Do you know that there are approximately 80-90% of small businesses around the globe?

And, out of those 80-90% more than two-thirds of the businesses are still offline that are facing about a 7-8% loss in their revenue every year.

And that’s an extremely big loss percentage.

Now after seeing this percentage if you are realizing the importance of online business and planning to launch one then let me tell you that only getting your business online doesn’t automatically mean that you will get loads of orders and will start earning good revenue in no time.

Well, that’s not what happens. Your business still needs to attract customers and make them know about your online business that has both quantity and quality for the best price. And, reaching customers across borders is not that easy.

That’s when “Digital Marketing Tools For Companies” comes to your rescue. The techniques used in digital marketing are far better than any traditional marketing techniques. It can reach global customers, build strong relationships, cut your traditional marketing cost, and also track the response of your marketing strategies.

But you must have seen online businesses also getting shut down. What happens when you do not plan your strategy well or do not use the right online marketing tools to implement those strategies? For this reason, I have brought you the Top 40 Digital Marketing Tools Used by Experts in 2020 and divided them according to the strategies they are used in. 

And, believe me when I say this, whether you are a beginner or a pro in using these Best Digital Marketing Tools For Freelancers you will get what you are looking for in this list. Now without any further ado, let’s get started with the 40 Best Digital Marketing Tools that every digital marketer should know.

  • Organic Social Media
  • Paid Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Display Retargeting
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Website Testing
  • Video Hosting
  • Content Creation
  • Content Curation
  • Website Analytics
  • Customer Service
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Affiliate Marketing

Let’s get started with marketing your online business

Organic Social Media

Today almost every person is using social media. Some of them use it for entertainment, some for meeting new people and making friends, and some for even information about the latest trends. And that some people count more than 90% of the world’s population. Then think about it, if more than 90% of the world’s population is using social media then why not use it for the growth of your online business, through social media we can easily reach a global customer base which in turn has a favorable

effect on your sales. And, that’s what many social media experts are doing. That is why social media management and marketing tools are used by every business whether small or big. The reason is simple, there are numerous online platforms, and handling that many platforms will be really difficult without these best digital marketing tools. So, what are these tools? Let’s see. 


Hootsuite is the first social media-handling digital marketing tool on my list, you can view and manage your post using its collaborative calendar, create beautiful and engaging posts, and automatically schedule them to be posted on a future date. One of the most important parts of social media management is to keep the conversation flow going from building a brand to satisfying your customers every step needs the conversation. With Hootsuite’s Inbox in hand, you can easily interact with your customers on almost every social channel in one place. The digital tool Hootsuite is like an unofficial social member of your team. You can even monitor every activity on social platforms and plan your big move accordingly. It also saves your time and improves your response quality with its content library feature. You can even lead your team and make them learn about changes happening in the industry with Hootsuite’s training and certificate program. Hootsuite is one of the top digital marketing tools for networking platforms.


Woobox is a social promotion application that allows you to run various competitions and giveaways on various social media platforms. This top digital marketing tool ’Woobox’ allows you to interact with users from different platforms in one place. It enables you to create beautiful contests, giveaways, coupons, polls, quizzes, #hashtags, Facebook tags, and whatnot. It even has a winner picker to help you pick winners easily from Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram comments. It also very effortlessly collects all the contact information of the winner(s) without leaking any of the contact details. Woobox says that your campaigns should not be contained to any one type of page. Participants can engage themselves through your social media, emails, from your website, pop-ups, and even your landing page through various is also great for mobile phone users. While using Woobox, the one thing you can be sure about is that it will ensure an easy collection of submission reports from participants. For that reason, you can expand your social reach and grow, or followers or subscribers. Do try this best digital marketing tool today.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is the only social media tool for digital marketing that is specially made to build connections, to grow your social relationships. Isn’t it great to have a top digital marketing tool like Sprout Social? Which specifically focuses on building connections, where you can easily connect to people from different social platforms all in one place. Through Sprout Social, you can understand your audience better and discover new trends that change every other day. You can always plan and schedule your content with its cross-network social publishing function. The critical thing in promoting your social media is to analyze performance. By measuring your performance you’ll get to know how much more hard work you need to do in marketing your social media and which way you have to direct your hard work. Sprout Social has everything you need in a networking tool for digital marketing. 

