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Why Our Digital Marketing Courses are Different?

Online & In-class Training Available

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Top Leading Industry Courses

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Advanced Course in Digital Marketing

Duration: 4 Months

  • Industry Oriented Job Ready Program.
  • 4 Live Projects on SEO, SEM,SMO,SMM, Website Designing.
  • Paid Internship & Placement.
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Master Course in Digital Marketing

Duration: 6 Months

  • Get Mastery of Freelancing, Business & E-commerce.
  • 8 Live Industrial Updated Projects while Learning.
  • Get 100% Job Ready Program
leading digital marketing course institute

Master Course in Digital & Design

Duration: 1 year

  • Get hands on Digital Marketing + Graphic + Web Designing.
  • Get High Industry Exposure.
  • 23+ Industry Certifications.

Why DG Royals is 1st Choice For Digital Marketing Students? 

At DG Royals, students find compelling reasons to embark on their digital marketing journey. Here’s why DG Royals stands out as the preferred choice for students diving into the world of digital marketing.

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Cutting-Edge Industry Insights

DG Royals leads, integrating current and future-proof digital marketing trends.

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Live Project Internship

Working on live Industrial projects and practical training is our USP. 

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Practical Training

DG Royals focuses on practical learning: hands-on exercises, real-world projects mirror professional challenges, enhancing career preparation.

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Lifetime Trending Updates

We Organise regular workshops, on topics related to digital marketing updates, trends, Industrial leading Topics for future betterment. 

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Comprehensive Curriculum

DG Royals course covers digital marketing comprehensively, preparing students for dynamic landscapes

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Supportive Learning Environment

DG Royals nurtures supportive learning, fostering teamwork, and peer collaboration.

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Placement Assistance

DG Royals ensures post-course success, offering placement assistance and industry connections for a seamless transition to work.

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Flexible Learning Options

Diverse student needs met at DG Royals with flexible learning: in-person, online, or hybrid formats available for preference and schedule.

Leading Industry Tools For Digital Marketers

Why Join DG Royals?

Our Professional Digital Marketing Courses are Designed for Job Seekers, Business owners, freelancers, Marketing & Sales experts.

Live Client Projects

Placements Assistance

Paid Internship

Brand's Case Studies

Live Client Projects

Practical Sessions

Rs. 70k+ Paid Tools

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What Our Trainee Says

Top companies from all over India have hired DG Royals Trainees

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What our learners have to say about us!

I heartily endorse DG Royals as the top digital marketing school in Delhi if you are dedicated to seeking a career in this field. The course material was thorough and covered all necessary subjects. Throughout the course, the instructors were able to just provide each student with their undivided attention and guidance.

Kavita Singh

Digital Marketer, Tech2globe

I’m happy to choose  DG Royals for my digital marketing training. The instructors are very understanding and I had a great learning experience here. The coursework is first-rate and comprehensive. highly advisable.
Nidhi Dinkar

Digital Marketer, Medical Dialogues

The top training center in Delhi for digital marketing is called DG Royals. They have a highly skilled group of instructors who offer real-world instruction and career counseling. I started My Youtube channel after Course it’s really healpful for me thanks. 


Youtuber, Delhi Food Shaukeen

I was quite pleased with the training that Dg royals offered. The instructors are professionals in their fields and offer instructive training that applies to real-world situations. They are very encouraging and offer feedback frequently to aid trainees in honing their skills in digital marketing.

The best institute in Delhi is called DG Royals.


Digital Marketer, Fino Payment Bank

I can state with confidence that this digital marketing institute in Delhi surpassed my expectations since I had been looking for one. The instructors at DG Royals were understanding, and knowledgeable, and they gave us real-world examples to assist us to understand the topics. I can already see this training is helping me.

Anuj Singhal

Youtuber, Anuj Classes

The instructors are skilled and offer the necessary practical knowledge for a career in digital marketing. The finest thing is that the institute helps students get employment.

Anybody seeking a digital marketing education in GTB Nagar should check out this college, in my opinion.


