What are the Best Course after 12th

Every student’s twelfth grade marks a watershed moment in his or her career. And the majority of students are unsure about their career options. It means they are unsure of the best career path after 12th grade. Most of them pursue traditional career paths such as Engineering and technology, MBBS, Arts, Commerce, Humanities and IIT-JEE. But I’ll tell you about some of the unique and short courses that will help you to advance your career that are –

  1. Digital marketing 
  2. Graphic designing
  3. UI/UX designing
  4. Web development 
  5. Web designing
  6. Motion graphics 
  7. 3D Animation
  • These courses are the future of every industry and service sector. Like nowadays everyone wants to create their online presents in the market but they don’t know how, so here come Digital marketer and help them to create online presence on every platform like from google (Website) to social media. This is one of the best course after 12th  
  • Designing industry is the endless industry from the ancient time we saw every sector want to present his product attractive and decorative, like trader are presenting their product in beautiful bags and jewelry are using attractive wood carving boxes, and as the time passes, the meaning of designing change and the designing industry grows themselves, and now in the modern era everyone want to make their product beautiful and attractive even on different online platforms like Google and Social Media. People use attractive post designs to attract customers/clients, so you can learn graphic design and launch a successful career as a graphic designer. Best part is you don’t need any specific qualifications, this makes graphic designing one of the best course after 12th .
  • After that everyone uses mobile phones and all mobile phones have lots of apps and websites, even new startups are making their own apps and websites and for that . And for making those apps and designing user friendly and enhancing the interaction and experience of the user companies hire UI/UX designer. Who design different interfaces and test them.
  • Web development is the process of building and maintaining websites and web applications. It includes creating user interfaces, writing code for functionality, and ensuring responsiveness. Web developers work on both the front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side) of websites, utilizing a variety of technologies to bring digital content and services to the internet. If you love technology than you can learn this course after 12th 
  • Web Designing is a field where a designer will design a user friendly website. It involves the design of layout, typography, color and complete website designing. This is the best course after 12th for the tech and web lovers. 
  • Motion Graphics is one of the trending and popular courses nowadays. It is a combination of graphic and animation to convey stories and information. In include moving text, image and graphics. It’s mostly used in films, media and  social media. If you like some creativity and want to build your career in this field you can learn this motion graphics course after 12th 
  • 3D animation is also one of the popular courses among the new generation. Here we can create three – dimensions images, games  and videos. Which is mostly used in movies and cartoons. For 3D animation you can learn lots of software and tools to create different stories.  
  • In the above paragraphs I have told you a basic view on all these courses where you can develop basic understanding about these courses.  And if you want to build your career in digital marketing, Graphic Designing, UI/UX designing, Web development,Web designing, Motion graphics, and 3D Animation. So you can read this complete article. Where you get a clear understanding about all these courses and easily decide the best course after 12th .

After the Complete 12th exam students are confused and don’t know how to choose the right course and don’t know what are the best courses after 12th. So in the information below you will get clarity of the courses. Where i’ll tell you about Professional courses.

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Understanding Your Interests and Aptitude to choose best course after 12th 

It is one of the crucial or important stages where you decide about your career and for that you must take some time (Few days or months) and find your interest and career goal and then decide  which type of course is better for you after 12th. After completing 12th from pcm, art, commerce, or any other stream you must find your interest and aptitude, because from here you will start your journey of life. And after 12 you will become a man of your own choice. So find what you want and what you want to become. 

And if you have any problem or confusion related to which  course after 12th you have to choose, read this article here. I provide all the major and modern courses which have good career growth. And if you want to know more about any.

Best modern Courses after 12th science, Commerce and Arts

Modern courses are those that are designed to meet the needs of the time, or courses that have recently been developed and have a promising future career path. In this type of course, you will have numerous opportunities to advance your career. Modern courses are both short and have a high career growth potential. If you want to start your career in less period of time than you must go with this modern course after 12th.

Most students and youths use social media, and we all see advertisements on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And, after the covid, almost all new startups and even old brands are using social media for brand promotion and visibility, and only a small percentage of users know how these brands are doing it, how they are visible on almost all user accounts, and what techniques and uses are only known by a specific brand or a digital marketer. 

You can also learn modern courses such as digital marketing, graphic design, motion graphics, UI/UX design, and web development/design. And become smarter by starting your own business, freelancing, or getting a job. 

Here I’m providing details about all the modern courses.