Paid Social Media

Paid social media is something we all don’t wanna use as much as possible because it costs us money. But if you get to know the power of paid social media tools for online marketing you may never use the free version again because the paid versions made the job of social media marketing so much easier than using organic tools. Paid tools will get you on top of every group in this social media class. And more importantly, social media is very dynamic. It keeps on changing continuously and those changes are updated on paid versions of the best digital marketing tools now and then by the companies. If we compare the price we pay for these tool’s premium versions and the benefits they give in terms of our marketing performance then I would, it’s worth it. Paid social media tools for online marketing also enable us to boost brand loyalty and awareness among customers for our brand.

Facebook’s Power Editor

Facebook’s Power Editor is a one-stop destination to help companies manage numerous ad campaigns they are running on Facebook. This easy-to-use digital marketing tool is made by Facebook itself and is specifically for Facebook users or can also be used in other apps owned/partnered by Facebook (comes with some specific conditions). Facebook continuously tries to upgrade its ad platform by focusing on high-quality user integrations and experience. Every business owner can successfully earn maximum profit out of it, especially small business owners. And don’t worry if you are not a business owner but an individual working on Facebook pages or ads or running campaigns for some extra cash, this best social media digital marketing tool feature can also help you. Facebook only charges for the features it is proving in the power editor and you are not charged by any third party. Facebook’s Power Editor helps you in every step of building your social platform, and by this I mean it has amazing customer support and detailed explanations about how things work. It even helps you in targeting the user you want to. You can also save the content in it that you are planning to post on a future date and not now. So you see the top digital marketing tool of Facebook is doing everything it can to help us achieve our goals. 

Twitter Audience Platform

Twitter Audience Platform helps us to reach a vast customer base by stretching out its campaign through the various apps they are using daily. You can select the format of your ad you want to display like in the form of a banner or medium rectangle, further choose your ad category and you are good to go. Twitter has some amazing features for targeting the desired audience such as segmentation functionality that enables it to target users using specific keywords. This Twitter platform especially targets mobile users as they earn a lot by targeting mobile phone users. Overall Twitter Audience Platform is really good when it comes to targeting. So do try this top digital marketing tool today.


With PromoRepublic on hand, you can connect your brand with local users on various social platforms. You can create and store the editable content and post it on a future date. You can even store and plan your content for future posting. It is an AI-driven software that allows you to post content from various locations while targeting local users. This is one of the top digital marketing tools used by experts for managing the work of franchises.

 So next time you work for a franchise use the best tool for digital marketing and work its magic in the company.

Email Marketing

What can I say about email marketing, you all know it very well. It’s the easiest way of carrying out digital marketing. But don’t think that if it’s easy then it’s not of much value. Email marketing is the simplest yet most effective emailing tool for online marketing in the market. It has several benefits of its own. The first and the most considered one is its price. Email marketing is the most inexpensive tool in the market. It is reachable to a vast audience around the globe. You can even decide and target the different classes of users that are profitable to you and reach out to them. And also you can easily analyze and measure the performance and profit of your company. Through e-mail marketing, the company can do a one-to-one exchange of ideas with customers. It is a very robust way of communication and gives substantial results when done properly. Whatever your company is dealing with, email marketing is the quickest route to improving awareness. So all-in-all email marketing is the best tool for digital marketing.

HubSpot Email Marketing

The main advantage you get with the Hubspot Emailing tool for digital Marketing is that you don’t have to hire an expert to make professional-looking emails for your website. It is so effortless that you can do it on your own with no waste of time. Hubspot even helps you to personalize the emails with just a few clicks which in turn results in higher opens and CTR (click-through rate). And if you can get optimizable email marketing then it’s like a cherry on top. You can get it easily from the Hubspot A/B Testing and Analytics element. It even has a drag and drops editor to make it much easier. Besides, you can always target potential customers. And the good news is that now you get 2000 email sends per month. So what are you waiting for? Create great email designs using the best digital marketing tool for emails.


