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Advanced Course in Vastu Shastra

Duration: 4 Months

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Master Course in Vastu Shastra

Duration: 6 Months

  • Get Mastery of Freelancing, Business & E-commerce.
  • 8 Live Industrial Updated Projects while Learning.
  • Get 100% Job Ready Program
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Master Course in Vastu Shastra

Duration: 1 year

  • Get hands on Digital Marketing + Graphic + Web Designing.
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  • 23+ Industry Certifications.

Why Choose a Vastu Shastra Course in Delhi

Opting for a Vastu Shastra course is driven by personal interests, career aspirations, and spiritual beliefs. Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science, aims to harmonize spaces through energy balance. Here are some reasons why individuals may choose to take a Vastu Shastra course:

Interest in Ancient Wisdom: Numerous individuals are attracted to the wisdom of antiquity and cultural customs. Vastu Shastra, deeply embedded in Indian traditions, provides valuable perspectives on how ancient civilizations approached the realm of architecture and design.

Holistic Approach to Design: Vastu Shastra focuses on promoting overall well-being by aligning the energies within a space. It encompasses a range of elements, such as orientation, arrangement, and positioning of objects, to establish a harmonious and favorable atmosphere.

Career Opportunities: For individuals aspiring to pursue a profession in architecture, interior design, or real estate, enrolling in a Vastu Shastra can enhance their skill repertoire. Integrating Vastu consultations or incorporating Vastu principles into their design endeavors can appeal to a distinct client base.

Spiritual and Personal Growth: Certain individuals may find an allure in Vastu Shastra driven by spiritual or personal growth motives. The tents of Vastu are thought to usher in positive energy, foster harmony, and establish balance in one’s life, making it enticing for those in pursuit of personal development.

Cultural Connection: People with ties to Indian culture or family roots may opt to delve into the study of Vastu Shastra to enhance their knowledge of heritage and traditions.

Enhancing Living Spaces: People seeking to improve the energy flow and overall well-being in their homes or workplaces can participate in Vastu Shastra courses to incorporate its principles into their personal spaces. 

Personal Fulfillment: Some individuals might be driven by curiosity, seeking to explore various philosophies and knowledge systems as a means of personal fulfillment and enrichment.

Before joining a course, research its reputation and authenticity regarding Vastu Shastra. Consider Practical applications in personal or professional life to ensure comprehensive and genuine knowledge acquisition.

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Career Scope in Vastu Shastra Course

I’m sharing the kind of jobs that you will do after completing the Vastu Shastra course

  • With the Contemporary generation showing an increasing interest in energies and Eastern philosophies, many view it as a promising career path. Vastu shastra, a set of defined principles for consulting buildings, is closely intertwined with the field of Architecture. Often referred to as the science of ancient architecture, Vastu Shastra plays a pivotal role in today’s real estate decisions.


  • Individuals contemplating the purchase of a site, flat, house office, or commercial space typically seek the approval of a Vastu expert for the layout before proceeding with the acquisition process. The demand for experienced vastu experts currently outweighs the available supply. As awareness grows among people about the positive impact of a Vastu-compliant dwelling, it’s foreseeable that every individual will seek the guidance of a proficient Vastu expert when considering residential or commercial properties. The expanding interest in Vastu-compliant spaces suggests a promising future for a career in Vastu Shastra

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Top Vastu Shastra  Institute in Delhi 

Vastu Shastra Institute in Delhi

It is strongly advised to enroll in a course from a well-established institute with experienced faculty. Fortunately, there are plenty of institutes in Delhi that provide outstanding educational opportunities in Vastu Shastra.

Vastu shastra, also known as Shilpa Veda, Emerges from the ancient vedas and Puranas, particularly the Atharvaveda. Imagine it as the third protective shield for humans – the first being our skin, the second being our skin, the garments we adorn. The third layer unfolds within the structures we inhabit, whether it’s a home, Office, school, or factory. Beyond our constructed havens, the fourth defense arises naturally in the form of the ozone layer. 


Vastu principles act as guides, helping us tap into favorable natural energies While steering clear of malevolent forces. When harmonized with the tenets of modern building Science & architecture, Exterior & Interior Design, Environmental Engineering, Human psychology, feng shui, and Astrology, Vastu orchestrates remarkable results. It’s like blending the wisdom of the ancients with the insights of the present-  a perfect symphony for creating balanced and beneficial spaces.  