Digital Marketer, Havfly

best training professional courses in delhi

Get 15+ Industry Recognized Certifications

Enroll For Google & Facebook Certified Digital Marketer

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Best digital marketing courses in Greater Noida with placements

Promoting your products or services through digital channels like search engines, social media, email, and websites is known as digital marketing. Imagine you are running a bakery. This way, you can establish an online presence where prospective clients can view your delicious cakes in the form of images and even make orders.

You can also take advantage of popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to share captivating photos of your biscuits hence attracting those living close by as well as others from far-off places. By making use of search engine optimization within its framework, your shop’s blog ranks top amongst all sites that are known for selling “fresh pastries near me”. As a result email advertising enables your customers to receive special deals they have never received before or even subscribe to newsletters since there is much more interesting information that concerns them.

Importance of Digital Marketing in Greater Noida

Digital marketing Course at Grater Noida is crucial since it enables companies to contact their clients on the Internet. These days due to the increased use of the internet most people spend much time online searching for information, shopping, or interacting with each other. That is why digital marketing is vital for any entrepreneurial venture; it will enable them to get hold of these possible customers in their locations.

Best Digital Marketing Courses in Greater Noida is very important as it helps businesses reach out to their customers through the online platform. In today’s technological era where many people are online most time looking for information, shopping, or socializing, digital marketing cannot be ignored by people who want to do well in business hence it allows them to reach such potential customers within their vicinity.

Scope & Demand in Digital Marketing After Course in Greater Noida

Numerous job opportunities are provided by Best Digital Marketing Courses at Greater Noida, such as social media management. The need for digital marketing professionals at Grater Noida is growing due to businesses becoming increasingly dependent on online platforms to access clients. With digital marketing now serving as a key element in strategic business plans, you shall continue to have your expertise sought after. To guarantee your job, all you have to do is master the art of digital marketing. This is because the demand for this kind of skills is always high. Being a freelancer or consultant will allow you to offer digital marketing services to different clients. Additionally, as you will work from anywhere and at any time, freelancing would be suitable for you.   

Consider this – Best digital marketing Courses in Graeter Noida is continuously changing, and you must keep up with the latest trends and tools if you want to learn continuously in your career growth Bear in mind that what is being described here is a scenario where as long as one has acquired some internet skills such as those involved in e-commerce then that person can use his/her knowledge to market products online thus reaching customers from all over the world and regardless of their area of specialization.

Why Choose Digital Marketing in Greater Noida?

Greater Noida is an area where there are different industries and businesses which implies that there are many chances for digital marketers to deal with various clients and sectors due to the intense business environment. Additionally, the Top Digital Marketing Courses at Greater Noida, Delhi in Greater Noida is ballooning because companies realize how crucial being on the internet can be. For these reasons, demand for qualified digital marketers continues to increase to meet up with numerous opportunities available within the economy.

What You Will Learn in Digital Marketing in Greater Noida?

In a digital marketing Course at Grater Noida with Placements class, a plurality of techniques and skills will be taught to help promote online business as well as interact with online audiences effectively. Here is all that you can expect to learn: 

  • Search Engines Optimization (SEO)– Get to know how best to optimize websites so they can appear higher on search engine pages hence increasing free traffic flow in addition to their visibility. 
  • Content marketing- Development of information and other materials of value which are required by targeted market segments such as blog posts, articles, etc.   
  • Paid Search Engine Marketing entails creating and managing pay advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads and social media networks to target certain demographics while ensuring they get good returns on investments.
  •  Website Monitoring involves examining web traffic using gadgets like Google Analytics for recognizing how users interact with sites and appraising digital marketing project effectiveness.
List Of Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Greater Noida

#1 DG Royals

DG Royals is greatly honored as a new but key player in Best Digital Marketing Courses in Greater Noida, this profession entered the market in 2018. Our goal is to make people capable of making independent decisions as well as carve out their own paths to success in the now-a-day cutthroat competitive world. 

