web page ranked on Google and other search engines after learning the digital marketing course SEO. Let’s have a look below.

1) Originality – It is very important and necessary for a blogger to use original images while writing a blog because using stock images is not a good idea and not something we recommend. We suggest you take your photographs and post that along with your blog. Writers who begin with unique images rather than stock images for their web pages likely to have a better ranking in comparison. 

2) Build Internal Links – The second tip but the most important one, a writer should try and make internal links and support this internal linking concept. Many bloggers link small pages with high-rank pages to give a boost to their web page. 

3) LSI keyword – Thirdly, the best method to rank your blogs with the help of On-page SEO is using LSI Keywords while writing. With the help of these keywords, Google will evaluate the relevancy of the page. Particularly to shorter articles, you require to put great effort and use LSI keywords. 

4)  Loading Speed of the Page- The page’s loading speed provides a reward to the SEO ranking and gives your page a better SEO ranking. This trivia is shared by Google that supports the loading speed as one of the SEO ranking factors. Now the Page Speed has converted as one of the most crucial and relevant on-page SEO factors that define the success of a page. To achieve a better loading speed, shift to a more reliable and faster-hosting provider, and that will give you a better speed. However, for some great results, eliminating third-party scripts is important. The higher they are not present better would be the loading speed of your web page. Third-party scripts decrease the entire volume of the page and also negatively affect the page loading time.

Summing Up!

The above-mentioned on-page SEO techniques and the tips we have discussed above will assist you in improving the ranking of your web page, which you might have dreamed about. As we conclude, we hope you would have clearly understood the role and importance of on-page SEO to rank the web page and website and how on-page SEO can help in optimizing the web pages with its various techniques and factors. If you want to acquire more knowledge about SEO in detail and become a certified SEO expert or a digital marketer, get yourself enrolled in the most modernized SEO course available in the market.

If you want to learn the On-Page and Off-Page SEO, you must join DG Royals Digital marketing Institute to learn the best digital marketing course.

Career Perspectives of the Best Graphic Designing Course in India

Career Perspectives of the Best Graphic Designing Course in India

Everyone has a unique and distinct way of achieving career goals and success. After thinking, you start considering following a career in graphic design. But if anyone wants an excellent idea about the probable employment prospects after graduation before you spend time and money, then build your career as a professional Graphic Designer. DG Royals is there to provide you with India’s best graphic designing course training. The main learning objectives of DG Royals Institute of Graphic Designing courses is students learn and become an expert in the below modules and these modules are:

  • Motion Graphics
  • Animation
  • Design Theory
  • Project management
  • Portfolio development

DG Royals is the best Graphic Designing Institute in India and provides the best Graphic Design Courses such as

  • Business of Digital Media
  • Advanced Typography
  • Interactive Publishing
  • Advanced 3D Modeling
  • Digital Effects

We provide these above specializations and our Advanced and Master of Graphic Designing Course. These specialized courses equip our students with more skills and make them an outstanding candidate for any organization to hire them. The aspirants who want to learn these professional courses and useful project management and business knowledge should be equipped with technical design skills. These are the basic eligibility criteria, which also make the candidate different from other candidates.

The Top Career Options after Completing a Graphic Designing Course

Let’s get started with the topmost Graphic designing job roles, which can help you achieve your career goals and become successful in the field of Graphic Designer.

1. Role of a Graphic designer

A full-fledged Role of any Graphic designer is to create and develop product illustrations, layouts, logos, and websites with the help of Graphics, and not only that. We can create many designs with the help of graphics. Different industries may have distinct duties and responsibilities of Graphic Designers and might have a different designation. For Instance, if you are a graphic designer in a web development firm, you would have to create website designs, and if you are working in a publishing house, you would have to create designs for magazines, books, or newspapers. Therefore the role of a Graphic designer relies on the industry he/she is working for. So choose your industry wisely according to your interest.

2. Role of a Creative director

A Role of Creative directors is to decide ideas and give his/her team a vision and help them bring up a creative idea. Their complete responsibility is to assist their team and guide them to create something innovative and different. All industries require a creative director. The responsibilities they have to take care of are the management, delegation of authority, leadership, creative vision, budget, and managing time. If a creative director is working in an ad agency, then the array of his work would have the conception of a copywriter partner, the compilation, presenting ideas, and leading the team of art designers and various managers.

3. Role of a UX designer

The UX designers dedicate themselves to making users of products, technology, and procedures smooth, exciting, and user friendly. You believe in the product and how users will use it. They make sure the product and service continue to flow step by step. UX designers can conduct user tests and enhance the bumping and confusion process. There is a great deal of external thought, imaginative instinct, and a natural recognition for the smooth design. This design discipline is often used in web design to make it more and more attractive, effective, and easy to use in their website designs.

4. Role of a UI designer

UI or User Interface design is sometimes interpreted as a small segment of UX design, with almost similar overall goals and objectives. User interface designers concentrate and focus on product design. The UI designers design the screen or page of each user to allow the user to communicate with the UX designer pathways. One can easily evaluate which tools to assist users in navigating a page the most or which content is inserted into a dashboard. The focus is also on the coordination of styles and ensures product consistency.

5. Role of a Production Artist

Artists are in charge of the practical aspects of creation, whether it’s in graphics, film, art, or other media. During the final stages of development, they upload and check design files for accuracy. Improvements and finishing touches, such as scaling, trimming, and repositioning, can be suggested by production artists. He advises you to get experience in a variety of employment in such roles. A portion of the process may be pleasurable for you.

6. Role of a Product Developer

As a Product Developer, you can manage the product’s creation, lead, the Ideate and many more things. The product manager role is wide. They can create illustrations for the product’s packaging, showing the best product packaging in the company. After learning the best graphic design course, you can work as a Product developer.

7. Role of an Art director

In newspapers, magazines, product packaging, and film and television projects, art directors are in charge of the visual style and content. They create and develop each work for other artists. They work with their employers or customers to create artwork that meets the desired goals, budget, and impact.

8. Role of a Marketing specialist

Marketing experts collect, analyze, market, measure marketing effectiveness, and develop strategies to promote their business and goods or services. Many of these graphic design Courses are subject to the larger marketing framework, as you probably have noticed.

9. Role of a Multimedia Artist or Animator

Multimedia artists and animators use computer animation in composite animation or modeling graphics. They assess the story’s development, visual impact, and platforms to produce media content that meets their employer’s targets. More companies and organizations with animation and motion graphics talents are trying to expand their video presence online.

10. Role of a Freelancer

While this is not a one-off design, a freelancer can largely complete it. Designers with a certain experience in design, marketing, and graphics can create a career for freelancing jobs with a fantastic work folio or knowledge. On the other hand, free retirement is a great way to add to your revenue and advance your career.

If you want to make your career as a professional graphic designer, you must use just DG Royals Institute for Graphic Designing Course in India.

Importance of UX Design for Websites in 2021

Importance of UX Design for Websites in 2021

Customer preference is usually the major sign of increasing pressure on enterprises for the need for improvement. In today’s world, there is an increasing need for businesses to go digital. For that reason, enterprises want a clean, easy, and speedy consumer experience. That demands a stunning website, a delightful consumer interface, and the perfect layout to attract customers’ attention. That’s where UX designing steps in. And this blog will tell you everything about the importance of UX design for websites in 2021.

What is UX Design?

Before discussing the importance of UX design for websites, let us first see what exactly is UX design. User experience refers to the general experience that a user gets while surfing a website or an application. It can also be defined as a process used by design teams to make websites and apps relevant and meaningful to users.

Usability and User Experience

In today’s competitive environment, the significance of consumer experience has been recognized by top companies. Therefore, almost every top companies and even small ones try to make their website or apps user-friendly. Therefore, it is important for designers to improve usability and user experience for clients’ websites or mobile applications.

To improve the usability and user experience in a convenient manner there are many UX design tools. These tools facilitate designers to make websites easy to use for the ultimate user.

If you wish to make a career or enhance your skills in UX designing, you can learn everything about UX design here.

Importance of UX design for websites

Have you ever wondered why UX is important for any business website?

We have jotted down some advantages of UX layout in a website that will help you understand UX design in a better way.

1. UX Design will enhance the conversions

The first and foremost importance of UX design for a website or app is increasing conversion. There are a lot of websites providing the same products or services. But, the client chose only the best. The one with an easy and appealing consumer experience. According to recent studies, a well-designed and consumer-friendly website or app can boost conversion by 400%. It has been proved that optimized usability and accessibility of a website or app can greatly impact consumer choices.

A significant consumer experience can boost the traffic’s willingness to purchase. Further, it can decrease their reluctance to shop for any merchandise or services from your site.

Therefore, hiring an expert UX design agency or professional is essential for your commercial enterprise and customer satisfaction.

2. Importance of User Experience in Increase in Website’s Ranking

The second importance of UX design for websites in 2021. Every enterprise prefers to be at the zenith on Google’s SERP. A well-designed consumer experience permits you to escalate the web presence of your website or app.

With an optimized UX and search engine marketing, you can boost traffic to your website. Moreover, you can get benefit from that extra traffic that is curious about your products or services. A powerful UX layout helps in search engine marketing and will increase your ratings on Google.

You can enhance your ranking with an excellent consumer experience. Moreover, the significance of visible layout in consumer experience ought to be considered. As one must maintain the flow of traffic on the website to analyze one’s performance.

3. UX Design improves your website’s credibility

The third and one of the most important things in UX design for websites is its credibility. Most customers look for a product’s reliability before trusting an organization and making a purchase. Enhancing consumer engagement or growing credibility isn’t always easy for companies. Specifically for those new within the market. Gaining credibility has a great effect on producing extra leads and sales. So, hiring a skilled UX design company or professional will allow you to achieve your final goals. And those final goals can be achieved with consumer loyalty and retention.

You must make regular efforts, must do necessary changes in your UX design to get higher customer satisfaction and sales.

