40 Digital Marketing Tools Used By Experts In 2020

40 Digital Marketing Tools Used By Experts In 2020

Do you know that there are approximately 80-90% small businesses around the globe?

And, out of those 80-90% more than two-third of the businesses are still offline that are facing about 7-8% loss in their revenue every year.

And that’s an extremely big loss percentage.

Now after seeing this percentage if you are realizing the importance of online business and planning to launch one then let me tell you that only getting your business online doesn’t automatically mean that you will get loads of orders and will start earning a good revenue in no time.

Well, that’s not what happens. Your business still needs to attract customers and make them know about your online business that has both quantity and quality for the best price. And, reaching the customers across borders is not that easy.

That’s when “Digital Marketing Tools For Companies” comes to your rescue. The techniques used in digital marketing are far better than any traditional marketing techniques. It can reach global customers, build strong relationships, cutting your traditional marketing cost, and also track the response of your marketing strategies.

But you must have seen online businesses also getting shut. What happens when you do not plan your strategy well or not use the right online marketing tools to implement those strategies. For this reason, I have brought you Top 40 Digital Marketing Tools Used by Experts in 2020 and divided them according to the strategies they are used in. 

And, believe me when I say this, whether you are a beginner or a pro in using these Best Digital Marketing Tools For Freelancers you will get what you are looking for in this list. Now without any further ado, let’s get started with the 40 Best Digital Marketing Tools that every digital marketer should know.

  • Organic Social Media
  • Paid Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Display Retargeting
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Website Testing
  • Video Hosting
  • Content Creation
  • Content Curation
  • Website Analytics
  • Customer Service
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Affiliate Marketing

Let’s get started with marketing your online business

Organic Social Media

Today almost every person is using social media. Some of them use it for entertainment, some for meeting new people and making friends, some for even information about the latest trends. And that some people count more than 90% or the world’s population. Then think about it, if more than 90% of the world’s population is using social media then why not use it for the growth of your online business, through social media we can easily reach a global customer base which in turn has a favourable

effect on your sales. And, that’s what many social media experts are doing. That is why social media management and marketing tools are used by every business whether small or big. The reason is simple, there are numerous online platforms, and handling that many platforms will be really difficult without these best digital marketing tools. So, what are these tools? Let’s see. 


Hootsuite is the first social media handling digital marketing tool on my list, you can view and manage your post using its collaborative calendar, create beautiful and engaging posts, and automatically schedule them to be posted on a future date. One of the most important parts of social media management is to keep the conversation flow going from building a brand to satisfying your customers every step needs the conversation. With Hootsuite’s Inbox in hand, you can easily interact with your customers on almost every social channel all in one place. The digital tool Hootsuite is like an unofficial social member of your team. You can even monitor each and every activity on social platforms and plan your big move accordingly. It also saves your time and improves your response quality with its content library feature. You can even lead your team and make them learn about changes happening in the industry with Hootsuite’s training and certificate program. Hootsuite is one of the top digital marketing tools for networking platforms.


Woobox is like a social promotion application that allows you to run various competitions and giveaways on various social media platforms. This top digital marketing tool ’Woobox’ allows you to interact with users from different platforms in one place. It enables you to create beautiful contests, giveaways, coupons, polls, quizzes, #hashtags, Facebook tags, and whatnot. It even has a winner picker to help you pick winners easily from Facebook, youtube, and Instagram comments. It also very effortlessly collects all the contact information of the winner(s) without leaking any of the contact details. Woobox says that your campaigns should not be contained to any one type of page. Participants can engage themselves through your social media, emails, from your website, pop-ups, even your landing page through various ads.it is also great for mobile phone users. While using Woobox, the one thing you can be sure about is that it will ensure an easy collection of submissions reports from participants. For that reason, you can expand your social reach and grow, or followers or subscribers. Do try this best digital marketing tool today.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is the only social media tool for digital marketing that is specially made to build connections, to grow your social relationships. Isn’t it great to have a top digital marketing tool like Sprout Social? Which specifically focuses on building connections, where you can easily connect to people of different social platforms all in one place. Through Sprout Social, you can understand your audience better and discover new trends that change every other day. You can always plan and schedule your content with its cross-network social publishing function. The critical thing in promoting your social media is to analyze performance. By measuring your performance you’ll get to know how much more hard work you need to do in marketing your social media and which way you have to direct your hard work. Sprout Social has everything you need in a networking tool for digital marketing. 

Paid Social Media

Paid social media is something we all don’t wanna use as much as possible because it costs us money. But if you get to know the power of paid social media tool for online marketing you may never use the free version again because the paid versions made the job of social media marketing so much easier than using organic tools. Paid tools will get you on top of every group in this social media class. And more importantly, social media is very dynamic. It keeps on changing continuously and those changes are updated on paid versions of the best digital marketing tools now and then by the companies. If we compare the price we pay for these tool’s premium versions and the benefits they give in terms of our marketing performance then I would, it’s worth it. Paid social media tool for online marketing also enable us to boost brand loyalty and awareness in customers for our brand.

Facebook’s Power Editor

Facebook’s Power Editor is a one-stop destination to help companies manage numerous ad campaigns they are running on Facebook. This easy to use digital marketing tool is made by Facebook itself and is specifically for Facebook users or can also be used in other app owned/partnered by Facebook (comes with some specific conditions). Facebook continuously tries to upgrade its ad platform by focusing on high-quality user integrations and experience. Every business owner can successfully earn maximum profit out of it, especially small business owners. And don’t you worry if you are not a business owner but an individual working on Facebook pages or ads or running campaigns for some extra cash, this best social media digital marketing tool feature can also help you. Facebook only charges for the features it is proving in the power editor and you are not charged by any third party. Facebook’s Power Editor helps you in every step of building your social platform, and by this I mean it has an amazing customer support and detailed explanations about how things work. It even helps you in targeting the user you want to. You can also save those content in it which you are planning to post on a future date and not now. So you see the top digital marketing tool of Facebook is doing everything it can to help us achieve our goals. 

Twitter Audience Platform

Twitter Audience Platform helps us to reach a vast customer base by stretching out its campaign through the various apps they are using daily. You can select the format of your ad you want to display like in the form of a banner or medium rectangle, further choose your ad category and you are good to go. Twitter has some amazing features for targeting the desired audience such as segmentation functionality that enables it to target users using specific keywords. This twitter platform especially targets mobile users as they earn a lot by targeting mobile phone users. Overall Twitter Audience Platform is really good when it comes to targeting. So do try this top digital marketing tool today.


PromoRepublic is the best online marketing tool

With PromoRepublic on hand, you can connect your brand with the local users on various social platforms. You can create and store the editable content and post it on a future date. You can even store and plan your content for future posting. It is an AI-driven software which allows you to post content from a various location yet targeting the local users. This is one of the top digital marketing tools used by the expert for managing the work of franchises.

 So next time you work for a franchise use the best tool for digital marketing and work its magic in the company.

Email Marketing

What can I say about email marketing, you all know it very well. It’s the easiest way of carrying out digital marketing. But don’t think that if it’s easy then it’s not of much value. Email marketing is the simplest yet effective emailing tool for online marketing in the market. It has several benefits of its own. The first and the most considered one is its price. Email marketing is the most inexpensive tool in the market. It is reachable to a vast audience around the globe. You can even decide and target the different classes of users that are profitable to you and reach out to them. And also you can easily analyze and measure your performance and profit of your company. Through e-mail marketing, the company can do one to one exchange of idea with customers. It is a very robust way of communication and gives substantial results when done properly. Whatever your company is dealing with, email marketing is the quickest route of improving awareness. So all-in-all email marketing is the best tool for digital marketing.

HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot is the top digital marketing tool

The main advantage you get with the Hubspot Emailing tool for digital Marketing is that you don’t have to hire an expert to make professional-looking emails for your website. It is so effortless that you can do it on your own with no wastage of time. Hubspot even helps you to personalize the emails with just a few clicks which in turn results in higher opens and CTR (click-through rate). And if you can get an optimizable email marketing then it’s like a cherry on the top. You can get it easily from the Hubspot A/B Testing and analytics element. It even has a drag and drops the editor to make it much easier. Besides, you can always target potential customers. And the good news is that now you get 2000 email sends per month. So what are you waiting for? Create great email designs using the best digital marketing tool for emails.


hatchbuck is the online marketing tool

Hatchbuck is one of the best digital marketing tools that allow you to manage and categorize your subscribers with their unique sign up form and emails them like the wind. With the help of the categorization element, you can personalize their experience by dynamic lists. You can also make some unique offers to a specific person with the same template. This awesome internet marketing tool also provides you a tracker to track your email metrics. Through this tracker, you will get to know how many people are opening your mail, how many are clicking on the links provided in the mail, and last but not the least it tells you how many people are visiting your website through your mail. And it has a favorable effect on sales. Try using this top digital  marketing tool.


mail chimp is the best email marketing tool

Mailchimp is one of the top online marketing tools for email marketing as it allows the user to create beautiful yet professional-looking emails. It also has different pricing options according to your email list. You can start with a basic plan first with this top online marketing tool and upgrade your plan as your business grows. Besides, it provides 1-month free usage for apps and websites with additional 2000 contacts. Mailchimp has 7 marketing channels in the free version, providing one-click automation. It also provides some basic templates, with surveys and websites as two features that are recently added.  

Display Ad Retargeting

Do you know that only 3-4% of the visitors on a website purchase goods from that website on the first visit? And the rest 96-97% just leave after checking it out for some time and forget about it after 3-4 hour or 1-day max. As a digital marketing expert in your company, it is your responsibility to remind them about your website or its products again and again. This is done by running your ad on other websites they visit. And as the name suggests this can be very easily done with Display Ad Retargeting tool for digital marketing. In this regard, Retargeting Ads are very efficient. It helps you to retrieve your customers to make purchases or at least reconsider going back to your website. Now, do you know that it’s a natural human tendency that if he/she sees or listens to one thing over and over again they tend to attract toward it? Even if they don’t like certain products but see them every time they open their browser, they will eventually end up like that product. So the digital marketing tool for Display Ad Retargeting is actually about targeting the customer’s minds. It’s that easy.


adroll is the best online marketing tool

AdRoll is one of the best digital marketing tools to help you to build Ads that remind them of your website when they leave it without engaging with any product. It can be easily done with different applications, searches, and also web banners ads. In today’s time, this is a vital tool for digital marketing and is used by experts daily. You can choose to target the users in a variety of different ways after carefully studying their behavior and other traits. This study helps you in personalizing their experience and generate even more purchases. With AdRoll in hand, you can customize your Ads as you want using attracting colors very simply and fastly in your way. This top online marketing tool AdRoll also increases the click-through rate of your displayed ad. It also helps you to announce various products of the company and various sales that are about to launch. AdRoll also provides the option to schedule your ads and display them automatically to potential customers at the right time. With AdRoll you can easily exchange ads with over 500 advertising partners. You can even track the result of your Ad displays that enables you to strategize your next move. So get started with digital marketing tool AdRoll today.


criteo ia the best online marketing tool

Criteo is one of the best tools for digital marketing in Display Ad Retargeting. It helps the business to generate extra sales by Ad Retargeting and pet me tell you how it works in Criteo. A code customized specifically for your site is placed on your website and enables the  Criteo AI Engine to see users’ engagement on your website and process the product recommendation ads on other sites. with their open commerce marketing ecosystem, you can access their ad inventory where they have kept some of their best ads. You can also see the miracle of on-time ads in your sales account. Criteo also provides video ads to its premium users. It can even predict items of interest that are not seen by users till now and show them on almost every platform e it social media, website, video websites, etc. Which in turn helps the company to gain 13 times more return. So do try the best online marketing tool Criteo today.


