Best Social Media Management Tools are the best tools and software built to make your work so easier on the social media platform and also helps you to manage the work, schedule the work on time so that you don’t forget the work.

Best Social Media Management tools help you to plan your work on time. These top Social Media Marketing tools also help to reach customers and helps to increase brand awareness. 

As we all know that today all are on social media platforms, all want to reach and become famous on social media so that people know him very well. And almost everyone is on social media, and everyone wants to grow their business so that these social media handling tools help you. 


With the help of Social Media Marketing tools and Social Media Management tools, you will engage a large number of audiences with different Social Media like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, and many more. These social media will help you reach the audience quickly, and almost every person using Social Media. If you engage a broad audience, then this is the best place to grow your business also, and everyone knows you quickly by using Social Media Marketing Tools.

Social Media Handling Tools are so easy to use, as they will save your time, and they are too easy to use. You don’t need any specialized knowledge to use these tools and software. 

These Best Social Media Marketing tools are User Friendly, as you can use these tools and help you to handle your work.

So many Best Social Media Software provide you Tutorials.

These tools are Affordable almost for all with High-Quality Software of Top Social Media Management.  

Most of the Best Social Media Handling Softwares are Budget Friendly for the Users. Almost Everyone can easily use and sign up for these Social Media Marketing and Management Tools.

Best Social Media Management Tools help you to Organize Your Work so easily and saves your time. 

Social media marketing tools are so Efficient and Tidy.

There are so many reasons people use the best social media handling software because, with the help of this, you can easily update your work on time by using these tools. If you are busy on that day, but you have to post and update your work on time. Then you will schedule your work on the best social media management tools software after completing your work it will automatically refresh and post on time that time which will select.

List of Best And Some Free Social Media Management and Marketing Tools

Here are some best and free social media handling and marketing software. You can choose the best tool. These are:-

1. HubSpot:- 

HubSpot is the Top Social Media Marketing Tool. It is the best marketing Hub social media tools. HubSpot is the popular Social Media Marketing Handling Tool that helps with scheduling your posts on social media. You can handle and quickly post your blogs and messages with the help of the HubSpot social media handling software.

  • HubSpot is the best social media marketing handling tool where you can quickly grow your business with the help of  Marketing software, sales software, and services software provided by the HubSpot Marketing Tool. 
  • HubSpot Social Media Marketing Tool helps to Increase leads of the Consumers.
  • HubSpot Social Media Marketing Handling Software helps to Accelerate Sales.
  • HubSpot is a marketing tool that helps to Simplify your work.
  • With HubSpot’s best social media management tool, you can Build a Powerful Website.
  • HubSpot’s top Social Media Management Tool helps to Create and Publish your Social Posts and also helps in Publish your social posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Linkedin on time.
  • You can use up to 5 Languages to target your audience in 5 countries at one time by clicking on the Public audience> Location.
  • In the HubSpot Best Free Social Media Management tool, if you are creating a post for the other social media accounts like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can just use the Symbol @ for tagging the different accounts.
  • You can insert the Video, Picture on your content also.
hubspot best social media management tools
  • You can also see a preview of your post.
  • You can Schedule the post and mention the date and time on which date you want to publish this post with the help of the Top free social media management tools.
  • HubSpot is available as a Mobile App also.

HubSpot a most popular social media handling tool can work alone and with some other Softwares that are:- 

  • Free HubSpot CRM:- Free HubSpot CRM will help you in Organizing and tracking everything easily and helps to make a good relationship with the customers. Some best features are:-
    • Contact Insight
    • Deals
    • Tasks
    • Free Email marketing
  • CMS Hub:- It’s the Content Management Software for:- 
    • For Marketers- It’s Flexible
    • For Developers- It’s Powerful
    • Customer – Gets a secure and personalized experience
    • Drag ‘n’ Drop Editor
    • SEO Recommendations
    • Website Theme
  • Marketing Hub:- With Marketing Hub Software it will help you for:-
    • Lead Generation
    • Grow and Reach more Traffic
    • Convert Leads
    • Analytics
    • All-in-one marketing tool
    • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Hub:- With Sales Hub Software helps you in:-
    • Saving your time
    • Email Tracking
    • Productivity Boosting Tool
    • Meeting Scheduling
    • Close more deals faster
    • Helps in automate your tasks that you don’t like
    • Email Automation
  • Service Hub:- As a Service Hub Software, it provides you:-
    • Tickets
    • Customer service
    • Exceeds the Expectations
    • Knowledge Base
    • Helps in promoting and growing business
    • Customer Feedback
    • Connect with Customers Easily

