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Digital Marketing Course Beneficial For

The opportunities & Scope for Digital Marketing professionals is huge in India right now. A fresh grad can conveniently acquire a Digital Marketing Expert role with an income near to 25K each month to 6 Lacs or more per year, while experienced experts can regulate compensations in the variety of 8 – 40 lakhs more per year so joining a Best Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi for the better future is important these days for Better Career In digital marketing. Here are the reasons why you should join the Digital Marketing course :

Freelancers:- Earning From Blogging, Youtube, Facebook, Projects, Affiliate Marketing etc.

Marketing/ Sales Experts:- Career Growth, Freelance work, Job shifting.

Business Owners:- Get More Conversion Rate, Business Expansion, Promote Business, Branding, New Startup.

Job Seekers:- Specialised Job, Promotion, Career growth.

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Top Leading Industry Courses

industry based digital marketing course in delhi

Advanced Course in Digital Marketing

Duration: 4 Months

  • Industry Oriented Job Ready Program.
  • 4 Live Projects on SEO, SEM,SMO,SMM, Website Designing.
  • Paid Internship & Placement.
best traiining of digital mareketing in dehi

Master Course in Digital Marketing

Duration: 6 Months

  • Get Mastery of Freelancing, Business & E-commerce.
  • 8 Live Industrial Updated Projects while Learning.
  • Get 100% Job Ready Program
leading digital marketing course institute

Master Course in Digital & Design

Duration: 1 year

  • Get hands on Digital Marketing + Graphic + Web Designing.
  • Get High Industry Exposure.
  • 23+ Industry Certifications.

Why Learn Online?

Our Online & Offline Digital marketing Course batches are the same.

Your message can reach a large audience in an efficient and cost-effective manner through digital marketing. But you can save money and reach more clients for less by using traditional marketing methods. Getting to know your audience, and allowing them to get to know you on a personal level, can help build brand loyalty for your business or product.

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Class Recordings

You can record the classes in the online course and keep them as an asset for life.

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Live Training

Working on live Industrial projects and practical training is our USP. 

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Practical Training

Practical training can provide you with the base and clear all your concepts.

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Premium Workshops

We Organise regular workshops, on topics related to digital marketing updates, trends, Industrial leading Topics for future betterment. 

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Lifetime Updates

You will be updated about the trends & Updates during the training. 

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Individual Support

The Faculty guides the students and makes them learn practically with the help of tool-based learning.

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Effective Training

We cover all the major modules of digital marketing and teach them effectively.

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Batch Flexibility

Working professionals can enrol in weekend batches, while students can enrol in any batch they like.

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Why Join DG Royals?

Our Professional Digital Marketing Courses are Designed for Job Seekers, Business owners, freelancers, Marketing & Sales experts.

Live Client Projects

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Paid Internship

Brand's Case Studies

Live Client Projects

Practical Sessions

Rs. 70k+ Paid Tools

Flexible Batches

Top companies from all over India have hired DG Royals Trainees

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What our learners have to say about us!

I’ve learned a lot from my professors at DG Royal. They’ve helped me shape my career in a way that I couldn’t have imagined. In return, I am indebted to them for transforming me into a graphic design professional.

Anuj Sangal

In addition to providing 100% job assistance, DG Royal Institute requires students to work on real-world projects in order for them to gain practical experience and land a wonderful job. DG Royals Team, thank you for your tremendous support.


I had a wonderful experience here in the Digital Marketing Course. All of the faculty members at DG Royals are excellent and provide excellent assistance and guidance, and the modules they teach are up to industry standards. 

Harshit Parashar

Digital Marketing Course is the booming industry course. The DG Royals faculty helped me become a skilled Digital Marketer and secure a good job, and I’d like to thank them for that. I had a great experience here.


I’ve learned a lot from my professors at DG Royal. They’ve helped me shape my career in a way that I couldn’t have imagined. In return, I am indebted to them for transforming me into a graphic design professional.


The concepts of Digital Marketing has become a cup of tea for me after taking the Digital Marketing course from DG Royals Institute the faculty guides really well & Its Really helpful in the freelance work also for me thanks to the team. 