We have resolved to open the gate for the learners to the field-oriented programs, the modules of which vary from Best Digital Marketing Courses in Greater Noida to Graphic design to Web design, UI/UX Design and Suite, Animation, and more. We design the course plan so that it reflects the changes in the industry. It also makes provision for new responsibilities and skills development. We combine theoretical teaching with realistic experience in the areas of student’s interest so we can prepare them for their competence in the relevant career. 

The word rooms of our advanced Digital Marketing Courses at Greater Noida state-of-the-art classrooms are equipped with the latest technology to create a diverse learning space for students’ peers to work on “real” problems that will let them try to get relevant skills. Furthermore, nothing beats practical experience and hence, we value the possible prospects that this will open up for a successful job. 

Thus we are providing internship programs in addition to a course, where students get actual industry experience to help them to face the ruthless job market in a much better way. Graduates who certify from our classes and internships as well as the best multinational corporations worldwide can put a claim to. DG Royals is listed as Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses at Greater Noida, Delhi with Placements.

Course Offered

  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Graphic Design Course
  • Web Design Course
  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design Course
  • Animation Course
  • Video Editing Course
  • Interior Design Course 
  • Digital and Design Course
  • Web Design and Development Course

Course Highlight

  • Get Paid Internship & Placements

  • 100% Placement Assistance

  • Interactive Live Training

  • Creative Portfolio Building

  • Weekly Assignments To Gain Real Time Practical Knowledge.

  • Premium Workshops on Latest Updates

Mode of Payment:cash, cheques, Credit Card

Contact Details 

        ADDRESS:- 92-94, 3rd Floor, Mall Road, GTB Nagar, (Near GTB Metro Gate no. 03
       PHONE NO:- +91 8447726000/ +91 8447729000


#2 Digitalkal

 DigitalKal provides the Best Digital Marketing Courses in Greater Noida, Our courses cater to students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. We also take courses specifically for corporate teams and serve to train our learners with skills relevant to the digital world. 

Establishing strategic partnerships with multiple firms and industrial enterprises has been essential in creating alliances between schools and industry, thus filling the exceptional gap between study and work requirements. Such a relationship works in our favor as we can satisfy the academic needs of all participants by providing, at the same time, a good environment to study the skills and abilities of those enjoying the process of lifelong learning. Digitalkal is listed as the Best 10 Digital Marketing Institute in Greater Noida

Courses Highlight

  • 27 Modules
  • Lifetime Study Materials Excess
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Free Demo Sessions

Courses Offered

  • Verify Professionals Courses in Social Media Marketing
  • Verify Professionals in Digital Marketing Courses
  • Verify Professionals in PPC

Courses Modules

  • Basic Digital Marketings
  • Fundamentals of Graphic Design
  • Fundamentals of Video Editing
  • Advance WordPress Websites
  • SMM
  • Lead Management
  • Adsense Marketing
  • E-Commerce Websites Creations
  • Online Marketing
  • Growth Hacking

Contact Details

     ADDRESS:- Plot No A-40 Sector 62 I Thum Tower Office No. 1025 10 Floor Tower A Near Noida Electronic Metro Station Gate No. 3, Noida,

     PHONE NO. :- +91-7668955719

#3 Lelogix Digital Marketing Institute

LeLogix is one of the Top Digital Marketing Courses in Greater Noida and provides a classroom, live instruction environment where the program is personalized and targeted for industrial leaders and entrepreneurs. We target our outcomes at marketers and other audiences not only for proper market penetration but also to save up the initial costs. We thought our efforts of working since 2017 are to the point of giving the best marketing and advertising solutions whether it is individual or commercial clients.LeLogix, as the most recognized Digital Marketing Institute in Greater Noida, is committed to developing professionals, corporates, entrepreneurs, and even students through top-class training. We offer courses that impart both theoretical knowledge to gain the advantage in competition and practical skills that students will need in their successful digital careers. Lelogix is listed as the Best 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Greater Noida.

