Digital marketing signifies becoming now mainstream in India. Till 2010, a lot of organizations did not perceive digital marketing severely. They were not enthusiastic to change moreover were stuck in traditional marketing methods.

Still, market forces possess the conviction that you either begin doing digital marketing or fail. As correlated to digital marketing, traditional marketing remains notably ineffective. And if you do not possess one digital marketing tactic as well as an online presence, consumers are compelled to shy endlessly from you as well as purchase from any competitor.

And before digital marketing became the mainstream, freelancers, as well as entrepreneurs, were capable of getting one first-mover position. People who prepared great content marketing, as well as search engine marketing, and were capable of scaling up specific businesses extremely fast. Traditional organizations did not even understand what digital marketing signified.

Every day a lot of companies signify waking up to the specific fact that digital marketing remains extremely important as well as signifies not an elective strategy within marketing anymore. They signify catching up late, and although they possess to catch up, there remains no other alternative.

This variation in marketing methods is furnishing a tremendous opportunity within digital marketing jobs. The Times of India reported that the specific Digital Marketing will build 1.5 Lakh jobs every year within India. So now is the time for you to do the best digital marketing course in Delhi and learn the skills and grab a high-paying job in the digital marketing field

Here in this blog, we will possess glance at the salaries that are offered for digital marketing experts as well as the numerous job positions available beneath digital marketing.

The following is a list of the different digital marketing positions that are available for those who are seeking a profession in this field:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Content Writers
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Inbound Marketing Manager
  • Search Engine Marketers
  • Social Media Marketing Specialists/Experts
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer
  • SEO Executives
  • Copy Writers
  • Freelancer

Digital Marketing Manager

Those who have 5+ years of expertise in the field of digital marketing as well as have projects that demonstrate they are digital marketing specialists, then the chances are high that you will be hired quickly.

So digital marketing experts are in tremendous demand as well as companies seek those kinds of people. You don’t require to carry an MBA or possess certifications in digital marketing as your projects will be evidence that you understand digital marketing.

For example, if you are one graduate in Civil engineering however you created one site moreover took it to more than one Million page views one month within 4 years. This will add a lot of weight to your resume. ve digital marketing certifications will help you and add value to your resume.

Salary: One salary range of the digital marketing manager signifies from 15 to 20 Lakhs per annum. However, this can conclude as high as 40 Lakhs moreover equity in certain companies furthermore as low as 8 lakhs annually in extremely small startups.

Responsibility: The Digital Marketing Managers possess to lead one digital marketing team moreover they will report to the specific V.P. of Marketing in the particular company they work for. Digital marketing Manager remains on the mid-senior level of the manager position.

Digital marketing managers are completely responsible for bringing collectively the various elements of digital marketing together moreover make it effective. They remain just the people who can build and execute the integrated online marketing campaign.

Content Marketing Manager

Expert content marketing managers remain responsible for content marketing. Content marketing involves managing specific blogs, email communications, sales page copywriting, drip marketing campaigns, one little bit of PR, video marketing, ebook publications, moreover guest blogging.

The content marketing managers used to report to the digital marketing managers or specific head/VP of specific marketing. Also, content marketing managers could be single contributors either they can lead one team of expert content writers.

And more often than not, the content writers who used to report to the content marketing managers signify freelancers who used to write content by working from the home either as one part-time job.

The content marketing managers used to earn anywhere within 10-15 lakhs per year on average. Significant experience needed for such a position signifies 3-5 years. Content marketing job is the highest-paying job in digital marketing.

Repeating, there remains no clear basis for qualification. Possessing digital marketing certifications moreover, an MBA can benefit if the projects do not exhibit content marketing experience. However, if you possess one project that used to speak for itself, the certifications also signify necessary for the aforementioned.

Inbound Marketing Manager

A few organizations require inbound marketing managers however some do not require them. The duties of an Expert Inbound Marketer, as well as a Content marketer, overlap so much.

When you possess to define a separate position for an Expert Inbound Marketer, their duty will be further towards managing specific funnel as well as conversion at every stage. Lead nurturing, drip marketing, and conversion rate optimization remain essential components in Inbound Marketing.