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Get 15+ Industry Recognized Certifications

Enroll For Google & Facebook Certified Digital Marketer

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Choose the Batch that Suits You.


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1) A digital marketing campaign costs a fraction of the cost of a traditional marketing campaign. However, the cost of Digital Marketing Ads is typically lower than other forms of marketing.

2) Digital Marketing Course will help you to build a Great audience for brands via remarketing ads, display ads, Google search ads, SMO, SEO, Email Marketing etc. that’s why the corporate industry requires more digital marketing experts.

3) Digital marketing allows you to interact directly with readers of your content through website comments, personalised emails, customer reviews, and social media posts.

4) With digital marketing, it’s easy to comment on issues and controversies relating to your product or business. Such an approach could help people trust you and return to your site for more information and eventually make a purchase.

It is feasible to pursue a career in digital marketing from any location, with the opportunity to learn and grow in a field that is always evolving. To increase brand exposure and potential clients through online channels, students learn a wide range of internet marketing tactics and strategies, as well as how to formulate marketing campaigns.


Connaught Place is home to our cutting-edge Digital Marketing Classrooms, where we will convey DG Royals to you through real classroom instruction. The learner has the option of training on weekdays & Weekends. Our Learning Management System will also allow you to go back and review any material you may have missed during a class session at your convenience. When I was doing a digital marketing course, DG Royals offered me an excellent learning atmosphere.


As soon as I finished the training, I was hired by my new job, and I started working the next day. This is the most prestigious technical college in the region. The invitation to become a member of the DG Royals was the best decision I could have made this year. I had to push myself to do something productive since I was wasting my time. The encouragement I received from my trainer to make a positive change in my life continued long after we had done training. My day has been brightened by a member of the DG Royals. It is because of this degree that I am currently in a fantastic position in my professional life. I’m glad I joined DG Royals because my trainer was able to explain all of the important concepts to me in a straightforward manner. DG Royals is the most advanced research centre available.


You can take my word for it if you don’t want to believe me. The trainers at this facility are excellent. Having grown up in a non-technical family, I have no previous experience in this field. That was one of the reasons I struggled to understand, but the lecturers were extremely helpful. Before enrolling in this web design course at DG Royals, I had no interest in the field. My trainer gradually created a learning environment that piqued my interest in learning, and as a result, I became more enthusiastic about my studies.


DG Royals is an excellent place to begin your Internet Marketing profession if you are just starting. The instructors will go over every aspect of the digital marketing course with you in great detail so that you understand everything. In general, I believe this is the best digital marketing school in Delhi, at least in my opinion. Take advantage of any possibilities that come your way. The search engine rankings of a website can be increased through the use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO guarantees that a large volume of visitors is directed to a website.


– Digital marketing courses place a strong emphasis on content, hashtags, and staying on top of current social media trends, but they also cover a variety of additional indicators that are critical to understanding the overall picture of social media.


– Those who employ pay-per-click (PPC) advertising must pay every time one of their advertisements is clicked.


  • Email marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing tactics nowadays.
  • Because consumers check their email regularly, advertisements and content are delivered acceptably.


– Whenever a customer is referred to a company through affiliate marketing, the company compensates the individual who introduced the customer.


What does the industry’s future hold in digital marketing?

Customers’ desires influence the behaviour of markets, which means that markets are constantly changing. Markets must be managed by consumers for them to be able to adapt to the changing realities. Because of this, a range of marketing choices are available, one of which is online marketing. 


Technology drives the ever-changing world, ensuring that digital marketing will be there for a long time to come! From small villages to huge cities, technology is becoming increasingly prevalent, which has had a tremendous impact on the ability of businesses to meet the requirements of their customers in the world’s most remote to most populous locations. It has been demonstrated that increasing employee engagement can increase revenue and help organisations grow. 


Digital marketing companies have a global reach because they promote the concept of digital marketing. On the other hand, online marketing has provided a platform for firms to present their best assets and perform for their clients. According to the data, digital marketing will remain the most popular type of marketing in the foreseeable future.