Courses Offered

  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Web Designing
  • Google Analytics
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing

Courses Modules

  • Fundamental
  • Web Designing
  • SEO
  • Market Research
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Remarketing Ads

Contact Details

     ADDRESS:- 412, MSX Tower 2, Commercial Belt, Alpha 1, Greater Noida

    PHONE NO.:- +91-8447932208

#4 Grenomark

GRENO MARK INDIA is dedicated to leaving a lasting impact in the fields of Best Digital Marketing Courses at Greater Noida and Software. In the expanse of the internet, there are no boundaries, to accessibility. The use of the internet knows no obstacles or restrictions. We strongly believe that the Internet stands as a cost-efficient platform for promoting businesses. While we may not possess experience our dedication to serving clients and our goal of expanding their businesses through the internet power are unmatched. In a time where Information Technology progresses rapidly, it is crucial for both users and service providers to adapt quickly. At Greno Mark India we have brought together a team consisting of web designers, developers, and online marketing experts who are committed, to providing excellent services to our esteemed clients. Grenomark is listed as Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses at Greater Noida with Professionals

Courses Offered

  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Branding
  • Email Marketing

Courses Highlight

  • Live Projects
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions

Contact Details

     ADDRESS:- Alpha Commercial Belt, Near Alpha 1 Metro Station Greater
                        Noida, India

   PHONE NO. :- +91 7004996860

#5 Digital Edge Institute

We pride ourselves on an unsurpassed reputation as Noida’s finest and most senior Digital Marketing institution. Digital Edge Institute is the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Greater Noida Our record is robust and we are delighted about it. These tutors, who are highly intelligent and have a lot of skill, provide this sort of training. Subscribe to us, if you desire to make a fortune in the world of web advertising. Our Online Marketing faculty possesses knowledge of every cutting-edge cyber thing in marketing. They make certain that learners benefit from top-notch education. We have various certificates from renowned companies like Google, Hubspot, Semrush, and many others. This serves as proof of our prowess. Digital Edge Institute is Listed as the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Greater Noida, Delhi

Courses Offered

  • Digital Marketing Courses
  • Search Engine Optimizations
  • PPC
  • Social Media Optimizations
  • Affiliate Marketing

Courses Highlight

  • 100% Job Placements
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions

Contact Details

    ADDRESS:- 406, 4th floor, Tower B, Ithum Tower, Sector 62, Noida 201301
    PHONE NO.:- +91-844-747-0220

#6 Edu24

Edu24 provides Digital Marketing in Greater Noida, Delhi where we strive to make gaining knowledge enjoyable and attainable for all. Our ambition is to enable people with the most recent computer competencies in a warm atmosphere. We aspire to prepare pupils for the electronic future, cultivating invention and continuous erudition. Come and unleash your gifts with us! The doors to possibility are open atEdu24. Edu24 is Listed as the top 10 Digital Marketing course in Greater Nodia with Placements

Courses Offered

  • Programming Language
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Desginning

Courses Highlight

  • 24*7 Attentions
  • 100% job placements
  • Provide Certificates

Contact Details


    PHONE NO.:-   +91-8860009376


PIMS is a top place for learning the Best Digital Marketing Courses in Greater Noida with Expertise. It’s in Sector 16, Noida. The courses cover important parts of Marketing Strategy. They help pros and students master Digital Marketing. PIMS has taught over 11,000 students in 210 groups. They are known for great education. They teach practical skills. PIMS makes sure each student gets special attention and hands-on training to do well in digital marketing. PMS is listed in the Top 10 Digital Marketing Institute in Greater Noida

Courses Offered

  • Digital Marketing Courses
  • SEO
  • Google Ads Coures
  • SMM, SSO Trainning

Courses Highlight

  • Trusted Certifications
  • Expert Trainners
  • 100% Job Placements

Contact Details

      ADDRESS:-  A – 44A, Behind Mcdonald’s Restaurant, near Metro Station Road, Sector 16 Noida

     PHONE NO.:- + 91-78400 44401

#8 Ainwik Infotech

Ainwik Infotech is the Best Digital Marketing Course in Greater Noida, Delhi. Our goal at Ainwik Infotech is to open the gateway to tomorrow where people use technology fully in order to succeed in digital surroundings that are constantly changing. Being a world-class college we would like it to be known that we are here for your career success by helping you grow from a computer learner to an IT brain who can come up with new ideas at any given moment.To empower everyone from any background to make successful careers in IT is our goal. Connecting theoretical understanding to practical application is something we strive for in all our training courses. We aim to provide training that is industry-relevant and hands-on; thereby imparting to students the necessary skills and confidence to handle real-life issues. Ainwik Infotech is listed in the Top Digital Marketing Courses at Greater Noida with Placements.