Digital Marketing course after 12th –

Digital marketing is a dynamic and rapidly growing field that provides exciting career opportunities for 12th-grade students. In today’s digital age, businesses depend strongly on online platforms to reach their target audience, making digital marketing an important part of their strategies. Pursuing a career in digital marketing can lead to a diverse range of roles and responsibilities.

A digital marketing expert is responsible for creating, executing, and managing online marketing campaigns across multiple platforms, including search engines, social media and websites. There is no need of any specific background in 12th anyone choose this course after 12th 

The Best part for digital marketing is it provides various options or we can say diversity in working on social media or get opportunities to create business or learn content writing, Website designing, and search engine optimization. Digital marketing is one of the highest demand and diverse field if you want to create your career soon that go with digital marketing course after 12th.

Benefits of digital marketing course after 12th 

  1. All types of career opportunities like Freelancing, Jobs, Business. 
  2. Futuristic growth 
  3. Booming Industry 
  4. Start thinking and learning with Creativity.
  5. High income.

Career option after Digital marketing course

  1. Digital marketing manager 
  2. Content and copywriter.
  3. Digital analyst
  4. Social Media Manager 
  5. PPC expert 
  6. SEO specialist.  
  7. Google ads expert 
  8. Social media expert 
  9. Digital marketer educator 
  10. Entrepreneur.
  11. Freelancer   

Graphic Designing course after 12th

Graphic designing is one of the best courses to make a career in the field of designing. You have heard that presentation is the 1st impression of any product and service. And the graphic designer is giving the presentation to product and services by its designs and creativity. 

The graphic designers basically create designs according to the demand, by using their creative mind they make attractive and beautiful designs. After becoming a graphic designer you can earn through various ways like freelancing, or work with any MNC/ Company, or start your own business. Any person with a creative mind can choose a graphic design course after 12th. There is no need of any degree

The graphic designer is basically working on various industries like 

  • Advertising 
  • Marketing
  • Branding 
  • Logos making
  • Packaging

Benefits of Graphic Designing course after 12th.

  • Flexible career option
  • Full of creativity 
  • High demanding industry 
  • Build Connections

Career option after learning graphic designing

  • Animator 
  • Art Director 
  • Design Educator 
  • Book Designer 
  • Production artist

UX/UI Designing course after 12th

UX(User Experience)/UI(User Interface) – UX/UI designing is one of the most famous tech jobs which will be a popular job among most of the tech lovers. UX/UI designing is one of the most demanded career options in the digital field. In this digital era where every industry is shifting on the digitalization where they use websites or apps for the sale of products and services. Their UX/UI designer is working with the user experience and interface.

Their work is to make a better experience and interface for users. 

UX/UI designing is one of the best course after 12th for career growth. 

Benefits of learning UX/UI design course after 12th 

  • Work with the digital world 
  • Become strategy expert
  • Problem solving skills 
  • Versatile industry exposer
  • Creative and innovative 
  • High career growth 
  • Flexibel job opportunity 
  • Diverse career option like jobs, business, freelancing and any more 

Motion Graphics course after 12th

You’ve probably seen a lot of motion videos that are either informative or entertaining; these types of videos are created using motion graphics, which were previously used for motions. In the digital age, almost all social media industries use this type of motion graphics to connect with their users.

Motion graphics is the use of motions (movements) in graphics. After learning, there are many opportunities for career growth; it is one of the best course after 12th to make a career. This is the best course for creative individuals.

Benefits of motion graphics course after 12th

  • Lots of opportunities are open 
  • Low investment course 
  • Short term course
  • Creativity increase 
  • Create own Channels and pages

Web Development course after 12th

Web development is similar to building and maintaining a house, but in the digital world. Web developers are the construction workers who transform the architect’s design (created by web designers) into a functional home. Web development is basically dealt with after the creation of websites and apps. Web development is a very interesting course after 12th with every person.

Their are different web development roles like 

  • Front end developer – developer work basically cline side, it mean basically focus on UX/UI development 
  • Back end developer – Developer deals with server side, means developing smooth interaction between front end and server.
  • Full stack developer- They are doing both front end and back end development i.e.both server and client side. Work on complete development of the web. 

Benefits – this course is beneficial for all of those who have interest in technology and codings

Web Designing course after 12th

Web design is all about making websites look great and easy to use. Consider a website to be a digital space, with web designers acting similarly to architects and interior designers in terms of how it will look and feel. They select the colors, layout, writing style, and images or graphics to create a visually appealing and user-friendly.