Vastu Shastra delves into the science of Direction, harmonizing the five elements of nature to achieve equilibrium with human and material aspects. Vastu Shastra endeavors to establish conducive environments for living or working. Leveraging the advantages offered by the elements, known as “Paanchmhabhootas.” This approach aims to foster improved health, Wealth, prosperity, and happiness within an enlightened space. 


The five fundamental elements, Known as the Panchmhabhootas, shape our world: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space. Life flourishes on our planet, among the nine in our solar system, thanks to the harmonious presence of these elements.

Importance, and Benefits of following Vastu Shastra

Importance of Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra serves as a guide to anticipate favorable and unfavorable outcomes for a plot based on its orientation, dimensions, and other factors. Therefore, exercising caution is imperative before embarking on the construction of homes on a particular piece of land. Vastu Shastra categorizes land or property into four types, delineated by specific directions. Notably, prosperity and longevity are associated with plots situated in the higher elevations of the South-West, south, West, and North-West corners.

Those owning land with a higher elevation across all directions experience joy and continuous wealth growth. Conversely, individuals with properties characterized by a demon-like surface in the east, southeast, northeast, and West may encounter financial losses due to the upkeep of domestic animals. Snake-like surface land, elongated in the east and west, elevated in the north and south, and lowered in the middle, may lead to mental health issues and instill a constant fear of death. Such individuals may also face challenges in familial relationships and an increasing number of Adversaries.

 Adhering to Vastu Shastra principles is crucial when constructing residences, shops, or factories. For instance, in the construction of factories, Industries, Commercial complexes, or hotels, a pivotal rule to be observed is ensuring that the northeast corner remains lower than the other walls, promoting positive energy flow and overall harmony. 

Should a well or pit be discovered in any direction apart from the northeast corner, the proprietor of the area could encounter unfavorable consequences. The existence of a damaged wall, fissure, cavity, or obstacle in the north-western direction of a residence or factory has the potential to pose a threat to the safety of the owner’s child. 

To prevent negative influences, it is recommended to refrain from building toilets in the northeast corner of a house or factory. Such placements may lead to quarrels within the household or conflicts among factory workers. Similarly, having a kitchen in the north corner of a house may contribute to ongoing disputes and losses for the homeowner. 

The accumulation of garbage, stones, or waste in the northeast corner of a building is discouraged, as it may attract enemies, shorten the occupant’s life, and lead to a decline in character.

Following vastu shastra principles, items like mosquito net sticks, useless objects, and brooms should not be connected to the northeast corner of a building, as it may reduce wealth in the house. Before purchasing land, consulting a vastu shastra expert for an examination is recommended. 

When constructing a house, performing rituals like jagaran and worshiping at an auspicious time are crucial. Following vastu principles and performing Vastu pooja enhances the tranquility of your living spaces.

Optimal access to natural daylight and fresh air should be considered in house construction. The main entrance to factories, industries, mills, or schools should not be a corner, and installations like generators or transformers must be placed in the southeast corner. 

The northwest is recommended for vehicle placement, while water drainage systems should be oriented towards the northeast. Rooms like executive Rooms, dining areas, and assembly rooms should face north or east. The worshiper should face east, northeast, or north. 

Optimal locations for toilets, main halls, gutters, and drainage pipes are in the corners situated in the northwest or southeast. Discouraging the planting of nonfunctional trees at the entrance of a residence or industrial facility is recommended.


The Benefits of Vastu

Vastu, an ancient yet contemporary architectural science, draws wisdom from sacred texts to shape the construction of homes and buildings, aiming to enhance life and attract prosperity, health, and success. A space aligned with Vastu principles experiences a constant flow of positive energy, thriving in various aspects. 

Incorporating vastu principles into architectural design ensures that energy circulates naturally, harmonizing with nature and the cosmos. Such buildings impact individuals on physical, psychological, and spiritual levels. 

Physically Vastu contributes to:

  • Good Health 
  • Comfort and convenience through thoughtful consideration of space, ventilation Colour, Design, Material, and Direction
  • Harmony and fulfillment 

Psychologically, Vastu Brings:

  • Well being
  • Improved relationships, both internal and external 
  • Stress reduction and tension release, leading to enhanced mental health

Spiritually, Vastu enriches the inner self. Rooted in ancient sacred texts, its principles offer a unique satisfaction that transcends other sources. The ultimate goal is harmony in living spaces, and a vastu- compliant environment assures the realization of the best possible outcomes one seeks. 