Courses Offered

  • Android Applications Development
  • Full-stack Development with Java
  • Python
  • Machine Learning

Courses Highlight

  • Learn by Experts
  • Friendly Environments
  • Online/Offline Class

Contact Details

     ADDRESS:- Om Tower 8th Floor, Alpha-I Commercial Belt, Greater Noida

     PHONE NO.:- +91 8178104315

#9 Aptronics Software

Aptronics Software provides the Top Digital Marketing Institute in Greater Noida We are the best digital marketing training institute, and we just focus completely on self-employment and financial independence. We have been providing the best Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi. We have trained over 10,000+ students, and this is what made them a ladder of success. We have 100+ mentors who provide a dedicated training program in the field of digital marketing. Aptronics Software is listed in the Top 10 Digital Marketing Institute in Greater Noida

Courses Offered

  • HTML
  • Graphics
  • Accountings
  • Digital Marketings
  • Ethical Hacking

Courses Highlight

  • Experts Trainers
  • 100% Job Placements

Contact Details

    ADDRESS:- SF-21, Third Floor, Parsvnath Bibhab Plaza, Commercial Belt, Alpha 1-greater Noida, Greater Noida – 201310 (NEAR JYOTI EYE CARE, VODAFONE STORE)

#10 V S Web Technology

V S Web Technology provides the Best Digital Marketing Courses in Greater Noida. Our aim at V S Web Technology is to help eliminate the mystery in future technological developments by training IT students who have pleasure in learning new things. We intend to become one of the most influential academic institutions, which converts knowledge-seekers into experienced ICT specialists possessing the requisite abilities to influence today’s global digital era. V S Web Technology is listed in the Top 10 Digital Marketing Institute at Greater Noida, Delhi.

Courses Offered

  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Graphic Designing

Courses Highlight

  • Online/Offline Mode
  • Professionals Trainers

Contact Details

    ADDRESS:- Shop No 3, H S Complex Near Ansal Plaza Mall, Greater Noida, Greater Noida – 201310 (Near Ansal Plaza Mall, Behind Petrol Pump)

   PHONE NO.:- 07947415066


Our digital marketing Courses at Greater Noida materials contain information intended for general informational purposes only. We do not guarantee that any of it is current accurate or complete though we strive to provide accurate and timely facts. To make a decision based on it users should use external sources to double-check on the information.”  The general guidance, tips, or strategies included in our digital marketing content should not be taken as professional advice. Professional advice should be sought by the users on their peculiar circumstances before implementing any strategies or making decisions based on the information provided. Read this article carefully to know all the details of the List of Top 10 Digital Marketing Institutes in Greater Noida for Digital Marketing

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FAQ About the Digital Marketing Course

What is a digital marketing course?

A course on digital marketing provides a well-rounded education encompassing strategies, tools and techniques to provide students with the skills they need to succeed in the modern digital environment.

Why should I take a digital marketing course?

By enrolling in a digital marketing course, you can advance your career by gaining the fundamental knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in the field.

What certifications can I earn from a digital marketing course?

You can earn several certifications, including Google Ads, Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Facebook Blueprint, depending on the course you choose.

What does a content marketing course cover?

A content marketing course often covers a wide range of topics, such as content creation, strategy building, efficient distribution techniques, and the importance of producing valuable and engaging content.

What is the focus of a PPC advertising course?

Take a PPC (pay-per-click) advertising course to learn how to create and manage paid ad campaigns on sites like Facebook Ads and Google Ads.