Before we go on to these Free SEO tools, let us first know What exactly is SEO? Or Search Engine Optimization. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic on a particular website and webpage by making sure that the website is ranking 1st or somewhere on the 1st search engine result page. You can do SEO organically, and that will also give you significant results, but you can go for paid SEO again if you want.

There are two types of SEOs. The first one is On-Page, and the second is Off-Page SEO. It’s all about finding and putting relevant keywords in your articles and posts or whatever you are giving users to read so that you can rank first on the search engine result page. It is done on particular web pages or the HTML source code of that webpage and not on the whole website. But Off-Page SEO is different from that of On-Page. It’s all about doing things away from your website for its better ranking. Some people see Off-Page SEO only as link building but believe me; it is far more than that.

For those of you who don’t know what SERP(Search Engine Result Page) means, let me tell you it is nothing but the first page of Google/Yahoo/Bing/others you see when you search for anything browser.

Then the answer is everyone. Yes, you read it right. Everyone who is/wants to promote one’s business or even oneself should use SEO whether On-Page or Off-Page doesn’t matter. SEO can increase your website traffic with the least expenses imaginable.

You see, SEO is essential for any website to get a good rank in Google, and for that reason, many companies have come up with different tools that help us in doing SEO for any website. Some tools are Paid while some are Free, but they all work only to bring you to the top of the Search Engine Result Page. Here, I bring you the 25 Best SEO Ranking Tools out of the rest, which will help you improve your website’s ranking. Below is the list of the Best Free SEO tools to improve your ranking organically on the search engines.

Answer The Public

Did you know that over 3 billion people search on Google every day? And out of those 3 billion searches, 20% has never been seen before. Answer The Public helps us to know what these 3 billion searches are all about. It is a multilingual SEO ranking tool that allows you to understand your target users better. Whoever they are or wherever they are? It doesn’t matter. This Best SEO Ranking tool will help you with every topic possible. It gives you raw data without any filtrations to get to know your users in their unique way and not how companies want you to. Every month more than 20K companies are growing their target users and potential sales with Answer The Public like Bottle, Precision Marketing Group, First, Noisy Little Monkey, Marketing Profs, and many more successful enterprises. Answer The Public SEO Ranking Tool also allows you to know in what unique ways people are searching for your keywords. You don’t have to depend on your gut feeling for this which will save you time. You can try this best SEO ranking tool for free just by signing up for it, or you can choose there monthly or annual plan. The company also has an education package for its monthly and annual package subscribers. So do try this excellent SEO ranking Answer The Public Tool.

Woorank’s SEO & Website Analysis Tool

Woorank is an SEO ranking tool for website analysis. We can easily audit our website’s SEO instantly. You can track your website’s visitors’ searches and make decisions accordingly without wasting much time and effort. You can increase the site’s visibility many times after using Woorank’s SEO and website analysis tools. With Woorank in hand, you not only keep your existing users but also attract new ones. It helps you track your competitor’s keywords and strategy so that you can keep up with your competitor’s pace and even be ahead of it. The company gives you more time to be productive by handling your SEO for you and that very professionally. This top SEO Ranking tool not only allows you to know competitive keywords but also gives you insight into the faults that are stopping you from ranking. Woorank has worked with some major brands like Google Partner, Majestic, Word Lift, and more. You can get full access to Woorank’s SEO tool for half a month without any limitations.

Moreover, you can get this multilingual SEO ranking tool by paying monthly or yearly for their pro and premium versions. You have to contact their sales team to get the custom price specifically for you for their enterprise version. So what are you waiting for? Try it today.

Animalz Revive

Animalz Revive provides you with data on your old posts making your website slow in the digital competition. Animalz Revive SEO ranking tool analyzes your website’s data and tells you which positions need to be refreshed. The company does this by Accessing your website’s Google Analytics. This is how it works: the first step is to authenticate your google analytics accounts, the second step is to analyze the website’s data, and the third one is that they will tell you which webpages needs some further adjustments. Now you must be thinking why they need to access your google analytics. This is because they use a specific algorithm to study your data and the latest trends and compare them to give you the best result. Yes, it’s free. Moreover, Animalz Revive even email you the report to share it with your team without wasting time writing down the main points. You can always contact their New York Based office through a mail id provided on the website for any other questions.