Hatchbuck is one of the best digital marketing tools that allow you to manage and categorize your subscribers with their unique sign-up form and emails them like the wind. With the help of the categorization element, you can personalize their experience with dynamic lists. You can also make some unique offers to a specific person with the same template. This awesome internet marketing tool also provides you with a tracker to track your email metrics. Through this tracker, you will get to know how many people are opening your mail, how many are clicking on the links provided in the mail, and last but not least it tells you how many people are visiting your website through your mail. And it has a favorable effect on sales. Try using this top digital marketing tool.


Mailchimp is one of the top online marketing tools for email marketing as it allows the user to create beautiful yet professional-looking emails. It also has different pricing options according to your email list. You can start with a basic plan first with this top online marketing tool and upgrade your plan as your business grows. Besides, it provides 1 month of free usage for apps and websites with additional 2000 contacts. Mailchimp has 7 marketing channels in the free version, providing one-click automation. It also provides some basic templates, with surveys and websites as two features that are recently added.  

Display Ad Retargeting

Do you know that only 3-4% of the visitors to a website purchase goods from that website on the first visit? And the rest 96-97% just leave after checking it out for some time and forget about it after 3-4 hours or 1-day max. As a digital marketing expert in your company, it is your responsibility to remind them about your website or its products again and again. This is done by running your ad on other websites they visit. And as the name suggests this can be very easily done with a Display Ad Retargeting tool for digital marketing. In this regard, Retargeting Ads are very efficient. It helps you to retrieve your customers to make purchases or at least reconsider going back to your website. Now, do you know that it’s a natural human tendency that if he/she sees or listens to one thing over and over again they tend to attract toward it? Even if they don’t like certain products but see them every time they open their browser, they will eventually end up liking that product. So the digital marketing tool for Display Ad Retargeting is actually about targeting the customer’s minds. It’s that easy.


AdRoll is one of the best digital marketing tools to help you to build Ads that remind them of your website when they leave it without engaging with any product. It can be easily done with different applications, searches, and also web banner ads. In today’s time, this is a vital tool for digital marketing and is used by experts daily. You can choose to target the users in a variety of different ways after carefully studying their behavior and other traits. This study helps you in personalizing their experience and generate even more purchases. With AdRoll in hand, you can customize your Ads as you want using attracting colors very simply and fastly in your way. This top online marketing tool AdRoll also increases the click-through rate of your displayed ad. It also helps you to announce various products of the company and various sales that are about to launch. AdRoll also provides the option to schedule your ads and display them automatically to potential customers at the right time. With AdRoll you can easily exchange ads with over 500 advertising partners. You can even track the result of your Ad displays which enables you to strategize your next move. So get started with the digital marketing tool AdRoll today.


Criteo is one of the best tools for digital marketing in Display Ad Retargeting. It helps the business to generate extra sales by Ad Retargeting and let me tell you how it works in Criteo. A code customized specifically for your site is placed on your website and enables the  Criteo AI Engine to see users’ engagement on your website and process the product recommendation ads on other sites. with their open commerce marketing ecosystem, you can access their ad inventory where they have kept some of their best ads. You can also see the miracle of on-time ads in your sales account. Criteo also provides video ads to its premium users. It can even predict items of interest that are not seen by users till now and show them on almost every platform e it social media, websites, video websites, etc. Which in turn helps the company to gain 13 times more return. So do try the best online marketing tool Criteo today.


ReTargeter is a very useful ad retargeting digital marketing tool as it provides Site re-targeting, CRM re-targeting, and Search Retargeting. It also provides custom solutions to all your problems and assists you in many different ways which enable you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. ReTargeter acts as an extra member of your marketing team. Besides the ReTargeter does not have anything to hide from you. The whole process is transparent and has no hidden features. You can have full authority over the ads they are serving your company. You even can choose whether you want to take self-service or give control over running display ads on your behalf of you. With ReTargeter as your online marketing tool, you can market your online business easily through Display Ad Retargeting.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising is simply a process of automatic exchange of online Ads for money. Also, the Ads are displayed automatically on your desired platforms. You collect data from your potential customers and send it to the best network of advertising and just pay for those ads which target the correct user at the time they visit again. It also helps to find out the best networks for advertising for which you otherwise would have spent quite a handful of money and your precious time. It helps to see the result of this top digital marketing tool for advertising as the process is transparent. Digital marketing tools for programmatic advertising also enable greater efficiency in measuring results in real time. So do try this top online marketing tool and get ready to be amazed.