Here is the Updated data of HubSpot best social media management tool that are:-

  • 150+ HubSpot User Groups 
  • HubSpot Blogs 7M+ Monthly Visits
  • HubSpot Academy 248K+ Certified Professional
  • Inbound 26K Registered Attendees
  • HubSpot App Marketplace 400+ Integrations
  • 6Languages
  • 2.6M+ Social Followers
  • 78,7000 Customers in 120+ Countries growing their business with the help of HubSpot.

HubSpot Top Social Media Management Tool Helps in Increase your Traffic with the help of:-

  • SEO Software
  • Content Management System
  • Blog Software
  • Social Media Software
  • Ad Software

HubSpot Social Media handling tool can Connect with Leads that includes:-

  • Email Tracking
  • Sales Email Templates
  • Email Marketing
  • Find New Prospects
  • Click To Call Your leads.

HubSpot Social Media Marketing Software helps in Close and Manage Leads that include:-

  • Meeting Scheduling Tool
  • Lad Management Tool
  • Documentation Tracking Tool
  • Pipeline Management Tool
  • Sales Automation Tool

HubSpot marketing tool provides you tools and supports you with the help of:-

  • Join A Local User Group
  • HubSpot Templates
  • Get a Free Website Report
  • Email Signature Generator
  • Blog Idea Generator
  • Invoice Template Generator
  • Make My Persona
  • PieSync Integration
  • Business Templates
  • HubSpot Partners
  • COVID-19 Benchmark data
  • Marketing Plan Template Generator

HubSpot All-In-One Social Media Marketing Tool Provides you:-

  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Management
  • SEO
  • Calls-To-Actions
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Ads
  • Blogging
  • Marketing Automation
  • Partitioning 
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Analytic

2. HootSuite:- 

Hootsuite is the Best All-In-One Social Media Marketing Tool, where you can manage all accounts at one time. Hootsuite social media handling tools give so many features and benefits that you love to use Hootsuite’s best social media management software. Everyone wants to be present on social media as an individual and for business, in almost all the social media sites, and also want to handle and always update your social media on time. With the help of the social media management tool Hootsuite, you can manage all your accounts and continually update them on time. You just post on single social media, and other social media connected with Hootsuite social media tools automatically display the data with the help of the Hootsuite social media handling software.

  • Hootsuite is the Best Social media Handling Software for managing multiple accounts in a single platform.
  • Hootsuite social media management tool helps you to Save Your Time and Automatically Update the data on social media after scheduling the date and time on the Hootsuite.
  • Hootsuite Social media handling tool also helps in Measuring your performance on social media with the help of Analytics.
  • Hootsuite is available as a Mobile App also.
  • Hootsuite social media management tool helps you to Light up your Channels or social media platforms, which means you can handle, manage and Unite all your social media Campaigns on a single best free social media management tool. You can just schedule and publish your content on a single social media platform, and other social media platforms automatically publish the content by programming with the help of:-
    • Plan- You can handle all your social media data on a single collaborative Calendar. 
    • Create- You can Create a beautiful for all social media platforms and make it so easy for your team to engage the post on every social media.
    • Schedule- You can schedule all the posts automatically by filling the gaps of the calendar and become active 24/7 with the help of the Hootsuite social media management tool.
  • It helps to Make the Connections that matter.
    • Inbox- You will always connect with your customers in public and private channels in one place that is Hootsuite social media management tool.
    • Streams- With the help of the Hootsuite Social Media handling software, you will always stream your activities on social media and still engage on social media networks.
    • Content Library
  • Align your Stars, which means you will give your team an excellent social media platform so that all will know them and help to build a good relationship with customers.
    • Teams
    • Assignments
    • Hootsuite Academy
  • Hootsuite is for everyone which everyone can use this tool quickly that is it’s for:-
    • Non-Profit Organizations
    • Small Businesses
    • Government 
    • Fortune 
    • All large and Small organizations become partners.
hootsuite top social media management tools

