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Advanced Graphic Design Course

  • Hands on Live Design Projects
  • Internship & Placements Assistance
  • Work on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign & Corel Draw.

Duration: 5 Months

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Master Graphic Designing course

  • 2 In One Career Program.
  • Internship & Placements Assistance
  • Learn on Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign & Corel Draw.

Duration : 6 Months 

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Multimedia Animation Course

  • 3 in one Career Course
  • Graphic Design & Video Editing Tools
  • Huge Career Exposure with Placements.

Duration : 1 Year 

DG Royals Institute provides best Graphic Design course in Delhi

Take your career to the next level by joining the best graphic design institute in Delhi. The Graphic Design Courses at the DG Royals Institute in Delhi will guide you cutting-edge graphic designing skills that are required in the modern day workplace from experienced industry experts. Diversify your skills with the best graphic design institute in Delhi, which provides both offline and online classes with latest technology, learning environment with practical skills and live projects. DG Royals Institute provides 3 certificate courses in graphic design from intermediate level to Master level. We also provide internships to our students that will enhance their skills and help them to get placements in the top multinational companies.

Graphic Design Course Overview

Graphic design is a type of craft that enables professionals to create visual design for the advertising industry, product based industry, gaming industry, etc. Graphic design is going to be the best career option for the upcoming generation globally. Graphic design courses in delhi enhances the user experience and industry growth. The graphic design course includes animation (motion of objects, creating keyframes, and animating between them), typography (the art of fonts), image editing (by using effects), image manipulation, page layout (arrangement of visual elements on page), illustration (vector description of concept), visual arts (like painting and drawing), etc. Additionally, it improves the customer’s experience.. Hence, DG Royals Institute focuses on their students to build up a high level of empathy to understand the user’s approach towards their product and requirements under the best guidance and mentorship of faculty.

Scope of Graphic Design

For those who are good at what they do, the future is always bright. Every industry seeks passion with a sprinkle of competence.In the branding and advertising sector, graphic designers enjoy great demand. Graphic Design enables you as a creative person who tries to bring innovativeness to the work, leading to the betterment of business. Instead of making money for someone else, you can always establish your own graphic design agency and work for yourself as a freelancer.

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Key Highlights of Our Courses

Offline | Online Batches

Industrial Live Projects

Premium Live Workshops

Free 50k+ Premium tools & Kits

100% Placement Assistance

Affordable fees Options

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Industrial Interview Preparations

Training with Top Leading Brands

50+ Brands designing Tips

Graphic Design Courses at DG Royals Institute in Delhi

DG Royals Institute provides three types of certificate courses in graphic design, from intermediate to master’s level. Courses and durations are mentioned below:

  1. Certified Graphic Design Course ( 3 Months Duration )
  2. Certified Advanced Course in Graphic Design Course  ( 5 Months Duration )
  3. Certified Master Course in Graphic Design Course ( 6 Months Duration)
Graphic Design Softwares Details

In this Master certificate course, you will learn following tools:

  1. Adobe Photoshop : Adobe Photoshop is a software used for Combining and manipulation colors to create printing material, advertising, packing of products, videos etc.The visual effects that are offered can be used to edit planned images, create patterns and artistic designs, and mix the two pictures together. Abode Photoshop course in Delhi is most needed course in Delhi for photo editing and also used by every photographers and industries to create their banners, boards, etc
  2.  Adobe Illustrator: Adobe illustrator is industrial graphic Software that is used in all types of media agency, advertising, and design industry to create attractive designs that are similar to Corel draw. A graphic designer uses this software for Typography Effects which is trending in the advanced graphic designing courses in Delhi. In this module, students will learn how to create attractive typography effects with adobe illustrator.
  3. Corel Draw :Corel Draw is graphic design software which creates vector-based designs that help us to create various branding stuff like advertisements, banner board, Printing materials, etc. Without knowing any tools It would be very difficult to create Graphic design. Corel Draw course helps to create objects and how to manipulate them in designing color plays the most important role, and it is more demanded in the printing industry and in the advertising industry. Corel Draw is having special creative effects like typography effects, blending effects, logo making with special effects, etc
  4. Adobe  Indesign: In Adobe InDesign students will be learning how Publishing departments create the publishing stuff like books, newspapers, etc. Publishing software that helps us to create documents like a brochure, menu design, catalogs, newspapers, etc. DG Royals take care of each and every student so that helps you to get a high paying job in Best Reputed Companies. That’s why DG Royals is the Best advanced Graphic design institute in Delhi for creative communication design courses.
  5. Adobe XD: In Adobe XD you will learn how to create the user interface of Apps or websites which will help you to create digital products. The trends of apps and websites are growing day by day because of digitalisation. Here you will understand the basic to advanced skills of creative valuable apps and website layouts which will help you to create an amazing industrial product.