Simple. fi

Simple. fi is one of the top tools of digital marketing used by experts in 2020. They are specialized in local advertising. It helps the business by finding and creating an audience through its various features and listing them. After finding customers, businesses need the list to be precise and only target the potential customers of the company. So that company does not waste any time with users having different preferences. After a careful selection of the audience Simpli. fi target them by scheduling ads and automatically running them on other websites used by those potential customers. Now when the company has targeted its potential customers it searches for new customers every minute which is done simply. fi in its audience expansion element. Besides audience expansion is simple. fi also helps the company to clearly understand its users and help them to customize their searches in its campaign management program. Reporting and analytics are the last steps in the process that helps in making statistics of companies work. This is the top programmatic advertising online marketing tool.


Through this digital marketing tool ChoiceStream, you can improve the relevance of your company’s Ads. ChoiceStream gives you appropriate opportunities based on your customer’s preferences. This top digital marketing tool can process data in seconds no matter how long the data is. It also assists you to identify suitable data. After identifying the relevant audience, ChoiceStream runs your company’s ads as your customers search the browser. ChoiceStream gives extra care to customize ads according to their behavioral changes. Try the best online marketing tool today.


Choozle is the top online marketing tool. Programmatic management not only has many benefits but is also cost-effective. Choozle gives value of your money by running cost-effective but awesome ads. It also provides you with knowledge about other branded companies. It has a 12 % speed, the website will load faster than before. Experts at Choozle have good creative knowledge and work strongly to please their buyers. At last, you can have greater control over the project than in any other company. Do try out this over-the-top online marketing tool Choozle.


DoubleClick is powered by Google and acts as an automatic ad purchase software. It is said to be a secure ad space based on the buyer’s behavior. It is a speedy way to acknowledge a dynamic market in real-time. With Google’s DoubleClick search tool for programmatic advertising, you can target your relevant audience very fast. With DoubleClick’s Bid Manager, you can easily set your budget and determine your bid to different advertisers in the industry. Then you simply run your bid-winning ads on various platforms to allure customers. You must try out this digital marketing tool DoubleClick.

Website Testing

Internet is mainly about two things, in particular, the first one is info/products/services it provides, and secondly, how the user feels about it. We all know it as user integration and user experience (UI-UX for short). But having a website means having many different pages, posts, and many other elements that help to build the website. And like everything it also can get various bugs during its journey. But, it is not possible to check the efficiency of the website every other month or perhaps every week on your own. For that reason, various Website Testing digital marketing tools are obtainable in the market to assist you in this regard. These best digital marketing tools for website testing have made the job of a digital marketer very easy. Website testing is a very good decision that almost every online business owner makes or should make. It not only checks the functionality of the website but also tests the website’s performance for the past week/ month/ year. Also, regular testing of the website enables us to improve it and makes it mobile responsive which is very important in this smart phones age. Now, you know the benefits of website testing, so what are you waiting for, make your website tested today with these wonderful digital marketing tools for website testing in 2020.

Oracle Maxymiser

Oracle Maxymiser is a simple solution for website testing of any type. You can find many different features for testing in this digital marketing tool for website testing. It has the simplest feature of A/B testing and the most complex multivariate test feature. Through this top online marketing tool, you can optimize your website very easily. By using its import tools you can build a customer-preferred personalized profile which helps in increasing sales. You can get your website’s insight data very easily like the most clicked or ignored product, how far the customer scroll, and many more with Oracle Infinity’s heatmaps tools. With Oracle Maxymiser you can easily make your website fully responsive. The best part is you can access Oracle Maxymiser through various devices. Do try this best digital marketing tool for website testing Oracle Maxymiser today.

