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Advanced Graphic Design Course

  • Hands on Live Design Projects
  • Internship & Placements Assistance
  • Work on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign & Corel Draw.

Duration: 5 Months

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Master Graphic Designing course

  • 2 In One Career Program.
  • Internship & Placements Assistance
  • Learn on Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign & Corel Draw.

Duration : 6 Months 

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Multimedia Animation Course

  • 3 in one Career Course
  • Graphic Design & Video Editing Tools
  • Huge Career Exposure with Placements.

Duration : 1 Year 

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Graphic Design Course helpful in designing visual content to convey knowledge to a huge audience. It is a combination of Communication and Graphic Design and is presented with the help of photographs, colors, typography, pictures, and icons in a form of Visual Content. Aspirants who want to become successful graphic designers after completing their schooling or college can opt for this graphics designing course Shahdara East Delhi.

Why Choose DG ROYALS Institute For Graphics Designing Courses in Shahdara?

  • Graphics Design Courses in High Demand- We offer job chances in high-demand Graphic Designing Course in Shahdara. We appreciate your time and money, which is why we always offer on-demand courses that will help you improve your abilities and increase your earnings in the future.
  • Industry Relevant:- Our best Graphic Design courses in Shahdara is 100% industry relevant since we understand the value of the future and strive to provide something new and relevant to the industry.
  • Certifications:- Through our rigorous Graphic Design training program, we will aid you in passing Graphics Designer Course Completion and Internship Certificates.
  • Cost Effective:- Our Training is unquestionably cost-effective, and it will help you stand out from the crowd and excel in the Graphics Designing Industry.
  • Highly qualified trainers- Our trainers are highly professional and qualified individuals who provide you with the greatest possible Training to provide you with a high-quality learning experience.
  • Job Placements:- After Course Completion with Us, you will be Notify with the current Placements and no longer need to look for work all over the place. Employment recruiters will discover you.
  • Project-based Training:- We prefer to work on real-world projects wherever possible. As a result, you will collaborate with us on real-world initiatives.
  • Enhance your existing business Through our courses:- Existing businesses can discover new strategies and possibilities to expand.

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Why Learn Graphic Designing Course?

Graphic designing is an art of visual communication that connects words, thoughts, and pictures to communicate knowledge to the audience. The benefits of taking graphic designing as a profession.

1) Graphic designers have a great career scope and work as a website designer, advertising, books, magazines, posters, computer games, product packaging, exhibitions, and displays.

2) Excellent Salary packages if the person has good experience and creativity.

3) Roles a graphic designer can choose after the completion, of course, graphics Designer, Picture Editor, Design Manager, Brand Identity Designer, Flash Designers, Web Designer, Logo Designers, Visual and an Image Developer

4) Get Jobs in industries like consultancies, advertising agencies, design studios, educational institutions, publishers, marketing firms, etc.

Why Choose us For Graphic Design Institute in Shahdara

Students at DG Royals Graphic Design Institute in Shahdara, which can be found in the Shahdara neighbourhood of Delhi, can anticipate obtaining instruction in graphic design from a group of professionals already working in the relevant business. Every single one of a student’s skills ought to be improved upon even further, and then put to use as soon as it is even remotely possible to do so. Students will learn how to interact with clients and solve problems that occur in the “real world,” which will be taught by their instructors. In addition to receiving support with employment placement, expert instructors, and a credential from DG Royals Graphic Design Institute in Shahdara, you will also gain practical experience during your time there.


The best location in Delhi to learn abilities in graphic design and web design respectively.


Our students get access to a wide variety of seminars and special workshops that are taught by experts who are presently employed at top organisations in their industry. These seminars and workshops are taught by professionals who are currently employed at top organisations in their field. This list of services is in no way capable of being considered exhaustive.


Classes in graphic design, web design, and digital marketing are offered on Saturdays and Sundays in DG Royals Graphic Design Institute in Shahdara, Delhi  for the convenience of both working professionals and college students. 

Classes are offered in these subjects. The study of digital marketing is the primary subject of these classes. To Attend Our School, You Do Not Need to Be a Resident of East Delhi . Learners from all around the country are welcome to attend.


Students who are interested in taking classes in graphic design and web design come from all over the city and the surrounding region, including Noida, Ghaziabad, Shahdara, Dilshad Garden, Pahar Ganj, Moti Nagar, and Old Delhi. These areas are just some of the places where students live before enrolling in classes. Other well-known places are the Dilshad Garden and the Shahdara. 


In East Delhi, in close proximity to the Shahdara Railway Station, you’ll find our global training centre for graphic and web design. At the Graphic Design, Web Design, and Digital Marketing Institute, we recognised the value of your time and are committed to helping you get the most out of it. One way we do this is by providing IT training that is as flexible as is humanly possible.

Because it includes merging text and pictures to convey a certain message, graphic design can either be undertaken as a creative endeavour or as a career option. When it comes to creating images, you have access to a wide range of file types and sizing options to choose from. This includes the creation of both a plain logo for a corporation as well as the layout of an elaborate website. 


