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Blogging isn’t as much about writing as you think. It is about creating the right content that motivates and encourages one million lives to profit.

DG Royals as a Guest Blogging club always be ready to publish High-Quality blogs.  We are always ready to help you write for us and share your best knowledge with your blogs in Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Web Development, Interior Designing, Animation, UI/UX Design, and WordPress. 

DG Royals always help the bloggers searching for Guest Blogging sites to share their Unique blogs as Write for us.  

DG Royals publish articles that emphasize relevant events and updates In digital Marketing, interior designing, web designing, graphic designing, web development, animation, UI/UX design, WordPress Landscape.

About DG Royals:

DG Royals is a Digital marketing company specializing in High-End Web, New Media and E-learning services. We DG Royals company is a prominent digital marketing company’s proven command on an excellent and in-depth understanding of digital marketing technology. DG Royals have a successful track record over the last five years. DG Royals is the best Digital Marketing Company In Delhi.

Who we are:

Our Mission

  • With utmost respect of human values and customer requirements DG Royals Company In Delhi respective value of money and provide cost effective and better solution with integrity and high Degree of professionalism.
  • As a Digital marketing Company , development company, web Designing  DG Royals  provide various digital strategies like brand awareness, social media marketing, response website designing and development. 
  • This allows businesses to keep their focus on core processes as well as save on in-house costs of doing those.  Contribution of DG Royals  Work is much appreciated by our Indian & Foreign customers. 
  • As a result, we have customer satisfaction of 98.6 percent! Futuristic Simplified Computing is a team of visionary web designers, professional SEO experts and imaginative graphic designers who can quickly understand your needs and find the best solutions possible.

Write for us / Submit Guest Post

Submit Guest Post or Write for us– Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, WordPress, Interior Designing, UI/UX Designing, Animation, Web Designing, Web Development

Most welcome to those who express their interest in contributing to DG Royals Guest Blog / Write for us / Submit the Guest Post. Please read the following criteria thoroughly before submitting a guest post article for approval. We are looking for more in-depth content that provides satisfactory knowledge to our readers. 

We do love high-quality content that provides satisfactory knowledge to our readers. We are Just Looking for talented and unique writers who will never compromise or accommodate the quality of the content. Because our utmost priority is to provide our readers with the top quality knowledgeable content 

DG Royals is one of the fastest-growing companies that we are pleased to introduce. We have been accepting guest posts for the last three years. As we provide the biggest platform to write for us for the bloggers who want to share the top-notch blog with us all around.

Our eyes are always looking for new and more creative bloggers to join our team and share the best knowledge with us as the guest post / write for us / submit the guest post. 

What are we Looking for ?

We’re looking for a group of young and enthusiastic people to create fascinating and useful articles for our guest blog because DG Royals is a well-known blog in the field of Digital Marketing, Graphic designing, Interior Designing, Web Designing, Web Development, UI / UX Design, Animation, WordPress. 

If you publish high-quality research content and make your title more fascinating and specific, you’ll obtain greater results from guest posts and increase your website traffic.

  • Our readers: Our website receives over 50,000+ monthly page visits from all over the world and that read our blog and get attracted with the blogs.
  • Our Following: We also published your articles on our huge social media networks, assisting you in expanding your expertise and focusing you on new ideas and locations.

Write guest blogs for us about digital marketing, graphic design, interior design, web design, web development, animation, and UI/UX design to become guest writers or write for us or submit the guest post. 

Following are the topics that you Write for Us 

DG Royals have a particular type of readers. So as a guest blogger you make sure of the interest of our readers. We have a list of content ideas that make you understand our interests. And you can write for us as on these topics.