  1. a) Social Media:

People are social animals in their hearts, and online communication has been well received because of this fact. Therefore, geographical isolation no longer presented a barrier. No matter how many new platforms are launched or how many users transfer from one platform to another, there will always be a shortage of people to network with online. As a result, businesses should be active on social media and should strive to continually improve their online presence and visibility.


  1. b) Digital Marketing specialists in demand!

digital marketing Experts are in great demand!

Not many people are aware that digital marketing is one of the ten most sought-after professions in the world. As the digital marketing industry expands, more people will be required to become involved. You should think about becoming a digital marketing specialist to take advantage of the growing demand for digitalization in today’s world. Attending a digital marketing school in Delhi, CP will teach you how to maximise your abilities and achieve your goals.


  1. c) Marketing Campaigns:

To effectively promote a product or service, an online marketing strategy is the most effective way to use. They assist the organisation in formulating a vision and in interacting with its target audience through various means. Customer attention and curiosity are piqued when a message is delivered, which aids in the effective promotion of goods and services.


  1. d) Digital PR:

When it comes to digital marketing, nothing is more interesting than artificial intelligence chatbots. While purchasing online, customers may have questions or worries, and it is possible to address these issues or queries with AI. Customers benefit from this since it ensures that their online purchases are simple, efficient, and hassle-free for them. Chatbot customisation improved online ordering by 300 per cent when compared to the standard version. Other digital marketing strategies under consideration include search engine optimization, website traffic, and social media participation.


Best Digital Marketing Courses in Connaught Place, CP, Delhi

Connaught Place, Delhi’s most effective digital marketing programs


Are you looking for the best Connaught Place digital marketing courses to enrol in? Our comprehensive directory of the best digital marketing schools in Connaught Place, Delhi, along with detailed information on each school’s curriculum and accreditations as well as the contact information for each school, will put an end to your search for the best digital marketing schools in Delhi.


When it comes to online marketing, digital marketing provides you with all the tools you need to effectively market your website without spending a lot of money. This implies that you will be able to reach a larger audience in less time and engage more directly with prospective customers. Entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes may benefit from digital marketing as a platform, and you can use a variety of techniques to establish a brand with your target audience.


Given their excellent reputation and up-to-date curricula, you can enrol in these courses regardless of your profession, whether you work for a well-established company or are just starting. A rise in the number of businesses and organizations turning to digital marketing for the promotion and sale of their products and services will only raise the demand for digital marketing instructors in the future. To be competitive at all times, they will require extra funds.


For the past decade, digital marketing has been a vital part of the entire marketing strategy of the vast majority of organizations. Companies can reach out to a more focused audience and deliver their messages to those who are most likely to be interested if they use digital marketing techniques to do it. Digital marketing involves a number of methods and technology tools to reach out to potential clients. These classes will help you learn the principles of digital marketing.


 Is it applicable to a broad range of well-established methodologies?


In contrast to traditional marketing, it is possible to track the results of your digital marketing plan daily. This is not achievable with traditional marketing. This advanced training will require you to enrol in the finest digital marketing school in India from among the best internet marketing colleges in India to study these advanced skills. By enrolling in one of these courses today, you will be able to start building your ideal career as a digital marketer and gain the financial benefits of a good wage in the process.


It is possible to advance your career by completing a Post-Graduate Program in Digital Marketing. If you are a working professional who wishes to develop your skills, this program will help you by giving you broad knowledge modules in the field of digital marketing. If you prefer shorter courses, you might like to take a look at the courses offered by the other universities listed below. CP, one of Delhi’s top five digital marketing colleges, offers a variety of courses.


1) DG Royals (India’s Leading Digital Marketing Institute)

DG Royals is one of Delhi’s best digital marketing institutes, delivering the most up-to-date digital marketing courses in Connaught Place and around the country. There are specialised courses that we’ve developed that cover all of the most recent industry standards and tools. This institute has been providing digital marketing training for more than a decade and has developed to become Delhi’s premier provider of career-oriented training programmes.