4. Economical and saves time

The fourth importance of UX in website designing is money and time-friendly. In today’s world, due to the increase in competition, everyone wants to save money and time. For this, it is important to undertake and create a powerful UX design for your website. It lessens the expenses and saves some time simultaneously. In particular, the preliminary level of product improvement should be built with the proper UX layout. That is because restructuring the product and website after the launch will cost extra money.

If you launch your product with a powerful user experience design. In this way, you may save a substantial quantity of time and money. It includes comparing a product via studies and experimenting.

The trying-out method in user experience calls for an expert, so a partnership with a skilled UX layout company or professional could be good for similar enhancement.

5.Improves sales and revenue

Another importance of UX design for websites is that it improves the sales and revenue of the business. Investing in user experience design will increase the quantity of traffic for your website or mobile application. It will also facilitate an increase in the conversion rate. Therefore, it is a superb concept to accompany an expert UX design firm.

According to recent studies, there’s a super boom within the sales of the corporations that get into partnership with a skilled UX layout agency. 

A well-organized UX design also encourages clients to shop for your product by lowering their reluctance to depart the rival companies.


Considering the importance of UX design in today’s world, we concluded that it is a good career option for many like you. It has substantial growth. The UX design industry is booming nowadays. Job opportunities are also improving with the increasing demand for UX designers.

Join the best UI/UX design course in Delhi and build a career in this booming niche.

To know more about the UI/UX design click “The Difference Between UI/UX Design-Ultimate Guide“.

The Difference Between UI and UX Design – Ultimate Guide

The Difference Between UI and UX Design – Ultimate Guide

You must have heard about UI/UX design in the making of websites or mobile apps. But, do you know the difference between UI and UX? Or have you ever wanted to know about it? 

If yes, then you are at the right place. 

This article is the ultimate beginners’ guide. You will get to know the basic difference between UI and UX design. You will also get to know the need for UI and UX while making any website or mobile application.

What are UI and UX design?

The full form of UI is User Interface, and that of UX is User Experience. Both UI and UX are important for designing products like a website or mobile application.

To design these products, the designers need to work elaborately on UX and UI. So let’s see in detail and know more about the major distinction between UI and UX design. 

Need for UX Design

Before jumping into the difference between UI and UX, let us first understand them separately.

User experience design (popularly known as UX design) is a multidimensional theory that includes many methods, including human and computer communication, usage, visual layout, data structure, and communication design.

UX design is needed to improve the loyalty and satisfaction of the customer and allow them to interact with the product easily. Therefore, it is advisable to enhance the user experience of your website. Moreover, UX designing also provides detailed information to the customers about your website. 

It is an advanced approach that analyzes all the characters of a website, keeping the consumer view in mind. The best UX designing must include the purpose, excellence, convenience, and usability of a website.

It is for people who want to learn and grow more in their careers. It requires a team of product managers, user researchers, information architects, content strategists, and interaction designers. All these hard-working professionals work together towards building an extraordinary user experience. You can get user experience knowledge by doing a UI/UX design course.

Understanding UI Design

A website or a mobile app should be easy to use but it should also look good in order to attract customers. This is where UI designing steps in.

User Interface (or UI) design is involved with the visual components of a website and mobile application. It includes the layout of written content, pictures, buttons, symbols, and various other visual experiences a consumer will observe and communicate with.

The essential role of UI design is gaining the user’s attention and eventually persuading him/her to interact with a website or mobile app openly and easily. Therefore, UI designers always utilize customer-centric designs to achieve greater traffic or sales. For this reason, it is important that the website or the mobile application must give an awesome look and feel to the customers in order to attract them.

Apart from UI/UX Design, you can also choose from different design and marketing courses to enhance your professional skills.

UI vs. UX Design | Difference between UI and UX

In simple words, UI/UX design is all about making the consumer and product interaction easier and flawless as much as possible.

To attain more knowledge on UI and UX design, let us understand the difference between UI and UX design since we know what both are used for.

Let’s get started with few major differences between UI and UX design and how they play a vital role in website and application development.

The major difference between UI and UX Design are as follows:

1. Distinctive focus

One of the most remarkable differences among UI and UX designers is that both the UI and UX designers use different prototyping. Most User Interface designers consider a prototype that holds compound patterns. Whereas UX designers have distinctive opinions and focus more on concept and logic.

In simple words, a UI designer’s role is to work on the front end and pay complete attention to the designing part. Whereas UX designers focus totally on the backend and pay attention to the consumer experience.

2. The Use of Colors

The second difference between UI and UX design. UI designers create a prototype design with the brand’s color theme, font, size, and much more. Whereas, UX designers usually use only three colors while designing the prototype, and these colors are black, white, and gray.

These differences between UI and UX design can be observed generally while using icons. UI designers focus more on designing a realistic picture. They work on minute details to get a picture of what they are planning to offer. However, the UX designers do not make realistic designs but write notes with a demo picture.

3. Tools they work on

Last but not least difference between UI and UX design. The roles of UI and UX designers vary a lot. So, the difference in roles clearly states the difference in tools used. UI Designers focus more on designing colorful images and making realistic designs. Therefore the tools for UI design are Flinto and Principle. These tools are used for making sketches and have several advantages. InVision is additionally a possibility, and the team unity operation presents it as an ambitious alternative.

UX designers on the other hand use a tool called a wireframe. It conserves time and creates effective designs. There are loads of adequate prototyping tools such as Mockplus, Balsamiq. They include styling options, and the last tool is Axure with complex functionalities. Mockplus has an added advantage, it has many ways to test and preview the ongoing projects. It is extraordinarily helpful during the testing of the projects.

This was the third major difference between UI and UX design.

You can learn each and every concept of UI and UX by doing a UI/UX design course.


UI and UX design are both equally important in the making of a website or a mobile application. But they are like totally different worlds. 

Which one do you like the most? Which do you think will make you interesting in designing?

You can also choose from many designing and marketing courses here.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us by filling the form. We will be glad to hear from you.

Grow Your Business By Digital Marketing

Grow Your Business By Digital Marketing

Digital marketing signifies the most often utilized term in today’s business. Everyone is talking regarding online marketing, and experts believe that it’s a process to expand an online business. However, what precisely is it? Online marketing is a process of promoting and selling products or services by numerous digital marketing strategies. It is a tremendous range that can be exceptional if you signify new to the field of digital marketing course.

Before you choose to spend your time and resources on strategizing, this is necessary to know the elements of online marketing, including how you can grow your business utilizing those elements. By using these strategies, you can gain significant growth in the industry. Let’s begin!

Here Are Top 10 Steps To Expand Your Business Through The Digital Marketing

1. Website Design

The first and foremost step is to possess a responsive website for your business to grow your business. In this competing business world, this has been necessary for business owners to have their website. If you do not sell your services or products online, the customers presume to possess an online presence. Each website signifies the face of any specific organization. The expansion of a particular business should be recognized as an essential component for your business’s growth.

To accomplish the most beneficial outcomes, it is essential to design a complete responsive website as the responsive themed website seems excellent on all the desktop, tablets, and smartphones. Presently, there exist several responsive WordPress themes that are accessible on the internet. Through utilizing specific pieces, you will be able to create a useful website. If you do not possess the skills to design a website by yourself, then it is worth hiring a website designing company.

2. Content Marketing

After creating a responsive website, the next most beneficial digital marketing advice signifies to generate engagement and valuable content. As it will assist you in attracting a wider audience over your web page, website, social media platforms, as well as any additional platform on which you are advertising your business. When it proceeds to content marketing, then many techniques help you expand your business or brand.

There Are Some Of The Most Recommended Content Marketing Strategies:

  • Blogs:

While it reaches to formulating a list of the marketing strategy for the start-ups, blogging is the foremost thing that arrives in each marketer’s mind. Also, why not? Because it benefits the businesses in making organic traffic as well as improving the SEO.

As per Forbes, the websites that possess one separate webpage for the ‘Blog’ have 434% extra indexed pages than the websites that do not. Therefore, for the business’s growth, begin accomplishing specific blog webpage design; furthermore, the list of the topics to be included in your blogs. Make sure to create content unique and valuable on particular issues associated with your business entirely.

  • Infographics:

The Infographics signify a unique method to teach the audience through the appropriate information and the most advanced statics. When both the infographic design and the content are excellent, it will assist you in acquiring quality backlinks for the website. You can furthermore share them on the blogs as well as on any social media stage.

  • Newsletters:

Businesses utilize newsletters for informing the audience regarding the latest news, updates as well as tips. When formulating newsletters, you must be precise with your purpose, concentrate on quality, not on quantity, furthermore most significantly, keep it appealing. Choose an expert designer moreover receive a productive newsletter design concerning your business industry.

  • Case Studies:

This is a different kind of content marketing that is utilized by organizations to highlight their achievement stories. Also, it accommodates the dissimilar possible customers in understanding how your services or products can assist you in resolving their queries. You can also share the case studies on social media platforms, emails, and your website for your business growth.

  • Ebooks:

The E-books signify electronic books that present a chance for businesses to share valuable information with potential customers. Unlike Infographics, the foremost objective of the ebooks is not to sell the product or services but willingly connect with their target viewers.

  • Testimonials:

In this competing world, it is hard to accomplish the trust of potential customers. The testimonials assist businesses in presenting proof of the superior quality of their services or products. Combine them as a component of any specific design of the website. Also, you can distribute them on all the social media platforms and gain authenticity for your business’s growth.

3. Social Media Marketing

In this competitive world of businesses, companies are executing all possible factors to grasp the attention of potential customers. The social media platforms are the most powerful marketing channel that is signifying utilized by the companies to interact right with the possible audience. It has transformed the way businesses used to talk with their customers.

Gone are days while businesses managed to target further to convince the consumers by press-releases and hard-hitting campaigns. Staying in the time of online marketing, customer’s requirements straight and trustworthy relationship with specific businesses. By understanding social media’s value, companies have begun building their social media accounts in its beginning step.