Vastu is an art that blends with nature and cosmic elements – earth, sky, water, fire, and air to create a harmonious design.

Benefits of following Vastu Shastra

Adhering to the principles of Vastu Shastra when designing and constructing living and working spaces is believed to yield numerous advantages. Embracing Vastu Sastra guidelines can potentially offer the following benefits:

Promotes harmony and balance in Life

By designing living or working spaces in harmony with the natural forces of the universe, Vastu Shastra has the potential to foster a feeling of equilibrium and overall well-being.  

Improve the flow of positive energy

Vastu shastra enhances the circulation of positive energy in space by strategically arranging rooms and furniture, employing specific colors and materials, and maintaining cleanliness and organization. 

Improved health and well-being 

Spaces crafted in alignment with the principles of Vastu Shastra have the potential to enhance both physical and mental well-being, alleviate stress, and contribute to an overall improvement in health.

Increase Prosperity

By designing a space in alignment with the inherent forces of the universe, Vastu Shastra draws in positive energy and joy, Fostering the potential for increased prosperity and success. 

Strengthens Relationships

Vastu Shastra contributes to establishing a balanced environment conducive to nurturing positive connections with family, Friends, and colleagues. 

List of top 10 Vastu Shastra institutes in Delhi

Rank – 1 Dg Royals 

Dg Royals provides the best training in Vastu Shastra. They have experienced Vastu Shastra trainers in Delhi. Established in 2018, DG Royals stands as a premier leader in professional industrial courses. They usher in a new era for individuals illuminating their future with top-notch career course training. Their relentless dedication ensures that learners gain access to industry-oriented programs that focus on future skills such as Digital Marketing, Graphics design, UI/UX Design, Interior design, Animation, Web design Vastu Shastra, and more. 


Their meticulously crafted curriculum is influenced by the latest industry trends and opportunities for upskilling. Using cutting-edge technology in their classroom creates a dynamic learning environment where students can hone real-world skills and engage in collaborative projects. 


Completing a course with them, coupled with an internship, significantly enhances the chance of students securing careers with some of the world’s most prestigious multinational companies. At DG Royals, they are committed to shaping successful futures through comprehensive and innovative education.

Courses offered

Advanced / Master

Digital Marketing


 Advanced / Master

Web Designing


Advanced / Master

UI/ UX Designing

Advanced / Master

Vastu Shastra


Advanced / Master

Graphic Design


Courses highlights

  • Available in both online and in-class training formats
  • Offers live project training in the industry
  • Conducts premium industrial workshops
  • Partners with renowned top-branded companies
  • Provides financial payment options
  • Offers convenient monthly EMI facilities

Contacts details

Address –  92-94, 3rd Floor, Mall Road, GTB Nagar, 

Contact no –  +91-8447726000 / +91-8447729000

 Email – /

Rank 2. Shri Lal Bahadur Sastri National Sanskrit University


Shri Lal Bahadur Sastri National Sanskrit University’s previous Name was Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidhyapeetha. Shri Lal Bahadur Sastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha has been officially designated as Shri Lal Bahadur Sastri National Sanskrit University, New Delhi. Starting April 30, 2020. This Transformation follows the enactment of the Central Sanskrit Universities Act, 2020, by the parliament and subsequent approval by the president of India as published by the Ministry of Law & Justice and the Ministry of Human Resources Development.  They provide a Bachelor of Art in Vastu Shastra, a Master Of Art in Vastu Shastra, a 6-month Diploma in Vastu Shastra, a 1-year PG Diploma in Vastu Shastra, and many more.



Bachlor in Vastu Shastra

Master in vastu shastra 

6 Month Diploma in Vastu Shastra 

1 year Diploma in Vastu Shastra

Contact no. 91 011 46060606



Rank 3. Institute of Vedic Astrology

The Institute of Vedic Astrology, located in Delhi, maintains an unwavering dedication to excellence and research, resulting in the prestigious achievement of ISO 9001-2015 certification for quality assurance. This recognition positions the Institute of Vedic Astrology as possibly the sole institution of its kind in India, and potentially globally, to be honored with ISO 9001:2015 certification. At IVA, our commitment lies in providing the finest and most up-to-date education in distance learning and online correspondence programs to ensure they consistently evolve toward excellence. 