Here are the plans of the Hootsuite top Social Media Management Tool that are:-

  • Professional for Entrepreneurs:-
    • 10 Social Profiles
    • 1 User
  • Teams for Small Teams:-
    • 20 Social Profiles
    • 3 Users
  • Business for Small Business:-
    • 35 Social profiles
    • 5-10 Users
  • Enterprise for Organizations:-
    • Custom Solutions

Different Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, All Social Media Integration and App Directory and partners which you can engage with Hootsuite Social media management tool and here are some core features of the Hootsuite Platform that are:-

  • Monitor
  • Analyze
  • Advertise
  • Publish
  • Engage

Here are Some features of the Hootsuite Enterprise( Solutions- social marketing, social selling, customer services, and employee advocacy and Industries- financial services, health care, government, higher education, and agencies)  that are:-

  • Custom, Scalable Solutions
  • Team Metric Tracking
  • Publishing Approvals
  • Priority Support and Training
  • An Extensive Ecosystem of Apps
  • Activate your Listening
  • Commit to Compliance

Hootsuite Social media management tool also provides you education academy which includes:-

  • Hootsuite Academy
  • Resources
  • Blog
  • Webinars

3. Kicksta:-

Kicksta is the most popular and best social media handling tool for Instagram. It’s an Organic Toolf for the growth of Instagram. Kicksta helps you to increase the followers on Instagram Business Account.

  • Kicksta provides you, Real Followers, with the help of Artificial Intelligence Technology, which gives you No Spam, No Bots, No Fake Accounts.
  • You can engage with the real Instagram users with the help of the Kicksta Social Media Handling Software.
  • Kicksta helps you in Finding the Profile Similar for you and Your Business with the help of:-
    • Listing your Competitors
    • Complementary Brands
    • Influencers in your Niche
  • You can Auto-engage with their Followers with the help of the Kicksta.
kicksta best free social media management tools
  • Kicksta gives you:-
    • Authentic Connections
    • Time-Tested Safety 
    • Meaningful Engagement
  • Kicksta is safe that provides you, real followers.
  • Kicksta helps in getting more Brand awareness in less time and follower growth.
  • Kicksta provides you the Nonstop 24/7 growth service.
  • You can Start Kicksta at any time with the plan:-
    • Standard Plan- $49 per user, per month with
      • Moderate Growth 
      • Video Onboarding
      • 10 Targets
    • Premium Plan- $99 per user, per month with 
      • 40 Targets
      • Advanced Targeting
      • Maximum Growth
      • Live Chat Support
      • Video Onboarding
      • Blacklist
      • VIP Email Support
  • Kicksta, the best social media management tool provides you 14Days Money Back Guarantee.

4. Buffer:-

Buffer is the top software for social media management. You can engage different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, and many more social media integration in a single platform. 

  • With the help of Buffer’s top Social media management software, you can grow the audience by telling the brand story and publishing quality content.
  • You can also analyze your audience by the analytics that Buffer provides you.
  • You can also make authentic engagement, with the help of the buffer Social media management tool.  
buffer is the top free social media management tools
  • There is No Credit Card Requirement for starting The Buffer Social media software. 
  • It gives you a 14-days free trial and cancels anytime option.
  • Buffer can be trusted by More than 75000+ companies.
  • You can Mix & Match the Tools Provided by the Buffer And create your plan that suits your workflow.
  • Buffer provides you Publish your content option and analyze your campaigns with different features that are:-
    • Publish your Content:-
      • Direct Scheduling
      • First Comment
      • Shop Grid
      • Reminder
    • Analyze your Campaigns:-
      • Aggregate Metrics
      • Account Analytics
      • Stories & Post Analytics
      • Audience Demographics
  • With the help of Buffer, you can easily schedule and plan your work.
  • Buffer, the best social media handling software provides you more than the scheduling tools with beautiful features and also beat the algorithm that is:-
    • Story Planner
    • Shop Grid
    • First Comment
    • Hashtag Planner
    • Instagram Tagging 
    • Stories & Post Analytics
    • Custom Report
    • Answers
  • Buffer build a good brand with their customers all over the world as lots of Businesses trust the Buffer as we can check the data also:-
    • Ten years in business 
    • 75000+ Customers
    • 100k+ monthly blog readers
    • 1.2m+ social followers
  • Buffer is available as a Mobile App too.