All social media channels signify differently from each other and also have different page designs. Some highlight an expert social media page plan like LinkedIn, while another has a pleasant and friendly design like MySpace. Platforms such as Facebook stumble around within personalization as well as professionalism. Whatever channel you take, make sure that you share content that should be creative and engaging.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Considering business growth and generating leads signifies the highest goals for every businessperson; several start-ups believe that they can accomplish this purpose by hiring sellers and conducting phone calls. These may improve your business. However, these are an antiquated method of growing a business. Now, SEO has reached the concentration of marketers. SEO remains one of the most reliable digital marketing course tactics, which is utilized to increase your website’s visibility on the top page of the search engines. By optimizing the website’s specific content, you can quickly drive more possible customers to your website.

For improving the ranking of your website, do keyword research upon your services or products by utilizing the keyword research tools. And after doing conventional analysis on the short tail, long-tail keywords, including phrases, combine them into your content. Although, you require to be sure that you are not doing keyword stuffing. Unless it affects the search engine ranking of your website, furthermore Google may further penalize your website. After performing SEO, you may receive to view the outcomes after a long time. Therefore have patience. Moreover, try to learn different digital marketing tools to assist you in expanding your business—the right SEO strategy used to pay off in the long run.

Take A Look at Some Points To Get Top Position In SERPs And Make Your Site More Visible:

  • Create always quality content.
  • Optimize the images.
  • Write a good meta description.
  • Share content by guest posting.
  • Perceive Google business listings.
  • Improve the specific speed of the website.

5. Email Marketing

It is also the most efficient method to promote businesses. Considering the specific time of its growth, email marketing has come a significant way, giving the most reliable digital marketing resolutions for the business’s development. Now, due to the promotions in the technology and the availability of the internet, you can easily reach their emails. You are conveying an engaging email to the potential customer can benefit you to get new consumers on your website and maintain all the old consumers. Even if you are in the B2B business, then utilizing this online marketing tactic remains essential because the emails are the core of the company’s specific marketing.

As per the reports, 93% of the B2B marketers share their content by email, and 83% of the B2B companies utilize the newsletters as a component of the content marketing plan for their business. Therefore if still, you have not begun considering adopting email marketing concerning your business’s growth, then start thinking instantly. To build your business or brand with assistance from email marketing.

Take A Glimpse At Some Of The Most Effective Email Marketing Tactics:

  • Send emails at an appropriate time.
  • Send a welcome email for making a healthy relationship.
  • Look at the deliverability as well as avoid the specific spam folder
  • Prepare the accurate frequency for a healthy and performing list.
  • Do not utilize the [email protected] address.
  • Utilize an exceptional sender name.
  • Design engaging body content.
  • Write attractive subject lines.
  • Email Automation.
  • Create it mobile-friendly.
  • Add the alt text to all the images & buttons.
  • Social media alliance.
  • Utilize an email signature concerning authenticity.
  • Measure email performance.
  • Endeavour an unsubscribe alternative.

6. Google Ads

For sure, you have already listened to Google Ads as it is a comprehensive digital marketing platform that supports businesses to target all consumers looking for your services and products and are willing to buy them. This tool has grown as the favourite amongst firms nowadays.

Including a conventional strategy and inadequate investment at the appropriate time, online marketers can genuinely bring more extra potential customers, gain more sales, and ultimately get the business to grow. With the guidance of Google Ads, you can build a vast network of ads like:

  • Search Ads:

Those ads that appear on top of specific SERPs while someone searches something.

  • Display Ads:

The ads are shown on apps or websites. Certain ads are a blend of videos, text, images.

  • Video Ads:

The ads that generally present at the starting or the end of the videos.

7. Shopping Ads:

Certain ads are those ads that present as a recommendation when you purchase or view related products.

8. Affiliate Marketing

As the completion, including the accomplishment of the businesses both online and offline, depends upon the specific number of customers purchasing products or such a company’s services. Therefore essentially, the hurdle is to enhance the consumer base. Moreover, to accomplish that hurdle, building quality services or products is not sufficient.

You are required to discover unique methods to help them. Affiliate marketing remains one of the exceptional techniques of retailing services or products with the guidance of affiliates (someone who used to work on any company).

Now, everybody is searching for methods to make accessible online money. Even people dream of making money when they signify sleeping. Affiliate marketing presents possibilities to such people to make money easily anytime and anywhere. Affiliates view the outputs they are involved in, promote them, and earn the commission from it.

Certain brands (on account of which specific affiliate operates) establishes the commission composition and gives affiliates either on specific sale of individual products or quantity of the products. To earn more extra commission, companions seek their level most suitable to sell more extra outputs. By this process of affiliate marketing, both of the parties remain in the win-win spot. Therefore begin distributing your information on the commission-based programs and perceive your business completion in just a few periods.

9. Video Marketing

Distributing content by videos is an excellent method to involve the customers. With the progression in technology, this is growing more extra affordable as well as comprehensive.

To understand where video marketing’s eternity continues supervising, you require to have a glimpse at the most advanced statics.

  • 55% of the people used to watch videos daily.
  • 92% of the mobile video users used to share videos, among others.
  • 90% of the customers discover videos useful in making their purchasing choice.
  • Videos shared on the emails lead to an increase in CTR by 200% to 300%.

Promoting the business by videos necessitates creativity as well as a perception of human psychology. Each great video may go viral in a few hours moreover accordingly. Therefore, it is necessary to consider video marketing virtually a component of your marketing strategy. To assemble the content concerning video marketing, also you can endure tutorials, webinars, live events, and many more. If you desire to make creative designs for marketing your products or services? Then you need to take expert graphic design services.

10. Influencer Marketing

This is the kind of marketing in which you can convey your message to specific potential customers in an organic process. This is another excellent method to make more extra customers for the growth of your business. Influencers signify those people who possess a substantial social following. Preferably than marketing right to your potential customers, you have to pay the influencers moreover get out the message for your business. Each business has a different influencer according to their industry. Therefore, to expand your business or brand, if you want to proceed with this strategy for online marketing, get the appropriate influencer regarding your business or brand.

This is not necessary that an influencer possesses to be a celebrity. Also, you can prefer general people as influencers for marketing your product or services. For instance, Dove, a specific brand, rather than choosing stars for promoting their brand, used to promote their brand by ‘regular women’ to expand the message. When you understand every step, you will be required to recognize their interconnected nature and how they combine in your overall online marketing tactics.

11. Marketing Automation

It is one of the great alternatives to accomplish tasks with more limited effort. It presents a chance for businesses to keep their relationship with current, known, and inactive customers. When it arrives at marketing automation, this is more extra than sending the bulk SMS and the email newsletters.

While integrated, marketing automation, including intellectual user behavior-driven programs, supports businesses in appealing to potential customers by meaningful content. Specific content then turns possible consumers into loyal customers. When preferring marketing automation concerning your business’s growth, always make sure to keep the flexibility in certain content on all the stages. It will help potential consumers evade any brand confusion; it will also surely help you grow your online business and Learn the best digital marketing course.

The Best Popular Free WordPress Website Themes

The Best Popular Free WordPress Website Themes

If you are checking out for the WordPress Website Themes 2020 you are right here. In this article, we give some Best WordPress Website Themes of 2020 that are updated. These Free WordPress themes will help you make your website attractive. With the assistance of these themes, You can make your WordPress website stylish with the help of these best free WordPress website themes for blogs. 


There are so many free and paid creative and attracting WordPress website themes in wordpress.org, you can choose any one of them. Here in this article, you can also check the Topmost WordPress website themes 2020 and 2021 (updated). 

All the WordPress themes are different from each other so that you can choose any one of them that suits your blog and website or their requirement.

You can also make the changes in these WordPress website themes according to your requirements, you may add plugins, any code, make changes that you want. As these WordPress website themes are user friendly, with different layouts, appearance, and designs that help the user choose the best WordPress theme for the website. 

Most of the WordPress themes consist of Images and JavaScript.

Best WordPress website themes include these three parts are:-

  • Style.css file
  • The WordPress template file
  • Optional function .php

These WordPress themes for the website can be changed, managed in the WordPress admin area under Appearance>> Themes.

Here are some useful benefits of the top responsive WordPress website themes, that are as follow:-

  • User Friendly
  • Completely ready for your website
  • Multi-purpose used 
  • Mobile Friendly 
  • Affordable
  • Customizable
  • Content management is easy
  • Future of web design
  • Flexible

List of Best and Topmost Free WordPress Website Themes:-


1. Divi:- 

Divi is the best WordPress website theme which is the most popular multipurpose theme that is created by the elephant themes. With the help of the Divi Best free WordPress website theme, you will create a website that you want to build. It gives an advanced design interface that supports both beginners and experts alike.


  • This Divi WordPress theme is a drag and drop building theme. 
  • This WordPress theme gives you add, delete, and movements of the elements on your website according to your preference.
  • This Divi WordPress gives you True Visual Editing. With the help of this, you can create and design your page, blog, website in real-time, and check the result immediately.
  • Divi the best WordPress theme gives you a Custom CSS Control. With the help of Custom CSS Control, you can easily make changes and can easily combine the Divi’s Visual Design with their Custom CSS because Divi’s interface is simple.
  • Divi’s most popular WordPress website theme is Responsive Editing that means accessible and you have full control over websites that look on mobile devices.
  • It gives you so many design options for your websites, blogs, and lots of unique page elements that you will love and enjoy.
  • It also gives you the Inline Text Editing Option which means you just click and start typing and edit your page easily according to your preferences. 
  • In this best WordPress theme, you should Save and Manage your Unlimited Custom Designs, so that you can re-use them when you start the new pages. 
  • You can also create a Future Design System and Streamline your Workflow.
  • In this Divi’s WordPress Website theme you will Manage your website Design Elements, Styles, and Website Wide Design Settings because it’s not a page builder, it’s a website-design system.
  • In this WordPress theme, you can easily undo, redo, and travel through your entire editing history because if any mistake you should do it will be backed by these options.
  • This WordPress website theme works on modern software applications.
  • It also gives you multiple demo options, so that you will first check how it looks on your website.
  • Divi the WordPress website theme also includes marketing form and tools.