Courses –  Diploma Course Vedic Vastu Shastra 

Contact – 900991008


Rank 4. Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan


Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan is committed to fostering Education, Art, and Culture. Established on November 7, 1938, as a charitable public trust by Dr. K. M. Munshi, the foundation stone of its Delhi Kendra was laid by Dr. Rajendra Parsad, the first president of India, on March 31. The Delhi Kendra was inaugurated on May 16, 1957.


 Bhartiya vidya bhawan provide the best vastusastra course in Delhi. Vastu shastra, an Upveda of Ayurveda, traces its roots to vedas and purans. It serves as the third line of defense for humans, following skin and clothing. Applied to homes, offices, and more, the Vastu principle leverages natural energies for positive outcomes. Integration with modern sciences and disciplines enhances its effectiveness. 


Courses – One-year diploma course

Contact no. 01123389942



Rank 5. All India Institute of Occult Science


The All India Institute of Occult Science is the foremost institution pursuing occult studies. Their commitment lies in making learning accessible globally by offering a top-tier online platform for occult studies. Here, individuals of varying ages can acquire profound insights into occult subjects such as Astrology, Vastu, Numerology, palmistry, Tarot card reading, Reike, and more.


Their institute takes pride in delivering education through both online and offline moods, ensuring flexibility for learners. With limited class sizes, typically comprising 10 to 15 students, they prioritize an intimate and focused educational experience.


Courses – Master Vastu Course

Contact no – 9871923444



Rank 6. Institute of Vastu Shastra


Urbane – The Design Workshop, a prominent architecture and interior design firm since 1997, has established the “School of Design” with a vision to institutionalize “Experience Design.” Over a decade, urbane has earned acclaim in interior designing, serving notable clients like Bharti, Ranbaxy, and others. The school, led by Darpan Katyal and Arpita R Ranjan, emphasizes high design values, fostering out-of-the-box thinking, and holistic student development. IVS introduces specialized programs for Retail Design, Exhibition Design, and more professionals, backed by industry experts. With a commitment to academic excellence, IVS aims to redefine design education in India and enhance the global perception of Indian design capabilities. 

Course – Vastu Certificate Course

Contact no. 9999305228


Rank 7. International School of Astrology

The International School of Astrology (IAS) offers expert-led online and classroom courses on Astrology, Numerology, Tarot card reading, Vastu Shastra, Palmistry, Reiki, Healing, Graphology, karamkand, and more in Delhi India, and globally. As the premier Indian Astrology institute, IAS Provides comprehensive certificate and diploma courses, fostering a practical understanding for professional application. With a dedicated team of certified professionals, the school emphasizes quality education, drawing from years of teaching and practical experience. IAS’s commitment to excellence positions it as one of the top astrology institutes in India, offering students a holistic learning experience in diverse esoteric subjects. 

Courses – Basic and Professional Vastu Shastra Course

Contact no. 91 9811199989


Rank 8. Design Gurukul

Design Gurukul is dedicated to providing top-notch education in Vastu & Healthy Home, Astrology and numerology, color Designing, and spiritual & mental well-being. Our mission is to equip students with essential 21st-century skills, including scientific reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. We aspire to mold individuals into versatile beings with elevated self-esteem and strong moral values. 

At Design Gurukul, They foster collaboration, teamwork, creativity, and imagination. Their goal is to instill a deep respect for others and cultivate socially responsible citizens capable of making informed decisions. Our goal is to equip our students with the skills to navigate the dynamic and constantly changing landscape of our nation. Design Gurukul strives to create individuals who embody the principles of collaboration, teamwork, creativity, respect, and social responsibility.

Courses – Professional Diploma in scientific Vastu

Contact no. 011- 45872129


Rank 9. Anjaney Vastu 

Anjaneya Vastu Presents a vastu shastra course in India that seamlessly combines traditional wisdom with modern teaching approaches. Our mission at Anjaney Vastu is to elevate the standard of Vastu Education, equipping learners with the skills to excel and fulfill their aspirations. Our commitment team is dedicated to delivering top-tier online and offline Vastu Shastra courses within a secure and effective learning atmosphere. Enroll in our Delhi Courses for unparalleled training and expertise. 