The discipline of digital marketing is fast increasing and gaining popularity all around the world, particularly in the United States. People are increasingly using the internet and digital media daily, resulting in a significant increase in the market for digital marketing. You should consider DG Royals if you are seeking job-oriented digital marketing courses in Connaught Place, Delhi. They will train you to become an expert in this field utilising the most up-to-date technologies and trends.


DG Royals is a leading digital marketing training institute in Delhi, offering programmes for freshers, professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and job seekers. DG Royals is a leading digital marketing training institute in Delhi. They provide teaching ranging from the fundamentals to advanced levels, as well as the opportunity to work on real-world projects. We also offer internship programmes in conjunction with our training courses, which allow you to hone your skills in a setting that is conducive to the needs of the industry.


DG Royals has professional trainers on staff who have 8-10 years of industry experience and are available to provide training as required. In the past decade, they have trained over 100,000 students and guided them in choosing the best job route for them depending on their knowledge level. We provide digital marketing training in both an online and an offline classroom setting, and students are free to choose whichever method is most suitable for them.


This includes a step-by-step analysis of each module in our course. We also supply you with a full study programme. In a hands-on environment, our industry specialists will teach you cutting-edge information that will help you improve your abilities. You will have the opportunity to work on several real-world projects and will receive aid in establishing your project as part of your degree. Do you want to learn more about our programmes? The following are the specifics for our Connaught Place Digital Marketing Courses.


To see what people have to say about us, go to Google Maps and type in the name “DG Royals”; you’ll then be able to see for yourself how amazing we are and what we have to offer. Here are a few examples of Course Modules to get you started: Modules for Digital Marketing Education and Training


Just a few of the topics covered include search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, website creation, affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, Google Webmasters, and video marketing. These courses are taught in small groups by highly qualified instructors, who use real-world examples to reinforce their lessons. In addition, we make every effort to secure placement in multinational corporations and renowned organisations to obtain a competitive compensation package.


  1. a) SEM (Search Engine Marketing): Learn how to market your products on social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Improve and maintain your online business reputation with this course. 

  1. b) Online Reputation Management: Learn how to control your online business reputation.


  1. c) Pay Per Click Marketing: Learn how to create and manage sponsored search and display campaigns on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. d) Search Engine Optimization: Learn how to optimise your website for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


To attract people to your website, you need to understand the fundamentals of content marketing.


  1. e) Website Design & Development: You will discover how to create and maintain a WordPress website.   
  2. f) Graphic Design: You will learn how to design and develop a logo.


  1. G) Email Marketing: Learn how to use email marketing to assist your organisation in its development. Learn how to create email databases and how to send out bulk emails. The process of sending online mails to advertise a company’s products or services is known as email marketing. It is also known as electronic message marketing. Email marketing is a kind of digital marketing that use many strategies to produce the best possible results. According to research from 2018, email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels for providing optimised results, exceeding affiliate marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).


  1. h) Social Media Marketing: Learn how to leverage social media platforms to drive more visitors to your website by reading this article.


  1. i) Advertising and affiliate marketing training will teach you the ins and outs of Adsense and affiliate marketing, as well as how to convert your web visitors into revenue. Adsense is a fantastic tool for marketers who want to optimise the performance of their advertisements. With Adsense, you can create visually appealing advertisements that are targeted at a certain audience. It is a Google effort that offers targeted text, image, video, and interactive media advertisements to website visitors depending on the content and viewership of a website, among other factors.


For any company, lead generation is a critical task. In this essay, We will learn about the most effective lead creation strategies.


  1. j) Google Analytics Training: Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track the overall performance of your website. Analyzing the data from your website is beneficial.


  1. k) Google Webmaster Training: Google Search Console is another name for this type of training. It is the key tool for ensuring a website’s long-term health.


  1. l) YouTube Marketing Training: We will teach you all you need to know about youtube video marketing, including how to create your channel. We’ll talk about video marketing strategies as well as the YouTube interface.