CanIRank is the top SEO ranking tool that gives you not just data to look at but action to follow. It offers DIY solutions for every problem. It helps your website to gain a good rank in Google. They tell you the existing positions of your pages, why exactly are they there? Deliver results for getting a high position quickly, but that’s not all; the company also helps you by providing the latest content ideas and trends. This fantastic SEO ranking tool is also free for some specific numbers of keywords or link opportunities, or you can try their packages for individuals, PRO, and agencies. The company has other services like Link Building, Keyword Research, computer analysis, and keyword difficulty. CanIRank ranking tool has also been featured in some of the leading newspapers and magazines like Forbes, Search Engine Roundtable, Market Watch, and many more. So do try out this fantastic Seo Ranking Tool.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Nowadays, all people are using mobile for everything possible. The reason for that is people don’t have time, and they have to put up with this fast-changing world. They have to do everything on the go, and the best device to use on the go is your smartphone. That is why companies have to take extra care to make their websites mobile-friendly to reach global customers and increase sales. So Google has taken this initiative to make it easy for companies. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test is a super easy SEO Ranking Tool that tells us whether our website is mobile-friendly or not. It is effortless to use, go to the website of Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, write the website URL in the given column, and click the button “Test URL.” After analyzing our website for a few seconds, it tells us whether our site is mobile-friendly or not and what other errors it shows. Moreover, it gives a screenshot of our website on the phone and its HTML coding to know what exactly the problem is.

Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords help us in finding the keywords directly from our customers. It is one of the best SEO ranking tools that give us keywords from people we will use it for. It’s done in three easy steps. Just create a scenario for all your queries and provide the URL made entirely for this purpose to your contacts and ask them to fill out keywords that they will use for searching a particular topic and then just sit back and relax and see your seed keyword list going up. This excellent SEO ranking tool is created by a UK-based marketing agency Red Evolution. This tool is a part of the keyword research activity. Through Seed Keyword, you can get some fantastic ideas for which you have to appoint a research analyst to do the job. And the best part of it you need to know is? This easy-to-use ranking tool is free. Also, No Need to worry about how to use it. The company has given a well-defined tutorial on the website that helps you with everything. Do check it out.

Exploding Topics

“Exploding Topics” as the name suggests, this SEO ranking tool provides topics on different categories before they take off. It helps us to know the trending topics of our category even before it starts getting trendy. This is important today because any good topic gets trending very fast and gets users’ and creators’ attention. That is why it isn’t easy to rank #1 in Google, whether our article is much better than that of the others. It just gets lost in that crowd. Companies want to write on topics that will take off in a pretty aggressive way to avoid that. Exploding Topics does this by analyzing millions of searches around the globe. Their world-class algorithm identifies the topics that are still to take off.


As the name suggests, Seobility is the all-in-one SEO ranking tool used by every marketer. It helps us in crawling and auditing websites. This all-in-one SEO ranking solution tool gives you daily updates of Google Rank Tracker that help you if your rank drops even a bit. This is also an excellent tool for building links and checking them regularly, which allows you to put spam on your website under control. With Seobility in hand, you can continuously monitor and get white-label reporting simultaneously. You can easily optimize your website using this online ranking tool. You can even try this tool for free before purchasing it, and it gives free access to all its tool for a single web page without even signing in or registering. Some of its happy customers worldwide are Samsung, WWF, TargoBank, and many more reputable brands. The company even has different prices and packages. You can sign up and use this for a single domain or free, or you can take their premium or agency package and use this SEO ranking tool for as many as 15 domains.


BrowSEO is like a new browser, specifically for SEO. This web app SEO ranking tool allows you to view your site pages without getting distracted by its style. It reduces your efforts to search for relevant SEO parts on your site by highlighting them. Just enter your webpage or domain address. Browseo’s primary focus is on original HTML pages, as seen by the search engines. By giving simple commands, you can very easily understand your page’s structure and the relevance of specific parts. BrowSEO’s new update has made your job even more comfortable, and now you can download essential data of the current session in Excel format. Do try out this excellent SEO ranking tool to understand your site better.

This SEO ranking tool gives you the SEO insights to make better decisions for your online business. The company has been featured in some major newspapers and magazines, such as Forbes, Bloomberg, the Guardian, and many more. They got you SEO keywords of companies like Amazon, IBM, and Cisco before releasing it to the public. Moreover, companies like Hubspot, Buffer, Entrepreneur, and more help from this SEO ranking tool for its SEO ranking. You can even subscribe to this SEO tool by giving your email id for their private newsletter. And trust me when I say this, they will only send two emails in a month with no ADs or affiliate links. The company even has many different categories to choose keywords from.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is everything you need to rank your website on Google. It is the best web servicing tool provided by Google. It tells you everything you want to know about your website or a particular page on your website just by giving the URL of the website or webpage and connecting it to Google Search Console. It helps webmasters in inspecting the website’s indexing status. This SEO ranking tool also helps your website enhance its visibility by optimizing the website according to the latest trends. This service by Google is free. In simple terms, you can say that it helps you in seeing your website just the way Google sees it. There is also a help section that can help you with your problems while using Google Search Console.