It gives the tagline:- “Divi is for Everyone”  that means for:-

  • Freelancer:- As a freelancer, you will create a website for your clients which is so easier, faster, and enjoyable that your client will love this. This best WordPress theme gives you a single platform for creating and managing lots of themes and designs for your pages, websites, and blogs.
  • Agencies:- Agencies will also make their WordPress website with the help of Divi’s WordPress theme which is so faster and more efficient. As an agency, you will create unlimited websites with the help of unlimited themes and designs on a single membership. It will also help to improve your team collaboration and also streamline your workflow and design process. 
  • Website Owners:- With the help of the Divi WordPress website theme, you can create your visions to life as it gives you freedom. You can jump into visual editors and pre-made designs to build your website.

Divi the best popular WordPress theme gives you 40+ website elements like Calls to Action, Sliders, Blogs, Galleries, Forms, etc.

Divi WordPress theme should be globally accepted as it is translated into 32  languages.

Divi WordPress theme gives you 100+ Full Website Packs.

Divi WordPress theme also gives you 800+ Pre-made Designs.

It also adds royalty-free photos, icons, etc. in Brand new layouts Weekly.

It also includes:- 

Customization:- Complete Design Control On Everything

  • Hover State Styling
  • Responsive Editing
  • Text and Font Styling
  • Shape Dividers
  • Border Options 
  • Transform Controls & Effects
  • Advanced Code Editing 
  • Filters & Effects 
  • Drop Shadows 
  • Text Shadows
  • Background Images
  • Background Colors
  • Background Gradients 
  • Background Videos
  • Animations

Efficiency:- Design the website more Effectively

  • Multi-Select and Modify Bulk
  • Models Find and Substitute
  • Boss Magical Hue 
  • Copy and Paste Style 
  • Extensible Type
  • Divi Quick Actions
  • Drag & Drop Uploading
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Quick Access To Element Styling
  • Searchable Settings
  • Filterable Settings & Search


  • Email Opt-In Provider Support
  • Contact Form Building Full-Width
  • Pricing Table
  • Social Following
  • Built-In Split Testing

WooBuilder:- It helps in Building and Selling Stunning Products

  • Create product templates using the WooCommerce modules from Divi
  • Sell your Products

Intuition:- The Smartest Builder 

  •  Builder Setting and Controls
  • Quick Page Creation 
  • A Fluid & Intuitive Interface
  • History, Auto Saves & Browser Backups
  • Save, Import & Export Elements
  • Builder View Modes
  • Builder Walk Through

Themes Builder:-

  • Header & Footer Builder
  • Post & Product Template Builder
  • Global Website Styles


  • Roles of Consumer 
  • Options for the Theme 
  • Supporting the website
  • Browse Documents, Get Technical Assistance, and Allow Remote Access by Single Click 
  • Set Custom User Functions and Permissions for Your Team or Customers 
  • Simple Theme Setup And Full Style Control With Style Choices.

2. Astra:- 

Astra is the best free WordPress website theme for blogs, businesses, web pages, online shops, etc. 

  • This WordPress theme was developed by the Brainstorm force which is a WordPress development company.  
  • This best free WordPress theme is the fastest growing theme for your businesses, personal portfolio, blogs, websites, online shops, etc.
  • Here 10lakh+ users can join and build their beautiful and attractive website with the help of the Astra WordPress website theme. 
  • As we can see that almost all the WordPress website themes require at least 300kbs but the Astra WordPress theme needs less than 50kb of resources.
  • In just 0.5 secs Astra WordPress theme loads on your website. It’s a speedy and fully optimized theme.
  • Astra uses the Vanilla Javascript because of No jQuery in the way of optimization of performance.
  • Astra WordPress website theme has the largest library of the pre-built websites, in which there are also various page builders.
  • Astra WordPress theme is very helpful for non-techy users to build their website for their industry with the help of professionally designed Astra theme plugins.
  • With the help of the Astra Elementor, you can create your website with pre-built sites by just one click and you can create your full website.
  • Astra the best WordPress website theme gives you 100+ fully professionally designed templates.

Here are Some features of the Astra WordPress theme that you love this WordPress theme:-

  • Pre-Built Website which means ready to use websites with live demos.
  • Customize without code which means you can change your website design with the help of WordPress customizer in Astra. There is no need for coding knowledge.
  • Made for Page Builders that means Astra gives you full accessibility to use their theme according to your requirements by adding and deleting the Page Title Bar, Slidebar, etc.
  • Super Fast Performance that means it is a lightweight theme with super fast speed with optimized performance.
  • Astra, the most popular WordPress website theme is fully customizable.
  • Astra gives WooCommerce Storefront accessibility.
  • It requires only Less than 50kb space for installation.

Astra Customize Everything Easily that means you should set your visual theme according to your preference that is:-

  • Colors And Typography:- You can change the colors and fonts according to your needs and page preference.
  • Layout Settings:- In this, you can change and manage your page layout like page header, Sidebars, Page footers, your blogs, your posts, etc.
  • Header Option:- In this, you can change your header with different several in-built headers by adding more features and more options.
  • Blog and Archives:- In this, you can manage the Archive Pages and the blog posts with help of neat options.

Astra, a free WordPress theme for Blogs and Websites has some favorite tools that are:-

  • Elementor      
  • BeaverBuilder   
  • WooCommerce
  • LearnDash        
  • Toolset   
  • Yoast  

Astra gives some more benefits like:-

  • Translation & RTL Ready
  • Hooks & Filters 
  • Developed on Github 
  • Made For Page Builders
  • SEO Friendly Markup

Some More Features of Astra WordPress theme are:


  • No jQuery
  • Less than 50kb resource
  • Code to be optimized

Options for Powerful Design:-

  • Layouts 
  • Options for Header and Footer
  • Header Clear
  • Header Sticky
  • Header for Mobile
  • Header of Article
  • Super App App
  • Color and typography
  • Slide Bar Dedicated
  • Ready for WooCommerce

Layouts of styles:-

  • Enclosed
  • Full width of its
  • Padded back
  • Space Control
  • Layout of fluid
  • Container Default


  • Google fonts  
  • Fonts Custom
  • Appropriate font sizes
  • The option of the paragraph margin
  • Pixels font size, Em
  • Shape text

Color combinations and backgrounds:-

  • Head of the main
  • Header above
  • Behind this header
  • Consistent header

Custom Layouts:-

  • Custom Footer
  • Custom Header 
  • Custom Layout- Hooks
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Display Conditions


  • Video Tutorials 
  • In-Depth Articles
  • 24/7 Support

3. Neve:-  

Neve is the Best WordPress website theme for blogs, small businesses, Startups, Woocommerce, Portfolio, etc. Neve is a mobile-friendly theme that you love. Neve WordPress theme is a member of the Honoured Club.

  • Neve is a super-fast best WordPress website theme.  
  • This WordPress theme is easily customizable.
  • Neve WordPress themes can be used for a multi-purpose and responsive theme.
  • It should take mere seconds to load.
  • This WordPress theme is lightweight.
  • It gives you a minimalist design.
  • It is a highly extendable theme. 
  • In this WordPress website theme, you can drag and drop page builder according to your capability.
  • This theme gives you multiple demos and it is an SEO friendly WordPress website theme. 
  • Neve includes WooCommerce, RTL & translation ready.

Some of the popular page builders that work with Neve WordPress website theme are:- 

  • Elementor
  • Brizy
  • Beaver Builder
  • Visual Composer
  • SiteOrigin

Neve a WordPress website theme includes:-

  • Translation & RTL Ready
  • SEO Friendly Markup
  • Optimized for Speed
  • Fast and Easy Onboarding
  • No jQuery
  • Easy to Customise 
  • 1-Click Rollback
  • Safe Updates
  • Accessibility Ready
  • Fast Support

Look at some key features of the Neve WordPress website theme are:-

  • Control the Website Layout Option
  •  Fast Lighting and Completely Customizable
  • Custom Design of the Header 
  • Get Start on Design and Content Editing 
  • Custom Design of the Footer
  • Mobile Ready and AMP Compatible

4. OceanWP:- 

OceanWP is the best WordPress theme that will help you to build your website with beautiful design and Layout with the help of the OceanWP a free WordPress theme. With the assistance of the Ocean WordPress theme, you will design beautiful website according to needs.

  • This OceanWP theme is very useful for travel projects, websites, blogs, etc.
  • This OceanWP WordPress theme is used for multi-purpose.
  •  It gives you a fast loading speed.
  • OceanWP WordPress theme provides you with an easy Drag and Drop page builder facility.
  • This WordPress theme is responsive.
  • Modern OceanWp WordPress themes can support multiple languages. 
  • It also includes WooCommerce.

Here are some reasons that you love the OceanWP WordPress website theme are:-

  • Fully Responsive
  • Fastest Page Load Time
  • E-Commerce Ready
  • SEO Base Built-In
  • Translation & RTL Ready
  • Awesome Support

Here are some extensions of the OceanWP WordPress theme are:-

  • Full Screen
  • Demo Import
  • Stick Anything
  • Popup Login 
  • Portfolio
  • Elementor Widgets
  • Woo Popup 
  • Modal Windows 
  • Posts Sliders
  • Sticky Footer
  • Ocean Hooks
  • Instagram
  • Custom Sidebar
  • White Label
  • Cookie Notice

5. Total:- 

The total theme is the Top WordPress theme to build your Creative website. This total theme was developed by the WPBakery page builder. With the help of this WordPress website theme, anyone can make their website attractive and beautiful so that people love this.

  • In this WordPress theme, drag and drop page builder available.
  • This WordPress theme gives you a frontend and backend page design facility.
  • This theme gives you customized layout solutions.
  • This Total WordPress theme gives you an amazing ready-made premium slider.
  • This total WordPress theme gives you multi-purpose page templates.