VWO(Visual Website Optimizer)

Visual website optimizer is the best digital marketing tool for website testing for small business owners who do not want to waste their hard-earned money special the IT department in the company. With VWO you can very easily know the preference of your customers daily and give them a superior quality experience on your website. It also enables you to build a profile that brings back the potential customers who have left your site without purchasing from it. VWO also helps you to track your website’s performance and also grow in the process. You can even have a real-time experience of your website through its server-side testing. Today VWO is used in over 90 countries by more than 6000 brands. Just knows exactly what your visitors want and you are good to go. So try out one of the best digital  marketing tools used by experts in 2020 today


Everything in digital marketing you do is to optimize the user experience and grow your business simultaneously. And that’s what the digital marketing tool Hotjar helps you to accomplish. You can easily know your customer’s likes and dislikes with a click of a button. This can be easily done with a user testing tool which is Hotjar’s session recording. With the assistance of these records, you can see actual user integration with your website. It tells you all the problems the user is facing like if the website has a complicated UI if the user easily finds what he’s looking for or not and many more issues. This aids you to get awareness about the user’s behavior and experiences on your website. Also, it is really easy for you to set up a Hotjar digital marketing tool in just a few clicks. Try the Hotjar online marketing tool out today.

Video Hosting

Videos are something that everyone wanna watch be it a year old baby to an elderly person because it’s easy to understand something when told by a person than reading on your own. Traditionally we look to Youtube for video content but that’s not the case now. Although Youtube still enjoys its dominance as a video platform various other video application has been also established in the past few years. Now you can enjoy videos on almost every platform. And this trend will gonna be here for a while. Now, just tell me if making a video is an easy task. Well, I don’t think so. Making a video can be a very strenuous task, and when you put that much effort into making “one” video you also want it to be reached and liked by as much audience as possible. But let me tell you making people see your content video is not that easy. You need to properly market your channel, make continuous videos without thinking about money in the beginning, promote your content everywhere possible, and many more things. And this can be easily done with video hosting digital marketing tools. These online marketing tools for video hosting given below are specially chosen for your convenience. 


With the Vimeo video hosting digital marketing tool, you can manage and share your videos all in one place. Vimeo provides its ususersTB with storage space which enables them to make plenty of videos without worrying about space. With the Vimeo video hosting tool for digital marketing, you get an HTML5 video player that has amazing HD picture quality, fast loading, and whatnot. And with HTML5 you can change colors, add a logo, and even control the video speed. And that my friend is an Ad-free video platform, Vimeo never put Ads on your video unless o,f course, you tell them to do so. Vimeo also helps you to personalize the video content for a better experience for your customers. And do you know the best part, you can change any video without changing its URL? Isn’t that amazing? Go and try out these amazing digital marketing to tools or video hosting.


Vzaar video hosting digital marketing tool is built for videos that have some goals to fulfill like videos that have some target to hit and some goals to reach. Videos that are more informative than any book you are reading, videos that save you time and money, videos that increase engagements and conversions, and videos that get results for companies like GettyImages, Toysrus, and eBay. Vzaar has marketing, customization, management, and reliability tools. With Vzaar video hosting online marketing tools videos are made to fulfill any goals established. You can even sign up for a 30-day free trial and make videos that work for you with this amazing video hosting Vzaar tool for online marketing.


With Wistia digital marketing tool for video hosting you can make videos very easily. Today instead of investing in short-lived ad campaigns innovative companies are investing in long-form video series to boost brand infinity. Wistia thinks that videos are not just for entertainment it’s about making relationships and making your visitors come back to boost your fan base and business. And with Wistia you can do it very easily with its new and engaging tools, wistia helps you to create,  manage and grow with your videos. So try out this top digital marketing tool for video hosting.