SERPerator is an SEO ranking tool by MobileMoxie. With the help of SERPerator, you can check Google Mobile Ranking. You can check keywords for SEO ranking and even check local SEO to optimize your website for local use. This is important as more and more individuals are now using mobile phones more than laptops or desktops. And with SERPerator in hand, you can see ranking through a particular address or ZIP code rather than just by state or area. This is not all; you also have the power to examine the ranking by specific mobile phones.

Moreover, it is also convenient for faraway locations, whether in a different state of the country. With SERPerator, you get everything in one place. Additionally, as a cherry on top, you can use it free for up to 3 times per month, or you can have a free seven-day trial of SERPerator and one more tool by mobile moxie just by registering with it.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is the Best search marketing Company for SEO ranking. It has developed some of the vital SEO ranking tools such as website crawler and log file analyzer. Screaming Frog Offers many essential services like social media marketing, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, PPC management, social media marketing, content marketing, and whatnot. The company has also developed SEO spider software trusted by many worldwide for technical SEO audits. And the best part is that you can download it for free or buy a license for added features. It also helps enterprises make search strategies for every enterprise, be it small businesses, medium enterprises, or large-scale enterprises. They have a team of experts working 24*7 for providing world-class service facilities. This SEO ranking company has worked with some prominent Nuffield Health, Shazam, DogBuddy, Anthony Nolan, and many more. The company also continuously writes blogs for announcements and information. Try out this fantastic SEO ranking tool used by experts in 2022.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free toolset that helps you in making purposeful decisions. With Google Analytics in hand, In One Place, you can analyze all website data on a Single platform. It allows you to understand your website and application users better while checking your marketing, products, and much more. You can say your website’s complete information. Moreover, everyone knows that Google is the best search engine in most countries, so the insights Google can give no one else. Therefore you are almost guaranteed to be successful. And to make things much more useful, Google Analytics works with Google Advertising and publishing products and uses insights to deliver results. You can even start it for free without login into your account.


Keys4Up is the one-stop solution for keyword research. You can find keywords related to almost every topic. In turn, this helps you with writing more relevant content that, in turn, helps you with achieving an even higher ranking on Google or other search engines. Now let me make the working of Keys4Up simple for you. This SEO ranking tool comes into use after you have found the main keyword related to your topic. Then you can search for related keywords for the topic and write useful content. Writing the primary keyword in the Keys4Up search bar gives you a list of its associated keywords. Then select the words and export a CSV file. This fantastic SEO ranking tool also tells you the number of times you should use a particular keyword. Isn’t that fantastic! Now you are ready to break the ice between you and your users with your SEO-friendly content. You can use this ranking tool for free without registration up to an extent but have to register yourself for better optimization. The best part of this tool is that it is multilingual that helps you write content in different languages.

Yoast WordPress Plugin

Although Yoast is much more than just WordPress Plugin, for now, let’s talk about the Yoast WordPress Plugin for SEO ranking. The Yoast helps you get more users from Google and Bing, from different social media platforms, and increase user interaction on your website. You have the option to use Yoast SEO for free or can get Yoast SEO premium for a considerable price and additional features. Now let us look at the markers you get for free. Well, there is not much to tell; you can only optimize keywords, phrases, synonyms, or other related words in the free version. Still, if you talk about the premium version, then there is nothing that you can not do with this all-around SEO ranking tool. What else can I say? Just see for yourself by going on the website how fantastic is this SEO ranking tool.

Moz Link Explorer

Moz link explorer is the only efficient backlink and domain, authority checker. With the Moz SEO ranking tool, you can also check your competitor’s backlinks and domain authority. You just need to enter the URL to check domain authority and backlinks. After completing the account, Moz will send you a verification email. Don’t worry, Moz never leeks your personal information. Now you are all set to see the detailed analysis you get for the given URL and much more useful information. You can even examine the links of your competitors and build your connections accordingly. You can check the broken links on your website. Moz SEO ranking services include many other services such as spam score checker, link-building opportunities, lost link searchers, anchor text analyses, and many more. Moz SEO ranking link explorer tool help is trusted by millions all over the world.

Wordtracker is the keyword research tool for your market. This SEO ranking tool does market research for new and fresh keywords instead of keyword research. You can easily take competitors’ keywords, SEO insights, and whatnot. This SEO ranking company also claims to be better than Google Keyword Planner in some significant aspects. You can get more than 10K keywords for every search which will surely enhance your visibility on Google and other platforms. The company has been featured in some of the leading newspapers, magazines, and other media houses like Inc., Search Engine Land, Site Pro News, and many more. You can try this SEO ranking tool for free for some time; after that, you have to purchase a paid version of this trendy SEO ranking tool.