ReTargeter ia the top online marketing tool

ReTargeter is a very useful ad retargeting digital marketing tool as it provides Site ReTargeting, CRM ReTargeting, and Search Retargeting. It also provides custom solutions to all your problems and assists you in many different ways which enable you to differentiate you from your competitors. ReTargeter acts as an extra member of your marketing team. Besides the ReTargeter does not have anything to hide from you. The whole process is transparent and has no hidden features. You can have full authority over the ads they are serving your company. You even can choose whether you want to take self-service or give control for running display ads on behalf of you. With ReTargeter as your online marketing tool, you can market your online business easily through Display Ad ReTargeting.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising is simply a process of automatic exchange of online Ads for money. Also, the Ads are displayed automatically on your desired platforms. You collect data from your potential customers and send it to the best network of advertising and just pay for those ads which target the correct user at the time they visit again. It also helps to find out these best networks for advertising for which you otherwise would have spent quite a handful of money and your precious time. It helps to see the result of this top digital marketing tool for advertising as the process is transparent. Digital marketing tools for programmatic advertising also enable greater efficiency measuring results in real-time. So do try this top online marketing tool and get ready to be amazed.


simpli.fi is the best digital marketing tool

Simpli.fi is one of the top tools of digital marketing used by experts in 2020. They are specialized in local advertising. It helps the business by finding and creating the audience through its various features and list them. After finding customers, businesses need the list to be precise and only target the potential customers of the company. So that company does not waste any time with users having different preferences. After a careful selection of audience Simpli.fi target them by scheduling ads and automatically running them on other websites used by those potential customers. Now when the company has targeted its potential customers it searches for new customers every minute and is done by the simpli.fi in its audience expansion element. Besides audience expansion simpli.fi also helps the company to clearly understand its users and help them to customize their searches in its campaign management program. Reporting and analytics is the last step in the process that helps in making statistics of companies work. This is the top programmatic advertising online marketing tool.


choicestream is the top online marketing tool

Through this digital marketing tool ChoiceStream, you can improve the relevance of your company’s Ads. ChoiceStream gives you appropriate opportunities based on your customer’s preferences. This top digital marketing tool can process data in seconds no matter how long the data is. It also assists you to identify suitable data. After identifying the relevant audience, ChoiceStream runs your company’s ads as your customers search the browser. ChoiceStream gives extra care to customize ads according to their behavioral changes. Try the best online marketing tool today.


choozle is the best digital markeitng tool

Choozle is the top online marketing tool. Programmatic management not only has many benefits but is also cost-effective. Choozle gives the value of your money by running cost-effective but awesome ads. It also provides you knowledge about other branded companies. It has a 12 % speed, the website will load faster than before. Experts at Choozle have good creative knowledge and work strongly to please their buyers. At last, you can have greater control over the project than in any other company. Do try out this over the top online marketing tool Choozle.


double click is the best online marketing tool

DoubleClick is powered by google and acts as an automatic ad purchase software. It is said to be a secure ad space based on the buyer’s behavior. It is a speedy way to acknowledge a dynamic market in real-time. With google’s DoubleClick search tool for programmatic advertising, you can target your relevant audience very fast. With DoubleClick’s Bid Manager you can easily set your budget and determine your bid to different advertisers in the industry. Then you simply run your bid winning ads on various platforms to allure customers. You must try out this digital marketing tool DoubleClick.

Website Testing

Internet is mainly about two things, in particular, the first one is the info/products/services it provides, and secondly, how the user feels about it? We all know it as user integration and user experience (UI-UX for short). But having a website meaning having many different pages, posts, and many other elements that help to build the website. And like everything it also can get various bugs during its journey. But, it is not possible to check the efficiency of the website every other month or perhaps every week on your own. For that reason, various Website Testing digital marketing tools are obtainable in the market to assist you in this regard. These best digital marketing tools for website testing have made the job of a digital marketer very easy. Website testing is a very good decision which almost every online business owner makes or should make. It not only check the functionality of the website but also tests the website’s performance for the past week/ month/ year. Also, regular testing of the website enables us to improve it and makes it mobile responsive which is very important in this smart phones age. Now, you know the benefits of website testing, so what are you waiting for, make your website tested today with these wonderful digital marketing tools for website testing of 2020.

Oracle Maxymiser

oracle maximiser is the top online marketing tool

Oracle Maxymiser is a simple solution for website testing of any type. You can find many different features for testing in this digital marketing tool for website testing. It has the simplest feature of A/B testing and the most complex multivariate test feature. Through this top online marketing tool, you can optimize your website very easily. By using its import tools you can build a customer-preferred personalized profile which helps in increasing sales. You can get your websites insight data very easily like the most clicked or ignored product, how far does the customer scroll, and many more with Oracle Infinity’s heatmaps tools. With Oracle Maxymiser you can easily make your website fully responsive. The best part is you can access Oracle Maxymiser through various devices. Do try this best digital marketing tool for website testing Oracle Maxymiser today.

VWO(Visual Website Optimizer)

vwo is the best online marketing tool

Visual website optimizer is the best digital marketing tool for website testing for small business owners who do not want to waste their hard-earned money special the IT department in the company. With VWO you can very easily know the preference of your customers daily and give them a superior quality experience on your website. It also enables you to build a profile that brings back the potential customers who have left your site without purchasing from it. VWO also helps you to track your websites’ performance and also grow in the process. You can even have a real-time experience of your website through its server-side testing. Today VWO is used in over 90 countries by more than 6000 brands. Just knows exactly what your visitors want and you are good to go. So try out one of the best digital  marketing tool used by experts in 2020 today


hotjar is the top online markeitng tool

Everything in digital marketing you do is to optimize the user experience and grow your business simultaneously. And that’s what the digital marketing tool Hotjar helps you to accomplish. You can easily know your customer’s likes and dislikes with a click of a button. This can be easily done with a user testing tool that is Hotjar’s session recording. With the assistance of these records, you can see actual user integration with your website. It tells you all the problems the user is facing like if the website has a complicated UI if the user easily finds what he’s looking for or not and many more issues. This aids you to get awareness about the user’s behavior and experiences on your website. Also, it is really easy for you to set up a Hotjar digital marketing tool in just a few clicks. Try the Hotjar online marketing tool out today.

Video Hosting

Videos are something that everyone wanna watch be it a year old baby to an elderly person because it’s easy to understand something when told by a person then reading on your own. Traditionally we look to Youtube for video content but that’s not the case now. Although Youtube still enjoys its dominance as a video platform various other video application has been also established in the past few years. Now you can enjoy videos on almost every platform. And this trend will gonna be here for a while. Now, just tell me if making a video is an easy task? Well, I don’t think so. Making a video can be a very strenuous task, and when you put that much effort into making “one” video you also want it to be reached and liked by as much audience as possible. But let me tell you making people see your content video is not that easy. You need to properly market your channel, make continuous video without thinking money in the beginning, promote your content everywhere possible, and many more things. And this can be easily done with video hosting digital marketing tools. These online marketing tools for video hosting given below are specially chosen for your convenience. 


vimeo is the top online marketing tool

With the Vimeo video hosting digital marketing tool you can manage and share your videos all in one place. Vimeo provides its user 7TB of storage space which enables you to make plenty of videos without worrying about space. With the Vimeo video hosting tool for digital marketing, you get an HTML5 video player that has amazing HD picture quality, fast loading, and whatnot. And with HTML5 you can change colors, add a logo, and even control the video speed. And that my friend is an Ad-free video platform, Vimeo never put Ads on your video unless of course, you tell them to do so. Vimeo also helps you to personalize the video content for a better experience for your customers. And do you know the best part, you can change any video without changing its URL. Isn’t that amazing? Go and try out these amazing digital marketing tool for video hosting.


Vzaar is the best digital marketing tool

Vzaar video hosting digital marketing tool is built for videos that have some goals to fulfill like videos that have some target to hit and some goals to reach. Videos that are more informative than any book you are reading, videos that save your time and money, videos that increase engagements and conversions, videos that get results for companies like GettyImages, Toysrus, and eBay. Vzaar has marketing, customization, management, and reliability tools. With Vzaar video hosting online marketing tools videos are made to fulfill any goals eastablished. You can even sign up for a 30-day free trial and make videos that work for you with this amazing video hosting Vzaar tool for online marketing.


wistia is the best online marketing tool

With Wistia digital marketing tool for video hosting you can make videos very easily. Today instead of investing in short-lived ad campaigns innovative companies are investing in long-form video series to boost brand infinity. Wistia thinks that videos are not just for entertainment it’s about making relationships and makes your visitors coming back to boost your fan base and business. And with Wistia you can do it very easily with its new and engaging tools, wistia helps you to create,  manage and grow with your videos. So try out this top digital marketing tool for  video hosting.

Content Creation

If someone asks you what is content? Then you can simply answer that whatever we see online or even offline is content it can be information about something, videos, audio, images, or even GIFs. It can be good content or bad content but the fact is that all these are termed as content. And believe me when I say this, there is an entire lot of content to write whatsoever your industry is. Today there is much demand for good content writers because of the increasing competition of online businesses. Everyone wants their content to be of top quality to allure many customers at the same time. Regular content updation is also very much necessary in today’s fast-moving life. People need the latest information about everything they know which in turn helps the company in reminding them about the companies’ value and provoking them to take necessary actions towards the company’s success. Today there are many digital marketing tools for content creation to help businesses gain top rank in the customers’ minds. Through content creation, you can also serve your customer’s interests by providing them useful information about various concepts. The digital market is loaded with content creation online marketing tools but we brought you the latest of them all.


pixlr is the online marketing tool

Pixlr is the number one Online Photo Editor among the best digital marketing tools. It’s a free tool in which pictures can be edited directly in your browser. If you are looking for a quick yet advanced photo editing experience, Pixlr’s AI-powered tool will provide you the same. Moreover, many distinct image formats can be opened in the top online marketing tool Pixlr such as PSD, PNG, PXD, SVG, JPEG, WebP, and many more. From removing the background from your photo to giving amazing effects to it, everything can be done with one single click. Pixlr has a well-stocked library of stickers, decorative texts, icons, overlays, and much more. It provides two modes, Pixlr X in which you can do beginner lever editing and once you get familiar with the tools you can switch to Pixlr E for more advanced editing. So try out this best content creation digital marketing tool Pixlr today.


canva is the top online marketing tool

This digital marketing tool for content creation, Canva allows you to make amazing graphics for your website, Business cards, and even presentation, and all of it can be done by a simple drag and drop process. Canva provides an immense quantity of pre-designed templates that can be used as it is or can be edited as per your requirement. A Lot can be done in the free version of Canva but if you want you can also upgrade to a pro-version. It also has an option to buy premium images and templates. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to edit pictures like a pro in Canva because of its tools, AI, and simple drag and drop method. So try this digital marketing tool for content creation today and do let me know how you feel about it.

Adobe Spark

adobe spark is the top online marketing tool

Adobe Spark is a perfect tool which not only allows you to edit graphics but also videos and even web pages, It has a huge library of free pictures, fonts, and themes. If you want to make an impact from your work there is no better place than this top digital marketing tool Adobe Spark. You can publish your collections worldwide on Adobe Spark and enjoy it while it gets views and likes. Adobe Sparks syncs your projects to the web and also to iOS apps so you can just let your imagination fly anywhere anytime. One of the best features of this top online marketing tool Adobe Spark is its huge gallery of published works from which you can take inspiration from whenever you get stuck.

Content Curation

Content curation is a simple process of selecting relevant customer data or information that is necessary for your business. Just understand it like this, suppose you have a lot of distinct types of content on your site. But all the content will not be of use to everyone. Some may like content about food while some about travel, some may even like educational content. So, you as a digital marketer must ensure that different people find useful content for them easily on your website. For that, you have to use these content curation tools for digital marketing. These best  digital marketing tools help you to easily curate contents and fill your calendar to survive in this competitive world. Besides, it has many benefits and the most important one is that it helps the company in generating leads which favorably affect the sales. It also helps us to grow our knowledge of various concepts and spread it across the world. After thinking about it a lot I can only say that this is probably one of the most important steps in digital marketing.


pinterest is the best digital marketing tool

Now, you must be thinking that how can a social media platform be a content curation tool for digital marketing but trust me it is very much a content curation tool for digital marketing. Pinterest is like a collection of online pinboards. It has the content of all types be it an article, images, videos, infographics, and many more. You can easily make an account on Pinterest and started following the ideal people of your industry. Then, start pinning the ideas and posts relevant to your business on your board. After that just curate those content and build a brand new idea out of them that you can post on your website or your social media. So do try out Pinterest as one of the content curation tools for digital marketing.


scoop.it is the best online marketing tool

Scoop.it is the finest content creation tool for digital marketing. It helps you to find out various useful content and split it on different networking platforms. It aids you to build relations with other content curators. It has powerful technology to help you find relevant content. It even displays content that is curated by others and shares similar topics. You can also share your content stories with others to help them in many ways possible. Scoop.it’s element called Boolean Research helps you to find content with specific keywords. You can utilize the RSS feed to attach your creation to it. And Scoop.it is a free tool but unlike Pinterest, it also has a paid version with some extra features.