As a result of this, it is also known as communication design due to the fact that it assists in connecting a company or an individual with the audience that they are attempting to target. 


In recent years, there has been a rising need for content that may be delivered visually as well as through the use of digital media. Numerous professionals in the sector believe that the demand for graphic designers will increase significantly in the not-too-distant future.

In the field of graphic design, one has the option of working independently or working for an employer in a part-time capacity. Both of these scenarios are viable career paths. As a consequence of this, an increasing number of businesses are presently conducting an intensive search for skilled young graphic designers to join their teams. Opportunities for Establishing Oneself in the Field of Professional Graphic Design in India

Graphic designers are difficult to come by in India, which is especially surprising when one considers the high demand that is placed on their nation’s media. There is a wide variety of jobs that may be done within the realm of graphic design; some examples of this include working as an art labourer, an editor, an illustrator, or even in creative direction. 

Opportunities for employment as graphic designers are available in a wide number of settings, such as advertising and marketing companies, design studios, and display publishers.

Salary Scale After Graphic Designer Course in Shahdara
  • In India, a graphic designer can expect to earn around 3.5 million rupees per year as a salary and benefits package. If you are successful in finding employment in a good advertising or publishing company, you can generally expect to make somewhere in the neighbourhood of Rs. 5 lacs per year there. 
  • You will, at some point in your professional life, come to the realisation that, in addition to a typical employment, there are a great many other options available to you, each of which has the possibility of significantly increased financial gain. One of these alternatives is likely to be the one that you choose.
  • Your familiarity with Dreamweaver and Adobe After Effects could also prove to be advantageous in your search for a well-paying career opportunity.
  • After successfully completing their courses at DG Royals Graphic Design Institute in Shahdara, students are given the assurance that they will receive aid with placement that is one hundred percent guaranteed.
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Beginning Your Career as a Graphic Designer in an Easy-to-Follow Step-by-Step Format
  • The curriculum for the training of graphic designers places an emphasis not just on print media but also on the internet. Students should not only have a positive attitude toward technology but also have a strong interest in graphic design and typography. This is especially vital in today’s digital Era.
  •  You should begin immediately engaging in the activities outlined below in order to give yourself the best possible start to a successful career as a graphic designer.
  • You might be able to get away with working long hours if you’re creative and have a strong capacity to visualise, but given that this isn’t always the case, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort to finish the project. 
  • If a career as a graphic designer is something you might be interested in pursuing, you should get a head start as soon as possible on learning how to use the software and tools that are required for the profession.
  • Because of the nature of this topic, there is not a separate path available for students at the college or intermediate level. Entry into the field of graphic design can be achieved by studies in any academic discipline.
  • This degree does not require students to pass any competitive exams; rather, students must complete admissions and entrance exams in order to earn the degree. Preparing yourself intellectually for these tests is an absolute requirement. Participating in this programme can be started with very little effort.
In India, to work as a graphic designer, what kinds of educational backgrounds and levels of experience are required?
  • Students in India have the possibility to enrol in courses in graphic design once they have completed their secondary education and graduated from high school. The fundamentals of design, including movement, balance, rhythm, contrast, and typography, are covered in these lectures, which not only serve as an introduction to the industry but also train students on the fundamentals of design. 
  • In addition to providing instruction on image alteration, the topics covered in this course include the development of images for both the online and print mediums. Students who have successfully completed their high school education and received their diplomas are qualified to enrol in courses in graphic design.
What are the next steps you should take after graduating from high school if you want to become a graphic designer?
  • If you are interested in pursuing a career as a graphic designer, it is important that you take the steps that are mentioned in this article. When a student has finished class 10, they are then entitled to enrol in classes leading to a diploma. 
  • On the other hand, in order for students to enrol in particular diploma programmes, they are required to have previously completed the tenth and twelfth grades. A graphic design degree of at least the bachelor’s level is typically required of applicants to postgraduate programmes in the field of graphic design.
  • Maintaining a grade point average of at least 60 percent over the entirety of your academic career is essential in order to graduate with a degree in graphic design. This prerequisite applies to both undergrad and grad degrees.


Graphic Designer Education and Apprenticeship Programs

  • Students who enrol in programs that teach graphic design learn how to create and modify visuals that are appropriate for use in a variety of contexts, including the internet as well as printed publications. Classes on graphic design cover topics such as movement, harmony, rhythm, contrast, and typography. These are the basic principles being researched.
  • There are graphic design programs that can lead to a certificate, a diploma, as well as full-time undergraduate and graduate degrees. These degrees can be earned through a variety of educational pathways. Online education platforms Coursera, Udemy, and edX are responsible for some of the most popular and well-attended graphic design courses.
  • Certificate programs in graphic design that may be finished in a very short length of time cover both the fundamentals and applications of the subject.
  • Ones that lead to a certificate in graphic design range from those developed for beginners who are just starting in the industry to more advanced classes that are meant specifically for persons who aim to make a career out of it.