An Expert Inbound marketer is used to create one strategy for bringing potential customers. And one of those inbound marketing strategies signifies content marketing. As the expert inbound marketing manager formulates one strategy on how to bring customers utilizing content marketing, one content marketing manager can concentrate on the execution of that specific strategy.

SEO Executive (Search Engine Optimizer)

Including great search engine optimization, SEO Experts can get free traffic from Google rather than spending money on Google Ads campaigns. The entire responsibility of an SEO expert either SEO executive includes user experience optimization, keyword research, using Google webmaster tools, managing duplicate content, getting pages indexed, and many more.

As SEO experts, they should possess experience in utilizing the various sorts of SEO tools within the market. For instance, remains one well-known SEO tool concerning digital marketers as well as webmasters. There are lots of different tools that will assist you to increase your performance within the search engines.

Now almost every digital marketing business possesses good specialists in SEO. As permitted, a majority of their traffic is through the search engine’s result page (Google organic search) moreover this assists them to saving a lot of money in Ads as well as easily arise over their competition in phases of traffic.

The SEO experts used to report to specific digital marketing managers moreover mostly do not lead one team. Most utmost of SEO specialists signifies individual contributors. As sometimes there remain two or more than two SEO experts serving on the team moreover they will provide constant feedback to specific products as well as the web development team. SEO executive is one of the most difficult jobs and also the highest paying module of digital marketing course.

Social Media Marketing Expert

Mainly social media marketing possesses two areas. One of the areas remains to expand the owned content through social media channels. It can additionally be done through the content marketing manager or a person within the content marketing organization.

But, managing paid advertising in Social media needs some expertise. For example, advertising on Facebook possesses one complicated task presently. New features and targeting alternatives are added every day, as well as an expert content marketing manager or digital marketing manager, could not manage it on their personally.

Search Engine Marketer / Specialist

Specific search engine marketing remains one of the most essential perspectives of digital marketing. Search engine marketing remains a comprehensive term to describe marketing through search engines, however, because Google remains the most prominent search engine – specific search engine marketing essentially always just leads to marketing through Google Ads.

If it remains one small company, specific search engine marketing signifies taking responsibility through the digital marketing manager itself. Sometimes, that is outsourced to any digital marketing company that will surely take care of specific search engine marketing campaigns for a fee.

More prominent companies require one of the dedicated search engine marketing specialists as well as sometimes there remains one requirement for one team for the search engine marketers.

Search engine marketers used to report to digital marketing managers. The specific goal of one search engine marketer signifies taking the target amount of leads as well as clicks from one given marketing budget. And most of the job is included in the analysis, keyword research, bid management, ad copywriting as well as split testing of specific ad campaigns.

There remains no specific scope for specific years of expertise needed for any search marketing specialist. Small companies used to hire freshers however some established companies require people with several years of expertise.

Conversion Rate Optimizer

Conversion rate optimization remains the art of improving the conversion ratio within each step of a specific marketing funnel. One CRO specialist can be merely another person within the digital marketing organization although he/she used to work among various people. For instance, a CRO specialist can assist the expert inbound marketing manager in building landing pages that will convert thoroughly.

Every CRO Expert uses several tools for achieving higher conversions. Heat map tools like provide insights into how specific people communicate among landing pages. A tool like benefits split testing several elements into specific web pages for obtaining out which colors, as well as text, provide more reliable conversions.

Increasing the conversion rate is important at each stage of the funnel. The ad copy or the site title should attract more clicks, the visitors should convert into leads, and the leads should convert into paying customers.


The copywriter is similar to one CRO expert, one expert copywriter will accomplish with a lot of people within the digital marketing organization. The copywriter can assist the specific search engine marketer in writing more reliable ad copy, assist the social media manager profession with more useful words on the social media channels, improve the specific content team, and improve their content for more reliable reception.

A lot of organizations do not possess one dedicated copywriter within the team. Sometimes a specific CRO expert who possesses copywriting profession can do the specific job of one copywriter.

Ultimate Conclusion

I believe this blog provided you with one pretty great idea regarding the digital marketing jobs as well as career options that are available in India. The same signifies are additionally applicable to other countries however the pay scales might be different. If you want to take any of the skills mentioned above you can join the best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi and become a specialist in Digital Marketing.