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Instructors are well-informed, gracious, and excellent Expert Designers . They impart every knowledge flawlessly. This is the best institute overall for learning  design skills. I’ll suggest this Institute as the best Graphic design institute .

Kunal Chauhan

Graphic Designer, Oqua-Nihora

For students looking to enroll in graphic design classes, I suggest DG Royals. Their workforce is well-behaved, and they have qualified trainers. I’m here getting my diploma in Graphic Design. I finished my Graphic design program, and I started working. Thanks DG Royals Team. They are cordial and helpful.


Graphic Designer, The Lalit Hotel

My name is Naveen, and I completed a Graphic Designing Course from DG Royals Institute’s 6-month Master program. And this is Delhi’s top institute. I received my training from Rewati Maam, who is a highly competent and humble individual. In actuality, all of this Institute’s teaching members are helpful.

Naveen Bhist

Graphic Designer, CruzenDigital

In this Graphic Design Institute, teachers who are highly experienced and focus on students’ needs. I’ve had fantastic learning opportunities. Don’t overthink joining DG Royals if you decide to do so. Simply join… I received Amazing design skills which are now helping me in my current job.


Graphic Designer, Additans Digital

I wholeheartedly endorse graphic design for those who desire to pursue careers in the field. I had no prior understanding of graphic design when I first enrolled in this institute’s program, but after beginning the study, I became fully knowledgeable in the field. I should mention that the skills here are actually very high.

Nancy Mehta

Graphic Designer, Growthic

Hi, I completed a Graphic course at the graphic design school in GTB Nagar, Delhi, and I have to say that they are truly excellent teachers and so professional. The graphic design institute has been an excellent experience for me. I would highly recommend this institute. Many thanks, DG Royals

Nidhi Seth

Graphic Designer, ET Creatives

Animation Courses in Pitampura

There are many opportunities for students interested in 2D 3D animation courses in Pitampura to explore, including advanced courses offered via online forums and institutions. The fundamentals of modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, and rendering utilizing well-known programs like Autodesk Maya, Blender, and Cinema 4D are usually covered in these courses. With these applications, novices may begin with the fundamentals and work their way up to more complex methods. Online classes offered by companies likeDG Royals Animation Institute may also be a great way to get started with a 3D animation course in Pitampura.

Learn About 3D Animation Courses in Pitampura

To advance talents, one must engage in specific initiatives and continuous learning. Formal education options for students include digital art or animation programs at universities or specialized art schools. These programs provide in-depth instruction in 3D animation and related subjects that are particularly useful for future employers.


By adding movement and dramatic visual effects animation courses in Pitampura, as well as putting people and ideas to life, animation and motion photography work together powerfully to create visual storytelling. These two are ideal for anything from hilarious instructional films to deep materials since they convince and interestingly convey difficult concepts. This dynamic subject continues to change due to new technologies and techniques, particularly in the animation and motion picture industries. It is versatile and relevant to various sectors such as cinema, television, advertising, and social media. Animation and motion pictures provide a fantastic platform for creative expression and the presentation of unique visions.

Importance of Learning 2D 3D Animation Course in Pitampura
  • Students who take Animation Institute in Pitampura benefit from increased imagination and creativity. Through animation, they learn how to conceptualize and bring ideas to life, which is a useful ability in a variety of industries.
  •  In the current digital era, there is a great need for talented animators in the entertainment, advertising, gaming, and educational sectors. Numerous employment opportunities in these fields are available to those with skills in animation.
  • Students enrolled in 3D animation courses in Pitampura learn how to use industry-standard software tools, which are essential for producing animated content. 
  • These are the necessary technical skills for assignments where knowledge of animation software is needed. 
  • Students can build a great portfolio showing their work with animation courses in Pitampura. Having a strong portfolio is a must to get jobs or internships in the animation industry.
  • Animation studies encompass more than just technical knowledge. Students prepare for collaborative work contexts by honing their communication and cooperation abilities through collaborative project work. 
  • The field itself is always changing, therefore adaptability and creative problem-solving are essential. However, the advantages go even farther. 
  • Students can express themselves through animation, use images with life to create stories, and gain a greater knowledge of how images communicate. 
  • Put simply, learning a Multimedia animation course in Pitampura fosters the development of fundamental thinkers, skilled collaborators, and technical skills. 
Explore the Scopes after Learning 3D animation Course in Pitampura

You’ve watched so many movies where characters, elements, and images come to life through motion. This is what you learn in an animation course in Pitampura. I’ll explain which fields you can get jobs in with these skills and what you’ll need to do in those jobs.


