Guest Posts are Useless or Worthy

Guest blogging has been one of the oldest and most well-known link-building. The reason is obvious: it works! However, others claim that guest posting has decreased its effectiveness in recent years. 

Are you looking for strategies to attract more readers to your blog? If so, you might have thought about posting as a guest. When you contribute a blog post to another website in exchange for a link to your website, you are writing as a guest. 

Although guest writing may be an excellent way to promote your site, getting started can be challenging. Many bloggers hesitate to accept guest posts since they don’t know if it will be worthwhile for their effort.

How is guest blogging so successful?

An excellent way to increase traffic to your website is by guest posting. You may submit articles with links to your own for publication on other websites. A website may benefit from backlinks in many different ways. The two main benefits of building backlinks are the obvious ones and the less obvious ones.

The initial point is that having links connecting to your website from other websites can improve its position in SERP.  Backlinks are also a means of establishing connections with other website administrators and owners. They are more likely to reciprocate by connecting to your website when you publish on their website.

Benefits of Guest Post

  • Targeting a certain market segment. assuming the content is posted on relevant sites.
  • Scaling automatically,  Projects of any scale will cooperate with reputable sites.
  • Over time, permanent backlinks are kept up. Sponsorship guarantees that links won’t disappear over time.
  • More people will be aware of your company the more you write about it. Certain websites only profit from guest posting. They raise public awareness of brands.
  • Being highlighted on a popular website will increase your exposure and traffic potential.
  • Accessibility to a competitive business that you may later market to.
  • It can help your site’s SEO to be able to incorporate links back to it.
  • Stronger connections with other companies in your sector.

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Is Guest Posting Worth in 2022?

Here is the list of the top 5 reasons why guest posting is still worth it in 2022:

1. Guest posting May Help You Reach a New User Base

You’ll be introduced to a brand-new audience that might not be familiar with your work if you guest post on a well-known site. This is a fantastic chance to introduce yourself and your work to a fresh audience. Promote your blog or website in your author profile when you guest post. This is a fantastic approach to promoting your website and increasing visitors to your blog.

Building ties with other bloggers in your niche through guest posting is another fantastic benefit. You may establish a group of like-minded bloggers who can support and promote one another’s work by commenting on each other’s blogs.

2. Guest blogging can increase website traffic

Your blog or website can benefit from increased traffic from guest writing. You use the readership of a well-known site when you write a guest post there. If you write a quality guest post, the viewers of that blog will think well of you and could be more inclined to visit your blog or website.

Additionally, the majority of well-known blogs will let you post a link to your website or blog in your author profile. This is a fantastic approach to promote your business and increase traffic to your website. If your target market appreciates your work, they could be more inclined to visit your blog or website.

3. Guest Posting Can Assist in Mailing List Development

Guest posting can be a terrific approach to creating an email list if you’re trying to do so. You can provide a link to your email list in your author bio when you guest post on a well-known blog. This is a fantastic approach to building your email list and earning free exposure.

Additionally, you can establish a connection with the site owner if you can guest post on a well-known blog on your topic. This might be a terrific approach to introduce yourself and eventually start contributing regularly to that blog.

4. Guest posting can develop quality links and genuine backlinks

Building backlinks to your blog or website through guest posting might be beneficial. Because backlinks are one of the criteria that search engines use to rank websites in their search engine results pages, they are crucial. Backlinks are also a means of establishing connections with other website administrators and owners.

When you comment on another person’s blog, you let them know that you like their writing and believe their followers will too. For instance, the owner of a popular blog may be more inclined to link back to your blog or website if it is a guest post you wrote for them. This is a fantastic method to network with other bloggers and gain free exposure.

5. Guest Blogging Can Benefit from Brand Creation

Guest writing can be a fantastic method to establish your profile and credibility as a newbie blogger. A prominent blog’s reputation and authority are practically borrowed when you guest post there. If you write an excellent guest post, the blog’s viewers will think highly of you and might be more likely to check out your site.

You will establish yourself as a subject-matter authority when you publish as a guest on more and more well-known blogs over time. Your blog or website may gain more visitors and followers as a result.

If you contribute to well-known industry magazines, those who haven’t heard of your company before will learn about it for the first time from a reliable source. This might lead to an abrupt and considerable spike in online traffic, which would then improve brand recognition and customers.


1. Is guest blogging still useful?

The quick response is “yes”! There are some intrinsic benefits to guest writing that are still relevant today. We are referring to the posting of your blogs on websites that are not yours. Whether it is either paid or unpaid engagement, both have advantages.

2. Are guest posts beneficial to SEO?

Guest blogging is a highly successful SEO tactic. In addition to improving your SEO, publishing guest posts on other websites exposes your content and brand to a new audience and builds backlinks to your website.

3. Google: Does it permit guest posting?

John Mueller from Google said on Twitter that the company not only disapproves of guest writing for links but has been discounting it for a number of years. He said that Google has accumulated years’ worth of data to teach its algorithms to detect and invalidate guest post links, preventing them from boosting a website’s ranking.