Every week newspapers are filled with news when someone’s email got hacked, identity stolen, or Privacy exploited. It is the sad reality of working online. In today’s world, it’s as essential to secure your computers as it is to ensure your lock. The reason for that is it takes a considerable amount of time, sometimes years, to recover from identity theft. So, what exactly can we do to safeguard our identity from possible theft? There are many different ways, such as updating your social media setting regularly, creating long passwords, and more. The easiest thing you can do is to start using a VPN.

What exactly is a VPN?

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a means to protect our data and add a security blanket to protect our identity. To make it easy, imagine that you are using the internet directly with your computer; now, anyone on the internet can easily access your computer data and steal your personal information. But if I use VPN services, it’s like creating a secure tunnel for accessing data from the internet with a server’s help. That server can be Easily Found anywhere around the world. It helps create a delusion for hackers, making them confused and allows you to surf the internet without worrying. 

Now, not all VPN encryption is the same. You might hear terms like open VPN, PPTP, and 256-bit encryption. Just know that some sort of VPN connection is better than having none.

Use of VPN

With VPN in hand, you can go anywhere globally and surf the internet with absolute surety that all the websites you are visiting or the passwords you are using will be safe from hackers around you. A VPN also helps us in misleading the hackers that we are in a discrete location. For instance, you are login from India but are showing your location as Canada or France. Plus, it is straightforward to use. So, why not use the best VPN service in the market to secure yourself from identity theft.  

Express VPN

The first VPN that we came across is the Express VPN. As the name suggests, this company provides you with a super-fast VPN service. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee that makes it more of a choice for every individual. With Express VPN, you enjoy worldwide access. It is one of the most reliable VPN services you can imagine. Also, Express VPN gives you access to its VPN services on all your devices. It has 160 server locations from over 94 countries, and you can bounce your area ‘n’ several times. Express VPN is also one of the best VPN for streaming videos and other restricted content, even on the go. It makes it very easy for you to hide your original IP address and browse anonymously. If you think that you are not some tech expert and the reason is stopping you from taking VPN services, then stop worrying, Express VPN has a dedicated team for you that is available 24*7 to support and guide you. The company also has many advanced features for its users like VPN split tunneling, which means that you can choose which data you want to protect and which one doesn’t need protection.

Moreover, your data is protected by advanced Mathematics in AES-256 which is trusted by experts worldwide. It works perf which well with windows, mac, ios, android, and many others. Further, it works well on browsers like chrome and firefox. Express VPN service has different pricing strategies with monthly, half-yearly, and yearly subscriptions. And you also have many alternatives to pay for that subscription. It is the most secured VPN service in 2020 that works. So try it out today and protect your computer and yourself from those hackers out there.


SurfShark is one of the top VPN services in 2020 the market. It claims to be one step ahead of many in the industry. It even has a VPN comparison chart on its website, which helps you compare with various other best VPN service providers worldwide. It enables users to surf online without panicking about their safety. As the name suggests, it is like a shark that surfs in the water called the internet. The only difference is that this shark helps and protects us in every possible way.

Moreover, SurfShark has made our work-from-home a specific task. We can stream worldwwork-from-homethout without any restrictions or second thoughts. It also allows us to connect many devices in one SurfSharkes account which helps secure our family’s tools. Additionally, we can easily disguise our native location and pretend to be anywhere around the globe. It also allows us to change our site as we want and when we want. SurfShark VPN service is also providing attractive discounts during the current lockdown period. It is one of the best VPNs for streaming; you can stream up to 15 Netflix libraries. This one of the most secure VPNs can also block ads enabling you to enjoy without getting irritated by useless ads. SurfShark Privacy allows you to transact using your online bank account or public wifi without worrying. It is an amazing VPN for torrenting. It is safe and does not slow down your internet speed. The company offers you three packages with different duration of time and prices. It has monthly, yearly, and two yearly subscription plans. You can avail maximum discount on a 2-year package. So hurry and sieze this deal for the best VPN service in the industry.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is a famous VPN service in 2020. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Nord VPN has featured in some of the best newspapers and magazines like Wired, The Huffington Post, Forbes, BuzzFeed, BBC, and many more that make it the right choice in terms of trustworthiness. With Nord VPN in hand, you can enjoy surfing with a peaceful mind without worrying about hackers while using public wifi. It also helps you with keeping your browsing history protected from hackers.