Game Designer-

You will learn how to use software to create believable movement for characters and other objects in 3D animation. Furthermore, the DG Royals for Animation institute in Pitampura will educate you to develop your creativity and ideas.


Digital Artist-

Gain a strong foundation in digital photography and graphic design by becoming proficient with industry-standard programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and ZBrush. Concept art, character design, environmental design, documentary design, and other media are your areas of expertise.


Storyboard Artist-

Make a storyboard that matches the story’s progression to increase the impact of your visual storytelling. Learn how to combine animation with shot composition, camera angles, and character movement. You’ll also get an excellent understanding of cinema syntax and visual language concepts. You will acquire the abilities required to succeed in animation and film art with this complex method.


Cartoon Animator-

You’ll dive into the fundamentals of timing, spacing, and weighting in 2D animation courses in Pitampura to make your characters come to life. These concepts guarantee that your characters are realistic and emotionally charged. After that, you can install top animation software, such as Adobe Animate or Cartoon Bang Harmony, which will enable you to turn your concepts into beautiful animations.


Visual Effects Artist (VFX)-

Have faith in your inner VFX pro! With the help of our service, you may produce amazing graphics for movies, TV shows, and video games. We also give the necessary tools. Experts in the field will teach you how to use programs like Maya, Nuke, After Effects, compositing (which is the seamless mix of parts), rotating (which is the process of separating objects from the background), greenscreen keying (which produces a digital environment), and pressure effects with particles (which include fire, smoke, and bombs). Think about it).


2D/3D Animator-

Learn more about the 2D animation courses in Pitampura industry! We thoroughly cover both 2D and 3D animation course in Pitampura. Excellent software like Maya or Blender for 3D and Toon Boom Harmony for 2D will be taught to you. You can make scenarios and characters using this skill. You’ll discover how to give the characters unique personalities, create engaging environments, and enhance the animation with special effects.

List of Top Animation Institute in Pitampura

1 – DG Royals

3D animation involves giving characters and elements lifelike movement, and you will learn to do this using software. Additionally, DG Royals for 3D Animation course institute in Pitampura will provide you with education to enhance your imagination and creativity.

DG Royals, a prominent provider of business technology 3D Animation courses in Pitampura, was founded in 2018. Giving people the tools they need to succeed in the modern workforce is their aim. They provide well-liked courses in web development, graphic design, digital marketing, and 3D animation courses in Pitampura. Their program prepares students for problems they may encounter in the real world by adhering to current industry trends. DG Royals also creates an exciting classroom environment that encourages teamwork on real-world projects and connects curriculum with internships to help students in landing positions in important, international corporations.

Courses Offered

  • ADV. Digital Marketing
  • MST. Digital Marketing
  • ADV. Web Design
  • MST. Web Design
  • ADV. Graphic Design
  • MST. Graphic Design
  • ADV. UI/UX Design
  • MST. UI/UX Design
  • ADV. 3D Animation course in Pitampura
  • MST. 3D Animation course in Pitampura

Contacts Details

Address: 92-94, GTB Nagar,  Delhi 110009.

Contacts no:  +91-8447726000 / +91-8447729000+91-8585959688


2 –  Delhi School of Animation

Delhi School of Animation is a notable animation institute in Pitampura offering a wide range of in 2D and 3D Animation courses in Pitampura, Multimedia, Graphic Design, Web Design, Interior Design, Character Design, Maya, VFX etc. Their goal is to provide a platform where students can develop professional quality animation skills that are worldwide competitive. With its state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty and modern curriculum, the VFX Animation Course in Pitampura ensures a unique and valuable learning experience for aspiring animators.