Here are Some features of the most popular Total WordPress website theme:-

  • 1-click demo import
  • Multiple Header Layouts
  • Cookies Consent for GDPR compliance
  • Mega Menu
  • Customizability
  • Feature ability
  • Flexibility
  • 100+ building elements
  • Live theme customizer
  • Custom Footer and Header Builder
  • Premium Plugins included
  • BBPress Ready
  • RTL Support & Translation Ready
  • Developer Friendly
  • WooCommerce Ready

Some compatible with free plugins used by the Total WordPress website theme are:-

  • Yoast SEO
  • The Event Calendar
  • Jet Pack
  • Contact Form7
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Polylang
  • Translate Press

6. Newspaper:-

Newspaper is the Top WordPress website for Free themes for WordPress Magazine. When there is lots of content that you want to upload on the WordPress theme, here the best name for the WordPress theme is Newspaper, and also for the WordPress Magazine, the name comes the most popular theme for that is a Newspaper WordPress theme.  NewsX Paper is the latest WordPress theme of the newspaper theme.


  • This Newspaper WordPress theme was built by tagDiv, an Envato Power Elite.
  • This newspaper WordPress theme has the power of versatility with an elegant design combined.
  • This newspaper WordPress theme gives you a stylish architecture design and layout also.
  • This newspaper website theme is a user-friendly theme as the builder can design your theme according to the content, how it will display on the tablets, mobile, desktop.
  • This WordPress theme gives you 80 beautiful pre-built designs and layouts.
  • This WordPress theme also provides you a gallery of 810+ already built design templates which is in the tagDiv Cloud Library.
  • This WordPress theme also gives you dozens of pre-built sites. 

Here are some pages and categories of the Newspaper WordPress theme:-

  • A myriad of elements and shortcodes
  • The countless big grid-style combination
  • Ready-made category page templates
  • 25 Predefined blocks
  • 5 Flex Block element 
  • Publish article without constraints

Newspaper WordPress theme gives you  Astonishing Post Styles which includes 90+ unique post templates with a complete toolkit for write, publish, and broadcast.

Newspaper the best theme of WordPress website gives you  Engaging Category Templates which include dozens of fully customizable and professionally designed templates in tagDiv Cloud Library.

Newspaper theme the best WordPress theme also gives you Easy 1-Click Install which means it has an extremely simple installation engine, demo loading in every single heartbeat, easily customizable with perfect pixels.

This newspaper WordPress theme powers up your inspiration by giving you lots of specialized demos and so many approx 100s of one-click element & layout.

Newspaper WordPress theme has a support of the GDPR Complaint that is the European General Data Protection Regulation.

This newspaper WordPress theme also gives:-

  • Header Builder
  • Footer Manager
  • Pre-Built Pages
  • Google AMP Ready
  • Landing Page Elements
  • Blazing Fast Website
  • Delightful Mobile Design
  • SEO Ready
  • Video Tutorials
  • Access a Community
  • 5 Shapes for Flex Block
  • Automatic updates ON
  • Video Powered Website
  • Monetize your Website
  • Featuring Content Creator
  • tagDiv Custom Gallery
  • tagDiv Video Playlist
  • Weather Widget
  • Social Counter Widget 
  • Instagram Widget
  • NewsLetter Widgets

7. Zakra:- 

Zakra is the Top Free WordPress website lightweight themes that help to create a website.  This Zakra WordPress theme has a super fast speed. In this Zakra WordPress theme, an in-built available theme has optimal performance. This WordPress website theme is suitable for weddings, shops, dentists, education, almost all types.

  • Zakra is the best WordPress theme that has combining impactful visuals.
  • Zakra WordPress theme has easy to use customization options.
  • Zakra WordPress website theme is fully responsive.
  • This Amazing WordPress theme has a sleek design Feature.
  • Zakra WordPress theme has multiple types of devices.
  • Zakra WordPress theme is SEO Friendly.
  • This WordPress theme is the RTL ready theme.

Here are some more features of the Zakra WordPress website theme:-

  • Detailed Documentation
  • Color Option
  • Free Multilingual support
  • Mobile- Ready
  • Advanced Typography
  • Multiple Header Styles
  • Multipurpose Theme
  • Lightweight theme
  • Creative and business purpose theme
  • 7+ widget areas
  • Primary color options
  • Translation ready theme
  • Compatible with Gutenberg

Best tips for the Zakra best WordPress website theme For Free:-

  • Best WordPress Hosting
  • WPML/Polylang & Translation Ready
  • Create a site on WordPress
  • Seamless WooCommerce Integration
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Best Hosting Services Compared
  • Trending WordPress Plugins for Social Media
  • Live chat tools for Business

8. Sydney:- 

  • Sydney is the free WordPress website theme which is mostly used by the business and freelancer for building a beautiful website.
  • Sydney a WordPress theme is recommended by Elementor.
  • This WordPress website theme gives you access to all Google Fonts.
  • This WordPress website theme gives you Layout Control Option also.
  • Sydney a powerful business WordPress website that gives you Sticky Navigation.
  • In this Sydney WordPress theme, you can upload the logo of the business, brand, etc. according to your needs.
  • In this WordPress website theme, you can use the- Header Image Option. 

Here are some awesome theme feature of the Sydney WordPress website:-

  • Responsive
  • Custom Elementor Blocks
  • Powerful Theme Customizer
  • Parallax Backgrounds
  • Google Fonts
  • A slider or Static Image Header
  • Translation Ready
  • Social Icons

Sydney WordPress best theme also includes:-

  • Cross-Browser Support
  • Live Customizer
  • Always Up to Date
  • WordPress Practice
  • Fast Support
  • Translation Ready

9. Hestia:-

Hestia is the Leading WordPress website theme. This WordPress theme is loved by almost everyone but mostly this theme is used by the firms, Corporate Businesses, Firms, Creative Agencies. Hestia WordPress website gives you modern design. 


  • This WordPress theme has Highly Responsive Performance
  • This Hestia WordPress theme is SEO Friendly.
  • This WordPress theme includes Ecommerce Compatible, Mega Menus which are helpful for the Hestia.
  • Hestia is a Gutenberg-Ready WordPress theme. 
  • This Hestia WordPress theme is Easily Customizable.

Hestia, a best WordPress Website theme include:-

  • Multipurpose 1-Page Design
  • Travel Map
  • WooCommerce
  • Elementor Page Builder
  • Mega Menus
  • Translation & RTL Ready
  • SEO Friendly
  • Live Customer
  • 1-Click Updates & Fast Support
  • Video Tutorials 
  • Page Builder Compatibility
  • Speed Optimization

Best features of the Hestia WordPress theme are:-

  • Uncompromised Speed.
  • All Done Within the Customizer
  • Page Builder Compatibility
  • Starter Sites Include
  • Take full control within the Customizer
  • Use Elementor / Your page Builder Choice
  • Build a User-Friendly Online Store
  • WooCommerce Design Ready
  • Slick material Design

10. Optimizer:-

Optimizer WordPress theme, the most Popular WordPress theme helps to create the website and page build. This theme has a unique customization menu with a multipurpose theme. Hestia WordPress a Starter Sites.

  • The Optimizer WordPress theme is created by the Amplebyte Studio (Indian Based Developers).
  • This WordPress website theme is suitable for almost every website, blog, business, etc.
  • The optimizer WordPress theme is flexible.
  • This Optimizer WordPress theme is based on a wealth of customization.
  • This WordPress website theme also includes the Personalization option. 

This WordPress website theme includes – Fully width or Boxed Layout

Here are some feature of the Optimizer WordPress website theme:-

  • Image Slider
  • Easy Logo Upload
  • 600+ Fonts
  • Lots of Color Options
  • Intuitive Easy to Use non Technical Users Interface built 
  • 100% Responsive
  • SEO Optimized
  • Amazing Customer Support
  • Advanced Header Customization
  • Powerful theme options
  • 5 Gallery Styles
  • 160 Theme Options
  • Custom Font Upload
  • Auto Email Theme Backup
  • Custom CSS Field
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Fastest Page Load Time 
  • Rocks Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Optimizer WordPress website theme built with HTML5 & CSS3

This WordPress website theme also includes:- 

  • WooCommerce 
  • Translation Ready
  • BBPress 
  • Mailchimp
  • Contact Form 7

11. Uncode:-

Uncode WordPress theme is the most popular Pixel Perfect WordPress Website theme.  It gives you multi-purpose functions for using this WordPress website theme

  • Uncode WordPress website theme launched by Undsgn in 2015.
  • You can check that this WordPress website theme is active by 50k users.
  • Page Builder of the Uncode WordPress theme is WP Bakery.
  • This WordPress theme is available on the Themeforest.com site as a Zip File.
  • This WordPress website theme provides you a page editor tool that is the Frontend Editor.
  • This theme is a Pixel Perfect Theme so that it gives you a Plugin that is  ShortPixel Image Optimization.
  • The Uncode WordPress website theme is Flexible.

Uncode WordPress website theme provides you A Huge Library of 410+ templates sections in Wireframe Plugin.

Uncode WordPress theme provides you The Creative Impressive one-page sliding websites in the Side Scroll.

The Uncode website theme also provides you The Toolkit needs to be GDPR Complaint in the Privacy Plugin.

The Uncode WordPress website theme provides WooCommerce Integration also.

Here are some of the Best Features of the Uncode WordPress Website theme that you love the most:-

  • Pixel Perfect
  • Frontend Page Editor
  • Wireframe Plugins
  • Side Scroll
  • 1-Click Import
  • Demos Library
  • Content Blocking
  • Adaptive Images
  • Advanced Grid System
  • Animated Headings
  • Shape Dividers
  • Impressive Posts Module
  • Gallery Manager
  • WPML Certified & RTL Support 
  • Privacy Plugin (GDPR)
  • Regular Updates
  • Colors Palette
  • Unique Posts & Media Gallery
  • Adaptive Images
  • Integrated Header Builder
  • Power Elite Support
  • World-class Design
  • Hierarchical Theme Options
  • Animated Headings 

12. Ultra:-.

Ultra WordPress website theme is the Best Popular WordPress theme that was Developed and Created by Themify. With the help of the Ultra WordPress Theme, you can create your beautiful website according to your needs and preferences.