As we all know that every industry is creating their online presence and for that website is one of the essential component, and website designing is deal with 

Web designing is best courses after 12th for creative and enthusiastic person 

3D Animation course after 12th

3D animation is one of the trending courses from many decades. We all see many examples of 3D animations from our childhood in movies, cartoons and videos. It is basically a movable graphics created by a designer in a virtual environment. Any person will learn these Courses after 12th . In 3D animations you learn some software like Autodesk Maya, Blender and Cinema 4D. After learning 3D animations it will open lots of opportunities.

Traditional Academic Paths / Traditional Courses after 12th

LAW course after 12th

Any student who is willing to be part of the Indian judicial system as a Judge or an Advocate can pursue a Law course. For law any person can pursue after 12th, 

Courses in Law 

  • BA LLB – 5 years
  • BCom LLB – 5 years
  • BBA LL – 5 years
  • Bsc LLB – 5 years

Architect course after 12th science

 Any student who passed 12th with PCM can make a career as an architect. Architects are responsible for making structural design of buildings, Bridges, Roads and many other types of construction. They calculate all the pros and cons of structure and design according to it. It is a very interesting career option for a student who is interested in designs and buildings. But it is a 4 year graduation program where you spend lakhs of rupees. This is best career option after 12th PCM

Course in architecture 

 B.Arch. – 5 year 

Medical Course after 12th science

Becoming a doctor is one of the popular career options after 12th and it is a dream of many students and their families. Which is such a good career option after 12th PCB. To become a doctor you need to pass 12th exams with Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. After passing 12th exam you are eligible for NEET exam which is entrance exam for MBBS from Reputed Colleges like AIIMS. After clearing NEET you will get an opportunity to get admission in different Colleges and start your career as a doctor. It is a 5.5 year course where you learn all the pre medical and post medical diseases and treatment and different courses. Medical is the best career option for all those who willing to become doctor it is  best course after 12 PCB

List of Course after 12th science

(MBBS) Bachelor of medicine, Bachelor of surgery – 5.5 year

(BDS) Bachelor in dental surgery  – 5 year 

(BAMS) Bachelor of ayurvedic medicines and surgery  – 5.5 years.

(BHMS) Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery  – 5.5 years

(BUMS) Bachelor in Unani Medicine and Surgery – 5.5 years

(B.V.Sc) Bachelor in Veterinary Science – 5.5 years

B.pth or BPT- 4.5 year

Engineering and technology course after 12th Maths

When we talk about the one of the most famous career courses after 12th with PCM, engineering and technology is one of the popular courses among students and their families due to a good scope and reputed job. Engineering offers variety of branches for student among their interest which are following- 

  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Computer Science
  • Electronics and communications  
  • Electricals 
  • Informational Technology.
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Biotechnology Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Robotics Engineering

And many more branches are there in engineering. This all depends on the interest of the person. All Courses take 4 years of duration. This course is one of the best course after 12th for those students who are creative and want to be an engineer.

Traditional vs Modern career course after 12th

Most of the Students are fighting for the better career option and spend 2, 3 or more years in the preparation of the competitive exams but few of them get selected and the remaining are struggling to connect with mainstream education with mental pressure of career. And this is the reality of the Traditional Career option after 12th LIke JEE, NEET and many  exams like that.

But in modern courses like LIke Digital marketing, UI/UX Designing, Graphic Designing, Web development, Web Designer, Motion graphics and many more. There is no specific requirement that these courses are modern era courses where the student can learn the many different tools and software which help to make a good career.   

Duration- the best part in modern courses are short duration. As compare to traditional course

Here you will get different certificates and skills in short duration 

Fees –  Fees of the All these modern courses are very low as compared to traditional courses. Like in MBA you need to pay Lakhs of rupees for a course but in Digital marketing You just need to pay a few thousand rupees. Which gives you skill as well as earning experience.

Opportunities – In Traditional career options after 12th you have limited options until or unless you have strong backup support. But in modern courses you can do either job or business or freelancing. 

Salary – Salary in every sector is depending on the work or determination of a person 

But in the case of a career after 12th, you will get a fast and good amount of salary in modern courses. You will start your own business before completion of your graduation. 

Expenses – For the traditional courses you need to pay extra Expenses for many years but in modern courses there is a short period to reduce your extra expenses.