Here are some core features of the best social media marketing tool that is Buffer for Business that are:-

  • You can grow your brand and business with the help of Buffer.
  • You can publish and analyze the post content together to get the best results.
  • You can also measure your results as its plan is $85 per month.
  • Buffer for business provides you two products that are:-
    • Price
    • Brand Building Solution 
  • You can Plan and Organize your Content in advance.
  • Buffer’s social media marketing tool helps to Schedule the multichannel campaigns.
  • You can also Review your work details.
  • You can also design the best social media strategies.
  •  Buffer for Business also includes:-
    • Instagram business, Facebook pages, etc.
    • Advanced Instagram Features provides-
      • Shop Grids
      • Hashtag manager.
    • 2000 post can be scheduled for a maximum of 8 social media accounts
    • Calendar for organizing your weekly and monthly content.
    • In-Depth Social Analytics
    • Instagram Stories Analytics
    • Answers
    • Audience Insights
    • Report Builder
    • Data Export 

5. CoSchedule:-

CoSchedule is the best social media marketing tool where you can organize all your marketing work and your business in one place. It’s the best work management software that helps you in work done in less time with the help of the top free Social media marketing tool that is CoSchedule.

  • CoSchedule helps you to Get your work done in less time. 
  • CoSchedule is the Most Popular Work Management tool for marketers.
  • There are 30,000+ Marketers and businessmen in 100+ Countries who can start their day with the best social media marketing software CoSchedule.
  • CoSchedule provides you:- 
    • Blog Calendar  
    • Marketing Calendar
    • Marketing Suite
      • Content Organizer
      • Social Organizer
      • Work Organizer
      • Asset Organizer
      • Marketing Calendar

CoSchedule provides you a Blog Calendar product where you can organize your blogs and your social media. Some features that Blog Calendar gives you that are:-

  • Real-time Blog
  • Social Calendar
  • Automate your Social Schedule
  • You can Integrate your WordPress here.
  • The bulk of Posts you can Schedule here.
  • Grow your audience quickly.

CoSchedule provides you a Marketing Calendar Product that helps you to See, Schedule, and share your marketing easily and here are some features that the Social Media marketing tool CoSchedule gives you that are:-

  • CoSchedule provides you All the Blog Calendar Features
  • CoSchedule also provides you Real-Time Marketing Calendar
  • CoSchedule helps in Full Social Media Management
  • CoSchedule also helps in Save Custom Views of your Calendar
  • CoSchedule helps in Read-Only Calendar
  • You can Easily Reschedule Projects with the help of the CoSchedule marketing tool.
coschedule best social media handling tools

CoSchedule provides you Marketing Suite Products that Includes 5 Align marketing products that helps you to coordinate with your team that are:-

  • Content Organizer- With the help of a Content Organizer, you can Ideate, Schedule, Create, and publish.   
  • Social Organizer- With the help of a Social Organizer, you can Easily Centralize your Social Strategy. 
  • Work Organizer- With the help of Work Organizer you can manage your team and Projects
  • Asset Organizer- With the help of the Asset Organizer, you can Index, Store, Share your content.
  • Marketing Calendar- With the help of the Marketing Calendar, you can see everything with the source of the truth.

Here are some features of the best free social media marketing software CoSchedule product Marketing Suite that is:-

  • All the Marketing Calendar features.
  • You can Manage marketing Requests here.
  • You can Automate team workflows.
  • You can Sort your Calendar by teams.
  • You can Store assets and files.
  • You can Track team Progress.

6. Sendible:-

Sendible is the best and the most popular social media marketing tool where you can manage all the social media integrations in one place. You can Evaluate your Brand Story with the help of Sendible on Social Media. You can efficiently and quickly manage all your social media posts, and you can easily collaborate with your clients and teams also with the help of Sendible Social media marketing tools.