  • In the Ultra WordPress theme, No Coding required.
  •  Ultra is the Best Drag and Drop option Theme.
  • This WordPress theme is Super-Flexible.
  • This Ultra WordPress Website theme provides you Multi-Purpose Functions.
  • This Ultra WordPress Website theme provides you the Theme Design Full Control From Header to Footer.
  • It’s the Most Versatile  WordPress Website theme.

The Ultra WordPress theme also gives you the Function of Parallax Scrolling & Responsive that helps you to Design the Stunning website with the help of the Parallax Floating Effects which will work on all the devices.

Here Ultra WordPress theme provides you Pre-made Demos with Just 1-Click.  These Premade demos are easily imported so that clients can save their time.

Ultra gives you the Smart Layout Options so that you can create a unique page or website with help of full control on the Header to Footer.

Here Ultra WordPress theme gives you 15 Headers/ Page Styles that are:-

  • It provides you Header Magazine(*New)
  • It provides you Split Menu
  • It gives the Header Block option.
  • It provides Header Horizontal
  • It gives the Header Boxed Content
  • It provides you Header Boxed Layout
  • It gives the Header Left Pane
  • It provides Header Min Bar
  • It gives the Header Top Bar
  • It provides Header Boxed Compact
  • It gives the Header Stripe
  • It provides Header Overlay
  • It gives the Header Slide Out 
  • It provides Header Right Pane
  • It provides No Header


Ultra also provides you the 6 Header Background Effects that are:-

  • Image- Upload the Background Image
  • Transparent- Pick the Solid Color
  • Slider-  Insert the Slider
  • Video- Upload the Video 
  • Animating Color- Set the Animating Color
  • Any Color- Have it Transparent


Ultra WordPress theme gives you 6-Footer Layouts with toggle visibility of footer logo, menu, widgets, and Credit text Options that are:-

  • It gives the Footer Block 
  • It provides Footer Left Column 
  • It gives the Footer Right  Column
  • It provides Footer Horizontal Left
  • It gives the Footer Horizontal Right 
  • It provides No Footer

Ultra WordPress theme gives you 5 Single Post Layouts that are Single Post Layout with Default layout +4 Unique Layouts.

  • Split Layout
  • Full-Width Layout
  • Slider Layout
  • Gallery Layout
ultra single best wordpress website theme


Ultra WordPress website theme gives you the 6 Archive Layouts with different Styles that are:-

  • Slider 
  • Full-Width
  • Masonry
  • Grids
  • Polaroid
  • Overlay


Ultra theme provides you with a Section Scrolling option that is New which is Inspired by the Fullpane Theme. 

  • Full section Controlling that is Horizontal and Vertical scrolling both.
  • Vertical Section Controlling     
  • Horizontal Section Controlling  

Ultra WordPress theme gives you 140+ Pre-Designed Layouts.

Ultra gives you Bonus Addons that are $120 valued. These 12 Bonus addons are:-

  • It gives you Progress Bar
  • It provides Counter
  • It contains a Timeline option
  • It provides Contact addons
  • It gives the Image Pro option 
  • It provides Typewriter
  • It gives Maps Pro
  • It provides WooCommerce addons
  • It gives the Pricing Table
  • It provides Countdown

Ultra WordPress website Theme gives you Animating Colors, Gradient, Overlay.

Ultra WordPress website Theme gives you the Mega Menu which allows you to show recent posts with some widgets.  


Ultra WordPress website Theme gives you Image Filters & Hiver Filter for both Globally and Individually like:-

  • Auto-apply Grayscale
  • Blur
  • Sephia Filters 

13. Oshine:-

Oshine is the most popular WordPress website theme that helps to create a website. It is mostly used for business and corporate purposes, personal and commercial purposes. Oshine WordPress website theme is the single-page website.  Mostly all types of you will create with the help of the Oshine WordPress theme. This theme is mostly helpful for creating Photography Websites, Portfolio website, Agency, Blog, Architecture, and many more. Oshine gives you lots of free and premade demos to choose the best WordPress theme for your website.

  • The Oshine theme is Flexible.
  • The Oshine theme gives you 51 Unique Demos.
  • This WordPress Theme is very helpful for All Creatives and Businesses.
  • Oshine WordPress theme provides Tatsu Page Builder.
  • Oshine provides you the Elegant live Frontend Page builder.
  • The Oshine theme provides you 50+ Styling Modules.
  • The Oshine theme comes up with a Live Text Editor.
  •  Oshine Theme has Pre-Built Concepts.

Live Text Editor includes:- 

  • It gives you the Change Colors option
  • It helps in Format your text
  • It provides you Change Alignment
  • With Typography Settings you can easily make changes in fonts and lines also. 

Oshine provides you the 50+ Styling modules with 50+ shortcodes.

Oshine also provides you the Time-Saving Keyboard Shortcuts that are:-

  • It provides you Save option
  • It gives you the Cut option
  • It provides a Copy option
  • It gives the Paste option
  • It provides a Delete option
  • It gives a Duplicate option
  • It provides an Undo option 
  • It gives Redo option    

Oshine WordPress website theme helps you to Build Stunning Portfolios with help of:-

  • It provides you Metro Style Grids
  • It helps in Play around with a Plethora title 
  • It provides Hover styles
  • It helps in Loading Animations

Oshine WordPress theme provides you WooCommerce so that you can Sell your Products in Style. It’s the best Plugin for Ecommerce business. You can easily sell the products on the website by adding this Woocommerce Plugin 

Oshine provides you the Nifty Ajax Cart in the Header option in WooCommerce Plugin.

Oshine WordPress theme provides you 30 unique Header and Menu Styles so that you can create a stunning website.

Oshine provides you some beautiful features that you love that are:-

  • 6 Blog Styles- Masonry, Large, medium layouts thumbnails, play with titles, and also meta variations.
  • 1- Page Website- Oshine and Tatsu provide you the best feature for those who only want a single page website with some different sections. 
  • 1-Click Import- Oshine theme provides you with a 1-click import feature that creates love the most with a single click you can import your theme easily.
  • Video Backgrounds
  • Parallax & Full Screen Sections
  • Superior Performance

Here are some other feature that the Oshine WordPress theme provides that are:-

  • Dozens Of CSS animations
  • Sticky Header
  • Transparent Header
  • Semi-Transparent Header
  • Mobile Visibility Controls
  • Mega Menus
  • Full-Screen Section
  • 600+  Google Fonts
  • 800+ Font Icons
  • 4 Menu Locations
  • Instagram & Flickr Galleries
  • 3/4 Footer Column Layout
  • Column Parallax
  • SEO friendly clean code
  • Child Theme Support
  • Adaptive Image Sizes
  • Internationalized & Location Ready
  • Back & White Hover Effects

14. TheGem:-

TheGem WordPress theme is the most popular new add collection of the WordPress themes. With the help of this theme, you can easily create your website as it’s a multi-purpose WordPress theme that is very helpful for creators for creating any type of website that you want. TheGem WordPress theme gives you an impressive library with multiple live demos so that you can easily check the demo. TheGem WordPress theme is built with very high standards.


  • TheGem WordPress theme gives you the Ultimate creative Multi-purpose Toolbox. So that you can create any type of website with a multi-purpose toolbox.
  • TheGem theme is based on High Performance.
  • TheGem WordPress theme is Best for SEO.
  • This WordPress theme is the most versatile.
  • The TheGem WordPress theme is based on Modern Creative Designs.
  • TheGem WordPress theme provides you Smart Tools.
  • TheGem is a Mobile-Friendly Theme.
  • TheGem provides you Blog Types that are:-
    • Advanced Grids 
    • Timeline Creatives
    • Classic Grids
    • Timeline List
    • Classic Posts
    • Styles List 1
    • Styled List 2
    • Posts Slider
    • Multi-Author
  • TheGem provides you Portfolio Layouts that are:-
    • In Content
    • Masonry
    • Packery
    • Justified
    • List 
    • 100% Width
    • With Sidebar
    • Slider
    • Metro
    • Full Width
  • TheGem provides you a Flexible Gallerie with 20+ flexible styles and 6 Hover options.
  • TheGem WordPress theme gives you 20+ Custom Widgets.
  • TheGem WordPress theme provides you Animations & Lazy Loading.
  • TheGem WordPress theme gives you Unlimited Sidebars with Modular Design.
  • TheGem is a Pixel Perfect theme.
  • TheGem WordPress theme gives you WooCommerce.

Here are some Core Features of the TheGem WordPress theme that are:-

  • Award-Winning Design- Its the feature of the TheGem best WordPress theme, where the creators made their websites with these Award-winning Designs.
  • WPBakery Page Builder- TheGem WordPress website has a WPBakery Page builder which is updated and fully integrated. This provides you the Frontend Drag n Drop which is very helpful.  
  • High Performance- As this TheGem WordPress theme gives you an Unforgettable experience, unbeatable performance, and unique luxury so that you run this theme with high performance.
  • Perfect Toolbox-  TheGem theme gives you the perfect toolbox where there are lots of tools and shortcodes which is very useful.
  • 400+ Demos- TheGem theme gives you more than 400 demos so that you have lots of designs and layouts to create your website.
  • 60+ Content Elements- TheGem provides you over 60 elements in a total of over 250 styles. This gives you some beautiful content elements.
  • Versatile Navigation- TheGem WordPress theme gives you 8+ Navigation benefits from 20+ Premade styles with some Colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc. 
  • Multi-Page & One Page- TheGem provides you one Page and multi-page function. You will create multi-pages for your websites. 
  • Unlimited Layouts- TheGem gives you unlimited layouts with 50+ widgets, unlimited sidebars, etc. With this, you can create your websites.
  • SEO & Page Speed- TheGem WordPress theme is SEO friendly with high speed so that it gives you the high page speeds scores.
  • Easy to Use- TheGem theme has a feature of Easy to use with so many features and shortcodes. It gives you the 1-click option.
  • Customize Anything- TheGem WordPress theme is an easily customizable theme where you can make a beautiful look at the website which is customizable.