Website Analytics

Website Analytics is done by every online business. It is done to know the statistics of your business. We simply collect data, analyze it, and make decisions accordingly. And many online marketing tools have pre-built website analytics which is free of any extra charges. Through this digital marketing tools for website analytics, you can determine the result of your online performance. According to your performance result, you can make future strategies and improve the users’ experience on your website. It will also help you to track the events on your website so that you never miss an update. The website Analytics digital marketing tool also helps you to know the visitors on your site and get to know the location they are coming from(i mean the country/state/city and not the exact location of your house) which in turn will help you to customize a search for them and give them suggestions by knowing there preferred categories. You can even easily understand the reason for losing your customer in a particular area. This is one of the best digital marketing tool used by experts in 2020.  

Google Analytics

google analytics is the top online marketing tool

It is a free online marketing tool for website analytics. With this free tool, you can analyze your website data and collect information all in one place. Google Analytics assists you to acknowledge your consumers better so you can make finer conclusions. You can even access insights of google and learn from it. Not after getting these insights you can connect it with google’s other products and get good results. Try out this free digital marketing tool.


woopra is the online marketing tool

Woopra is a real-time digital marketing tool for web analytics. It can be used by the sales, services, and promotion team of your organization. This best online marketing tool is built to help businesses to optimize their approach to reach customers and give them the best user experience.  By analyzing the website you can personalize customers’ searches by customizing websites for their easy use. So do try out this top digital marketing tool Woopra.


KissMetrics is a powerful website analytics tool for digital marketing. It gives you business-level features at very low prices. You can say that KissMetrics is not free but it is very similar to Google Analytics. You can see a customer’s journey on your device with real-time analyses. It also helps you collect data and customize it to give a wonderful user experience. This best digital marketing tool Kissmetrics is not a replacement for google analytics because of its unique feature. Try out today!

Customer Service

If we look behind 10-12 years from now we can see that customer service was just a fancy name for giving the customers false hopes. Although there were many laws protecting customers still there was a large gap between the laws and the customers who were protected. And one can not only blame companies for malpractices but also the customers who were unaware of their rights. But that’s not the case anymore. Customers have the right knowledge about their rights and utilize them from time to time. For that reason business also takes great care of its customers and their experience with them. Customers now inquire thoroughly about the product before purchasing it and file a necessary complaint in case of unsatisfying products. Besides, it’s not enough to just know about your customers’ problems and try to avoid it. You have to take every necessary action so that they can have a satisfactory experience otherwise you can lose your relations with them forever. So customer service tools are important digital marketing tools.


helpjuice is the top online markeitng tool

HelpJuice is a knowledge base software of the customer service tool for digital marketing.  It is user friendly and primarily customer friendly. 75% of users use HelpJuice as their customer support in the industry. It is a self-service or you can say automatic customer service software that gives automatic answers to customers’ problems and not necessarily needs person support. The best Digital marketing tool HelpJuice also helps you to get information about various things through its internal knowledge base. It can be easily customized given results of searches like google.

Olark – Live Chat

olark is the top online marketing tool

Olark is an easy-to-use customer support service tool. Many customers have many questions and you should be there to assist them. Join your consumers in real-time and help them with their issues. Store your chat with customers on Olark or CRM with easy-to-reach options. Now you know all the problems that customers are facing on your website so you can take the necessary actions to give them a wonderful experience. Try this digital marketing tool for customer service and get ready to be amazed. 


zendesk is the best online marketing tool

Zendesk is one of the best consumer support tools for digital marketing. It is really fast to implement Zendesk with just a few clicks. It also permits you to work easily with changing accessibility. And with Zendesk it will take you only a few hours and not weeks to implement these changes. Zendesk team has also made some changes due to this COVID-19 breakdown to help you and your customers in this changing environment. So try out this customer-friendly digital marketing tool now.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization as we all know it as SEO (in short) is one of the most important things to be done while marketing yourself online. It provides the company with both the quality and quantity of relevant customer traffic. But let me tell you that unlike many of the above digital marketing tools SEO is a little complex to understand. Not because of the difficulty of usage but because of so many different options of digital marketing tools for SEO available in the market and the many factors that have to be applied to do successful SEO for the company. But whether it’s difficult or not it sure is fruitful. Search engine optimization is the primary source of lead generation and involves much effort in giving the user a fabulous experience. Thus it is very much necessary to optimize the content before posting it on any platform be it your website, blog, social media, etc. 


Moz is one of the best toolsets for improving your search engine visibility and rankings. It has more than 35,000 users including 99 Designs, Aaron’s, Razorfish, etc.. Moz gives you useful insights into competitive research, errors in the website, and also SEO opportunities so that you can take required actions. Moz breaks your streamlined data which allows you to focus on strategy instead of time taking SEO. Apart from the very detailed introduction of the software Moz gives you an option to connect with their experts or to check out their learning center when in doubt. The simple tools of Moz will help you to directly jump in.


SEMrush is the best digital marketing tool

A year ago US Search Awards has termed SEMrush as the best SEO suite of the year and best digital marketing tool by Interactive Marketing Awards. SEMrush has 11 years of marketing experience and has 142 geodatabases on desktops and mobiles. It has as many as 45 built-in tools and reports. But here we are talking about SEO. So, the many tools for SEO are organic research, organic traffic insight, keyword research, backlink building and analytics, and many more. SEMrush also provides a competitor tracker which helps have a competitive analysis. So do try this SEO tool for digital marketing.

Screaming Frog

It is the trendy online marketing tool of the year. It is an online crawler that aids you in onsite SEO by taking data and analyzing it. You can even use this top online marketing tool to crawl 500 websites or you can purchase the paid version to remove the limit. It even allows you to analyze the result in realtime. With Screaming Frog spider crawler you can easily find bursted links and server flaws. It can also collect data using CSS Path, XPath, or regex. It also gives an option for creating XML Sitemaps and can easily review directions for robots. It is an effective tool for SEO.

Affiliate Marketing

In today’s competitive market businesses needs as many customers as possible and this can be done in various ways. One of the very effective ways is the digital marketing tool of Affiliate Marketing. In this marketing technique, you try to promote other brands through your personal marketing experience and techniques. And for doing this the brand gives you a specific percentage of every sale you made. This is the best digital marketing technique used by many. It works based on a factor called trust. Let’s take your example suppose you saw a health drink online and thought of purchasing it but dropped the idea a little later because the company was new or you just didn’t wanna take the risk of purchasing a “health drink” online. Some days later a close friend or family member of yours comes to you and tells you about the awesome benefit the drink has and will give you some discount if you purchase from him, then you might purchase that product from him or the link provided by him. And the market has some best online marketing tools for Affiliate Marketing.

CJ Affiliate

cj affiliates is the best online marketing tool

CJ Affiliate is my top priority when it comes to affiliate marketing tools for digital marketing. CJ Affiliate provides tools to find and set up new partnerships. The publisher runs a promotion as an advertisement by providing useful links. For instance, a style blog promotes new fashion trends on its website, and every time consumers engage in meaningful ways the advertiser will reward the publisher. In this way, the publisher and the advertiser gets mutual benefits. CJ Affiliates bring them together for valuable partnerships and scalable growth. So experience the network effect with CJ Affiliate, the number one digital marketing tool used by experts in 2020.


viglinks is the top online marketing tool

VigLink is an amazing affiliate digital marketing tool. VigLink provides content and scans it to use appropriate keywords in it. Apart from that 2 million+ publishers go for VigLink for managing affiliate marketing. Its monetization tool helps you turn content into revenue. VigLink includes features like MSN, the daily beast, cnet, and many more for publishers. Just set your dashboard with relevant affiliates and you are good to go with top digital marketing tools. 

Rakuten Affiliate Network

rakuten is the best online marketing tool

Rakuten is a leading affiliate marketing tool for digital marketing. Rakuten is very similar to VigLink. And has taken the award for the number one Affiliate Marketing Network for 9 years straight. Rakuten has superior technology through which it helps us to do affiliate marketing with ease. Rakuten believes in long term relations connecting businesses. The influencer gets 84% of new traffic through it. Get Rakuten today and get started with your best digital marketing tools for affiliate marketing today


Although you have quite a lot of options when it comes to online marketing tools, we tried to shorten down the list to the best tools available in the market. And all these tools are really good at marketing your product in your way. So do try out these best digital marketing tools and tell us which one of them works best for you.

Top 40 Companies For Digital Marketing Services In India (Updated 2020)

Top 40 Companies For Digital Marketing Services In India (Updated 2020)

Let’s first talk about Marketing. What is Marketing? How it is done? And Why?

Marketing is many concepts that are summarized in one word. It is all about finding the target audience for your product, introducing it in the market, then choosing the strategies through which customers will buy your product and also keeps coming back. And, it is solely done with the objective of earning profit in the business, or sometimes for giving information or even for getting famous. 

When we see back in time companies use every possible means to market their products such as radios, televisions, newspapers, pamphlets, and other offline mediums as well. And those strategies did partially worked for them at that time but not anymore. 

If you think that you can achieve success in your business with these old methods, then I wouldn’t be feeling sorry for you when your business goes down because today online is ‘king’.

Today less and less number of your potential customers are still using these old methods and this number is decreasing manifold every day. So you have to think differently. You have to think ONLINE.

Today if you want to tell people about a job opening you go to LinkedIn. If you want to target the younger generation, you go to Facebook or Instagram, or maybe Snapchat. If you want to run ads for your company then run them on various websites including social media. Whatever you do, just do it online.

Now you see, not everyone is a master of Digital Marketing Services. Or just doesn’t want to do it because they are not properly trained, or don’t have time, or simply doesn’t have the energy to do it after whole days of work. That’s where the job of a Digital Marketer starts.

Digital marketing is a booming industry and you can find many digital marketers out there who are also good. But, nothing can beat the best Digital Marketing Agency in India in this matter because in a good digital marketing company you can find many digital marketers under one roof and everybody is an expert in their own field. These digital marketing experts help you to increase your sales by using various methods according to your requirements.

Now you must be thinking about what these various methods are?

Digital Marketing Agency In India can offer various services but these are the ones which you can expect in general:

  • Search Engine Optimization 

SEO is the top digital marketing services and is done to make the content appear on the first page of Google search. This can be done by using relevant keywords in the article and creating backlinks of the same by SEO experts in India

  • Social Media Marketing

SMM for short is done to market yourself and the company on social media platforms by posting stories, new products, upcoming sales, running ads, and many other digital marketing services.

  • Email Marketing 

It is done by sending e-mails to your potential customers or those customers who had not visited your site for a long time. The digital marketing services are done to make customers remember about you and tell them about your various offers and interesting products. 

  • Retargeting Ads

You must have seen ads of those websites that you recently visited on other sites as well, those are Retargeting Ads. This digital marketing services is done so that customer comes back to your website again and again and also purchase something. This is basically done to target the minds of the customers by digital marketing experts.

  • Video Marketing 

Video marketing can be done on various video platforms like youtube and various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. or on other websites as well. These top digital marketing services are done for interacting with customers in an interesting way. 

  • Content Creation

Content Creation is done by writing articles or making images, videos, or even stories for social media platforms. The digital marketing services is done to inform people about things or announcing a new product or sale offer.

  • Google AdWords

Google AdWords is basically a platform where you can create your own Ads and run them for customers who may be interested in your products. The digital marketing services work on PPC(pay per click) in which you have to pay a certain amount of money every time a user clicks on your ad.