Content Creation

If someone asks you what is content? Then you can simply answer that whatever we see online or even offline is content it can be information about something, videos, audio, images, or even GIFs. It can be good content or bad content but the fact is that all these are termed as content. And believe me, when I say this, there is an entire lot of content, to write whatsoever your industry is. Today there is much demand for good content writers because of the increasing competition in online businesses. Everyone wants their content to be of top quality to allure many customers at the same time. Regular content updation is also very much necessary in today’s fast-moving life. People need the latest information about everything they know which in turn helps the company in reminding them about the cocompany’salue and provoking them to take necessary actions totowardhe the company’s success. Today there are many digital marketing tools for content creation to help businesses gain top rank in the customers’ minds. Through content creation, you can also serve your customer’s interests by providing them with useful information about various concepts. The digital market is loaded with content creation online marketing tools but we brought you the latest of them all.


Pixlr is the number one Online Photo Editor among the best digital marketing tools. It’s a free tool in which pictures can be edited directly in your browser. If you are looking for a quick yet advanced photo editing experience, Pixlr’s AI-powered tool will provide you with the same. Moreover, many distinct image formats can be opened in the top online marketing tool Pixlr such as PSD, PNG, PXD, SVG, JPEG, WebP, and many more. From removing the background from your photo to giving amazing effects to it, everything can be done with one single click. Pixlr has a well-stocked library of stickers, decorative texts, icons, overlays, and much more. It provides two modes, Pixlr X in which you can do beginner lever editing, and once you get familiar with the tools you can switch to Pixlr E for more advanced editing. So try out this best content creation digital marketing tool Pixlr today.


This digital marketing tool for content creation, Canva allows you to make amazing graphics for your website, Business cards, and even presentation, and all of it can be done by a simple drag-and-drop process. Canva provides an immense quantity of pre-designed templates that can be used as it is or can be edited as per your requirement. A Lot can be done in the free version of Canva but if you want you can also upgrade to a pro version. It also has the option to buy premium images and templates. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to edit pictures like a pro in Canva because of its tools, AI, and simple drag-and-drop method. So try this digital marketing tool for content creation today and do let me know how you feel about it.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a perfect tool that not only allows you to edit graphics but also videos and even web pages, It has a huge library of free pictures, fonts, and themes. If you want to make an impact from your work there is no better place than this top digital marketing tool Adobe Spark. You can publish your collections worldwide on Adobe Spark and enjoy them while it gets views and likes. Adobe Sparks syncs your projects to the web and also to iOS apps so you can just let your imagination fly anywhere anytime. One of the best features of this top online marketing tool Adobe Spark is its huge gallery of published works from which you can take inspiration whenever you get stuck.

Content Curation

Content curation is a simple process of selecting relevant customer data or information that is necessary for your business. Just understand it like this, suppose you have a lot of distinct types of content on your site. But all the content will not be of use to everyone. Some may like content about food while some about travel, and sound I may even like educational content. So, you as a digital marketer must ensure that different people find useful content for them easily on your website. For that, you have to use these content curation tools for digital marketing. These best digital marketing tools help you to easily curate content to fill your calendar to survive in this competitive world. Besides, it has many benefits and the most important one is that it helps the company in generating leads which favorably affects sales. It also helps us to grow our knowledge of various concepts and spread it across the world. After thinking about it a lot I can only say that this is probably one of the most important steps in digital marketing.


Now, you must be thinking that how can a social media platform be a content-curation tool for digital marketing but trust me it is very much a content-curation tool for digital marketing. Pinterest is like a collection of online pinboards. It has content of all types be it an article, images, videos, infographics, and many more. You can easily make an account on Pinterest and started following the ideal people in your industry. Then, start pinning the ideas and posts relevant to your business on your board. After that just curate those content and build a brand new idea out of them that you can post on your website or your social media. So do try out Pinterest as one of the content curation tools for digital marketing.

Scoop. it is the finest content creation tool for digital marketing. It helps you to find out various useful content and split it on different networking platforms. It aids you to build relations with other content curators. It has powerful technology to help you find relevant content. It even displays content that is curated by others and shares similar topics. You can also share your content stories with others to help them in many ways possible. Scoop. its element called Boolean Research helps you to find content with specific keywords. You can utilize the RSS feed to attach your creation to it. And is a free tool but unlike Pinterest, it also has a paid version with some extra features.