Here are some Additional Features of this TheGem Best WordPress theme that are:-

  • 1-Click Start
  • Adjust Everything
  • 2500+ Font Icons
  • Unlimited Portfolios 
  • Advanced Blogs
  • Video & Parallax Sections
  • Fancy Page Headings 
  • Built-In Mega Menu

Here TheGem WordPress theme gives you 400+ Stunning Creative Templates.

TheGem WordPress theme gives you New Version 4.3 Meet with TheGem Blocks Plugin. With this TheGem Blocks Plugin, you can easily Convert Better and Design Faster.

Here TheGem WordPress theme gives you 300+ Pre-designed Page Sections.

TheGem WordPress website theme gives you Navigation & Header Layout Option.

TheGem theme provides some Logo Position Options that are:-

  • Left Logo
  • Centered Logo
  • Right Logo
  • Centered Above Logo
  • With Vertical Logo
  • With Hamburger Logo

TheGem theme gives you some Menu Layouts that are:-

  • Standard
  • 100% Width Menu
  • Vertical Menu
  • Hamburger Menu
  • Overlay
  • Perspective

TheGem WordPress theme also provides you Mobile Menu layouts that are:-

  • Classic
  • Overlay
  • Slide Left
  • Slide Top

TheGem Free WordPress theme also provides you Mobile Menu layouts that are:-

  • Separated Sidebars
  • 100% Width Content
  • Left Sidebar/ Content
  • No Sidebar/ Full Content
  • Two Sidebars + Content
  • Right Sidebar/ Content
  • Boxed Layout
  • Left & Right Sidebars

TheGem WordPress theme Page Builder WPBakery provides you some In-built benefits that are:-

  • Create complex layouts in minutes
  • Drag ’n’ drop visual content editing
  • No programming required
  • Free for you, save $64!
  • 40+ predefined layouts
  • Preview changes on-the-fly
  • Extremely easy-to-use
  • Both in frontend or backend mode
  • 70+ awesome content elements
  • Built with top UX approach
  • Save pages as templates for re-use
  • Save tons of time, sweat & blood

TheGem WordPress theme has some Compatible Plugins that are:-

  • Advanced Custom fields
  • MailChimp
  • Jetpack
  • Gravity Forms
  • All in 1 SEO Pack
  • WP Super Cache
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Polylang
  • Contact Form 7
  • qTranslate X
  • The Events Calendar
  • Yoast SEO

TheGem Best WordPress Website theme has Elite Support.

15. Spencer:-

Spencer theme is the most popular WordPress theme which gives you creative designs for building your website. You can create your beautiful websites and blogging websites with the help of the best free WordPress website theme. With this theme, you can easily create your website as it’s a multi-purpose WordPress theme that is very helpful for creators for creating any type of website that you want.

  • Spencer WordPress theme mostly used by Entrepreneurs, Internet Marketers, and Bloggers. This theme can be used by everyone but mostly this theme can be used by the Bloggers and Entrepreneurs.
  • Spencer is the Multi-purpose theme. This top WordPress website theme is mostly used for business and blog websites.
  • Spencer WordPress theme is created and designed by CSSIgniter.
  • You can see the live demo of this Spencer theme with this link that is https://www.cssigniter.com/themes/spencer/
  • Spencer theme is an Easily Readable and Accessible theme for every device.
  • The most beautiful feature that Spencer gives you Hero Areas.
  • Spencer gives you the Newsletters Signup Form.

Spencer WordPress best theme gives you some beautiful features that you love the most that are:-

  • Responsive Layout:- As a Responsive layout, Spencer provides you a beautiful website that you love most which are easily accessible in every device and easily readable for everyone.
  • Newsletter Form:- You can easily catch out to your audience with the help of this Newsletter Form. 
  • Sticky Menu:- You can easily navigate your users with the help of this Sticky Menu. 
  • Customize Color:- Spencer provides so many color setting options so that you can design your stylish website.
  • Above the Fold Call to Action:- Spencer gives you a beautiful feature that is the Powerful Widgets and the Hero Areas and seamlessly attract your readers. Your website readers will be attracted to this.
  • Flexible Layout options:- Spencer WordPress’s best theme provides you a flexible layout option that you love the most. Here the spencer theme gives you multiple layout options so that you can easily choose the best option for your website.
  • Page Builder Support:- Spencer theme page builders give you so many unique page designs so that you can easily make your website as drag n drop. 
  • Complete Color Control:- Spencer gives you complete control over color settings. You can use these color options to make your beautiful website.

Spencer a beautiful and most popular WordPress website theme also includes:-

  • Constant Updates:- Spencer WordPress theme gives you constant updates. As you are updated with the latest version of the website you have not to worry about our website updates.
  • Premium Support:- Spencer theme give you constant support of the website as they are available 24*7 hours of friendly support.
  • 1- Click Demo Import:– Seamlessly and only a single-click import your full website.
  • Documentation:- Spencer WordPress theme gives you detailed documentation of the website. You can easily set your website. 
  • Easy Customization:- Spencer gives you easy and simple things on the website so that you can easily change the settings of your website according to your needs and preferences.
  • Speed Optimization:- Spencer theme gives you a speedy loading on the website. 
  • SEO Ready:- Spencer gives you an SEO plugin also that creators love the most. You can easily rank your website on the top of google with SEO.
  • Translation Ready:- Spencer include .po and .mo files also. It also gives you a Loco translator used by Polylang users.
  • Compatible with Popular Plugins:- Spencer gives you 50,000+ popular plugins with a WordPress coding theme. You can easily use these plugins while creating your website.

Best Spencer WordPress theme gives you these page builder options for creating your websites. Here Page Builders are:-

  • Beaver Builder
  • Elementor
  • Divi

Some most popular plugins of Spencer WordPress theme that are:-

  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Toolset Types 
  • Pods
  • WPML
  • Yoast SEO
  • Popups by OptinMonster
  • WPForms
  • Mailchimp for WordPress
  • NextGEN Gallery

You can use Spencer WordPress theme design and plugins without any restrictions that mean you can use these for an unlimited period.

16. Avada:-

Avada is the most popular WordPress website theme. It’s WordPress’s largest most popular Selling Theme of All Time in the marketplace. You will design any type of WordPress website with the help of the Avada best-selling WordPress theme. Avada gives so many best features to build a beautiful website according to your preference and need.  

  • Avada is the Multi-purpose theme.
  • It’s a Drag ‘n’ Drop theme. You can easily drag and drop the Avada WordPress theme on your website.
  • Avada WordPress theme is Flexible. You can seamlessly make changes after installing this theme on your website. It gives you full access to rebuild your website using Avada different options.
  • No coding knowledge required.
  • You can use Fusion Builder for creating your beautiful website that means the Page Builder the Avada WordPress website theme was the Fusion Builder.
  • If you want to make a business, lifestyle, and portfolio website then it’s a beautiful WordPress theme for creating these websites.
  • LayerSlider WP and Slider Revolution are the external popular premium plugins of the Avada WordPress theme.
  • Avada website theme gives you Prebuilt beautiful layouts for your website. You can choose the best one of these prebuilt layouts that suit your website.
  • Avada WordPress theme design elements are versatile and help to create dynamic content for your website.
  • Avada laid out a beautiful and neat Fusion Library
  • Avada WordPress’s beautiful theme provides you 70+ design Elements.

Avada WordPress theme is an 8 Layout Section Elements that are:-

  • Archive 
  • Author
  • Comments
  • Content
  • Featured image
  • Pagination
  • Project Details
  • Detailed Posts

Avada theme provides you Dynamic Content Options with Flexible Ultimate Designs for your WordPress theme.

Avada WordPress theme is a Pixel-Perfect theme and  A Perfect Theme on Any Device.

Avada theme is a 1-Click Demo Importer which means it has fast-import tools that are highly flexible.

Avada a beautiful WordPress website theme also include:-

  • Know What You Have Imported
  • Plugin Status
  • Remove All Demo Content
  • Safety Dialog
  • Import All Demo Content
  • Installed Required Plugins

Avada WordPress theme provides you 68 Pre-Built Websites and No Coding Knowledge required for using these websites.

Avada provides you Global styling Options.

Avada WordPress website theme has 20+ Strong Team which helps in Supporting Avada.

Avada WordPress theme also includes:-

  • Avada Builder
  • Slider Revolution 
  • Layer Slider
  • Fusion White Label Branding(FWLB)
  • Convert Plus
  • Advanced Custom Fields(ACF) Pro

Avada’s Most popular WordPress theme plugins are:-

  • The Event Calendar
  • WooCommerce
  • bbPress
  • Contact Form 7
  • Avada Global Styling Option

Here are some of Avada’s Privacy Tools With GDPR Compliance:-

  • Control Contact Form Consent
  • Control Third Party Embeds
  • Customize your Privacy Banners
  • Google Font Management
  • Control Tracking Code Consent
  • Custom Registration Messages

Avada WordPress website theme is a Translation & RTL Ready.

Avada WordPress theme also includes WPML and Polylang.

Here are some reasons to buy the Avada WordPress theme that are:-

  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • The Ultimate Website Building Toolkit
  • The #1 Selling Theme of All Time
  • Unlimited Layouts & Designs
  • 23000+ Average 5-Star Reviews
  • Professional and World-Class Support
  • 68 Professionally Designed Demos
  • Feature Packed Demo Importer
  • 400+ Pre Built Web Pages
  • Optimized Performance
  • 100% SEO Friendly
  • 100% Responsive Across Devices
  • Optimized For Speed
  • 6 Premium Plugins Included
  • Developed Exclusively In-House
  • 100% Translation & RTL Ready

17. Infinite:-

Infinite is the best WordPress website theme which is you for multi-purpose. The infinite theme is the most powerful theme of the WordPress themes. This theme provides so many beautiful functions that you love the most and that will help you to make a beautiful website. This theme provides you so many plugins also to make a beautiful and attractive WordPress website. 