Working in the field of graphic design can bring about a wide variety of positive outcomes.

  • The work of a graphic designer can be personally satisfying for the designer in addition to being financially rewarding for the designer. We will provide you with in-depth training in the skills of typography and graphic design, as well as the opportunity for career advancement and salary that is on par with other similar positions. 
  • You will be able to look forward to the following benefits as soon as you begin working as a graphic designer:
  • There is a connection between the number of years of seniority at an organisation and a higher beginning compensation for new employees. Your salary will go up if you are successful in learning and mastering a new ability.
  • If you want to keep the job that you now have, it is absolutely necessary for you to be a diligent worker. Graphic designers are an essential component of marketing campaigns as well as the materials that go along with it. 
  • In today’s world, many businesses want to have a presence on the Internet so that they may attract new customers. Graphic designers are an essential component of marketing campaigns.
  • If you are interested in taking your academic career to the next level and would like to do so, you can pursue this goal by enrolling in a post-graduate programme.
  • It’s the type of opportunity that only comes along once in a lifetime. We are learning new experiences as a direct result of the fact that the majority of us have never participated in work of this kind in the past. 
  • Before the year 2000, the average person did not have a crystal clear knowledge of what it meant to be a graphic designer. As a result, relatively few companies hired graphic designers at all.
  • Working as a graphic designer comes with a variety of additional advantages, each of which will be dissected and investigated in further depth in the section that follows.


DG Royals Graphic Design Institute in Shahdara is known throughout the Shahdara region for providing the web design services that are both the most professional and cutting-edge. We pride ourselves on the fact that the Web Designing Course that we offer in Delhi is of the very finest caliber. 

You will learn everything you need to know about web design in our hands-on program by actually developing your own websites, which is the best way to learn the material. It will take you from the level of a novice web designer all the way up to the level of a seasoned professional. Because of this, if you are interested in a job as a web developer but lack the necessary skills, you should enrol in our web design course.


Every single instructor who works at our web training center is dedicated to offering the greatest quality instruction that is humanly possible by staying up to date with the latest innovative design tools. At the Institute, one of the specialised Specialists’ areas of expertise is instructing students in web design, and they are responsible for that. 

Graphics Designing Classes in Delhi that employ innovative pedagogical strategies to teach students address in depth not only the W3C principles but also the optimization of images and content, as well as the layout of a website. Students also learn linked languages like CSS, PHP, and Jquery as part of their education.


Taking this course will teach you how to create websites that are of a high quality in a short amount of time and by utilising a broad number of various tactics. If you really want to enrol for a Graphic Designing course, Students who are interested in building a profession out of web design, as well as those who are already working in the field of web design, are the target audience for this course. 


As part of the Online Specialist programme, you will receive instruction on how to construct websites from the ground up. You will also get a comprehension of a variety of facets of online design, including web typography, colour theory for web design, layout and composition, and graphics, to name just a few of these topics.

People who are creative, artistic, and have an appreciation for beauty and design can find a wealth of professional opportunities in the field of web design. Opportunities for employment as web designers can be found in a vast array of settings, including advertising agencies, design studios, internet marketing organisations, and audio-visual media outlets, to name just a few of these places.


Professional web designers are in more demand as a direct result of a growth in the demand for web services among an increasing number of corporations, organisations of medium and small size, and the public sector as a whole. 

The significance of having a well-designed website is being increasingly acknowledged worldwide, especially in India. The phenomenal development in internet traffic, both commercial and noncommercial, is proof of the growing demand for websites in the global corporate environment of today and tomorrow. 

This demand is projected to grow further. The fact that there has been a significant rise in the amount of traffic on the internet, both commercial and noncommercial, is indicative of the high level of demand that exists.



In order to provide aesthetically appealing solutions for tough communication challenges, graphic design calls for a combination of ingenuity, strategy, management, and technological know-how. To create a collaborative, multi-dimensional, and hybrid visual output, the Graphic Designer must mix cross-disciplinary input from other disciplines, such as science, medicine, and engineering, into a cross-disciplinary output. This one is performed to create an artistically hybrid result.

Students who are able to successfully finish the programme will have a thorough comprehension of the theory as well as the practise of graphic communication design. As a consequence of this, they will have the necessary skills to successfully launch their careers in the field of graphic design.

Graphic design is a subset of Art And design that spans a wide range of disciplines. Typography and type design, illustration and photography, packaging and print design, signage design, and corporate identity system design are just a few examples. Communication design includes graphic design as a subset. Examples of applications that make use of information technology include website design, multimedia production, and computer graphics and animation.

After completing the Graphic Communication Design programme, a person’s potential career paths may include, but are not limited to, the following: designing for social impact; designing broadcast graphics and film titles; designing web and game interfaces and interacting with them; designing environmental and exhibition graphics; designing signage and pictogram systems; and visualising data. These are just some of the potential career paths, and there are many more.

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