Courses – Online Vastu Course

Contact no. 9868886064


Rank 10. Gurukul of Astrology Science

Gurukul of Astrology Science, a dedicated institution rooted in occult Knowledge, is committed to advancing the ancient Hindu Jyotis System through extensive research, superior training, and expert consultations. Honored with the Best Astrology Institute Award three times, it stands as a beacon in preserving preserving, and promoting our heritage, Astrology is a profound practice that intricately connects celestial insights with our daily lives. It has not just preserved our enduring convictions but has also been instrumental in molding our historical narrative. Among the myriad sciences, Astrology science and Vastu Shastra Courses remain the most original and organized, evolving alongside humanity through centuries. 

Courses Vastu Shastra training course

Contact no. 9811137780


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FAQ About the Vastu Shastra Course

What are the best directions in Vastu Shastra?

The orientation of a building holds significance not just for energy efficiency but also for optimal house design. It contributes to a comfortable living space and plays a role in promoting good health, Prosperity, and wealth for the occupants. The alignment of a structure is associated with. The rotational scenario of planets, and their alignment with different directions, particularly the north. Proper orientation using locally suitable building materials enhances the longevity of the structure and positively impacts the well-being of its enhancements abound where buildings lacking proper orientation planning deteriorate faster than those carefully designed with consideration for local orientation.  


Proper orientation involves a thorough understanding of the eight cardinal directions. It’s commonly understood that the direction of the sunrise is East, while the sunset is west. When oriented towards the east, the left direction corresponds to the north, and the right direction corresponds to the south. The intersections of these directions hold special significance, as they combine the energies from both directions. In total, there are eight cardinal directions: North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, and Northwest. Each Direction holds its Unique Importance and influences construction based on the fundamental principles of Vastu Shastra. 

What is Vastu Mandala in Vastu Shastra?

The Vastu purusha mandala serves as the metaphysical blueprint of the cosmos, forming the foundational framework of Vastu shastra. According to belief, the vastu purusha reclines upon the cosmic expanse, aligning his head with the Northeast, symbolizing balanced thinking. His lower body faces the southwest, embodying strength and steadfastness, while his navel resides at the center of the earth, signifying cosmic awareness and holiness. His hands extend towards the north-west and southeast representing the flow of energy.  

As the presiding deity, the vastu purusha governs the mandala, With each of the eight directions being overseen by specific goods. The enclosed area of the mandala signifies the birth of vastu purusha from nature. Construction recommendations, including the arrangement of physical features such as ventilation, doors, windows, and placement, are based on this sacred structure. 

The vastu mandala guides the strategic placement of various elements in alignment with the presiding deities, aiming to harness maximum benefits in terms of health, wealth, peace, progress, and prosperity. Vastu experts formulate a module to delineate areas ensuring precise placement and direction for physical features. The pivotal location within the Vastu Purusha Mandalas is the ‘Brahmasthana,’ the sacred center deemed ideal for divinity and worship. 

Respected by experts, the Vastu Purusha Mandala is adhered to in diverse design structures, encompassing temples, hospitals, houses, offices, factories, and more. 

Why Vastu Shastra is essential?

The Foundation of every construction lies in Vastu, guiding every step from selecting a plot to setting into a new home. Vastu isn’t just a term; it’s a Science, Acting as a connection between humanity and the natural world. 

From the plot selection based on shape and soil characteristics of the timing and methodology of house construction, Interior design consideration, Colour choice, and even the auspicious moment to move in – vastu encompasses a profound knowledge pool. Any queries find resolution through reasoning within the vast realm of vastu. 

Why Vastu Shastra is unique?

Vastu Born in the heart of India, is a scientific approach to harmonizing spaces. Alternatively, feng shui involves skillfully choreographing the flow of energy. Despite sharing a common goal of human well being their guiding principles take divergent paths. My allegiance lies firmly with Vastu, grounded in the rich tapestry of India’s culture, traditions, and the nuanced interplay of geography and climate. Feng shui, with its roots in China, follows a distinct path shaped by its cultural tapestry and traditions. 

What is the origin of Vastu Shastra?

Vastu shastra, or vaastu, traces its roots back thousands of years, with scholars dedicating their lives to its development. These learned individuals, though potentially not dwelling in houses themselves, delved into the science of vastu shastra, basing its principles on the effects of sun rays at different times of the day. Their observations and corrections were meticulously recorded after a thorough analysis of various situations. 