DG Royals focuses on quality of teaching so whatever you will learn in the course you will get the latest trends and syllabus of graphic design course which is industry oriented training.

Who can do Graphic Design course?
  • Students: Students who are pursuing or have completed 10+2 (from any stream or subject) can apply for the Graphic Design Course at DG Royals Institute, Delhi. Also, those students who are pursuing or have completed any diploma or degree from any recognised university, college, department, other university, institute, etc. can apply for graphic design courses at the DG Royal Institute, Delhi.


  • Recent graduates from any university are also eligible for the Graphic Design Course at the DG Royals Institute, Delhi.


  • Content Creators: Any person who possesses a creative and artistic mind must learn a graphic design course and create logos, and other designs needed in books, magazines, newspapers, product packaging, etc in various industries. Ample opportunities are there. 


  • Women who want to start their career: Women who want to start their career after marriage, motherhood, or any other issue that made a break in their professional career can learn a graphic design course and start their new professional journey. Housewives can also start their careers. Pursuing any job-oriented course is the best way to upgrade your career.


  • Working Professionals: Professionals who are already working for companies can take this course to upgrade their skills and knowledge.
Graphic Design Course Career Opportunities - Jobs and Recruiters

The field of graphic design offers a plethora of exciting career opportunities, making it a popular choice among creative individuals. By enrolling in a graphic design course in delhi, you can unlock doors to a diverse range of job prospects and attract attention from prominent recruiters.

Graphic design is a multidisciplinary field that involves the creation of visual content to communicate messages effectively. As a graphic designer, you’ll be able to work across various industries, including advertising, marketing, media, web development, and more. Here are some of the career opportunities you can explore after completing a graphic design course:

1. Graphic Designer: As a graphic designer, you’ll be at the heart of the creative process, crafting visually compelling designs for both print and digital media. You’ll be responsible for creating logos, brochures, posters, websites, social media graphics, and other marketing materials by joining right graphic design institute in delhi for graphic design course you can explore the creative design fields for the graphic designer jobs in India and internationally. 


2. UI/UX Designer: In the digital age, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) play a crucial role in shaping the success of products and websites. UI/UX designers focus on enhancing user interactions and experiences through intuitive and visually appealing interfaces.


3. Web Designer: Web designers specialize in creating visually engaging and user-friendly websites. They work closely with developers to ensure that the design elements are seamlessly integrated into the final product along with web banners, icons and illustrations for the better UI Design.


4. Brand Identity Designer: Brand identity designers are responsible for crafting the visual identity of a brand, including logos, color schemes, typography, and other visual elements that convey the brand’s personality and values in the industry by joining best graphic design courses you can achieve all the qualities of a brand designer jobs in the market.


5. Art Director: Art directors are in charge of the overall visual style and artistic direction of creative projects. They collaborate with graphic designers, photographers, and other creative professionals to bring ideas to life for advertising industries, product based companies for the success of brands stories.


6. Motion Graphics Designer: If you have a passion for animation and video production, becoming a motion graphics designer allows you to create dynamic and visually captivating animations for commercials, films, and digital media. You can join DG Royals institute for graphic design course in delhi and for motion graphic designing course in delhi if you really want to pursue motion graphic design job by learning motion effects for branding, Adverting etc. 


7. Packaging Designer: creating a amazing product packaging design for companies are important part of branding. Packaging designers focus on creating attractive and functional packaging for various products, ensuring that they stand out on store shelves and resonate with consumers by joining graphic design training institute you can successfully plan such packagings for brands & industries.


8. Print Production Artist: Print production artists specialize in preparing designs for print, ensuring that they meet all technical requirements and are ready for production in graphic design course.


9. Freelance Designer: Many graphic designers choose to work independently as freelancers. Freelancing offers flexibility and the opportunity to work on diverse projects for different clients.


10. In-house Designer: Some companies hire graphic designers as part of their in-house creative teams, where they work on design projects exclusively for that organization.