Additionally, you can protect up to 6 devices simultaneously with Nord VPN very quickly, whether you use Windows or macOS at home on your ios or Android devices. NordVPN has an application for every device. The first thing that comes to our mind before taking VPN services is that it will decrease our internet speed, but with Nord, you don’t have to worry about that; enjoy your surfing and streaming. Nord VPN has 5300+ servers in over 59 countries in the world. It has different monthly, half-yearly, and yearly packages at affordable prices. The prominent reason that you should select NordVPN is its no-log policy. It means that Nord can not give customer details to anyone because it never feeds them into its system. That gives us satisfaction with Privacy.


IPVanish is one step solution for your online security. It even comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Trustpilot has trusted it with a 4.5-star rating. IPVanish VPN operator allows you to change your IP address as you want and whenever you want. It also has a no-log policy that protects your private information from the VPN provider itself. While using the best VPN service, you can surf the internet without the traditional barrier. IPVanish VPN provides us access to over 1500 anonymous servers in over 75 locations with fast speed. Yes, you heard that right. You don’t have to compromise with your internet speed for your Privacy. With this top VPN provider, you get them both effortlessly. The company has round-the-clock customer support, especially for its users. You can also keep a backup of every file of yours very quickly with sugar sync in IPVanish VPN provider. You can even encrypt those backup files. It also helps you in protecting every device at your home. It has a monthly plan, a three months plan, and a yearly plan with a sugar sync feature in every project. It supports windows, ios, and android. 

Perfect Privacy

Perfect Privacy is a premium VPN service provider with servers in 26 countries. The company has been helping its users since 2008, and its VPN service is very safe. You can change your server whenever you want and as you wish. Most of their servers have IPv6 addresses and a bandwidth of up to 1000 Mbps. For encryption, they use OpenVPN and IPsec which work on common industry standards. Their developers work 24*7 to develop any new technology that can help its customers in protecting their Privacy furthermore.

Additionally, they have a helpful customer care team. This best VPN services provider does not keep your log history on its servers to give you full Privacy. You can also rely on Perfect Privacy for the safety of other devices as well. Perfect Privacy VPN service provides a secure VPN client software that is customized for various operating systems. It comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee. It is one of the high-speed VPN services in 2020. For further queries, you can contact supported and active staff at any time.


Mullvad believes that it is our fundamental right to safeguard our Privacy. And for that, you need a trustworthy VPN service provider who not only protects you from the outside world but also does not interfere in your private life. This secure VPN service provider helps you to protect your data from hackers around the world. Mullvad is very easy to use as a VPN service. With Privacy as a universal right, Mullvad helps us keep it secure. The process is straightforward, create an account number with Mullvad without giving any of your personal information like phone number, email id, etc. you have to pay $5.50 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You then have to download the Mullvad app, and you are good to go. You can now secure at least 5 of your devices with the same VPN service. With Mullvad in hand, you will be as good as a privacy ninja. Mullvad has servers all over the globe. There are no other packages, just $5.50 for everyone and anyone.


With CyberGhost VPN, you can boost your online anonymity. This VPN service comes with a VPN and password manager combo. It comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee. This top VPN service has over 15 years of experience in the industry. CyberGhost is the best service provider for a VPN that allows you to stream and browse without limitations. The company provides a pass for geographical restrictions, closedowns, or digital censorship.