Lipperhey analyses your overall performance of the website. It examines the visibility, quality, and performance of your online store. This SEO tool has many free-of-cost services like website analysis, backlink checker, SEO analytics, keyword suggestions, and many more. You can say that overall they are free SEO services with no credit card information needed. Just sign up, and start accessing your account. But the company also has various paid plans with extra features. Now, how exactly does it work? This online ranking tool first analyzes your website on popularity and SEO content aspects. After the in-depth analysis is done, Lipperhey tells you the kinds of improvements you can opt for, enhancing the website’s conversion rates as a real-time page optimization. If we talk about keywords, Trust me, all your problems will be solved. You can check your and your competitor’s keyword in one go and make decisions accordingly. Then comes the keyword suggestion, and believe me, this SEO ranking tool gives some of the most beautiful keywords. And what can I say about the paid version? It is all you need.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster tool helps you to generate more traffic on your website by giving insights into your site. The SEO tool consists mainly of four sections. The first one is the Dashboard, where you can see summarised information about your site. Their reporting tool is; next, it gives you statistics on those areas of your site that generate more traffic to help you decide where to keep your focus. The third one is the Diagnostic tool that allows you to research keywords used by the general public while searching for something. It also tells you the area you need to expand to generate potential customers. The feature I like most is the fourth one which is notification. Come on! much Don’t think that I am stupid. Notification is an essential tool because it tells about the changes that occur instantly. Whether you are using the tool or not doesn’t matter; the notification will reach you and inform you about the changes and updates. With this SEO ranking tool by Bing, you can do more than your Imagination. Moreover, if you sign up now, you get USD 50 worth of advertising credit from Microsoft advertising.


Dareboost is one of the best SEO ranking tools in 2022 that every marketer should use. It helps us to test the website speed, analyze it, and optimize it accordingly. It’s like an internal audit of your website to test the quality. The online ranking tool also gives several tips to optimize your online store. There is no need to install any software or application to analyze your site and test its loading speed; you can easily do it with the Dareboost SEO ranking tool. It also shows the issues related to loading speed. Dareboost also tells you many ways to solve those issues, and the level of priority categorizes those issues and their solutions. Mention the URL of the website you want to use this tool for, and you are all set. This SEO ranking tool will also give you a detailed report on the email you provided just by signing in to this incredible online ranking tool. There are many reputed brands that Dareboost for their site such as Domino’s, American Express,, ad many more.


Siteliner is the SEO ranking tool that lets you explore your website. This tool tells you the key issues and makes it just like the tool we discussed above. The tool tells you about the presence of duplicate content if any, and its related domains. The ranking tool means any broken links. You see, when links get old, they tend to break due to various reasons.

Moreover, it also tells the power of a particular webpage that helps us give outbound links and earn money. Siteliner also provides a detailed report of the overall performance. You can even use this tool for free with up to 2500 pages per month with some limitations. But if you use a premium version, the page number increases to 25K with no particular restriction. You can sign up for free today for this efficient yet straightforward SEO ranking tool.


Sometimes users don’t just type a short keyword for searches; instead, they type long sentences that include all they need. KWFinder helps you find long-tail keywords with minimum SEO difficulty. This is something I have suffered so much for. And trust me, they sound at their work. This is a multilingual SEO ranking tool that tells the keywords used in different countries. The company has worked with some major brands worldwide, like Airbnb, Alexa, Adidas, and many more. This fantastic SEO ranking tool also gives us details about how difficult or easy a particular keyword is. You can also your competitor’s keywords for which they are ranking. The has over 52k locations keyword access. This over-the-top online ranking tool has different price strategies like the basic, premium, and agency ones, which you can choose to pay either monthly or annually.

Varvy SEO Tool

Varvy is the only tool you will ever need for SEO ranking. This online ranking tool gives you many different services, such as optimizing speed, user-friendly pages, multidevice sites, content visibility, user map, and whatnot. Varvy SEO tool covers all the main ‘rel’ tags for the bots. The company emphasizes a clear hierarchy that every page should be reachable. The company has various tools like Google guideline tools, mobile SEO tools, CSS delivery tools, and many more. You can do anything you want with this SEO ranking tool.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is the only tool that can give you instant SEO information. You can easily download it for free if you are using Chrome or Firefox as your browser. This SEO ranking tool helps your business grow by growing your search traffic, researching a competitor, and dominating the internet. There are two main places you can use the Ahrefs toolbar, the first is on Google SERP, and the second one is on different web pages. You can get keyword data from other countries, so no need to worry if you are looking for overseas users. This keyword research tool is easy to use and gives the result in just one click. The tool also provides consequences for your competitor

SEO that makes your job way too easy. It also helps in improving the overall domain health through its various tools.


The market is filled with tons of SEO tools, all guarantee only one thing: your online store’s growth. But, not all tools are best, relevant, or even worthy of your time. We bought you 25 Best SEO ranking Tools that every marketer should use and must use in 2022 for their website’s SEO development. Do let me know about the tools I referred to. Is it worthy of my reference and your time or not?