Infinite WordPress theme provides you 3 main demos that are:-

  • Main Demo V1(Business/ Corporate)
  • Main Demo V2(Corporate/ Creative)
  • Main Demo V3(Corporate/ Creative) 

The infinite theme provides you so many features that are:-

  • Good Layers Page Builder:- Infinite theme gives you good layers Page Builders which helps to make a beautiful website for you that you love the most.  
  • Free Sliders Included:- Infinite theme includes free sliders that help to make a beautiful WordPress website.
  • Super Powerful Admin Panel:- As a super powerful admin panel, it gives powerful admin support and a powerful admin panel.
  • Google Font Library:- Infinite theme provides a huge library of the Google Fonts that you love to create a beautiful website with the help of the awesome Google Fonts Library.
  • Very Easy To Use:- Infinite theme is the Drag ‘n’ Drop theme which is very easy to use. You can easily drag and drop this theme on your website and you easily make the changes on the website according to your needs that you love. 
  • Awesome Support:- Infinite theme provides awesome support of the theme. You can easily contact the Infinite theme Support if any problem arises while creating your website. 

The infinite WordPress theme provides you so many Sections and wrapper that you can easily manage here with the Brand New GoodLayers Page Builder. 

You can easily download and check the live demo of the Infinite theme from https://demo.goodlayers.com/infinite/ 

Infinite theme Save A Lot Of Your Time which means you can easily drag and drop this theme on your website and gives you so many prebuilt demos that you can check the different layouts and designs that save your time.

Infinite WordPress theme provides you Friendly Support.

Here are some awesome Incredible Layouts that are:-

  • Full Wrapper & Sidebar Wrapper
  • Column Wrappers
  • More than Elements Items
  • So Many pre-built Templates

Themeforest and Power Elite Author are the top authors of the Infinite WordPress theme.

As a New Framework Infinite theme provides you 3 Modes that are:- 

  • Block Mode
  • Preview Mode
  • Live Mode(Frontend Builder)

Infinite best WordPress theme also includes:-

  • Buttons
  • Accordions & Toggles
  • Alert Box
  • Counters
  • Blockquotes
  • Column Services
  • Social Shares
  • Countdown
  • Skill Circle
  • Divider
  • Call To Action
  • Drop Caps
  • Promo boxes
  • Featured Boxes
  • Icon Lists
  • Images
  • Tables Horizontals
  • Testimonials
  • Personnel
  • Tab Verticals
  • Typography
  • Price Table
  • Skill Bar
  • Stunning Texts
  • Titles 

The infinite theme provides you a Shape Divider plugin with 12 Styles.

The infinite WordPress theme has 54 powerful elements and 44 Pre-Built Blocks.

The infinite WordPress theme provides you 21 Header Variations.

Here are some Cool Blog Layout options Infinite theme provides that are:-

  • Full Layout
  • Metro Layout
  • Custom Layout
  • List Layout
  • Modern Layout
  • Widget Layout
  • Left/Right Thumbnail Layout

8 Cool Portfolio Layouts with hover style that the Infinite WordPress Theme Provides that are:-

  • Column
  • Grid
  • Thumbnail with Side Description
  • Grid With Description no Space
  • Metro
  • Grid No Space
  • Metro No Space 
  • Column No Space
  • Grid With Description(on hover)

18. Exponent:-

The Exponent theme is the best Modern WordPress website theme specially for business. With the help of the Exponent WordPress theme, you can create a stunning website with high performance. The Exponent theme is a Fully Visual Interface Without Using Code WordPress website theme. The exponent theme comes up from the Author of Oshine that is a Best Selling WordPress Theme.

  • The Exponent theme provides you 27 Stunning Pre-Built Websites so that you can easily build your website.
  • The Exponent theme gives you Fully Responsive Demos that you love the most for creating your awesome WordPress website.
  • Some examples or demo website that you create with the help of the Exponent theme that is:- 
    • Corporate
    • Mobile App
    • Finance/Consulting
    • SEO
    • Startup
    • IT Company
    • Construction
    • Lawfirm/Attorney
    • Medical 
    • Agency
    • Education
    • Architecture
    • Portfolio
    • Fitness
    • Event/ Conference
    • Life Coach and Many More….
  • 20 High-Quality Premium Design pre-built Websites are provided by the Exponent WordPress theme.
  • The Exponent theme is a Fully Visual Builder Website where you can use the revolutionary pages also.
  • The Exponent theme is a 1-Click Import theme. You can install in just one click.
  • Exponent is a Professional Blogging theme where it gives you so many blog style options, you can choose the best one from these options.
  • The Exponent WordPress theme is a Translatable and Multilingual compatible with WPML & Polylang Plugins.
  • It provides you GDPR Tools where you can create a Cookie Notice Bar and Consent Checkboxes.
  • It provides you TypeHub where it gives you 1000’s of Google Fonts and Typekit. Here you can control the text settings in typography. As a TypeHub, it also gives you:-
    • Google & Abode Fonts 
    • Responsive Controls
    • Custom Fonts
    • Complete Control
    • Import & Export Settings
  • It gives you ColorHub Option also where you can use different color Palettes, Swatches, and Gradients.
  • Exponent theme also provides you:-
    • Full-Fledged Online Stores
    • Beautiful Portfolios
    • Top-Notch Support
    • Blazing Fast
    • Pixel Perfect Design 
  • The Exponent WordPress theme provides you 100’s with Unique Layouts Blocks and Elements.

Exponent theme gives you a Unique Style Blog like a Pro that is:-

  • Typography
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Spacing
  • Meta Info
  • Backgrounds and Color

Exponent WordPress theme gives you the WooCommerce option also so that you can make an Ecommerce Website.

As a Beautiful Portfolio Exponent theme gives you:-

  • Infinite Stylish Grids
  • Galleries
  • Project pages
  • Light Boxes
  • Crafty Project Pages
  • Fixed Sidebars
  • Videos
  • Carousels
  • Stylish Hovers

Some Features of the Exponent best WordPress website theme are:-

  • Responsive Controls
  • Multi-Select & Edit
  • Undo Redo
  • Save as Templates
  • Header Builder
  • Global Section
  • Cut, Copy & Paste

19. Customify:-

Customify WordPress theme is the best Ultra-Flexible. It helps the creators to design a new website. You can create the best website by using the Customify WordPress theme. Customify theme is a Highly Customizable theme. It’s an SEO Optimized theme.  

  • Customify theme is Highly Customizable.
  • It gives you Comprehensive Header & Footer Builder so that you can easily create your WordPress website by using the Customify theme.
  • It gives you Ready to Import Websites that are lots of pre-made websites you can easily import your website in just 1-click.
  • Customify theme is Made for Page Builders.
  • In the Customify WordPress theme, you can easily Customize Everything that you want which means you can measly make the changes on your websites according to your needs.
  • Customify theme gives you Fast Performance of the website.
  • It’s a lightweight theme.
  • Customify theme gives you Friendly support as you can email your queries regarding the website.
  • Customify theme gives you a Real-Time Visual Editor.
  • It gives you a Unique Header for Mobile.
  • It also gives you Responsive Edit Modes.
  • You can check the demo the Customify theme here  https://pressmaximum.com/customify/

Page Builders of the Customify WordPress theme are:-

  • Elementor
  • ThriveArchitect
  • King Composer
  • BeaverBuilder
  • Visual Composer
  • Brizy

Some PRO Features of the Customify WordPress theme are:-

  • Scroll to Top
  • Sticky Header
  • WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider
  • Multiple Headers
  • Custom Fonts
  • Blog Pro
  • Advanced Footer Builder
  • Portfolio
  • Customify Hooks
  • WooCommerce Booster
  • Mega Menus
  • Infinity Scroll
  • WooCommerce Single Product Layouts
  • Advanced Styling
  • Advanced Header Builder
  • WooCommerce Off Canvas Filter
  • Transparent Header
  • WooCommerce Quick View

20. Enfold:-

Enfold is the top listed WordPress theme. You can easily drag and drop the Enfold top WordPress website theme on your website. This theme gives you so many best features that you love the most.

  • Enfold is a multi-purpose theme.
  • You can Easily Drag ‘n’ Drop the Enfold theme on your website.
  • It gives you WooCommerce Integration.
  • It provides you Multiple Slideshows.
  • It provides you Customizable Colors so that you can easily make changes on the website color, fonts, etc. 
  • The Enfold theme is A Real Time-Saver where you can easily import this theme on your website and it saves your time by Drag ‘n’ Drop.
  • There is No Rocket Science need which means you don’t need any knowledge of coding for running this theme on your website.
  • Enfold theme provides you Free Update & Support.
  • Enfold theme works on Template builder.
  • Mostly this is used by Designing a beautiful Portfolio website. It gives you:-
    • Single Portfolio: 2/3 Slider
    • Single Portfolio: 2/3 Gallery
    • Single Portfolio: Big Slider
  • Enfold WordPress theme gives you High-Resolution displays on:-
    • iPads
    • Retina MacBooks
    • Smartphones, etc.

Some features of the Enfold WordPress theme are:-

  • Translation
  • Template Builder
  • Instant Search
  • Style Generator
  • Icon Font
  • Free Support & Updates
  • Demo Content Import
  • Mega Menu
  • Dozens Of Header Layouts
  • 4Blog Layouts
  • BBPress 2 Forum
  • 2D/3D layer Slider
  • Easy Slider
  • Sidebar Manager
  • Visual Shortcode Editor

You can check Above Best Popular WordPress Website Updated themes.

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