  • 14days Free Trial provided the best social media marketing tool Sendible.
  • You can cancel the free trial of the Sendible as no credit card required for using this.
  • Sendible supports the different Social media integrations that are:-
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Facebook Ads
    • Linkedin
    • Google My Business
    • Youtube
    • Pinterest
  • Sendible supports the different Blogging Platforms also that are:-
    • WordPress
    • Medium
    • Blogspot and Blogger
    • Tumblr
  • Sendible supports some useful tools and apps for the different Social media marketing that are:-
    • Google Chrome Extension
    • Client Connect Widget
    • Content Suggestions
    • Facebook Cover Photo
    • RSS Feed Importer
  • Sendible provides you some other useful Integrations that are:-
    • Canva
    • Google Analytics
    • Dropbox
    • Google Drive
    • Slack
  • Sendible helps you in scheduling your post and content.
  • Sendible provides you some best features so that you can easily streamline your workflow with the help of these that are:-
    • Post Preview
    • Content Suggestions
    • Auto Post RSS Feed
    • Bulk Scheduling
    • Smart Queues
    • Content Library
  • Sendible provides you, Real People. There are no Bots on using this social media marketing tool.
  • Sendible provides you the best tool Rely On. With this, you can build a strong brand on social media.
sendible best social media marketing tool

Sendible provides you some great solutions and features for using this best social media handling tool that is:-

  • Dashboard
  • Publishing
  • Collaboration
  • Analytics
  • Listening
  • Mobile 

Sendible provides you some resources for using this best social media handling tool that is:-

  • 2020 Social Media Holidays Calendar
  • Guides & Templates 
  • Blog
  • Podcast
  • Product Updates 
  • Support

7. SocialBee:-

It is the best social media marketing tool. SocialBee provides you More leads for you and makes less effort for using the SocialBee top Social Media Management tool.

  • SocialBee gives you More leads and Less Effort where you can handle all your social media together in one place with this tool.
  • 14-day Free Trial provided by the best Social media marketing software that is SocialBee, and there is no credit card requirement for using this.
SocialBee best social media management tools
  • You can use these social media integration on the SocialBee Social media management tool that is:-
    • Facebook- Profiles, Pages, Groups
    • Twitter- Profiles
    • Instagram- Profiles
    • Linkedin- Profiles, Pages
    • Pinterest- Boards
    • Google My Business- Locations
  • SocialBee tells you that “Set It and Forget It,” which means you can schedule your post(Set It), and then it will automatically update(Forget It). 
  • SocialBee provides the Mobile App also.
  • You can easily make the categories of your content here to save your time. 
  • You can also Repost and Recycle your Evergreen Content.
  • SocialBee provides some features for additional content and automagically that are:-
    • Advanced RSS Functionally
    • Multiple Import Features
    • Browser Extension
    • Zapier Integration
  • SocialBee provides you Social Media Specialist Concierge Service. 
  • SocialBee also provides you Custom URLs & Tracking so that you can use the short domains given by the SocialBee to make your links matter and better. 
  • SocialBee helps you in analyzing and finding the audience.

Best Social Media Management tool SocialBee Concierge services are:-

  • Social Media Specialist
  • Content Writing
  • Ads Management
  • Linkedin Growth Specialist
  • Linkedin Drip Specialist
  • Concierge Onboarding
  • IG Community Management
  • Content Curation
  • Concierge Migration

8. SproutSocial:-

SproutSocial is the best social media management tool where you can quickly build and grow your best relationship on social media. SproutSocial provides you the best platforms for managing all the social media in a single platform.

  • SproutSocial helps you to Understand your audience and reach your audience.
  • SproutSocial helps you to Engage in your community.
  • The best social media handling software SproutSocial helps you to measure the performance of all social media in one platform.
  • SproutSocial is trusted by 20000+ world-class brands.
sproutsocial best social media management tools

The most popular Social Media Marketing Software SproutSocial gives you some platforms that are:-

  • Social Analytics
  • Social Engagement
  • Social Publishing
  • Social Listening
  • Social Automation
  • Social Collaboration

Here are some social integration that the social media management tool SproutSocial provides you that are:-

  • Facebook Handling
  • Twitter Management
  • Instagram Handling
  • Linkedin Management
  • Pinterest Handling
  • All social media integration

Here are some resources that SproutSocial Social media handling tool provides you that are:-

  • Brand Assets
  • Sprout Blog
  • Resource Centre
  • Partner Directory
  • Social Image Resizer
  • Social Media Guides:-
    • Marketing for Social Agencies
    • Chatbox Marketing
    • Social Listening
    • Social for Small Business
    • Twitter Analytics
    • A social media marketing tool
    • Social media Campaign

9. SEMrush:-

SEMrush is the top class social media management tool for Digital Marketing Professionals. It is the best tool where you can easily schedule your work, and it is best for digital marketers where you can use SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, Market Research. 