Recruiters & Industries who search for Graphic Designers in Delhi

In Delhi, an abundance of top recruiters and industries actively seek talented graphic designers to meet their creative needs. Here’s a glimpse of the key players and sectors in the city that are on the lookout for skilled graphic designers:

  1. Advertising and Marketing Agencies: Prominent advertising and marketing agencies in Delhi continuously seek graphic designers to develop visually compelling campaigns and brand identities for their companies so starting a career in graphic designing course in Delhi has a huge scope in graphics.
  2. Media and Publishing Houses: Media companies, including newspapers, magazines, and online publications, require graphic designers to create captivating visuals for their content. Media and Publishing Houses are looking for high quality skills for publishing industry which create a great opportunity for the graphic design career in India, Selecting a best graphic design Institute in Delhi which provides all in depth knowledge of graphic design course is must for job seekers and Students.
  3. Web Development and Design Studios: Web design and development studios are always in need of creative graphic designers to craft attractive graphics for websites and user-friendly interfaces for web applications and digital platforms.
  4. E-commerce and Retail Companies: E-commerce businesses in Delhi frequently recruit graphic designers to design product images, banners, and promotional materials to enhance their online presence and drive sales. graphic design training in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida plays an important role in creating such candidates for industries.
  5. Television and Multimedia Production Companies: TV channels and multimedia production houses seek graphic designers to create visually appealing graphics, animations, and motion graphics for their projects.
  6. Graphic Design Firms: Specialized graphic design firms in Delhi offer design services to various clients, making them a significant source of employment for graphic designers.
  7. IT and Software Companies: IT firms often require graphic designers to contribute to user interface (UI) design, user experience (UX) design, and various marketing materials.
  8. Education and Training Institutes: Educational institutions and training centers frequently hire graphic designers to develop educational materials, promotional content, and event visuals.
  9. Fashion and Apparel Industry: Fashion brands in Delhi often seek graphic designers to create striking designs for their clothing, accessories, and promotional materials. Graphic designing Course offers various softwares which is helpful in textile industry or cloth designing industry like adobe illustrator, Adobe photoshop etc. Any individual can learn adobe illustrator course or adobe photoshop course in Delhi separately.
  10. Startups and Entrepreneurial Ventures: The startup ecosystem in Delhi provides ample opportunities for graphic designers to work on innovative projects and contribute to emerging brands for creating there social ads, brand awareness campaigns, graphic designs for advertising industries.

In summary, Delhi’s bustling market offers numerous avenues for graphic designers by joining Leading graphic design course in delhi they can showcase their creativity and skills. These top recruiters and industries form a vibrant landscape for aspiring graphic designers to find exciting and fulfilling career opportunities in the city.

Why choose a graphic design course in DG Royals Institute?

Reasons to Choose the Graphic Design Course in delhi NCR at DG Royals Institute:

  1. Placement Assistance: At DG Royals Institute, we offer graphic design course placement assistance to our students after completion of the graphic design training. Our management and experts provide career counseling, skill assessments, resume building, portfolio creation, assistance with job applications, and various other resources to help students secure employment opportunities. 
  2. Premium Industrial Workshops: Our institute conducts premium industrial workshops led by leading industry experts with a great design industry experiences, focusing on the latest trends and technologies in the graphic design industry. This ensures that our students stay up-to-date with the evolving demands of the graphic designing field.
  3. Experiential Learning: Through daily assignments and projects, we promote experiential learning. Students engage in regular practice and application of their skills, which enhances their understanding and creativity. Any doubts or queries arising from these assignments can be addressed in the subsequent graphic designing classes in delhi.
  4. Paid Industrial Internships and Projects: Upon completing the graphic design course, we actively strive to provide our students with opportunities for paid internships and projects with our network of recruiters. These practical experiences pave the way for potential full-time job opportunities in graphic designing training in north delhi, east delhi, south delhi.
  5. Group Discussions and One-on-One Interactions: Our teaching methodology involves group discussions, encouraging students to share their knowledge and articulate concepts in their own words. Additionally, one-on-one interactions with our faculty allow students to clarify doubts and receive personalized guidance.
  6. Master Classes with Experts: DG Royals Institute arranges master classes with industry experts. These sessions offer valuable insights and in-depth knowledge, enriching the students’ learning journey and supporting their career growth in designing.
  7. Industrial Interview Preparation: We understand the importance of interview preparation, and to assist our students, we conduct graphic designing interview sessions with experts during the graphic designing classes in delhi. These sessions provide valuable tips and insights into common interview questions, helping students build confidence and readiness for job interviews.

By choosing the graphic design course at DG Royals Institute, students can expect a holistic learning experience, ample opportunities for practical exposure, and comprehensive support in building a successful career in the dynamic field of graphic design.

DG Royals: Your Path to Excellence in Graphic Design Course in Delhi

Delhi boasts numerous Top Graphic Design institutes in delhi that have been training students for an extended period. However, many of these institutes lack a strong focus on imparting essential software abilities, leaving students without the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical experience in visual grammar crucial for professional graphic designers. In stark contrast, DG Royals stands out as one of the best graphic design institutes in Delhi, dedicated to providing a comprehensive education that emphasizes both sound conceptual understanding and practical training.