  1. M) Google Ads: Google Ads is an online advertising platform that has altered the marketing and advertising industry from a traditional farm to one that is based entirely on the internet. It is a platform where numerous marketers from a range of different types of businesses come to compete for the right to place bids on their commercials, which can be in any format, ranging from video advertisements to static display adverts. Google Ads can appear on both the Google Search Engine and non-search media. Highlights of the DG Royals’ Course Trainers, with a particular emphasis on their professional experience and knowledge


The course content was developed and curated by industry specialists that have more than ten years of expertise in the field of information security. In-Depth Instruction We welcome guest teachers who are experts in their respective industries to share their knowledge with you to enrich your learning experience. Doubt Sessions on a Regular Schedule


Every two weeks, we have Sessions, during which you may network with industry specialists and get answers to your questions on the newest trends and advances in the field. Every month, the industry gathers for a meetup.


To provide you with industry insights and greater networking opportunities, we make it a point to have Talent Shiksha representatives present at every industry meetup. Once a month, workshops are held.


To make the learning experience more engaging, we will continue to host monthly workshops where students may connect and learn from one another. The use of Case studies and capstone projects are empowered.


To make learning more dynamic and to provide practical exposure, we make certain that every student works on real-time capstone projects during the semester. The most effective training


Students are evaluated on a variety of factors, including academics and extracurricular activities, by our training department, with the best students being named student of the month each month. Case studies serve as the foundation of the programme.


To better prepare students for the future, each student’s monthly improvement and skill evaluation is recorded and shared with them through one-on-one mentorship sessions. It is necessary to do an internship.


To help them improve their abilities and become work-ready, we require all freshmen and job seekers to participate in an obligatory 2-month internship programme. Consider the Possibility of Collaborating with Our Company


We are always happy to assist those that love our culture and work standards in gaining industrial experience within our organisation, and we look forward to assisting you. Marketing guidance for new businesses


With our personalised assistance programme, our specialists will work with you to explore your startup concept and will lead you through the process of turning it into a successful business. Planning for an Interview is a difficult task.


Rather than simply providing you with skills, our goal is to place you in a position that you enjoy. In addition, we have a dedicated Support Team that can assist you with anything from resume preparation to interview strategies. Continually Access to Premium Content


Because we wanted to make studying easier, we developed a learning management system, and we are constantly updating our content to reflect new developments in the industry Every one of our students has unrestricted access to the Learning Management System, guaranteeing that they are always informed about changes in the business. Assistance with Student Mentoring


In recognition of the fact that every student has their own set of ambitions and professional goals, we have developed a specialised one-on-one student mentoring programme, in which each student is allocated a personal mentor who can aid them in achieving their goals. a reunion of former classmates


Networking, we feel, aids in the improvement of individuals, which is why we provide quarterly alumni meetings where our graduates can share their experiences and adventures to motivate and honour one another.


It is the goal of our personnel to provide high-quality training to our students and professionals. We limit the number of learners in each batch to seven in order to give each student personal attention. In all of the branches of our Delhi-based digital marketing institute, this is the method that is applied. Certified Google instructors who have prior training expertise are preferred.


It is expected that you will receive training from industry experts with more than 14 years of experience. After completing our job-focused digital marketing course, you will have gained long-term experience that you may put to use to deliver freelancing jobs or to build your own online business. 100 per cent aid about employment.


In addition to assisting you in securing high-paying work after completing our hands-on digital marketing course, our placement team will assist you in enhancing your interview abilities. We’ll also assist you in preparing for interviews with top-tier digital marketing firms.


Contact information:- Email:-,

Phone No:- 91-8585959688, +91-8447726000



2) ECT

A well-known Delhi-based supplier of Digital Marketing Courses, ECT offers full instruction in the most up-to-date strategies and technologies for digital marketing. The Indian government has recognized this training institute as a startup in Delhi. There is a wide range of digital marketing courses available at this institute, including SEO techniques, SEM skills, personality development talents, and more. Teachers at the institute are well-known and devote their time and resources to teaching all of the students. They have trained employees from some of the world’s most famous multinational organizations through their career-oriented training programs.