Vastu is an integral part of the Vedas, believed to be ancient texts dating four to five thousand years back. Yogis of that era, through penance and meditation, sought answers from the comic mind itself. Considering the Vedas as repositories of divine knowledge. The art of Vastu finds its origins in the sthapatya Veda, a segment of the Atharva Veda. 

Originally a technical subject, Vastu was confined to architects (chapatis) and passed down to their successors. The science encompasses principles of construction, Architecture, and sculpture, as outlined in epics and treatises on temple architecture. Descriptions of vastu can be found in ancient scriptures like Malaysia Puran, Skanda Puran, Agni Purana, Garuda Puran, and Vishnu Purana, Additional shastras, such as Vishvakarma Parkash, Samraangan Sutradhar, Kashyap Shilpsastra, Vrihad sanhita, and parman manjari, have also transmitted the knowledge of vastu shastra to subsequent generations. 

In the Mahabharata, it is mentioned that grand houses were constructed for kings invited to the city of Indraprastha for the city of Indraprastha for the Rajasuya yagna of King Yudhisthira. Sage Vyasa describes these houses as towering as the peak of the Kailash Mountains, Symbolizing their grandeur and freedom from obstructions. References to Vastu can also be found in Buddhist literature, indicating buildings constructed based on its principles. Lord Buddha is said to have spoken on architecture, highlighting the duty of overseeing construction within his order. Monasteries, temples, residential buildings, and more are referenced in Buddhist texts as examples of structures influenced by vastu. 

The term “vastu” meaning “dwelling” implies that it encompasses the residing places of both gods and humans. In its modern interpretation, Vastu applies to all types of buildings, including residences, industries, businesses, lodges, and hotels. Its foundation lies in the five fundamental elements – Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Space – Collectively known as Panchbhootas. These elements form the basis for constructing everything on earth according to the Principle of Vastu.

What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic stress refers to the unseen strain on the earth caused by emanating radiations and electromagnetic waves enveloping our planet. These waves consist of parallel rays rising vertically from the ground, moving both from east to west and north to south. Classified as positive and negative, these waves impact the earth’s surface, with studies indicating that negative waves can have detrimental effects on occupants, leading to illnesses and stressful lives. 

While the concept of geopathic stress is not new, only a few people truly understand its nature. Geographical stress arises from electromagnetic waves emitted by Earth cavities, subterranean running water, and specific underground concentrations, often implicated in causing undesirable health issues, stress, and disruptions in the lifestyles of inhabitants. 

The surge in artificial sources of radioelectric frequencies has turned our homes into polluted hubs saturated with harmful electromagnetic waves, wreaking havoc on our lives. In recent decades, geopathic stress has inexplicably increased in houses surrounded by perilous electromagnetic radiation contributing 

to create a breeding ground for tumors and harmful diseases. The geopathic stress included by these radiations and waves can render a building “sick,” a condition also referred to as sick building syndrome in technical terms.

How Vastu is a Science?

Vastu is a scientific discipline that recognizes the intricate interplay of natural forces, incorporating the five elements: earth, water, wind, fire, and ether. It seeks to maintain a delicate equilibrium, recognizing the profound impact these elements have on the lifestyles of all living beings on Earth. Consequently, they shape our actions, fortune, behavior, and fundamental aspects of life.  

Vastu shastra serves as a profound exploration of one’s surroundings and their influence on life. The term “Vastu” translates to ”dwelling places” or “‘hoses,” and its principles seek to create harmony among the essential elements of earth, sky, fire, water, and air within the environment. 

This ancient science unifies science, art, astronomy, and astrology functioning as a mystical guide for designing and constructing spaces. Vastu Shastra empowers individuals to enhance their lives and safeguard against adverse occurrences. 

Vastu shastra, an ancient architectural science, encompasses the philosophy and theory behind constructing buildings and shaping people’s living styles. It harnesses various natural energies freely available in the atmosphere, such as solar, lunar, earth, sky, electric, magnetic, thermal, wind, light, and cosmic energies. The judicious utilization of these energies promotes joy, peace, prosperity, and financial well-being in life.

Applicable to every room, house, temple, shop, industry, town planning, tourism, city, and even the earth itself, Vastu operates on both micro and macro levels.

The harmonious equilibrium sought by Vastu is maintained through three primary forces – wind, water, and fire. When these forces are appropriately positioned, disturbances are averted. However, any displacement, such as putting water in place of fire or wind in place of water, disrupts the forces, leading to disharmony and unrest. 

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