Website Analytics

Website Analytics is done by every online business. It is done to know the statistics of your business. We simply collect data, analyze it, and make decisions accordingly. And many online marketing tools have pre-built website analytics which is free of any extra charges. Through these digital marketing tools for website analytics, you can determine the result of your online performance. According to your performance result, you can make future strategies and improve the user’s experience on your website. It will also help you to track the events on your website so that you never miss an update. The website Analytics digital marketing tool also helps you to know the visitors on your site and get to know the location they are coming from(I mean the country/state/city and not the exact location of your house) which in turn will help you to customize a search for them and give them suggestions by knowing their preferred categories. You can even easily understand the reason for losing your customer in a particular area. This is one of the best digital marketing tools used by experts in 2020.  

Google Analytics

It is a free online marketing tool for website analytics. With this free tool, you can analyze your website data and collect information all in one place. Google Analytics assists you to acknowledge your consumers better so you can make finer conclusions. You can even access insights from Google and learn from it. Not after getting these insights you can connect them with Google’s other products and get good results. Try out this free digital marketing tool.


Woopra is a real-time digital marketing tool for web analytics. It can be used by the sales, services, and promotion teams of your organization. This best online marketing tool is built to help businesses to optimize their approach to reach customers and give them the best user experience.  By analyzing the website you can personalize customers’ searches by customizing websites for their easy use. So do try out this top digital marketing tool Woopra.


KissMetrics is a powerful website analytics tool for digital marketing. It gives you business-level features at very low prices. You can say that KissMetrics is not free but it is very similar to Google Analytics. You can see a customer’s journey on your device with real-time analyses. It also helps you collect data and customize it to give a wonderful user experience. This best digital marketing tool Kissmetrics is not a replacement for google analytics because of its unique feature. Try out today!

Customer Service

If we look behind 10-12 years from now we can see that customer service was just a fancy name for giving customers false hopes. Although there were many laws protecting customers still there was a large gap between the laws and the customers who were protected. And one can not only blame companies for malpractices but also the customers who were unaware of their rights. But that’s not the case anymore. Customers have the right knowledge about their rights and utilize them from time to time. For that reason business also takes great care of their customers and their experience with them. Customers now inquire thoroughly about the product before purchasing it and file a necessary complaint in case of unsatisfying products. Besides, it’s not enough to just know about your customers’ problems and try to avoid them. You have to take every necessary action so that they can have a satisfactory experience otherwise you can lose your relations with them forever. So customer service tools are important digital marketing tools.


HelpJuice is a knowledge base software of the customer service tool for digital marketing.  It is user-friendly and primarily customer friendly. 75% of users use HelpJuice as their customer support in the industry. It is a self-service or you can say automatic customer service software that gives automatic answers to customers’ problems and not necessarily needs personal support. The best Digital marketing tool HelpJuice also helps you to get information about various things through its internal knowledge base. It can be easily customized given the results of searches like Google.

Olark – Live Chat

Olark is an easy-to-use customer support service tool. Many customers have many questions and you should be there to assist them. Join your consumers in real time and help them with their issues. Store your chat with customers on Olark or CRM with easy-to-reach options. Now you know all the problems that customers are facing on your website so you can take the necessary actions to give them a wonderful experience. Try this digital marketing tool for customer service and get ready to be amazed. 


Zendesk is one of the best consumer support tools for digital marketing. It is really fast to implement Zendesk with just a few clicks. It also permits you to work easily with changing accessibility. And with Zendesk it will take you only a few hours and not weeks to implement these changes. The Zendesk team has also made some changes due to this COVID-19 breakdown to help you and your customers in this changing environment. So try out this customer-friendly digital marketing tool now.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization as we all know it SEO (in short) is one of the most important things to be done while marketing yourself online. It provides the company with both the quality and quantity of relevant customer traffic. But let me tell you that unlike many of the above digital marketing tools, SEO is a little complex to understand. Not because of the difficulty of usage but because of so many different options of digital marketing tools for SEO available in the market and the many factors that have to be applied to do successful SEO for the company. But whether it’s difficult or not it sure is fruitful. Search engine optimization is the primary source of lead generation and involves much effort in giving the user a fabulous experience. Thus it is very much necessary to optimize the content before posting it on any platform be it your website, blog, social media, etc. 