At DG Royals, our offline & Online graphic design classes in delhi go beyond mere software training by covering recent trends in the dynamic graphic design industry. This ensures that our students receive a holistic design education that equips them with the skills demanded by the ever-evolving field. Upon completing the course, students have the opportunity to participate in our coveted internship program. During this internship, they will handle live projects, fine-tuning their graphic design skills and gaining valuable experience that prepares them for the job market.

Our Graphic design institute in delhi NCR goes the extra mile by offering live industrial training, providing exposure to a diverse range of design projects, including advertising, branding materials, website layouts, social media designs, product packaging, and more. This real-world experience allows our students to flourish as skilled designers and prepares them for success in the competitive job industry. we are located at ex- South Delhi, North Delhi, East Delhi & Central Delhi.

With a team of expert faculty members bringing industry experience and expertise to the classroom, DG Royals ensures that students receive personalized guidance and practical insights. Our mission is to nurture well-rounded designers with a strong creative foundation, making us the ideal choice for aspiring graphic designers seeking a fulfilling and successful career. If you aspire to become a skilled graphic designer and receive top-notch design education, DG Royals beckons as the best graphic design institute in Delhi.

DG Royals Provide Industry oriented live projects and portfolios

DG Royals also provides the best graphic design course in Delhi by helping their students work on industry oriented live projects and create industry oriented portfolios. The vision is to provide best graphic design training with a creative atmosphere for our students where they can understand the importance of graphic design opportunities in the world.

For those that are knowledgeable in their industry, the future is always bright.. Every industry seeks passion with a sprinkle of competence. Graphic designers are greatly needed in the marketing and advertising sector. Graphic design enables you as a creative person who tries to bring innovativeness to the work, leading to the betterment of business. You can always start your own graphic design firm and work for yourself rather than earning money for someone else.

Mode of conduct of Classes, Shifts and Weekend batches.

DG Royals offers the flexibility of two class modes: offline and online. This enables students to choose the mode that best suits their preferences and schedule, allowing them to attend classes or join batches as per their convenience for graphic design course training in delhi.

Online and Offline Graphic Design Classes

Offline Classes

Offline classes at the DG Royals Institute take place for weekly classes (Monday to Thursday) and weekend classes (Saturday and Sunday). You can take your classes at 92-94, Third Floor, Mall Road, GTB Nagar, Delhi 110009 (near Metro Station Gate No. 3).

Online Classes
At DG Royals, online classes are conducted through the Skype app or other communication platforms specified by the management. Students receive information about the designated app to ensure smooth and effective participation in their online learning sessions of online graphic design course in delhi.

Class Duration at DG Royals Institute

The duration of class can vary from 1 hour to 1:30 hours per class, which shall be conducted on a weekly basis. Weekend batches are also scheduled as per the convenience of the students.

What Our Trainee Says

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What Our Learners have To Say About Us!

DG royal is an excellent institute with knowledgeable and qualified faculty and all the teaches have provided me tremendous support in shaping my career. I really owe them for making me a professional in the field of Graphic Designing.

Nidhi Seth

Graphic Designer, ET Creatives

The best part of DG Royal institute is that they provide 100% Job assistance, internship and make students work on the live projects for practical knowledge and which helps you to get a great job. Thanks, DG Royals Team for your fantastic support.

Ankita Katyal

Graphic Designer, Eco Ware

All teachers are amazing at DG royals and provide fabulous support and guidance and the modules they teach are as per the industry standards. 


Graphic Designer, MapMyStudy

I would love to thank all the faculty members of DG royals to make a professional Graphic Designer and get a fantastic Job.


Graphic Designer, Preserva Wellness

I’ve learned a lot from my professors at DG Royal. They’ve helped me shape my career in a way that I couldn’t have imagined. In return, I am indebted to them for transforming me into a graphic design professional.


Graphic Designer, Oqua Nihora

The concepts of Digital Marketing has become a cup of tea for me after taking the Graphic Design course from DG Royals Institute the faculty guides really well & Its Really helpful in the freelance work also for me thanks to the team. 

Mukul Kumar

Graphic Designer, Galgotias University

Graphic designing is an art of visual communication that connects words, thoughts, and pictures to communicate knowledge to the audience. The benefits of taking graphic designing as a profession.