List of Write for us / Submit the Guest Post Topics. 

a) Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, Advanced Digital Marketing Trends, Digital marketing Guides, Tips, and Techniques, Digital Marketing Case Studies, SEO, SMO, SMM, PPC, Email marketing, Google Ads, everything related to digital marketing.

b) Graphic Design

Designing Ideas and Concepts, Font & Shape, Tools and software of graphic designing, photoshop, premiere pro, after effects, Corel draw, InDesign, Illustrator, Maya, 3D Max, Adobe XD etc. and everything related to Graphic designing.

c) UI/UX

UI / UX Tools and Software, UI / UX Designing ideas, UI/UX Design tips and tricks, advantages and disadvantages, importance, and Everything related to UI/UX design.

d) Web Design

What is website design, web design tool, and software, Landing Page, advantages and disadvantages cover every topic on web designing?

e) Web Development 

Coding Tips about web development, HTML, Coding, CSS, Development languages, and everything related to web development.

f) WordPress

Website themes, Website Templates, Plugins, everything about WordPress, Web hosting, Domain.

g) Interior Designing

Interior designing, Home decor, interior decoration, office decor, Autocate, architecture design, interior design tips and tricks, interior decoration ideas, interior designing tools and software, and everything related to interior designing.

h) Animation

VFX, Multimedia Animation, animation software and tools, ideas, tips and tricks, everything related to Animation whether 3D or 2D.

You are always welcome to submit a guest post or write for us on any of the topics listed above. But first, check the guidelines while submitting your guest blog with us.

If you want to contribute to our website we have certain Guidelines to write for us or submit the guest post to attract more visitors.

Do read below guidelines  before submission of the blog.

a)  Quality : 

  • The Quality Content that you are going to submit with us must be  of top notch quality, well-researched and 100% unique or real based. 
  • Avoid any kind of promotion
  • Your Content must be user-friendly
  • Most appreciable if your article contains a real-fact example and case studies.

b) Originality :  

  • Your content must be 100% unique, Plagiarism free content.  
  • Avoid plagiarism in your work to maintain authenticity of the content. 
  • Do provide sources of your information facts. 
  • Before we publish it, All articles are manually checked by us on the paid plagiarism tools.
  • All guest posts should be original and genuine to make sure that your blog post does not appear anywhere on google search.
  • If your blog is 100% plagiarism free then we consider your blog for our website. Because we don’t want to bore readers or provide the copied content to our readers.  

c) Plagiarism Free : 

  • The content should be original and not previously published. 
  • Your article should also be free of grammatical and language problems.

d) Word Limit :

  • We like detailed content so the minimum length of your article should be 1000 words or more than 1000 words.
  • If your content is more than 1500 then we will consider your blog as a guest post. 
  • Less than 1500 word blogs will not be considered. 

e) Choose Topics : 

  • Prior send some 2-3 topics via email so that we will check from them which one we want for you to write for us.

f) Content Format : 

  • Correct formatting makes your content more eye catchy. 
  • So please maintain proper H1, H2, H3, bullet points, italic or bold in your blog.
  • Use Short para of 100-120 words per para to frame your content. Make sure content does not have long paragraphs. 
  • Your content must be user friendly content maintaining proper headings, sub headings, bullets.   

g)  Image :

  • Along with articles it is necessary to provide relevant images, infographics, graphs, with a high proportion that images should not violate copyright. 
  • Our preferred Image size is 710px X 360px  Images should be lightweight (<100kb).

h) Readability : 

  • It is important to make your blog easy to read. 
  • It happens only when you use short paragraphs like 3-4 sentences in each paragraph.

i) Article Removal Request :  

  • Your article will become the sole property of our website once it is published  on our site. 
  • Requests for removal will not be granted.
  • Once your content is published. You can not use that content on other websites. 

j) Links :

  • We only allow one dofollow link per page. 
  • Any affiliate or self-promotional connections should be avoided.

k) Author Bio :

  • Please tell our readers about yourself.
  • You must give the short bio of the author, 50-60 words (may include a link to the company website also). 
  • Thus help our visitor to know more about you.
  • 200px*200px is the size of your image (JPG or PNG format).
  • A short description (around 220 characters).
  • Your Social Handle Links.

You can include a link to your personal brand, company name, or website name. But Links to keywords are not permitted.

To avoid conflict, we will not link your post to a firm; instead, we will represent your post on your behalf because there is only one owner.

Approval Time : If your guest post blog is approved, we’ll send you a confirmation email within 2-3 business days.