Moz is one of the best toolsets for improving your search engine visibility and rankings. It has more than 35,000 users including 99 Designs, Aaron’s, Razorfish, etc. Moz gives you useful insights into competitive research, errors in the website, and also SEO opportunities so that you can take the required actions. Moz breaks your streamlined data which allows you to focus on strategy instead of time taking SEO. Apart from the very detailed introduction of the software, Moz gives you the option to connect with their experts or to check out their learning center when in doubt. The simple tools of Moz will help you to directly jump in.


A year ago US Search Awards has termed SEMrush as the best SEO suite of the year and the best digital marketing tool by Interactive Marketing Awards. SEMrush has 11 years of marketing experience and has 142 geodatabases on desktops and mobiles. It has as many as 45 built-in tools and reports. But here we are talking about SEO. So, the many tools for SEO are organic research, organic traffic insight, keyword research, backlink building and analytics, and many more. SEMrush also provides a competitor tracker which helps have a competitive analysis. So do try this SEO tool for digital marketing.

Screaming Frog

It is the trendy online marketing tool of the year. It is an online crawler that aids you in onsite SEO by taking data and analyzing it. You can even use this top online marketing tool to crawl 500 websites or you can purchase the paid version to remove the limit. It even allows you to analyze the result in real-time. With Screaming Frog spider crawler you can easily find busted links and server flaws. It can also collect data using CSS Path, XPath, or Regex. It also gives an option for creating XML Sitemaps and can easily review directions for robots. It is an effective tool for SEO.

Affiliate Marketing

In today’s competitive market businesses needs as many customers as possible and this can be done in various ways. One of the very effective ways is the digital marketing tool of Affiliate Marketing. In this marketing technique, you try to promote other brands through your personal marketing experience and techniques. And for doing this the brand gives you a specific percentage of every sale you made. This is the best digital marketing technique used by many. It works based on a factor called trust. Let’s take your example suppose you saw a health drink online and thought of purchasing it but dropped the idea a little later because the company was new or you just didn’t wanna take the risk of purchasing a “health drink” online. Some days later a close friend or family member of yours comes to you and tells you about the awesome benefit the drink has and will give you some discount if you purchase from him, then you might purchase that product from him or the link provided by him. And the market has some best online marketing tools for Affiliate Marketing.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is my top priority when it comes to affiliate marketing tools for digital marketing. CJ Affiliate provides tools to find and set up new partnerships. The publisher runs a promotion as an advertisement by providing useful links. For instance, a style blog promotes new fashion trends on its website, and every time consumers engage in meaningful ways the advertiser will reward the publisher. In this way, the publisher and the advertiser get mutual benefits. CJ Affiliates bring them together for valuable partnerships and scalable growth. So experience the network effect with CJ Affiliate, the number one digital marketing tool used by experts in 2020.


VigLink is an amazing affiliate digital marketing tool. VigLink provides content and scans it to use appropriate keywords in it. Apart from that 2 million+ publishers go for VigLink for managing affiliate marketing. Its monetization tool helps you turn content into revenue. VigLink includes features like MSN, the daily beast, cnet, and many more for publishers. Just set your dashboard with relevant affiliates and you are good to go with top digital marketing tools. 

Rakuten Affiliate Network

Rakuten is a leading affiliate marketing tool for digital marketing. Rakuten is very similar to VigLink. And has taken the award for the number one Affiliate Marketing Network for 9 years straight. Rakuten has superior technology which helps us to do affiliate marketing with ease. Rakuten believes in long-term relations connecting businesses. The influencer gets 84% of new traffic through it. Get Rakuten today and get started with your best digital marketing tools for affiliate marketing today


Although you have quite a lot of options when it comes to online marketing tools, we tried to shorten the list to the best tools available in the market. And all these tools are really good at marketing your product in your way. So do try out these best digital marketing tools and tell us which one of them works best for you.