SEMrush provides you SEO Professional as a Complete Workflow where:-

  • You can smoothly Run a Technical SEO Audit on any website.
  • You can easily Research Millions of Keyword Ideas.
  • You can easily Track your Daily Rankings.
  • You can quickly Gather SEO ideas for gaining more organic traffic.
  • You can quickly Analyze any Domain Backlink Profile.
  • You can easily unlock your keywords that are not provided.
SemRush top social media management tools

SEMrush, the most famous Social Media Marketing Tool, helps in Improving the results of your PPC Efforts with some features where:-

  • You can quickly uncover any domain’s paid search.
  • You can quickly uncover GDN strategies.
  • You can easily monitor your competitors’ copies and their landing pages.
  • Easily Optimize your negative keyword list.
  • You can seamlessly Search the Keywords for a PPC campaign. You can quickly check out the average PPC cost at a local level.

SEMrush best social media marketing tool helps in Building the most effective social media strategy where:-

  • You can easily manage and create Ads on Facebook and Instagram.
  • You can quickly Launch and Create Facebook Advertising Campaigns.
  • You can easily Manage the Existing Campaigns and help in creating the new ones.
  • You can quickly Analyze your Competitors across the Social Media Channels.
  • You can easily Optimize your Links.
  • You can easily Streamline your process with the help of Chrome Extension.

SEMrush best social media marketing tool helps to create content which drives the excellent marketing results where:-

  • You can easily Find the content ideas that will resonate with the audience.
  • You can easily collaborate with your team 
  • You can quickly Get the Tailored template for creating the SEO-Friendly content.
  • You can quickly check the quality of your content.
  • You can easily optimize it in real-time.
  • You can easily manage your editorial plan.
  • You can easily track your mentions and help in analyzing your brand presence.
  • You can quickly Evaluate your external articles.
  • Easily Audit your content to recognize.

SEMrush the most famous Social Media Marketing Software that helps in Market Insights and competitors and the strategies overview where:-

  • You can quickly analyze any website traffic.
  • You can easily see the competitors marketing from all the angles.
  • You can quickly identify the market leaders, establish the players and game changes.
  • You can seamlessly find and follow marketing trends.
  • You can quickly analyze 20 domains of the custom market.

SEMrush, a best social media marketing tool, provides SEMrush solutions for:- 

  • E-commerce
  • Enterprise
  • Competitive Research 
  • Agencies

Here are the Latest Facts and Stats of the SEMrush a most popular social media marketing tool that is:-

  • 6 million Users
  • 20 billion Keywords
  • 142 GeoDatabase
  • 806 million Database 

10. AgroPulse:-

With the help of the AgoraPulse, the best social media marketing software, you can easily schedule your content and quickly get the reports by engaging with the followers into one single social media management tool that is the AgoraPulse. It is the best social media management tool where everyone easily manage all your work and all social media in one platform. 

  • With the help of the AgoraPulse social media handling tool, you can Schedule your Content.
  • You can smoothly get the reports with the help of AgoraPulse.
  • AgoraPulse also helps in engaging followers with one simple social media management tool.
  • More than 23000+ social media managers use AgoraPulse.
Agorapulse top social media management tools

AgoraPulse provides you powerful features that you love the most and these are:-

  • Flexible Scheduling Options Galore
  • Social inbox to catch every conversation
  • Unlimited 1-Click Reports
  • Real-time Team Collaboration with social media.
  • Built-In CRM to track your Followers
  • Automate Inbox Assistant
  • Full Coverage of All Static Ad Comment
  • Publishing Queue Categories
  • Team Friendly Prices

Some resources that the best social media management tool AgoraPulse provides you that are:-

  • Twitter Analytics Tool
  • Facebook Page Analytics Tool
  • Ads Report Tool
  • Easy Advocacy Tool
  • Social Media Resources
  • AgoraPulse Academy
  • Social Agency Scout 
  • Video Tutorials

You can check Above Best Social Media Management Tools.

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