Now, you know what to expect when you go to the best Digital Marketing Agency in India. So, I bring specifically for you the Top 40 Online Marketing Agency in India (the list is updated in July 2020). Now, without any further ado let’s see India’s Top 40 Digital Marketing Agency.

SEO Valley Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

SEO Valley is the best digital marketing agency

SEO Valley Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the 1st Digital Marketing services in India on my list because of the recognition they have achieved with their Hard work since the year 2000. This top Digital Marketing agency has offices in two of the Indian states and also has a marketing office in the USA, UK, Spain, and many more major and developed countries. SEO Valley Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the best digital marketing services and has 108 in-house employees who are working even for foreign clients from over 50 countries. The digital marketing agency in India practices digital marketing through services like SEO, Google Ad Remarketing, Social Media Marketing, Link Acquisition, PPC, Google Penalty Recovery, Conversion Optimization, and whatnot. These SEO experts in India have made over 6k clients happy and is still counting. And those clients are companies like HCL, Tata Consultancy Services, Waggers, Styloko, and many more. SEO Valley digital marketing experts also provides its customers with free SEO and Audit and is also awarded as top 10 best SEM company by PromotionWorld, Find Best SEO, and many other awards in the year 2020 what to say about previous years. Apart from India they also have marketing offices in the USA, UK, Spain, New Zealand, Australia. These top Digital Marketing Experts are also partnering and affiliating with google analytics,  Moz, Clutch, Bing Ads, and many more.

SEO Discovery

Seodiscovery is the top online marketing agency

SEO Discovery is established in 2007 in Punjab and has 13 years of experience in the digital world. SEO Discovery is the best Digital Marketing Agency started with just 3 employees since then they had grown immensely and has a team of over 200 employees. They provide many different services of digital marketing such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Web Designing, Content Writing, and App Development. They have already delivered over 12k projects and ranked companies like Pioneer Bricks, Smart Agro, MatchFinder.in, Inspiring Mindz, and many more. Best SEO experts in India also gives free website audit to their clients. This Digital Marketing Services in India is also awarded as the most trusted digital marketing agency by PromotionWorld, The Top Tens, Clutch, and 5 more well-known organizations. Besides, apart from India they also have branches in major countries of the world like Singapore, the USA, and London. They are really good at whatever they do and are also associated with the industry’s famous names like Google Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner, Bing Partner, NASSCOM and it is also ISO Certified.

EZ Rankings

ezrankings is the top digital marketing services in India

EZ Ranking is the best Digital Marketing Company whose mission is to provide good SEO service at affordable rates so that the user doesn’t have to compromise on either quality or affordability. These SEO experts in India believe in doing work both manually and technically to provide the best services to its clients. They have a team of over 90 professional digital marketers who are handling over 5000 accounts while serving 25+ nations. They have almost all types of SEO services be it local SEO, eCommerce SEO, SEO for small business, and many more. Services of the best SEO experts in India are not only limited to SEO but they are also a PRO in Reputation Management, Development Solutions, Social Media, and so on. This best Digital Marketing Agency in India has also provided many case studies of their previous projects so that you can check their work and decide accordingly. Let me brief you about it a little, in these case studies the company has given the project’s overview, the SERP which shows the client’s ranking, it’s a recent ranking which has only improved, traffic improvement and even searches console. And, apart from the India office which is located in Noida this Indian experts of SEO also have a US office in West Chester.

Email Uplers

Email Uplers is the best online marketing services

Email Uplers is all about e-mails. This digital marketing agency in Gujarat, India started as EmailMonks in 2013 and is giving email marketing services since. Then in the same year, the digital marketing experts has launched two more branches called Octos and WebMonks for bridging the between quality and cost of marketing and for launching WordPress respectively. Then while keeping up the good work they merged with their sister company WebMonks and Octos and become Uplers in 2019. With their seven years of experience, these Digital Marketing Experts in India have successfully handled projects of over 5000 brands like National Geographic, Facebook, Disney, UNICEF, and many more reputable brands and made good relations with clients in over 52 countries. They develop over 3000 email templates every month. Uplers have branches in some of the world’s major countries like Australia, the USA, and northwest Europe. This digital marketing agency in India has an exciting history and has grown tremendously in just a few years. Thay has also received many awards from Bob, Davey Awards, etc. This top digital marketing experts in India provides various services in email template production, email operation support, ESP support, and also has a dedicated resource team for HTML email, SFMC email, and many more. The best digital marketing experts in India has also given different pricing as per the requirement of the clients. You can ask questions by simply filling a form given on there a website or contact them directly via phone 


IndeedSeo is the seo experts in india

IndeedSEO is the best SEO Experts in India. The agency is located in Punjab and has more than 10 years of experience in the SEO. IndeedSEO has 24*7 customer support with its dedicated staff members. They provide assurance of #1 ranking in Google. The best Online Marketing experts in India even provide many different services of SEO such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Online Reputation Management, Content Writing, and Link Building. They believe to be the #1 SEO company in the industry. These SEO experts in India have already delivered over 1k projects from 100+ satisfied clients. This Online Marketing Experts in India is also awarded as the best SEO company by UpWorks, The Top Tens, Clutch, and many more. Besides, apart from India they also have an office in the USA. The agency is certified as the best digital marketing agency, Google Analytics Partner, Bing Partner, and also Google Partner. They have also written several informational blogs themselves. 

Sweans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Sweans technologies is the best digital marketing agency in india

Sweans Technologies is a one-stop solution for everything digital marketing companies in India can give. It is a London based company that has offices in many states of India including Kerala, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore. The digital marketing experts in India have also established offices in other countries as well, like Bahrain, Saudi, UAE, and Qatar. Sweans Technologies Pvt. Ltd. started working in 2006 and has now become a global brand in the field of digital marketing. This globally recognized online marketing experts is a Microsoft gold certified partner, google partner, and google trusted online marketing agency. The agency has also won Q3 regional in google games and is featured as the top 15 digital marketing agency in India. Sweans technologies also earned many awards including the prestigious Muse Award for a Shoba mobile app and website. The company takes every possible step to remain updated with the ever-changing market trends and do the same with its employees. As for the services, Sweans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.provide PPC Ads, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Services, Design Services,  and Search Engine Marketing. Everything that you can imagine in digital marketing experts in India to grow your business is provided by this online marketing expert.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

CIS is the best digital marketing agency in india

Cyber Infrastructure Inc. is one of the top digital marketing services in India that bridges the gap between you and success. It is basically an IT company that has professionals that take care of the work in different fields in the IT industry. Apart from digital marketing, these digital marketing experts in India also has professionals to designs and develops mobile apps and games, website, and many more. Cyber Infrastructure Inc. has a total of 14 years of experience out of which 7+ years can be counted as marketing experience. The company has a team of over 1k professionals, and over 100 worldwide clients and still counting. This online marketing service has offices in the US/Canada, Singapore, UK/Europe, South Africa apart from India. They have done many projects with clients of very diverse fields like education, fintech, transportation & logistics, manufacturing, and whatnot. The online marketing experts in India continuously update themselves about the various changes that occur in the industry on a regular basis.

Indiwork Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

indiwork is the best digital marketing experts in india

Indiwork Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is based in Punjab. It is an IT outsourcing company with 15 years of experience in solid software engineering, custom eCommerce solution, mobile apps, online marketing, and strategic IT consulting. This IT cum Digital marketing agency was started in the year 2002 with a small team. Now it has become one of the leading IT and marketing companies with over 100 employees who are working hard to accomplish its objectives of serving its customers well. Indiwork Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top digital marketing companies in India and has done lots of great projects with national and international clients. And those clients have always achieved their goals with the agency’s help. This top digital marketing agency has worked with more than 150 clients from some of the world’s leading economies like the US, and Australia apart from India. This Mohali based company has also established its branch in the US also. Indiwork Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. agency can be easily trusted as it is a top-rated Google partner. The digital marketing experts in India have served some of the well-known client companies such as Promac, Ford, State Bank of India, Holy Land, Pharma Board, and many more like that.


Tapouts is the online marketing agency in india

TapOuts is a top digital marketing services in India. The company is partnering with some of the most trusted brands all over the world like eBay, Apple, BMW, Samsung, Amazon, and many more. TapOut works on the principle “Content is king” and makes brands get noticed by customers because of the creative content it provides. The most important thing that a company wants is to continuously increase its customers to increase its sale, therefore, to get better traffic and increase sales most of the companies prefer to go to TapOuts. Trending digital marketing companies in India convert casual visitors to the website into potential buyers. It provides various services like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Digital Content Marketing, improves visibility,  grows traffic, and conversions.it also has Online Reputation Management, Online Performance Marketing, and many more services to increase customer satisfaction. TapOuts Digital Marketing experts are also specialized in Video Ads, Branding and Facebook marketing, Digital Marketing Dashboard, Keyboard Brand Traffic, Competitor Tracking, Online Marketing Plan, and whatnot. TapOuts promises to be a 100% result oriented company at the lowest possible price. It is a US-based company with offices in India and Canada. The online marketing experts India office is in Noida and is a great marketing solution for all your problems. 

Fractional CMO

Fractional CMO is the top digital marketing services in india

Fractional CMO is basically a US-based company but has an Indian branch in Hyderabad. Fractional CMO is the best online marketing agency which was founded recently in 2017. Despite being too young in the digital marketing industry it has grown substantially over the gap of 2.5 years. This top digital marketing company is in partnership with one of the greatest power in the digital world and that company is non-other than Hubspot. The best digital marketing experts in India has also done projects with some of the leading companies in the industry. Fractional CMO is providing various services such as Marketing Automation, Marketing Operation, Inbound Marketing, Digital Advertising, and Account-based Marketing. You can schedule a consultation free of cost simply by filling a form available on its website and you’ll have a great time growing your business. 


Pagetraffic is the top online marketing in India

Page traffic is the #1 SEO marketing agency since 2002. With its 18 years of experience, it has served over 9k clients across 36 countries in the world.  The company has received many prestigious awards such as the top 10 best SEO companies, best in search, top 50 SEO agencies, web award, and many more. This SEO expert in India is trusted by many reputable companies like Raymond, Olx, HCL, HolidayIQ, Tata, and more. Digital marketing companies in India have been featured in many top newspapers and magazines in the world such as Forbes, the Huffington Post, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, and Entrepreneur Magazine. In India, PageTraffic has offices in Delhi and Mumbai. The company is serving its client with a number of services such as Local SEO, Global SEO, eCommerce SEO, Enterprise SEO, Paid Search Marketing, Custom Web Search, and many more. It also gives free SEO analysis to clients. They have also established offices in two of the world’s biggest cities, Chicago and London. You are sure to get maximum benefits from reaching this top digital marketing agency.

Studio Mosaic

Studio Mosaic is the best digital marketing services in india

Studio Mosaic is a mobile app digital marketing company whose focus is mainly on mobile applications. It was established in 2013 in New Delhi. With its 7years of experience, it has developed over 500 mobile applications with the help of its trustworthy and professional employees. Studio Mosaic hires the best talents of the industry who are also young and dedicated. This best online marketing company has over 250 clients from different parts of the world. The company has ranked  #1 in the productivity category in France, India, UK, and many other countries. Their first in-house app was launched in 2013 called StickMe Notes. The second app was launched in 2016 called Dedicate4Me. Due to the success of these applications, they have learned many things including the stress of the launch and marketing of a new launch. Studio Mosaic Digital Marketing Agency in India has also been featured in the Top 25 paid apps in the business category in the USA. It provides many services for mobile applications such as app store optimization, localization, app preview video, press release writing, app review site submission, user acquisition(PPC/PPI). The company also have different marketing packages to be used according to customer preference, these are bronze, silver, and gold with a visible difference in prices. Some of the projects completed by Studio Mosaic are Hello Pal, My Fitness Trainer, Awesome South Africa, Smart Wallet- recharge and pay, Travel Pal, Meetwo, and many more apps. You can easily contact this marketing agency in India via a simple form present on their website.