  • Enhances design creativity and artistic skills after graphic design sessions.
  • Provides in-depth knowledge of design and software tools.
  • Opens doors to various career opportunities in design-related fields.
  • Enables individuals to work in diverse industries like advertising, web development, publishing, etc.
  • High demand for skilled graphic designers in the variour industries.
  • Opportunities to work as a freelancer & get a higher income and have flexibility in work.
  • Potential for attractive salary packages with experience and expertise.
  • Allows individuals to create impactful visual communication and storytelling.
  • Keeps individuals updated with the latest design trends and technologies.
  • Offers a platform to showcase talent and build a strong portfolio.
  1. JYOTSANA BHALLA: I had no prior expertise in graphic design or illustration before enrolling at DG Royals for their Best Online Graphic Design Course. The comprehensive education I received here, starting from the fundamentals and progressing to a professional level, was truly remarkable. The faculty’s training in Graphics Design was superb. I am overjoyed to announce my acceptance from the Top Graphics Institute in New Delhi. A heartfelt thank you to the DG Royals team for their support and guidance.
  2. KAPIL SHARMA: My experience with DG Royals, the Best Graphic Design & Animation Institute, was a fantastic learning and growing experience. I broadened my perspectives and improved my abilities as a 3D Artist thanks to the new things I discovered here. I am grateful to DG Royals Institute for providing me with such excellent Graphics Training in Delhi, which made me a professional Graphic Designer.
  3. PRIYA: DG Royals is the Top Graphic Design Institute among the Best 10 Graphic Multimedia Institutes in India. It provides the best Graphic Design Practical Knowledge, enabling students to strengthen their creativity and abilities. I gained a great deal of knowledge through the helpful staff and practice-based learning style. My sincere appreciation goes out to the entire DG Royals team for helping me pursue a meaningful profession.
  4. FATIMA: DG Royals is the Top Ranked Graphic Design Course Institute with Placements for anyone interested in a creative profession like Graphic Design, Video Editing, Animation, or Web Design. The institute immediately connected me with a qualified specialist upon my arrival, and their engaging Graphic Design Programs, akin to those at Delhi University, set me on a path to becoming a Motion Graphics Artist. I am excited about the opportunities ahead.
  5. Sorav Jain: DG Royals – Professional Graphic Design Institute is a prominent institution that offers top-notch Graphic Design Courses. The faculty members are nice, and their teaching approaches are outstanding. I am proud to have received my education at DG Royals for the Master Graphic Design Course, and I owe a debt of gratitude to all the faculty for helping shape me into the professional I am today.
  6. CHARANJEET SINGH: DG Royals presented me with a wonderful professional chance that had a big impact on the course of my life. The fantastic infrastructure and the extraordinarily courteous and helpful faculty members contributed to my growth. I express my gratitude to all the faculty members who helped me get this fantastic career and become a skilled Graphic Designer.
  7. JOHN DESWAL: DG Royals is one of the Best Graphic Design Institutes in Faridabad where students can demonstrate their abilities and take them to the next level with the support of trained professionals. The faculty in the Graphics and Web Design departments motivated me, enhanced my talents in design, and improved my communication abilities. Many thanks to DG Royals for the level of Practical Graphics Training they provided.
  8. NAVEEN TYAGI: I had a fantastic time at DG Royals pursuing the Graphic Design Course, especially Graphic Mastery Design. The teachers were quite helpful in gaining in-depth knowledge and developing my abilities. The placement department and management worked tirelessly to ensure all students found suitable positions. Many thanks to DG Royals for providing Graphic Design Software Training and assistance.
  9. AISHWARYA SEHGAL: I had an interest in pursuing a career in the media industry and was looking for the best spot to begin my search. I discovered DG Royals for the Degree level Graphic Design Course in Chandigarh online, and now I am certain it is the ideal place to further my education. I’m happy to have started my professional career with DG Royals’ Professional Graphic Design Online Courses. The institute’s academic members were extraordinarily inspiring to work with. For all Graphic Design aspirants, this is one of the Best Graphic Design Academies in India to demonstrate your abilities and pursue your dreams.
  10. Kanchan Kansal: DG Royals Institute provides a wonderful atmosphere for learning C-Tech, high definition visual effects, and visual effects in general. The lecturers were incredibly knowledgeable and conducted themselves like family members. They helped me in every manner possible to further my professional development. DG Royals Graphic Design Institute serves as my educational utopia, and I am glad for that. I am happy with the decision to choose them as my mentor.
  11. SARTHAK ARORA: Being a huge fan of DG Royals, I can confidently say that this is where I first delved into the world of Graphic Design and the accompanying software. The faculty members were incredibly courteous and always ready to clear any doubts I had. I am deeply grateful to the entire team at DG Royals Graphic Design Institute for providing me with valuable skills and training.
  12. SAKSHI KATYAL: Studying the Graphic Design Diploma Course at DG Royals Graphics Academy was an absolute pleasure. The institute provided a conducive learning atmosphere, and the teachers were outstanding in their roles as educators. I feel privileged to be part of the DG Royals family. Many thanks to the faculty members and highly knowledgeable trainers for their valuable assistance in shaping my career after the Online Graphic Design Course.
  13. TARUN THAKRAL: DG Royals is undeniably one of the most prestigious educational institutions for the Multimedia Animation Graphic Design Course in South Delhi. The excellent faculty and top-notch infrastructure make it the best Graphic Design Institute. DG Royals also offers exceptional career development workshops and job placement services. I am indebted to everyone at DG Royals Graphic Design Institute for helping me carve out my career path.