Syllabus for Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Terminology for Web Design and Development Customizing WordPress

Development of content and the creation of visuals

Research and Analysis of Keywords

SEO is an abbreviation for “search engine optimization” (SEO)

E-commerce technical search engine optimization (SEO) (Local SEO)

SEO/Webmaster Tools from Google

AdWords by Google Ads that display on the screen can be tracked using Google Analytics. Promotional videos for mobile apps in the video marketing industry Making the most of social networks (SMO)

Using Facebook and Instagram to Promote Your Business YouTube LinkedIn’s Promotional Marketing

Using Twitter for Business Promotion Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Publicity in the Quora Forum

Promoting your website or blog with Google AdSense

Tools for Digital Marketing You can make money with your digital marketing expertise. Course Highlights The Indian government has acknowledged this.

Employer-Sponsored Internship

Experiential learning based on real-world projects

Experts’ Seals of Approval for Professors


Online Assistance 24 hours a day, seven days per week Length of Program and Costs Their internship program is a three- to four-month-long digital marketing training with 20+ modules. You can inquire about prices and other arrangements by contacting them directly.


Contact Details Phone: +91-7827916060

Address: M 138, 3rd Floor, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001



3) EduPristine

The EduPristine Institute in Delhi was created in 2008 by four industry veterans who had previously worked for prominent organizations in the city. This institute provides specialized training in the areas of finance, accounting, marketing, healthcare, and data analytics, among other things.


They have been providing world-class training courses for almost a decade. Depending on the circumstances, these modules can be utilised to offer instruction both online and offline. Fortune 500 corporations as well as professionals from all across India place their trust in this institute.


Overview of the Course a brief introduction to digital marketing

SEO (search engine optimization) is an abbreviation that stands for “search engine optimization.” It is crucial to understand the difference between on-page and off-page SEO.

Optimization and marketing for mobile devices are important considerations.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website for search engines (SEM)

Paid Per Click (PPC) Advertising on Social Media (SMM)

Email-based marketing is becoming increasingly popular.

It is a type of Automated Marketing in which you advertise other people’s products and services to gain their attention.

Marketing through funnels and growth hacking are two terms that come to mind. The ability to optimize website conversion rates through the use of Content Marketing Analytics (CRO) skills that aren’t too difficult to learn. The Most Valuable Elements of the Educational Program Real-World Case Study of a Live Onboarding Session for Practical Application

Among the features of the package is the provision of a domain name and one business email account. an interval of six months in duration Web hosting is used for the deployment of the live website. 1

Take practice tests to improve your chances of passing certification examinations all over the world.

A year’s worth of access to the LMS is available at all times, seven days a week.


Certifications with a total of more than fifteen Career Development Discussion Forums That Are Dedicated to the Duration of the program and associated costs They provide a diverse choice of courses that can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months in length. You can either contact them directly or look them up on their website to find out more about their charges and other facts about their services.


Contact Details Phone: +91 88283-22444

Address: #44, 1st & 3rd Floor, Regal Cinema Complex, 

Connaught Cir, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001



4) Digi Perform

Digiperform is the top #3 in our digital marketing courses in Connaught Place, Delhi list. This institute provides a digital marketing training program with an advanced curriculum and has skilled trainers who are dedicated to their students. They provide innovative ideas to work on and greatly provide training. This institute provides a high-quality training program and designed its curriculum which meets industry standards. Learn with them to make your career in the field of digital marketing as they provide good learning material which helps you a lot in success. They also provide live practical sessions in this field and give live examples to give you a better understanding. Course Syllabus Introduction To Digital Marketing

How To Plan A Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital Banner Designing

Ebooks Publishing

Video Creation Strategy

Youtube Marketing

How To Generate Leads Online

Email Marketing

Building Your Website

Web Analytics & Traffic Report

Inbound Marketing

Web Content Writing

Introduction To Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Facebook Business Marketing

Instagram Business Marketing

Twitter Business Marketing

Linkedin Marketing

Quora Marketing

Online Reputation Management (Orm)