What We Don’t Share on our Guest Blog.

a) Irrelevant Content : 

  • We do not accept guest posts or write for us which are out of our website niche. 
  • So please read the above topic in which we deal. 
  • If your guest post topic is from the above list then you will be welcome as a guest blogger for our website.

b) Duplicate content : 

  • Content that is plagiarised will not be accepted. We believe in originality. 
  • If your Content is plagiarism free content then we will consider it as a guest post or write for us. Otherwise you content is rejected
  • NO Grammatical error will be tolerated. 
  • Please use Grammarly to correct the mistakes.

c) Rejected Content : 

  • We will not consider a request to republish a blog post that we have previously rejected (with or without changes to the original content).

d) Copyright Image : 

  • We are  strict on submission of copyrighted photos on our blog. 
  • So try to create your own unique image or you can use websites that provide copyright free images. 

e) Deceiving content :

  • We will not approve a guest post or write for us blogs that contain fictitious facts and material. 
  • You must provide credit to a natural source, a website, or a specific person.

How to Submit an Article?

If you follow all the above guidelines and your blog content is ready then you can share an email to dgroyalsteam@gmail.com

  • Give a short brief about yourself (Maximum 60 words)
  • Give a Google Docs link (Minimum 1500 words).
  • Contribution to DG Royals – is the subject line of your email.
  • If the content does not fit our guidelines, we may not approve it.
  • Send Article on dgroyalsteam@gmail.com and article should be unique.

We are happy to introduce you as a  guest writer and showcasing your outstanding work on our website.

If you haven’t heard from us, it’s most likely because:

  • Your submission is missing some  information.
  • Our article does not follow our policies.
  • Your topic/blog post isn’t sufficiently detailed.
  • We’ve previously discussed the concept before.

What is your Benefit?

DG Royals boasts a young, dynamic readership from all over the globe. Through your Submit guest post or write for us, you can reach out to a wider audience that consumes high-quality content in the fields of digital marketing, interior designing, web designing, web development, graphic design, animation, UI/UX design WordPress.

Guest Post Benefices:

When doing Guest Post or writing for us you get two Important  benefits: 

  1. Gaining popularity 
  2. Having natural backlinks to your site.

Through our blog of DG Royals Media, posting your posts as a Guest Blogger or Guest Author or writing for us gives you high-quality backlinks that will help you rank higher on search engines and improve your domain authority.

Besides getting backlinks to your site, you get your name out there in the blogosphere and social media. Businesses and consumers in your niche get to know you better, and your knowledge is also becoming more widespread. You’re getting fresh visits to your site and people start looking at you as an expert. It will pay massive dividends along the way.

What do we accept from writers that contribute to our site?

Here are some important points before going to write for us digital marketing, write for us graphic designing, write for us interior designing, write for us UI/UX design, write for us animation, write for us WordPress, write for us web development.

  • Take a look at our guidelines before you submit!
  • Any article that is less than 1500 words will be automatically rejected.
  • Check out our website blog section to see what kind of article we share with our readers to categories that describe our niche
  • Write Unique content which usually focuses on quality and adds value to readers
  • You must be a author, an artist, a freelance writer or a sincere reader who wants to write and share for the community of DG Royals.
  •  You can share by suggesting some topics to write about, or you can send a draft copy of your content proposal using Google Docs.

What is blogging?

Blogging is basically nothing; it is in the form of art.

With the gradually increasing popularity in the art, bloggers have essentially started appearing from everywhere.  Everyone that you meet today is either a blogger or aspire to be one. And it’s great.

Blogging is basically more about words and keywords. A good blogger usually writes good content. And content could be anything like words, an audio clip, a photograph, and so on. Good content is how words are refreshed, eye-catching photos, and how the audio clip stirs the spirit.

Everyone wants good content and this is basically what we want our guests to find on our website. That’s why this blog takes our guest blogging seriously. Therefore DG Royals welcomes guest bloggers to submit their posts and articles here.

We would like bloggers to comply with the rules and regulations we have drafted while submitting.

How to join Our Guest Blogging Club?

  • Check out our website blog section to see what kind of article we share with our readers to categories that describe our niche.
  • Write Unique content which usually focuses on quality and adds value to readers.
  • You must be an author, an artist, a freelance writer or a sincere reader who wants to write and share for the community of DG Royals and share your article on dgroyalsteam@gmail.com Email Our team will revert back to you with in 14 days.

“Only topics that have been pre-approved will be reviewed or published.”