DOTCOM Infoway

Dot Com Info is the top digital marketing experts in company

DOTCOM Infoway is founded in the year 2000 with just 5 employees and now they are employing over 100 employees. In over 19 years of experience, it has developed a team of highly professional individuals. These professionals include software developers, mobile app developer, web developer, website designer, mobile app UI-UX designer, blockchain developers, best SEO experts in India, social media experts, mobile marketers, email marketers, digital marketing experts. DOTCOM Infoway is the best digital marketing agency that uses the best technologies to deliver the best work like javascript frameworks, PHP, ASP, NET, angular, kotlin, Yii framework, and many more. They also have experience in handling international clients and projects. DOTCOM Infoways is working 24*7 for the help of its customers. The company is a certified Microsoft gold partner and has a dedicated ISO audit team internally. The best digital marketing services in India have delivered projects of clients like ByteDance, Triad, TradeAsia Group, Hipsto, Mahindra Business City, Sony Music, IPL, Amazon India and many more trusted brands. The digital marketing experts has also won some of the most reputed awards such as top developers, top mobile app developers, and more.

Socialpulsar Inc.

Socialpulsar is the top SMM experts in india

SocialPulsar Inc. is one of the top digital marketing companies in India powered by AI solutions. The company has made it its mission to solve problems of other businesses related to marketing with their AI power. It serves a variety of industries such as real estate, health and wellness, advertising, marketing, retail, eCommerce, startups, and many more. This top online marketing agency has been awarded many awards such as 25 most influential mobile marketing leaders, 100 smartest digital marketing leaders, and many more. The services provided by Socialpulsar Inc. are digital strategy, marketing automation, decision science, organic, branding, and many more. Socialpulsar has a 24*7 support system for its national and international clients. It also gives weekly and monthly performance analysis and free consultation only for you. You can reach them by filling an online form provided on their website.  

IOGOOS Solution

Iogoos is the best digital marketing experts

IOGOOS Solution is the best digital marketing experts and is here to change the future of the digital marketing business. The company was founded in 2009 with the sole objective of changing the future of marketing by its efforts and smart ways of doing work. With 11 years of experience and over 150 employees, the company is continuously working towards its goal achievement. Best digital marketing companies in India has been recognized as a top-performing partner agency in the USA and Los Angeles by Hubspot and is also a Hubspot gold partner. The agency is also recognized by Upwork, NASSCOM, Clutch, and Good Firm. It has been the best class and updated technologies in the industry like PHP, LaRavel, SharePoint, Magento, and many more well-known technologies. They will help you with a planned manner from making strategies to the deployment of those strategies. You can easily contact them by filling the provided form on their website.

Bruce Clay, Inc.

Bruce Clay is the best digital marketing services in india

You can term Bruce Clay Inc. is a one-stop solution to all your marketing problems. The company is helping websites in its ranking since 1996. Bruce Clay, Inc.’s digital marketing agency is a search marketing company that is providing services like SEO, SEO Training, SEO Tools, SEM/PPC, Content Writing, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. The company has also created SEOToolSet for WordPress. BCI has offices in some of the world’s major countries like India, the US, Japan, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, Brazil.

SEOFIED IT Services Pvt. Ltd.

SEOFIED is the best online marketing agency in india

SEOFIED IT Services Pvt. Ltd. is the top digital marketing agency that actually drives results from its digital marketing strategies. The company has 10 years of experience in the digital world. This best online marketing company has over 90 employees who are ready to serve you 24*7. SEOFIED IT Services Pvt. Ltd. has designed 500+ websites and has over 1000 clients. This top digital marketing agency serves you in different ways such as SEO, Google Adword Services, Conversion Rate Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Responsive Website Designing, Website Redesigning, CMS Website Development, and eCommerce Website. SEOFIED IT Services Pvt. Ltd. online marketing agency is partnering with the best companies like NASSCOM, CII, Google Certified, Silicon India. The company has clients in over 30 countries, had delivered over 2k projects, and is also available 24*7 for its customers. This fast, top digital marketing services in India has offices all over the world such as Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore, UK, US, and many more. 

SEOTonic Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

SEOTonic is the top online marketing services

SEOTonic Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2006 with only 3 clients and 5 web designers. With 14 years of experience, the company has developed exponentially. Today the company is employing over 55 professional web designers. The motto of this top digital marketing company is, to be honest, loyal, and dedicated today to the clients. For that reason, the company is now serving over 300 active clients. These highly organized digital marketing experts have branches in various countries apart from India, the US, and the UK. Now let me tell you the services that are provided in SEOTonic Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.:  SEO, Online Marketing Development, Link Building, Link Removal, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC Management, Online Reputation Management, Web Designing, and development.

ROI Minds

ROI MINDS is the best digital marketing in india

The objective of ROI Minds is to helps brands to grow.  The best digital marketing agency has over 5 years of experience and yet has achieved all sorts of experience levels. The company has delivered 112 projects very successfully, it has a 98% customer satisfaction rate, and has also received 6 prestigious awards. A top digital marketing company in India is a certified partner of Cluth, Google, Bing, Google Analytics, Facebook marketing partner, and is also Inbound Marketing Certified. The services provided by ROI Minds digital marketing experts are google ads, Facebook ads, sales funnel, SEO, copyrighting, click funnel, conversion rate optimization, marketing automation, white-label,eCommerce ads, and many more such services. You can also get a free audit report from this agency. Apart from India has an office in the US.

SEE Response

SeeResponse is the best online marketing agency

SEE Responses is a B2B digital marketing agency and a lead generation for SaaS business. The company drives qualified leads for your business. Services provided by them are marketing automation, b2b marketing, startup marketing, email marketing, outbound marketing, account-based marketing. SEE Response is the top online marketing agency that has also received many awards like best digital agencies by digitalrush.com, top advertising, and marketing by the clutch. It is also a Hubspot certified partner. Its clients really satisfied doing with them, those clients are RateGain, JOOV, curacubby, saas plaza, and much more prestigious brands. 

WillShall: Redefining Technology

WillShall is the top digital marketing services

WillShall is one of the best Digital Marketing companies in India established for redefining technologies for the world. The company works to enhance customer satisfaction, make brands stand out, and make strategies that stand out. WillShall marketing agency is recognized by many top brands in the industry like Clutch, Top SEOs, CrowdReviews, UpWork, Fiverr, and people per hour. From research and making strategies for delivering work and giving customer support are the parts of their strategies for their customers. It is a google adword certified partner. With 12+ years of experience in hand, it is a top-rated digital marketing company with qualified house developers giving 24*7 supports to its clients. Its services are SEO, SMM, PPC, Content marketing, eCommerce, CMS, and website designing. 

First Launch

firstlaunch is the top digital marketing in india

First Launch is the top online marketing experts is established to re-defined marketing for everyone. The company is in Bangalore and is a certified Google Partner. Talking about their services I can only tell that they are experts in everything they do whether it is social media management, SEO, search engine marketing, digital audit, email marketing, content writing, branding, and many more. The best digital marketing companies in India can give you a high ranking on google with their smart marketing solutions. They have highly satisfied clients like cytecare, pelatro, unacademy, champ monk, explara, and many more.

WebSpero Solutions

Webspero Solutions is the best digital experts in india

Web Spero Solutions is an award-winning best digital marketing agency. The company has done projects for some major companies in the industry such as UpCity, Yelp, GoodFirms, UpWork, Clutch, and many more reputed brands. WebSpero Solution is a top online marketing agency is a certified partner of Google, Shopify, and BigCom. The company has been featured in some of the major newspapers and magazines like Forbes, CMS Wire, and Reuters. They have tested and ranked over 500 factors and are employing some of the most renowned SEO professionals. They are specialized in SEO, PPC, and web designing.


NISWEY is the best digital marketing agency and a one-stop solution for all your problems in terms of digital marketing. Their way of doing marketing has made digital marketing a piece of cake. They have professional marketing experts for every project. Their objective is to help the client by any means possible. The company is a gold member of Hubspot, Terminus Partner, Data Box Certified Partner, Hubspot Partner Advisory Council Member, Google Partner, and many more branded partners. The digital marketing services in India has also won some awards like B2B Advertising and Marketing Agency in India by Clutch and many more. They also provide services like account-based marketing, inbound marketing, Martech Solutions, Hubspot Management, White Label Marketing Services, and many more.

Wild Creek Web Studio

Wild Creek Web Studio is the top online marketing experts

Wild Creek Web Studio is the best online marketing company established in the year 2003.  With 17 years of experience, the company is driving 100+ brands towards growth. They have experienced projects of over 1000 clients and the customers’ satisfaction level is 99%. They have worked with clients like Aparna Avinasiappan, UrbanPro.com, Databyte, and many more. This top digital marketing experts provide services like digital presence, digital performance, digital reputation management, digital empowerment, and many more. 


Oxedent is the top online marketing experts

Oxedent is an online marketing experts established to make companies grow with the least cost. Services they provide are Google Ads, Google Shopping, Paid Social, PPC Management, and White Lable PPC. They give proper guidance to their clients about their marketing strategies. They have handled over 250 clients and saved over $150k budget. This top online marketing agency has a dedicated in house team with no priority clients. Oxedent is a Google certified partner. Some of their clients are acorn and pip, Grayfords, Rever Stone, Boy London, and many more. Apart from India the company also has offices in the UK and the US.


shootorders is the best online marketing experts

ShootOrder is a top digital marketing company in Hyderabad, India, and is founded in 2013. In its 7 years of experience, it had handled various successful projects. Their approach towards digital marketing is to attract the users, engage and interact with them, and delight them with various techniques, and believe it or not this technique never goes wrong. The digital marketing company deals with top digital marketing services in India like SEO, Content Marketing, PPC Advertising, Social  Media, Landing Page Optimization, Data Analytics, etc. ShootOrder has over 300 clients across the globe who never goes unsatisfied.

Godot Media

Godotmedia is the best digital marketing experts

Godot Media is the best digital marketing experts in content writing. It has over 1000 happy and satisfied clients. It deals with services such as Content Marketing, SEO, Blogs, Copywriting, Social Media, Product Description. One of the best digital marketing services in India has affordable packages for every service they provide and also offers a discount on your first service or order. They have worked with clients like Ezbob, ProvPlan, Shaw, Marketstomper, Black Glass, and many more. You can see the samples of their work on their website and also contact them with a simple form provided on their site as well.


Inovies is the best online marketing experts

Inovies is the best web development and marketing agency in India. It is basically a mobile application development company. The company has over 11 years of experience and has worked with over 700 clients. Inovies has also won as many as 15+ prestigious awards like the top agency 2020 by Clutch and more. The company is partnering with some renowned personalities of the world like Google Cloud, Google Web Designer, NASSCOM members, IMA, IWA, and Google. The top digital marketing company has branches in Dubai also. Inovies are providing services like SEO, SMM, Content marketing, Email Marketing, PPC, and many more development and marketing services.

SEO Experts India

SEO Experts is the best online experts in india

Seo Experts India is a top digital marketing agency for marketing solutions. Their motto is to grow their client’s online performance. The company also gives a free SEO audit for your company. SEO Experts India is the best digital marketing agency that provides various services like SEO, PPC, Online Reputation Management, Link Building, SMM, and many more. The company also gives you a free proposal for your business success. The company is 7 years old with a set of skilled professionals. These top SEO Experts in India provide performance trackers and win the hearts of 98% of clients. SEO Experts India does not make a hole in your pocket, their prices are budget-friendly yet give proven results

SERP Wizard

serpwizard is the best digital marketing agency

SERP Wizard has obtained the top b2b companies India award by Clutch. The company gives free SEO audits to its clients. Some of the services that this best online marketing agency provides are Search Optimization, SMM, PPC Advertising, Web Design and Development, and many more. It provides White Label Online Marketing Services. This is the top digital marketing services in India has worked with some of the best client companies around the globe such as Match Plug, Cash for UK Homes, That’s Italian, and many more. The company has delivered about 2k projects with 600 satisfied customers and is currently handling over 400 projects.