  14. MALLIKA GANDHI: Completing the Graphics Animation Diploma Course in Visual Effects was a great achievement for me. Interacting with the polite, knowledgeable, and supportive faculty was a pleasure. The mentors excelled in honing our talents, ensuring we produced work up to industry standards. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to DG Royals and highly recommend this Best Graphic Design Institute in South Extension.
  15. SEJAL GUPTA: DG Royals is the most suitable Creative Graphic Design Course Institute for beginners looking to kickstart their professional careers. Under the guidance of Rewati ma’am, we not only learned the curriculum but also gained insight into real-world projects, industry expectations, and ways to stand out. I am privileged to be a student at DG Royals Institute and express my gratitude to all the faculty and trainers for providing an opportunity to demonstrate my abilities and pursue a new profession.
  16. Anmol Sethi: DG Royals offered me a terrific experience during the Professional Career Course of Graphic Design Course after 12th. The faculty members made knowledge acquisition and software exploration significantly easier with their guidance and assistance. I am thankful to this Graphic Design Multimedia University for supporting me in commencing my professional career in the industry.
  17. TARA DESAI: I cannot thank the faculty members at DG Royals enough for their invaluable assistance. The Graphic Designing Institute provided a wealth of information on logos and graphic design concepts, making them the best Graphic Design Course Institute. The institute’s dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect, and I highly recommend DG Royals Graphic Design Institute to everyone seeking a rewarding learning experience.
  18. PUSHP DHAWAN: Completing the Master Graphic Design Course at DG Royals Institute has immensely contributed to my professional growth. The welcoming environment, knowledgeable faculty, and advanced training equipped me with the skills and knowledge needed to become a successful graphic designer.
  19. AMIT MANGLA: Embarking on my Graphic Design training journey at DG Royals was a novice’s step, and I have since achieved a Higher Diploma in Visual Effects. I wholeheartedly recommend DG Royals Institute’s Graphic Design Program to aspiring designers and technology professionals. The instructors are highly qualified, and the excellent facility and training members make learning a delight.
  20. VINAY CHANGANI: DG Royals’ Online Graphic Design Institute stands out as an outstanding multimedia institute, offering excellent classes catering to diverse student interests and abilities. The faculty members’ teaching methods and student-teacher interaction are exceptional, fostering a wealth of knowledge and experience for students.
  22. RAKHI KUMARI: I was a student at DG Royals, pursuing the Creative Graphic Artist Course. The lecturers at this college are highly experienced and well-educated in their respective fields. During my time at the institution, I opted for the advanced Graphic Design Course with Placement, and without a doubt, it was the most beneficial and fascinating journey I’ve ever experienced. Today, I am proud to work as the Head of the Creative Design Department for a well-established corporation, and I credit much of my success to DG Royals.
  23. RAUSHAN KUMAR: DG Royals is an exceptional Graphic Design training Institute in Delhi, offering a platform to advertise yourself and your professional career online. The faculty members in the Web Design and Graphics departments are exceptionally nice and cooperative. It is my pleasure to recommend DG Royals for Graphic Design Programs to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the Creative Field. Choose the best Graphic Design Institute and make the right decision for your future.
  24. MONU SHARMA: DG Royals Institute has always emphasized aiding and mentoring its students throughout their studies. The Practical Graphic Design Classes and events offered here have greatly improved our creative abilities and collaborative skills. The teachers have been supportive at every step, leading me to secure a position with a prominent event management company. My heartfelt thanks to all the faculty members and trainers at DG Royals Institute for providing the best Graphics Art Course Training in Delhi.
  25. RITESH JAISWAL: The Graphic Design Institute has been immensely beneficial in my journey as a developing graphic designer. The trainers taught me everything from principles to concepts, and I am truly grateful for their guidance. The clarity with which they explained design foundations, tools, software, and concepts made the learning process enjoyable. I owe my competence as a Graphic Designer, currently working with a reputed organization, to DG Royals and its dedicated trainers.
  26. SUNIL KUMAR: Choosing DG Royals was a great decision, mainly due to its reasonable pricing and the newly established graphic design program. The instructors, administrative staff, and support team were outstanding with substantial industry knowledge and unwavering support for the students. I am grateful to the trainers of the Graphic Design Institute for teaching me Photoshop, Illustrator, and other essential software, which have been immensely helpful in my current job as an IT consultant. The excellent computer labs and their support played a crucial role in securing employment with reputable organizations.
  27. SANJEEV DAHIYA: Joining DG Royals’ Professional Graphic Design Institute was a life-changing decision for me. I credit my success to the exceptional teachers and the supportive learning environment they provided. DG Royals, the No.1 Graphic Design Institute, offers outstanding features, including a beautiful landscape, excellent faculty, and top-notch amenities. I cannot thank them enough for their unwavering support, and I confidently say that DG Royals is the top Multimedia Animation Design Institute today.
  28. SAPNA SANGWAN: The Certified Graphic Designing course at DG Royals Graphic Design Academy proved immensely beneficial for my growth as a professional Graphic Designer. The use of cutting-edge equipment provided fresh learning experiences, and the class assignments helped me develop problem-solving skills essential for success in the field. Each faculty member was incredibly supportive throughout the Visual Art course, helping me build a portfolio that attracts potential clients.