Additionally, you can also get access to hundreds of blocked websites and content. It is the best VPN for streaming sports events. Moreover, this is a secure VPN for P2P torrenting. Sometimes you see some of the restricted games in your country; with CyberGhost, you can easily play those games. Apart from these, you will get what everyone else is giving, i.e., hiding your IP address, securing your bank transactions, use military-grade encryption, be safe using public wifis, and last but not least, you can protect yourself and your private data. CyberGhost VPN services also provide a no-log policy, which means even if they want, they can not give your information to anyone else as they don’t have it. The VPN service subscription comes with the capacity to protect seven devices simultaneously. It also goes with distinct operating systems such as windows, ios, and android. Supported browsers are Chrome and Firefox. The company has over 5900 servers in over 88 countries. Also, you don’t have to sacrifice internet speed. This VPN service has been rated and reviewed by many reputed brands such as TechRadar, VPN mentor, cloud wars, and many more. They have a one-month, six months, and 18 months package for you. CyberGhost VPN services also have very reliable customer support.


Protect your private information with Trust. Zone. The VPN service makes you anonymous and therefore protects you from any harm. You can effortlessly conceal your online specification and location. You can even prevent your ISP from monitoring your activity. Trust. Zone VPN service will encrypt your internet traffic while protecting you from any cyber threat. It is also a good VPN for public wifi. This VPN provider is good at streaming blocked content. Apart from being the best VPN for streaming, it also supported devices such as ios, Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Additionally, it also has a no-log policy to protect its customers even further. Also, you get an excellent super-fast speed with unlimited bandwidth. You can even get a 10% discount by paying with bitcoin. You can have a subscription of 1 month, 1year, or two years. You can even try it for free whole days and decide accordingly.


ibVPN is suitable for those who love their online Privacy as well as freedom. The company has over 15 years of expertise in the industry. It is the best VPN service around the globe, praised by all who use it. It has over 1000,000 satisfied clients. You can even get a 15-day money-back assurance. The company even has a no-log policy, which protects you even further. With ibVPN, you also get their fantastic customer support. Now let’s see what makes ibVPN so unique to approach. Well, they are solely VPN providers with no significant interest in hosting, data mining, etc., which needs users’ information. The VPN service provider looks forward to customer’s reviews and suggestions and has 24*7 customer support staff. It is a high-speed VPN with a reliable connection. It supports systems such as windows, apple, Linux, Android, and ios. Also, it works well on browsers like chrome, firefox, and opera. You can even try a VPN for free for a full 15 days. Apart from that, they have different plans for your diverse needs, such as standard VPN, ultimate VPN, torrent VPN, IBDNS/Smart DNS, which are paid yearly. So the best VPN services in 2020.

Private Internet Access

Private internet access is very trusted and reliable around the globe. You can earn up to 2 months of free VPN service. Remote internet access creates an encrypted tunnel so that nobody can spy on you. The company also provides IP cloaking, which disables you from geographical restrictions when you are traveling. You can get access to anonymous servers with a click of a button. Private Internet Access gives you claims to have the biggest network capacity in the world to provide you a high-speed VPN and encryption. This VPN service with Ovider is trusted by brands such as Forbes, Business Insider, CBS News, and many more. The company also gives you a 30-day money-back assurance. And also have different subscription plans for monthly, yearly, and two annual payments. This best VPN service has many features such as encrypted wifi, unlimited bandwidth, no traffic logs, multiple VPN gateways, SOCKS5 Proxy included, block ads, block trackers, block malware, instant setup, and many more. The primary thing is that it is straightforward to use. Moreover, it supports and protects ten devices at the same time. 


The industry has many VPN providers, but we have brought you some of the best VPN services in 2020. Most VPN service providers give the same benefits with little variation. But the price varies. Also, almost every company provides a free VPN for some time so that you can use it without investing your hard-earned money and decide accordingly. Our suggestion is to go for those providers that offer you maximum benefits. Good luck and have safe surfing.