Cibirix: Rise Digitally

Cibirix is the best digital experts

Cibirix is the best digital marketing agency based in the US that has a branch office in India and UAE. The main objective of this company is to raise its client’s business digitally.  Cibirix is an excellent, dedicated company and a very good choice for collaboration. The services that are provided by the top digital marketing companies in India have services that they are providing include online marketing, SEO, SMM, creative marketing strategy, content marketing services, UX-UI, and many more. The company is a certified Bing and Google Partner. The company also give 24*7 support to its clients for their satisfaction.

WebGuruz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Webguruz is the best digital marketing agency in india

WebGuruz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a digital marketing agency that was launched in the year 2008 and established an office in the UK in the year 2009. The company has worked with some of the reputed names like The Studio, Frog Street, RJR Assist, and many more. After some years of hard work, they established an office in Australia and the USA also.  And what can I say about their services, just think of whatever you want from an online marketing agency, it has all of those features be it SEO, SMM, SMO, web development, mobile app development, software testing, and many more.

ATop Digital

atopdigital is the best online marketing agency in india

ATop is one of the top Digital marketing companies in India that is here to change the digital world. They help companies by bringing their experience to life, by utilizing its experience to help achieve the goal of the company. They build creative strategies and use the latest technologies to complete any project. They have an office in the US also apart from India. They provide services like digital marketing, amazon marketing, content writing, web designing, web development, branding services, and much more. The logo of this top digital marketing experts in India is to stay on top and that’s what they feel for their clients such as Micromax, Disney princess, Roland, quarry, walker law, HDFC home loans, and many more reputes brands. Contact them by filling a simple form provided on their website.

SEO Expert Company India

Seoexperts is the top online marketing agency

Yes, you read that right SEO Expert Company India is very much different from the company SEO Experts India written above. SEO Experts is the Best Digital Marketing Company and promises to give 10 times more results with their SEO expertise. You can boost your traffic, earn a high ranking, and drive sales from it. They provide services like a website SEO audit, keyword research, competitors research, on-page SEO optimization,  off-page optimization, and link building, search engine optimization, and tracking. The top digital marketing companies in India is a trusted Google partner, Google adword partner, and google analytics partner. The company has won the position in the list of best SEO companies in India 2019. With over 9 years of experience, the company is ready to serve you 24×7.


Olbuz is the top digital marketing agency in india

OLBUZ is a top online marketing company in India. The company has 13 years of experience and is partnering with some of the most reputed brands like Bing, Facebook, Google, Good Firms, and many more. Some of the services provided by the company are mobile app development, best digital marketing services in India, technical solutions, creative services, etc. This digital marketing experts give free website consultation to ita customers and service industries like fashion, healthcare, travel, automobile, and saas product. It has worked with clients like DigiFloor, Hire Fitness, Refer News, Devonshire Caldwell, and many more in and outside the country. It has offices in India and Japan. 


webfx is the online marketing agency

WebFX is the best digital marketing services in India. It is a certified Google partner, millennials partner, Facebook marketing partner, and many more. It provides services that can be categorized as SEO, brand pricing, marketplace pricing with many subcategories. Also, the digital marketing company is good at content and analytics like content pricing, email pricing, and much more. The company has won many awards over the years, some of them are best workplaces for commuters, Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies, horizon distinguished agency,  the business of the year, and many more. You can contact them by simply filling the provided form or by calling them.


Webchoice Infotech is the top online marketing experts

WebChoice is a top digital marketing experts that provides a custom solution for your problems. Services offered by them in digital marketing are SEO, advertising, affiliate marketing,  email marketing,  social media marketing, and many more. Some of their happy clients are Nutri agro, AED, connecting dreams foundation, Delhi visit, and many more. The companies main objective is to serve its clients unconditionally. This online marketing company has dedicated employees for 24*7 customer support. 

AMR Softec

amrsoftec is the top digital marketing experts

AMR Softec is an online marketing experts that has innovative ideas and the best technologies to fulfill the needs of clients. They are well experienced and has all the expertise to perform there task well and drive better results. They serve industries like banking, education, health care, outdoor activities,  food tech, on-demand solutions, and many such industries. The company has already delivered over 1000 projects with a more than 90% satisfaction rate in its 10 years of doing business. One of the best digital marketing companies in India has more than 50 professional team members. Some of their well-known clients are eTeacher, HTK Academy, Bosveld Inc., clearrs, and many more.

Mandy Web Design

mandywebdesign is the best digital marketing agency in india

Mandy web design is a well known digital marketing experts in the industry. The company always focuses on growing its client’s business. The company provides various services like web design, web development, eCommerce, mobile applications, and digital marketing. Some of their best projects are Orchids International, Atlanticon, OLAWALE, Dad-in-Paws, and many more. With much experience and a team of dedicated and committed employees, Mandy Web Designing agency will soon overtake these biggies.


There are many Top Digital Marketing Company in India offering the best work for the cheapest price. They are all good at their work and almost every agency is handling foreign projects but be very careful when choosing the right company for your business growth. But, let me tell you that whatever your decision is please do let me know which of these Top 40 Digital Marketing Company in India (updated July) is on your list in 2020.

Digital Marketing Jobs, Skills, & Experts in High Demand 2020

Digital Marketing Jobs, Skills, & Experts in High Demand 2020

There is no refuting the reality that digital marketing remains currently a very profitable industry in this modern world in which we are living. And if you just possess a laptop or a computer simultaneously with a reliable internet connection, also there will not certainly be any kind of limit to the obligations that you will be proficient in achieving. Additionally, earning money has never been easier so if you want to earn online so you can start working as a digital marketer because digital marketing jobs are in Demand. You possess the ability to reach millions of people in a few seconds. Also, Digital marketing professionals continue working their best to comprehend numerous perspectives, that are connected by digital marketing. Furthermore, the purpose behind it signifies that digital marketing exists unquestionably a tremendous demand you can say that digital marketing demand is increasing in the market.

When a brand is involved in expanding their business efficiently as well as drastically, then digital marketing remains the approach to proceed. Digital marketing indicates marketing by exerting the help of the numerous digital channels, that include, social media platforms, applications, websites, blogs as well as emails. This is effective for assisting the combination of the specific audience, generates useful leads, moreover most importantly, assists in making profits. With the guidance of digital marketing, you can improve your client base, target potential customers, generate authentic branding as well as maintain a prominent presence on social media platforms. You must have a good knowledge regarding the Top digital marketing job and skillsets of digital marketing are in high demand in 2020 by this you can concede your industry to proceed ahead.

Let’s know Regarding Some Digital Marketing Jobs and skills that Are In Extremely High Demand.

1. SEO Specialist or Analyst

This is not an astonishment that the Search Engine Optimisation signifies the most valuable skill, which remains on the top of the list of digital marketing skills. Most of the people believe that the SEO is entirely dead, however, this is not true. When we glance at the present situation, SEO remains even more significant nowadays. Every SEO Expert possesses immensely significant roles to engage in every industry.

The Search Engine Optimization skills accommodate in raising the overall searchability as well as visibility of any websites, however, it is essential for various other purposes as competently.
SEO benefits in building trust & credibility: The purpose of the skilled as well as qualified SEO experts in digital marketing career remains to analyze moreover establish very strong support for any demanding business website, including an efficient and reliable user experience, that can be found efficiently.

Conventional Search Engine Optimisation comprises perfect user experience: Every brand needs maximum visibility and organic ranking so that’s why digital marketing demand is high. And the most maximum of them does not estimate the optimal participation of specific users. And Google has begun rendering both the favorable as well as unfavorable user experience, furthermore, consequently, it is very necessary to take responsibility for the significant success of your website by improving the specific experience of specific users. Quality SEO remains effective for combining the most reliable possible user experience moreover consequently leverages it towards a specific brand.

And before you continue to step in the shoes of SEO experts, you are required to Acquire SEO Course moreover the distinct roles as well as duties that they possess and apart from SEO u can also apply for a digital marketing job if you have sufficient skills or knowledge of digital marketing course.

Every SEO expert knows the two distinct Optimization methods, which include on-page and off-page Optimization.
They are proficient in analyzing the specific goal of the customer moreover composing the digital marketing strategy in detail.
They require to accomplish a precise budget that is allotted by the customer.

The main role of every SEO expert signifies managing the numerous marketing ventures as well as supervising the specific content development team to create content that is SEO friendly which is the most important part of a digital marketing skills.

And you require to have a conception of the SEO Analyst Skills and if you are truly interested in particular SEO executive jobs subsequently you have finished your studies. The SEO Analyst possesses developed as one highest-paying skill sets in Digital Marketing signifies about 45k in any multinational companies moreover 20k in the numerous different companies.

2. Social Media Specialist

When you will simply finish your studies, this is a great approach to acquire social media marketing skills its the important part of digital marketing carrer if you want to work in the branding field. Each social media platform remains a powerful medium when the current world of marketing is estimated. Over many years, the social media platforms have accomplished to grow remarkably fast furthermore it is not proceeding to decrease down anytime presently. This has been perceived that nearly one-third of this total population signifies using one or significant other variety of the social networking program

  • All social media programs have been effective in supporting companies in several methods.
  • Social media accommodates in expanding the information regarding your business.
  • This is remarkably cost-effective.
  • With social media, you will be capable of determining your target audience efficiently.
  • Social media remains capable of relinquishing diverse ages as well as demographics.
  • And if you want to become one Social Media Analyst, then you necessitate understanding about specific roles as well as responsibilities of the social media analysts.
  • Social media analysts are responsible for managing the online presence of any business or brand on social networking platforms.
  • They assist in improving the exposure of businesses.
  • They also assist in creating brand awareness of the business or brand.

Many of the learners have a query to know how much one social media analyst earns? They can begin from 25k-30k per month moreover with experience, they may begin making 50-60k per month or above.

3. PPC Specialist

One of the most essential skills that are continuing high demand considerably remains PPC marketing. Many businesses have been thriving in creating a high quantity of revenue including the assistant of paid advertising. One only obstacle that they encounter implies that they don’t oughta a precise plan for how they should allot the money, to assure that it is proficient in making an extremely high return on investment. That is specifically where the PPC marketing remains effective for moving in moreover the position of specific PPC Specialist begins.

PPC assists businesses in the following methods.

  • Specific businesses are persisting to grow fast as well as measurable outcomes.
  • They can easily reach the relevant audience.
  • Also, they assist in building specific recognition of any specific brands.
  • And if you need to Acquire PPC Course Training, then you are required to know regarding the roles as well as all the responsibilities that remain associated. Provided below comprises some of the duties of specific Pay per click Specialist.
  • They are required to plan as well as predict the PPC campaigns for creating data-driven conclusions.
  • They are capable of managing, understanding as well as supporting the numerous initiatives, that are accountable for committing to the progress as well as purposes of the consumer campaigns.

Every PPC specialist salary remains reliant on specific expertise that the person has accumulated in this meticulous field. PPC specialist roles allow some of the specific highest paying salaries in Digital Marketing therefore, you can begin by 20K-25K moreover it can proceed up to 40K-50k every month. Also, you can perceive several articles that are provided on the internet approaching how to become a successful PPC Specialist.

4. Ad Campaign Manager

We can not deny this fact that the advertising remains the most significant task for setting a distinct product or services within the business moreover reaching specific potential customers informed of specific products or business. To expand the awareness of your brand or services, the businesses must drive the advertisement campaigns for their business.

And Search Engine Optimization has a tremendous role in all advertisement campaigns. Also if you are engrossed in grasping why any advertisement campaign remains necessary, then you necessitate understanding that it benefits in overwhelming the products or services in front of the possible consumers. Learners who are engrossed in becoming a qualified Google Ads Campaign Specialist need certifications from any specific reputed institute.

Every precise campaign specialist is capable of handling the implementation of specific marketing campaigns, operating within a particular specified budget as well as delivers proper reports of significant consequences of every advertisement campaign. Learners can additionally become one qualified Linkedin Campaign manager, moreover, accomplish the numerous ad campaigns.

Also, you can Learn Facebook ads, as it will help in assuring that your salary scale raises. The specific annual salary of each ad campaign manager signifies about 5 lacs or more.