Online Advertising Foundation

Google Ads

Bing Ads

Facebook Advertising

Online Traffic Buying

Advanced Fb Advertising Strategy

Linkelidn Advertising

Twitter Advertising

Remarketing & Recall Ads

Online Media Buying Strategy

Introduction To Search Engine Optimization

Basic Html & Excel For Seo

Keywords Planning & Research

Seo Content Writing

On-Page Seo

Link Analysis & Off Page Seo

Webmaster Tools

Local, International & Mobile Seo

Tag Manager & Advanced Google Analytics

Customer Persuasion Science

Conversion Rate Optimization

Multi-Touch Point Marketing

Marketing Automation

Growth Hacking

Personal Branding & Influencer Marketing

Earning as an Affiliate Marketer

Making Money With Blogging

Earning as a Digital Marketing Freelancer

Ecommerce Marketing

Interview Process & Preparation Course Highlights 100% Job Assistance

Online Learning Sessions

Professional Trainers

Doubt session classes


Tools based learning program Course Duration and Fees They provide around 30+ different modules with a period of 3-5 months in total. You may contact them directly or visit their website to learn more about their cost structure and other specifics. 


Contact Details

Phone: +91-852-761-1500

Address: Suite 29, H-Block, Indira Palace, Connaught Place, Delhi (110001)



5) The College of Internet Marketing 

(COIM), located in Delhi’s Connaught Place, is a well-known source of digital marketing education and certification. 


Established in 2015, COIM offers a wide selection of advanced training courses in a variety of disciplines, including social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing, and Google Analytics, to mention a few. 


They train students in the principles of digital marketing by providing them with hands-on experience. When you attend this institution, you’ll get the best of both worlds because it mixes hands-on training with classroom teaching.


Working on real-world projects will allow you to gain an understanding of digital marketing tactics in this course. The proximity of this institute to Delhi’s Connaught Place, which is around 15 minutes away, is its most notable characteristic.


Course Syllabus 

– Adopting a Digital Marketing Strategy is a wise decision. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of web content is managed by a team of professionals (SEO)

– Marketing through the use of social media (SMM)

– Local Search Results on Google (GMB)

– YouTube videos are being used to promote products.

– Google AdWords provides analytical capabilities to Google Webmasters who use the AdWords platform (PPC Marketing)

– Developing a fresh lead generation strategy

– Re-targeting Scraping organizational data and converting it into graphics using Canva’s Bulk SMS Email Marketing service

– Whatsapp Marketing for E-commerce is a form of mobile marketing that makes use of WhatsApp.

– E-commerce The seller’s reputation is important.

– Developing Mobile Applications for Affiliate Marketing Marketing Strategies for Mobile Application Development

– Projects for which you are freelancing Clients’ proposals are being created and reported on. Preparation for an Interview through – Blogging


Course Duration & Fees

They provide more than 30 modules and have developed two courses, each of which lasts 45 days or three months in length. From 15,000 to 21,000 Indian rupees, you’ll spend money. You can get in touch with them directly or visit their website to learn more about their services.


Key Course Highlights

– It is a must to work on current projects.

– One hundred per cent hands-on instruction

– Completion certificates from Google for projects you’ve worked on as a consultant

– More than ten Facebook Certifications can be accessed at any time of the day or night through Facebook’s 24/7/365 Customer Support.


Contact Details

Phone: +91 88600 72706

Address: U 158, Shakarpur, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi (110092) 


Wrapping Up!


 It is more of a requirement than a qualification in today’s culture to be proficient in digital marketing. Beyond making it more difficult for people to visit public places and preventing many institutions from offering offline sessions, the Connaught Place digital marketing courses described above have contributed to making digital marketing more accessible and understandable. 


After reading our list of the best 5 digital marketing courses in Connaught Place, Delhi, you should have a better understanding of the aspects to consider while deciding on a career in the field of digital marketing and advertising. 


If you believe that digital marketing is the perfect career path for you, apply to the courses listed above. Digital marketing is constantly growing, and you must stay on top of the latest trends and innovations to be successful. 


The digital marketing courses in Delhi offered by DG Royals are outstanding because they cover all of the most recent issues in digital marketing. DG Royals also offers a variety of other courses in Delhi.