Courses Offered

  • Graphic Designing Course
  • Video Editing Course
  • 3D Animation Course in Pitampura
  • Visual Effects Course
  • Game Designing Course
  • AR/VR Course
  • Multimedia & Design Courses

Contact Details

Address: Plot no.30 Kailash Enclave, Pitampura, New Delhi


3 – TGC

A division of TGC India, TGC for 3D Animation Institute in Pitampura provides technical and artistic instruction in CAD courses, graphic design, web design, animation, and video editing. Their goal is to provide students in the North Delhi area with the skills they need to pursue a lucrative profession in digital art and design. TGC for 3D Animation Courses in Pitampura is dedicated to enabling students to realize their full potential in creative and digital jobs via the integration of technology and design abilities, and its faculty is passionate about this endeavor.

Courses Offered

  • Multimedia & Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • VFX
  • Multimedia Animation courses
  • Web Pro
  • Graphic Pro

Contact Details

Address:  1st Floor, Kohat Enclave Pitampura, Delhi-110034


4 – MAAC 

For the past twenty-one years, the 3D Animation Institute in Pitampura, Rajouri Garden, and MAAC South Ex have produced above-average talent. Over the years, methods for assisting our students in locating fulfilling jobs have been tried and continuously refined. They are thrilled that students are now earning amazing professions after completing their Multimedia Animation courses in Pitampura and demonstrating incredible accomplishments after being placed. This achievement is a result of multiple student development programs and the faculty’s unwavering dedication to providing excellent instruction by highly qualified and skilled members.

Courses Offered

Contact Details

Address: 352-A, 3rd Floor,  Pitampura, Delhi-34

5 – Arena Animation institute in Pitampura

Since its founding in 1996, Arena Animation has developed into a preeminent center for animation education, providing instruction in graphic design, web design, gaming, visual effects, animation, and more. Their methodology centers on fostering creativity via enthusiastic, skilled educators who mentor kids in refining their artistic vision and bringing their made-up characters to life. Arena Animation is a well-known and highly sought-after professional in the animation and animation sector, with a significant presence in South India.

Courses Offered

  • 3D Animation
  • 2D Animation & Film Making
  • Gaming Course
  • Web Designing
  • Graphic Design

Contact Details

Address: 368, First Floor, Near Kohat Metro Station Delhi


6 – Pepper Animation

Pepper Animation Institute in Pitampura, which was founded in 2015, has made a name for itself in Delhi’s creative education market. provide extensive study programs in multimedia, graphic design, animation, and video editing, and ensure that all of their graduates can secure jobs. The company takes great satisfaction in developing gifted people and turning them into professionals who are prepared for the workforce. The success stories of our alumni, who have prospered in prestigious corporations, from the Animation course in Pitampura to the high level of training and career counselling offered.

Courses Offered

  • Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design And Motion Graphic Course 
  • Diploma In 3D Animation Course in Pitampura
  • Advanced DIploma in  Animation and VFX Prime
  • Advanced Diploma in Animation and VFX Prime With Blender 
  • Advanced Diploma in Multimedia and Web design

Contact Details

Address: F-19/8, 1st & 3rd Floor, Sector 8, Rohini, 


7 – Post Production Institute

Would you like to specialize in videos? You can attain it with the assistance of the Post Production Institute, a movement-based Animation institute in Pitampura located, Delhi. With our courses on industry-standard software, you’ll gain a deeper comprehension of both theoretical and practical aspects of video editing. In addition to learning how to create beautiful graphics from unprocessed film, we also offer classes in CAD, animation, picture editing, and visual effects. Also provide short-term courses on certain software systems if you’re searching for something more specialized, and you can adjust the Animation course in Pitampura  to fit your learning preferences. 

Courses Offered

  • Animation Master
  • Animation Standard
  • Multimedia Master Plus
  • Maya Master

Contact Details

Address: IVth Floor, 9/15, Block C, Sector 7, Rohini, 


8 – Pickles Animation

Their VFX Animation course in Pitampura demonstrates that our selection was the right one and represents our efforts as the top animation Institute in Pitampura. They don’t only create followers; create professionals who can manage any issue in the real business world. They consider themselves to be Delhi’s greatest animation institute in Pitampura for this reason.

Courses Offered

  • 2D Animation course
  • 3DAnimation course
  • AUTOCAD (2 months)
  • BAAP (2.5 Years)
  • SPL.INT/EXT (1 Year)
  • SPL.IN 3D (1 Year)
  • SPL.GAMING (1 Year)

Contact Details

Address: AG-7, near Richi Banquet Hall, Shalimar Bag,

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