  29. CHIRAG KASHYAP: Thanks to my association with DG Royals, I am now part of a major software engineer team in an IT company. The rationalized syllabus offered straightforward techniques for learning and understanding the subjects. I encourage anyone interested in pursuing a career in web design or graphics to begin their journey with DG Royals. A single correct decision can change the direction of our lives, and I owe my professional success to DG Royals Graphic Design Institute.
  30. AMAN AHUJA: My experience with the Graphics Design Courses in New Delhi was incredibly positive, and I appreciated the well-organized modules that allowed for a high level of freedom and exploration of other interests. The support and efforts of the faculty members and trainers were exceptional, helping me become a professional Graphic Designer. I am truly grateful for my time at DG Royals Institute.
  31. NIPAIN SAINI: My time at DG Royals was fantastic. The institute has excellent faculty members, especially in their technical lab, teaching all the required software and tools to become a successful Graphic Designer. The highlight of the Multimedia Graphics Course was the outstanding Graphic Design Course module. I feel blessed to be associated with DG Royals Institute.
  32. RAHUL CHAUHAN: DG Royals Institute offers an exceptional learning experience for higher Career Courses. The web and graphic design faculty are excellent and cooperative, focusing not only on theoretical training but also practical skills. Their support and the wealth of information provided have been incredibly helpful.
  33. KUNAL CHAUHAN: DG Royals, The Designing Institute, is undoubtedly the best institute for Graphic Designing. The graphic design program provides students with hands-on experience and practical skills. I am overjoyed and grateful for the excellent placement opportunities and experiences this institute has offered me.
  34. SHUBHAM GARG: DG Royals is a place where dreams can be pursued and success achieved in all aspects of life. Starting the Graphic Design journey with this institute is a stepping stone to becoming a skilled Graphic Designer and securing topmost organization jobs. Embrace the future with optimism and let your light shine brightly while studying at DG Royals Institute.
  35. NANDAN: DG Royals is a top-notch Graphic Design Institute with an excellent faculty and cooperative staff. The training covers all the important software and tools necessary for success in the field of design. The guidance and advice received from the institute have been helpful in all aspects of life.
  36. DIVYA SHARMA: My experience with the Graphics Design Course at DG Royals was exceptional. The institute’s support throughout the training period and interview preparation boosted my confidence. I am grateful for the excellent placement and the opportunity to work with a renowned organization.
  37. PALAK: I had a wonderful experience attending the visual effects & Graphics Training at DG Royals. The infrastructure, course, and training are outstanding, with the faculty and trainers playing a crucial role in enhancing my Graphic Design skills. The campus interviews with top visual effects studios opened up numerous job opportunities after completing the training.
  38. VENYA SANJWAL: As someone enthusiastic about the graphic design profession, finding DG Royal Graphic Design Institute was a blessing. The institute’s overall rating, guidance, and demo class convinced me to enroll in their graphic design course. I am delighted with the training received, which has increased my self-confidence and made me feel like a professional.
  39. APURVA ARORA: My goal was to enter the animation industry and become a talented animator. DG Royal Graphic Design Institute provided an excellent opportunity for placement and guidance, ensuring my development as a skilled animator. I am thankful for choosing DG Royal Graphic Design Institute as my training institute, as it has polished my skills and turned me into a professional designer.
  40. RIDHIMA: Studying at DG Royal Graphic Design Institute was an exceptional experience for me. I learned a great deal, made new acquaintances, and gained a newfound appreciation for the arts. The placement process was smooth, and I secured the position I desired. I express my gratitude to the prestigious DG Royal Graphic Design Institute, the finest Digital Media Academy globally.
  41. SHILPI ANAND: DG Royal Graphic Design Institute offers a fantastic learning atmosphere, integrating well-structured lectures, master classes by industry experts, and other essential academic activities seamlessly into the course. The institute provides an encouraging study environment, abundant educational resources, including an amazing library, and excellent job placement chances. With cutting-edge 3D animation programs, DG Royal Graphic Design Institute stands out as one of the most prestigious animation training institutions. They provided valuable real-world experience and supported me in finding suitable employment opportunities. The training facilities are up-to-date with the latest technology.
  42. SAKSHI BATRA: DG Royal Graphic Design Institute played a crucial role in helping me achieve my professional goal. As one of the topmost Graphic Design Institutes, it excels in delivering excellent education due to the efforts of dedicated mentors. It’s the perfect destination for individuals seeking a career in Graphic Designing. The experience was terrific, appreciating the high standards of the institute and the passion of the experienced and hardworking trainers. Practical exposure is emphasized, making the learning experience enjoyable and valuable.
  43. VANSHIKA: DG Royal Graphic Design Institute’s campus interviews have provided dream jobs for my friends and me. I found my dream job through their placement assistance. The faculty members share their industry knowledge, making learning a delightful experience. The academy offers a vibrant learning environment, friendly employees, delightful learning programs, and workshops with great value additions to the curriculum. It was a wonderful and unique experience for me, thanks to DG Royals and the reputed trainers for their extensive and detailed Graphic Design Training.
  44. SONIA JAIN: The mentors at DG Royal Graphic Design Institute are exceptional individuals, enhancing the superb training standards and world-class infrastructure for an amazing learning experience. The institute’s placement program, with its extensive network, arranged many interviews with well-established recruiters. With the motivated training, I aced every interview and had the opportunity to choose my own recruiter. DG Royal Graphic Design Institute has proven to be an exceptional institute in every aspect.