5. Email Marketing Specialist

When your email list signifies extensive also you have a precise approach essentially to how to leverage that tremendous list, this is reasonable that you will be capable to make tremendous merits of the earning without begetting to work hard. And this is the reason why learners can choose for a profession in the email marketing field. They require to understand the numerous Email marketing tools because it will become more lenient for them to progress.

Possessing Email marketing skills remains critical as it moves much more productively in connection through social media marketing, uniquely for getting customers. This is cost-effective as well as efficient for an appropriate business. You will additionally have the possibility of customizing moreover personalizing everything as per your preference. Furthermore, the outcomes that you are performing to make are additionally working to be measured. Preferring Best email marketing programs remains important to perceive the desired outcomes.

Email marketer likewise a profoundly paid digital marketing place in this world, this is essential to have a conception regarding the roles as well as responsibilities which you are going to own. You require to distinguish your target audience moreover grow a specific email list. You need to improve specific emails moreover check all the spelling as well as grammar errors. And you require to assure templates that signify mobile friendly. A perfect Email marketing strategy will assure that the business is progressing towards progress.

By the conventional experience as well as skills, the pay scale of an email marketer begins from 20 k per month furthermore it is persisting to relinquish 35k-40k month by the experience. You just require to Acquire email marketing from any reputed institute.

6. Mobile Marketing

You can not neglect mobile marketing moreover the various advantages that it holds. This is right that you will be capable of recognizing various similarities within mobile marketing as well as desktop marketing, however, the amount of diversity is additionally going to astonish you.

And if you want to become an expert in mobile marketing after completing your studies, Furthermore, you cannot overlook the various Advantages of mobile marketing.

The mobile marketing signifies being capable of reaching a wider market as there exists no geographical limitation anymore.

Prompt outcomes can be accomplished quickly as specific marketing messages could be sent out spontaneously.

Mobile marketing gives accessibility as it is basic as well as easy.

The specific response of particular users can be easily tracked spontaneously.

A perfect Mobile marketing strategy signifies continuing to be very useful for businesses. Mobile marketing analytics in India remains presently the most profitable career opportunities as well as you have to comprehend the duties that you will have to manage as one mobile marketing manager. As they have to accompany market analysis, target potential consumers, also develop strategic ideas for the complete business.

Learners who are engrossed in this profession often admire How to make mobile marketing accomplishments. To make their online presence in the industry, Therefore they need to enroll themselves into specific recognized digital marketing institutes. Also, Mobile marketers signify a high-paying job profession with a significant yearly salary of is 3.5 lacs moreover by experience, a significant pay scale may increase annually up to 7 lacs.

7. Content Marketing Specialist/Manager

As you all have heard that the content remains the king of every online marketing perspective. We are in a time where the information about the business is an extremely essential component of any business strategy. If the business does not have precise content, then it is going extremely hard to gain potential customers. A perfect content marketing strategy signifies effective for bringing more customers towards the brand. Each content manager is liable for specific content management for any particular business.

And if you desire to be an expert content marketing manager after completing your studies, then you first require to understand what are the advantages of content marketing? It has many advantages that you should understand regarding.

It benefits in driving conversions for your business.

It benefits by bringing more increased traffic to the website.

It will build awareness through valuable content, which is used to engage the target customers.

Businesses can make usage of the quality content for training their customers.

Content marketing strategy requires to be devised in a very careful way. Specific roles as well as responsibilities of specific content marketing managers include formulating content that customers require, distributing content on the different social media platforms, and estimating the response of specific content marketing ventures. Content marketing managers are additionally responsible for choosing Professional content writers. And the salary of the content marketing managers begins from 25K per month or increase by experience.

8. Online Reputation Manager

It is also a profitable career choice. As an online reputation manager remains responsible for managing the specific reputation of a particular business online. Through any crisis in an urgency condition, the online reputation manager remains liable for assuring that the reputation of a specific company endures intact. This is essential that you possess information regarding all the Online reputation management tools concerning efficient reputation management.

Also, you require to understand the Consequence of the online reputation management professions before you are probing more profound into the tasks moreover reliability of a significant reputation manager.

Specific roles, as well as duties of the online reputation manager, involve:

Building online press rooms.

Leveraging specific multimedia content.

Useful blogger outreach.

Improving the reputation of the specific business.

Estimating the success of a specific business blog.

A conventional online reputation management plan signifies needed to exceed the range of online reputation management. The exceptional salary of one online reputation manager is up to 20k per month and increases by experience.

9. Google Analytics

Various businesses signify utilizing Google analytics concerning analyzing the way in which they will be able to make usage of specific relevant data. Also the Google analytics benefits in estimating the complete business method. The significant business will perceive the possibility of joining several online and also offline experiences. Furthermore, Google analytics assists in automating specific reports of the consumers. That can quickly estimate all the reasons for every business as well as presents a chance concerning data visualization. The specific salary package of a Google analytics specialist differs considerably on the base of specific skills of the people.

Ultimate Conclusion

This is important for the learners who are engrossed in the digital marketing profit acquaintance regarding the numerous advantages that it possesses on the companies moreover Acquire digital marketing skills respectively. The digital marketing career completion is performing to be enormous because it is not running to be slowed down anytime promptly. To make your career extremely successful you just need to join a reputed digital marketing institute where you will be able to clarify your all digital marketing skills promptly!

25 Best SEO Ranking Tools in 2020 that every Marketer should use

25 Best SEO Ranking Tools in 2020 that every Marketer should use

Before we go on to these Free SEO tools, let us first know What exactly is SEO? Or Search Engine Optimization. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic on a particular website and webpage by making sure that the website is ranking 1st or somewhere on the 1st search engine result page. You can do SEO organically, and that will also give you significant results, but you can go for paid SEO again if you want.

There are two types of SEOs. The first one is On-Page, and the second is Off-Page SEO. It’s all about finding and putting relevant keywords in your articles and posts or whatever you are giving users to read so that you can rank first in the search engine result page. It is done on particular webpages or HTML source code of that webpage and not on the whole website. But Off-Page SEO is different from that of On-Page. It’s all about doing things away from your website for its better ranking. Some people see Off-Page SEO only as link building but believe me; it is far more than that.

For those of you who don’t know what SERP(Search Engine Result Page) means, let me tell you it is nothing but the first page of Google/Yahoo/Bing/others you see when you search for anything browser.

Then the answer is everyone. Yes, you read it right. Everyone who is/wants to promote one’s business or even oneself should use SEO weather On-Page, or Off-Page doesn’t matter. SEO can increase your website traffic with the least expenses imaginable.

You see, SEO is essential for any website to get a good rank in Google, and for that reason, many companies have come up with different tools that help us in doing SEO for any website. Some tools are Paid while some are Free, but they all work only to bring you on top of the Search Engine Result Page. Here, I bring you 25 Best SEO Ranking Tools out of the rest, which will help you improve your website’s ranking. Below are the list of Best Free SEO tools to improve your ranking organically on the search engines.

Answer The Public

Answer the Public

Did you know that over 3 billion people search on Google every day? And out of those 3 billion searches, 20% has never been seen before. Answer The Public helps us to know what these 3 billion searches are all about? It is a multilingual SEO ranking tool that allows you to understand your target users better. Whoever they are or wherever they are? It doesn’t matter. This Best SEO Ranking tool will help you with every topic possible. It gives you raw data without any filtrations to get to know your users in there own unique way and not how companies want you to. Every month more than 20K companies are growing there target users and potential sales with Answer The Public like Bottle, Precision Marketing Group, First, Noisy Little Monkey, Marketing Profs, and many more successful enterprises. Answer The Public SEO Ranking Tool also allows you to know that in what unique ways people are searching for your keywords. You don’t have to depend on your gut-feeling for this that will save you time. You can try this best SEO ranking tool for free just by signing up on it, or you can choose there a month or annual plans. The company also have an education package for there month and annual package subscribers. So do try this excellent SEO ranking Answer The Public Tool.

Woorank’s SEO & Website Analysis Tool


Woorank is an SEO ranking tool for website analysis. We can easily audit our website’s SEO instantly. You can track your website’s visitors’ searches and make decisions accordingly without wasting much time and effort. You can increase the site’s visibility many times after using Woorank’s SEO and website analysis tools. With Woorank in hand, you not only keep your existing users but also attract new ones. It helps you track your competitor’s keywords and strategy so that you can keep up with your competitor’s pace and even ahead of it. The company gives you more time to be productive by handling your SEO for you and that very professionally. This top SEO Ranking tool not only allows you to know competitive keywords but also gives you insight into your faults that are stopping you from ranking. Woorank has worked with some major brands like Google Partner, Majestic, Word Lift, and more. You can get full access to Woorank’s SEO tool for half a month without any limitations.

Moreover, you can get this multilingual SEO ranking tool by paying monthly or yearly for there pro and premium versions. You have to contact their sales team to get the custom price specifically for you for their enterprise version. So what are you waiting for? Try it today.

Animalz Revive

Animalz Revive

Animalz Revive provides you with data on your old posts making your website slow in the digital competition. Animalz Revive SEO ranking tool analyzes your website’s data and tells you which positions need to be refreshed. The company does this by Accessing your website’s Google Analytics. This is how it works: the first step is to authenticate your google analytics accounts, the second step is to analyze the website’s data, and the third one is that they will tell you which webpages needs some further adjustments. Now you must be thinking why they need to access your google analytics? This is because they use a specific algorithm to study your data and the latest trends and compare them to give you the best result. Yes, it’s free. Moreover, Animalz Revive even email you the report to share it with your team without wasting time writing down the main points. You can always contact their New York Based office through a mail id provided on the website for any other questions.


Can I Rank

CanIRank is the top SEO ranking tool that gives you not just data to look at but action to follow. It offers DIY solutions for every problem. It helps your website to gain a good rank in Google. They tell you the existing positions of your pages, why exactly are they there? Deliver results for getting a high position quickly, but that’s not all; the company also helps you by providing the latest contents ideas and trends. This fantastic SEO ranking tool is also free for some specific numbers of keywords or links opportunities, or you can try their packages for individuals, PRO, and agency. The company has other services like Link Building, Keyword Research, computer analysis, and keyword difficulty. CanIRank ranking tool has also been featured in some of the leading newspapers and magazines like Forbes, Search Engine Roundtable, Market Watch, and many more. So do try out this fantastic Seo Ranking Tool.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile Friendly test

Nowadays, all peoples are using mobile for everything possible. The reason for that is people don’t have time, and they have to put up with this fast-changing world. They have to do everything on the go, and the best device to use on the go is your smartphone. That is why companies have to take extra care to make their websites mobile-friendly to reach global customers and increase sales. So Google has taken this initiative to make it easy for companies. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test is a super easy SEO Ranking Tool that tells us whether our website is mobile-friendly or not. It is effortless to use, go to the website of Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, write the website URL in the given column, and click the button “Test URL.” After analyzing our website for a few seconds, it tells us whether our site is mobile-friendly or not and what other error it shows. Moreover, it gives a screenshot of our website on the phone and its HTML coding to know what exactly the problem is?

Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords helps us in finding the keywords directly from our customers. It is one of the best SEO ranking tools that give us keywords from people we will use it for. It’s done in three easy steps. Just create a scenario for all your queries and provide the URL made entirely for this purpose to your contacts and ask them to fill out keywords that they will use for searching a particular topic and then just sit back and relax and see your seed keyword list going up. This excellent SEO ranking tool is created by a UK based marketing agency Red Evolution. This tool is a part of the keyword research activity. Through Seed Keyword, you can get some fantastic ideas for which you have to appoint a research analyst to do the job. And the best part of it you need to know is? This easy to use ranking tool is free. Also, No Need to worry about how to use it? The company has given a well-defined tutorial on the website that helps you with everything. Do check it out.

Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics

“Exploding Topics” as the name suggest, this SEO ranking tool provides topics on different categories before they take off. It helps us to know the trending topics of our category even before it starts getting trendy. This is important today because any good topic gets trending very fast and gets user’s and creators’ attention. That is why it isn’t easy to rank #1 in google, whether our article is much better than that of the others. It just gets lost in that crowd. Companies want to write on topics that will take off in a pretty aggressive way to avoid that. Exploding Topics does this by analyzing millions of searches around the globe. Their world-class algorithm identifies the topics that are still to take-off.