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FAQ About the Digital Marketing Course

DG Royals distinguish themselves from the other Connaught Place Institutes?

New Delhi-based digital marketing company DG Royals has created a new digital marketing institute to train future digital marketers. They have a promising future ahead of them because many of their former students have gone on to work in the field of digital marketing. Aside from the above factors, other factors influence a student’s decision to engage in a training program, including a well-rounded course of study, qualified teachers, and mentors within the profession.

What is the best place to start when it comes to digital marketing?

Digital marketing is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the marketing toolset for small and medium-sized enterprises as it continues to expand. Social media content is used to thoroughly investigate public trends and desires, and all company things and services are tailored to a specific set of people and provided anywhere in the world. It is the use of electronic gadgets or the internet to promote a product or service. The term “online marketing” has become a slang term for the practice. Due to its increasing popularity, the Internet is quickly becoming a global common marketplace of the future. 


While newspaper advertising, brochures, flexes, and other forms of marketing were formerly effective, these methods of promotion are no longer effective. It is necessary to adopt a new and revolutionary approach to marketing, and that approach is known as digital marketing. Now that everyone has access to the internet, everyone on the planet knows the significance of digital marketing in a world where everyone has access to information.

Does this training increase your chances of securing employment in the future?

Because the digital marketing sector is developing at a double-digit rate, there is a significant demand for qualified individuals. India’s metropolis, Delhi, is likewise witnessing an explosion of technological innovation. No matter if you’re a recent graduate or an experienced expert, the area of Digital Marketing is brimming with chances on all of the major recruitment portals in the Delhi-NCR region.

Is the internship program with the DG Royals still available?

We do so. After completing the digital marketing course, You should think about doing an internship. You will have the opportunity to work for one of our numerous internet marketing and SaaS suppliers to obtain valuable hands-on experience and knowledge. You will receive a stipend that is proportional to your abilities. Working on real-world customer projects and delivering the best possible results will be expected of you during your internship. An internship completion certificate will be awarded to you after the programme, enhancing your employability among large organisations.

What are the advantages of taking a Digital Marketing Course?

Given the fast-developing potential and growth of the digital marketing area, it is becoming increasingly challenging to find skilled people for digital marketing positions. Because digital marketing involves such a broad spectrum of issues, there are a plethora of work opportunities available in the field. A career in digital marketing may lead to a variety of opportunities in a variety of sectors. As a result of the rising demand for digital marketers, your revenues will increase as a result of this. The flexibility of digital marketing allows you to start your own business after completing training without the need for previous experience or a degree certification. Because it relies significantly on your capacity to think creatively, this industry provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your originality. To summrise, there are various advantages to utilising digital marketing techniques and strategies.

Can I reap any benefits from taking online digital marketing courses?

It makes no difference where you take your digital marketing classes; the knowledge you obtain is the same regardless of whether you learn it online or in a classroom setting. With online training, you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace and according to your own requirements. While attending online lectures might be demanding, enrolling in digital marketing training classes can alleviate some of the tension. The majority of schools that provide online digital marketing courses allow students to extend their study time to resolve their problems and attend additional classes with their instructors. It is irrelevant to your employment that you receive digital marketing training because it is conducted online.

Does digital marketing necessitate the knowledge of coding?

No, Digital marketing does not necessitate the knowledge of programming languages. You have a plethora of options at your disposal to help you reach your marketing objectives and expand your organisation. Because all of these digital marketing tools are essentially “out-of-the-box,” you won’t have to spend time learning how to use them. 

Is it necessary for digital marketing to be complicated to be effective?

Although digital marketing is simple to master, it is challenging to put into practice and achieve results in the face of intense competition. The only way to learn what organisations demand from their marketing departments is to participate in real-world problems. To stay on top of the latest advances in digital marketing, you’ll need to put in the necessary time and effort to do so. As a general rule of thumb, you should devote half of your time to mastering the fundamentals of digital marketing, and the other half to delivering outcomes for your company or clientele.

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