FAQ About the Best Graphic Designing Institute

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic Designing is the art of Designing various things like advertisements, media agency and many more, etc. The demand for Graphic design courses is increasing day by day. Graphic Designing is a creative line that helps us to create a creative masterpiece. Graphic Design Course In Delhi is the highly demanded course.

What is the Scope of Graphic Designing course in Delhi?

The Scope of Graphic Designing is in various fields and has various other career options like Fashion Designer, Interior Designing, multimedia, branding industry, product packaging industry, Printing or publication industry, etc. The graphic helps in branding that’s why its demand in the industry is increasing because attractive graphics help us in creating a brand market. The graphic is a way through which we can express our products and services with the help of visualization.

What is the course fee of the Graphic Designing course in Delhi the DG Royals?

The course fee of the Graphic Designing course in Delhi is Minimum as compare to the other institute in Delhi including all services taxes. and the quality is Extremely High in Graphic Design course Training in West Delhi. DG royals is the best graphic designing Training institute in Delhi. Students can learn and explore their practical skills in Various sectors like Ads Agencies, Web designing companies, Software Development Companies, Event Planning Companies in Delhi, and so on. In each and every sector Graphic Designers are playing an important role in the industry. DG Royals is focusing on the same and providing the best Quality of skills to their students.

Why DG Royal institute is called the best Graphic Designing Institute in Delhi India?

There are lots of Graphic Designing institutes in Delhi but when it comes to the quality of education DG Royals is the Top best Graphic designing course institute in India. They provide Live training on industrial projects to enhance practical skills.

Which is the Best Graphic Design Training Institute In Delhi?

As there is a various list of Graphic design Institute in Delhi But DG Royals is the best and top 10 Graphic Design Training Institute in Delhi due to its training and creative learning which will help the students to learn the skills and creating industry-oriented training Portfolio for the best job selection. If you want to join the best graphic design Training Institute in Delhi then DG Royals is the best place to learn Graphic Designing Course In Delhi.

Does Dg Royals provide Placement to their students?

Yes, DG Royals provides 100% job assistance in every professional course to their students After successful completion of their course and they prepare them as well for interviews sessions also and getting the best high paying career jobs in the industry. There are many sectors in Graphic Designing Course Institute in South Ex Delhi after doing the training of graphic design from DG Royals you can go for Graphic designer, visualizer, commercial artist, Brand specialist, etc. so You can start your freelance work also.

What is the Duration of Graphic Designing Courses in Delhi?

The duration of the Graphic Designing course is 3 months and One month of Internship in which students will implement the learning skills in the live projects which will help them to impart the software skills.

Do DG royals provide online classes?

Yes, DG Royals provides online training for those students who are not able to come to this institute for any reason. The online classes are also helpful for those who are in business and working professionals. DG Royals Provide online Classes For Graphic design course near me but it’s just basic knowledge.