As the name suggests, Seobility is the all in one SEO ranking tool used by every marketer. It helps us in crawling and auditing websites. This all in one SEO ranking solution tool gives you daily updates of Google Rank Tracker that helps you if your rank drops even a bit. This is also an excellent tool for building links and checking it regularly, which allows you to put spams on your website under control. With Seobility in hand, you can continuously monitor and get white label reporting simultaneously. You can easily optimize your website using this online ranking tool. You can even try this tool for free before purchasing it, and it gives free access to all its tool for a single web page without even signing or registering. Some of its happy customers worldwide are Samsung, WWF, TargoBank, and many more reputable brands. The company even has different prices and packages. You can sign up and use this for a single domain or free, or you can take their premium or agency package and use this SEO ranking tool for as many as 15 domains.



BrowSEO is like a new browser, specifically for SEO. This web app SEO ranking tool allows you to view your site pages without getting distracted by its style. It reduces your efforts to search relevant SEO parts on your site by highlighting them. Just enter your webpage or domain address. Browseo’s primary focus is on original HTML pages, as seen by the search engines. By giving simple commands, you can very easily understand your page’s structure and relevance of specific parts. BrowSEO’s new update has made your job even more comfortable, and now you can download essential data of the current session in excel format. Do try out this excellent SEO ranking tool to understand your site better.



This SEO ranking tool Detailed.com gives you the SEO insights to make better decisions for your online business. The company has been featured in some major newspapers and magazines, such as Forbes, Bloomberg, the Guardian, and many more. They got you SEO keywords of companies like Amazon, IBM, and Cisco before releasing it to the public. Moreover, companies like Hubspot, Buffer, Entrepreneur, and more help from this SEO ranking tool for its SEO ranking. You can even subscribe to this SEO tool by giving your email id for their private newsletter. And trust me when I say this, they will only send two emails in a month with no ADs or affiliate links. The company even has many different categories to choose keywords from.

Google Search Console

Search Console

Google Search Console is everything you need to rank your website on Google. It is the best web servicing tool provided by Google. It tells you everything you want to know about your website or a particular page on your website just by giving the URL of the website or webpage and connecting it by Google Search Console. It helps webmasters in inspecting the website’s indexing status. This SEO ranking tool also helps your website enhance its visibility by optimizing the website according to the latest trends. This service by Google is free. In simple terms, you can say that it helps you in seeing your website just the way Google sees it. There is also a help section that can help you with your problems while using Google Search Console.



SERPerator is an SEO ranking tool by MobileMoxie. With the help of SERPerator, you can check Google Mobile Ranking. You can check keywords for SEO ranking and even check local SEO to optimize your website for local use. This is important as more and more individuals are now using mobile phones more than laptops or desktops. And with SERPerator in hand, you can see ranking through a particular address or ZIP code rather than just by state or area. This is not all; you also have the power to examine the ranking by specific mobile phones.

Moreover, it is also convenient for faraway locations, whether a different state of the country. With SERPerator, you get everything in one place. Additionally, as a cherry on top, you can use it free for up to 3 times per month, or you can have a free seven day trial of SERPerator and one more tool by mobile moxie just by registering with it.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is the Best search marketing Company for SEO ranking. It has developed some of the vital SEO ranking tools such as website crawler and log file analyzer. Screaming Frog Offers many essential services like social media marketing, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, PPC management, social media marketing, content marketing, and whatnot. The company has also developed SEO spider software trusted by many worldwide for a technical SEO audit. And the best part is that you can download it for free or buy a license for added features. It also helps enterprises make search strategies for every enterprise, be it small businesses, medium enterprises, or large scale enterprises. They have a team of experts working 24*7 for providing world-class services facilities. This SEO ranking company has worked with some prominent Nuffield Health, Shazam, DogBuddy, Anthony Nolan, and many more. The company also continuously writes blogs for announcements and information. Try out this fantastic SEO ranking tool used by experts in 2020.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a free toolset that helps you in making purposeful decisions. With Google Analytics in hand, In One Place, you can analyze all website data on the Single platform. It allows you to understand your website and applications users better while checking your marketing, products, and much more. You can say your website’s complete information. Moreover, everyone knows that Google is the best search engine in most countries, so the insights google can give no one else. Therefore you are almost guaranteed to be successful. And to make things much more useful, Google Analytics works with Google Advertising and publishing products and uses insights to deliver results. You can even start it for free without login into your account.



Keys4Up is the one-step solution for keyword research. You can find keywords related to almost every topic. In turn, this helps you with writing more relevant content that, in turn, helps you with achieving even higher ranking on Google or other search engines. Now let me make the working of Keys4Up simple for you. This SEO ranking tool comes in use after you have found the main keyword related to your topic. Then you can search for related keywords for the topic and write useful content. Writing the primary keyword in the Keys4Up search bar gives you a list of its associated keywords. Then select the words and export a CSV file. This fantastic SEO ranking tool also tells you the number of times you should use a particular keyword. Isn’t that fantastic! Now you are ready to break the ice between you and your users with your SEO friendly content. You can use this ranking tool for free without registration up to an extent but have to register yourself for better optimization. The best part of this tool is that it is multilingual that helps you write content in different languages.

Yoast WordPress Plugin


Although Yoast is much more than just WordPress Plugin, for now, let’s talk about the Yoast WordPress Plugin for SEO ranking. The Yoast helps you get more users from google and bing, form different social media platforms, and increase user interaction on your website. You have the option to use Yoast SEO for free or can get Yoast SEO premium for a considerable price and additional features. Now let us look at the markers you get for free. Well, there is not much to tell; you can only optimize keywords, phrases, synonyms, or other related words in the free version. Still, if you talk about the premium version, then there is nothing that you can not do with this all-round SEO ranking tool. What else can I say? Just see for yourself by going on the website how fantastic is this SEO ranking tool.

Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer

Moz link explorer is the only efficient backlink and domain, authority checker. With the Moz SEO ranking tool, you can also check your competitor’s backlinks and domain authority. You just need to enter the URL to check domain authority and backlinks. After completing the account, Moz will send you a verification email. Don’t worry, Moz never leeks your personal information. Now you are all set to see the detailed analysis you get for the given URL and much more useful information. You can even examine the links of your competitors and build your connections accordingly. You can check the broken links of your website. Moz SEO ranking services include many other services such as spam score checker, link building opportunities, lost link searchers, anchor text analyses, and many more. Moz SEO ranking link explorer tool help is trusted by millions all over the world.



Wordtracker.com is the keyword research tool for your market. This SEO ranking tool does market research for new and fresh keywords instead of keyword research. You can easily take competitors’ keywords, SEO insights, and whatnot. This SEO ranking company also claims to be better than Google Keyword Planner in some significant aspects. You can get more than 10K keywords for every search that will surely enhance your visibility on Google and other platforms. The company has been featured in some of the leading newspapers, magazines, and other media houses like Inc., Search Engine Land, Site Pro News, and many more. You can try this SEO ranking tool for free for some time; after that, you have to purchase a paid version of this trendy SEO ranking tool.



Lipperhey analyses your overall performance of the website. It examines the visibility, quality, and performance of your online store. This SEO tool has many free of cost services like website analysis, backlink checker, SEO analytics, keyword suggestions, and many more. You can say that overall they are free SEO services with no credit card information needed. Just sign up, and start access your account. But the company also has various paid plans with extra features. Now, how exactly does it work? This online ranking tool first analyzes your website on popularity and SEO content aspect. After the in-depth analysis is done, Lipperhey tells you the kinds of improvements you can opt for, enhancing the website’s conversion rates as a real-time page optimization. If we talk about keywords, Trust me, all your problems will be solved. You can check your and your competitor’s keyword in one go and make decisions accordingly. Then comes the keyword suggestion, and believe me, this SEO ranking tool gives some of the most beautiful keywords. And what can I say about the paid version? It is all you need.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Webmaster by Bing

Bing Webmaster tool helps you to generate more traffic on your website by giving insights into your site. The SEO tool consists mainly of four sections. The first one is the Dashboard, where you can see summarised information about your site. Their reporting tool is; next, it gives you statistics of those areas of your site that generate more traffic to help you decide where to keep your focus on. The third one is the Diagnostic tool that allows you research keywords used by the general public while searching for something. It also tells you the area you need to expand to generate potential customers. The feature I like most is the fourth one that is notification. Come on!much Don’t think that I am stupid. Notification is an essential tool because it tells about the changes that occur instantly. Whether you are using the tool or not doesn’t matter; the notification will reach you and inform you about the changes and updates. With this SEO ranking tool by bing, you can do more than your Imagination. Moreover, if you sign up now, you get a USD 50 worth of advertising credit from Microsoft advertising.



Dareboost is one of the best SEO ranking tools in 2020 that every marketer should use. It helps us to test the website speed, analyze it, and optimize it accordingly. It’s like an internal audit of your website to test the quality. The online ranking tool also gives several tips to optimize your online store. There is no need to install any software or application to analyze your site and test its loading speed; you can easily do it with the Dareboost SEO ranking tool. It also shows the issues related to loading speed. Dareboost also tells you many ways to solve those issues, and the level of priority categorizes those issues and their solutions. Mention the URL of the website you want to use this tool for, and you are all set. This SEO ranking tool will also give you a detailed report on the email you provided just by signing in this incredible online ranking tool. There are many reputed brands that Dareboost for there site such as Domino’s, American Express, homes.com, ad many more.



Siteliner is the SEO ranking tool that lets you explore your website. This tool tells you the key issues and makes it just like the tool we discussed above. The tool tells you about the presence of duplicate content if any, and it’s related domains. The ranking tool means about any broken links. You see, when links get old, and they tend to break due to various reasons.

Moreover, it also tells the power of a particular webpage that helps us give outbound links and earn money. Siteliner also provides a detailed report of the overall performance. You can even use this tool for free with up to 2500 pages per month with some limitations. But if you use a premium version, the page number increases to 25K with no particular restriction. You can sign up for free today to this efficient yet straightforward SEO ranking tool.



Sometimes users don’t just type a short keyword for searches; instead, they type long sentences that include all they need. KWFinder helps you find long-tail keywords with minimum SEO difficulty. This is something I have suffered so much for. And trust me, they sound at there work. This is a multilingual SEO ranking tool that tells the keywords used in different countries. The company has worked with some major brands worldwide, like Airbnb, Alexa, Adidas, and many more. This fantastic SEO ranking tool also gives us details about how difficult or easy a particular keyword is. You can also your competitor’s keywords for which they are ranking. The has over 52k locations keyword access. This over the top online ranking tool has different price strategies like the basic, premium, and the agency one, which you can choose to pay eithe4r monthly or annually.

Varvy SEO Tool

Varvy SEO Tool

Varvy is the only tool you will ever need for SEO ranking. This online ranking tool gives you many different services, such as optimizing speed, user-friendly pages, multidevice sites, content visibility, user map, and whatnot. Varvy SEO tool covers all the main ‘rel’ tags for the bots. The company emphasizes a clear hierarchy that every page should reachable. The company has various tools like google guideline tools, mobile SEO tools, CSS delivery tools, and many more. You can do anything you want with this SEO ranking tool.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar


Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is the only tool that can give you instant SEO information. You can easily download it for free if you are using Chrome or Firefox as your browser. This SEO ranking tool helps your business grow by growing your search traffic, research a competitor, and dominate the internet. There are two main places you can use Ahrefs toolbar, the first is on Google SERP, and the second one is different webpages. You can get keyword data from other countries, so no need to worry if you are looking for overseas users. This keyword research tool is easy to use and gives the result in just one click. The tool also provides consequences of your competitor

‘s SEO that make your job way to easy. It also helps in improving the overall domain health by its various tools.


The market is filled with tons of SEO tools, all guarantees only one thing: your online store’s growth. But, not all tools are best, or relevant, or even worthy of your time. We bought you 25 Best SEO ranking Tools that every marketer should use and must use in 2020 for their website’s SEO development. Do let me know about the tools I referred to. Is it worthy of my reference and your time or not?

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