The major organic traffic on Google is attracted with the help of On-Page SEO. Therefore it contributes to approximately 60% of internet users.  On-Page SEO has a significant function in optimizing web pages to get a good ranking and get organic traffic. This particular post will help you to understand more about On-Page SEO and different principles to achieve success with its help. The most important factor of On-page SEO is Keywords. To know how factors of On-page SEO must learn the Digital Marketing course.

On-page SEO is one of the organic methods of optimizing individual web pages or websites to improve their ranking on various search engines, especially Google. A higher ranking will help you to attract more relevant traffic to search engines. On-page SEO comprises both the content and HTML tags of a page optimized to get traffic. 

On-page SEO is different as compared to off-page SEO in learning the best digital marketing course.

Off-page SEO is completely based on making networks and creating quality backlinks. To optimize a web page with the help of on-page SEO that would include optimization of title tags, internal links, content, and URL. Let’s begin our article with the role and importance of Keywords in optimizing our web pages with the help of On-page SEO.

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Role and Importance of Keywords in On-Page SEO

The set of instructions for keywords utilized and required earlier is almost the equivalent of the current on-page SEO situation. Google also needs a website with the best keywords. Not only that, but Google also takes the backup of all the data and keywords. You’ll see the primary keyword in the heading tag with the exact language nearly all the time in almost every search you do.

However, order to get your content ranked on search engines is not only about keywords anymore. Optimizing the search purpose, customer experience, CTR, mobile-friendly, loading speed of the page, bounce rate, and dwell time are also factors if you are looking to get your web page ranked on Google with the help of a digital marketing course.

What is the Importance of “Keywords” in On-Page SEO?

Keywords are really important if you want organic traffic on your websites and rank your web page. It plays an important role because the internet user searches as per their requirements and we have to mention all the keywords they can search for, and if we have all the possible keywords on our web page, it will increase our chances of getting a good rank.

How to Optimize the Keyword for SEO in Digital Marketing?

Optimizing a keyword is very important to attain the desired ranking, and for that, there are many ways and techniques. Let’s discuss a few of the techniques in the article below.

Firstly, the content writer needs to keep in mind he/she must use the keywords in the blog as per the keyword density, and in simple language, it means that the writer should use a keyword at least once in 100 words. Additionally, put your primary keyword within the first 100 words and, more specifically, in the first paragraph itself. Because of this, Google will be aware of the content and what the article is all about to get your article ranked; it is very important to use HTML tags in Heading 1. It is one of the most important ways with help of which you can optimize your heading and google aware of the structure of the page.

If you use specific blog forums like WordPress, you do not have to insert the HTML tags manually; WordPress does that automatically. If it’s not WordPress, you have to do it manually with the help of HTML code and tags, and these tags are very important to get your website ranked. The subheadings like H2, H3, H4 tags. Additionally, add a keyword in one of these subheadings. 

How to generate SEO-friendly URLs?

A simple and shorter URL is considered user-friendly. It should also contain a Keyword and certainly is one of the most maxima used techniques of on-page SEO used by most professional bloggers and content writers. Nevertheless, the URL should also contain some other words apart from just the keyword in it. And to know more about SEO-Friendly URLs, you must learn the digital marketing course at the best digital marketing institute.

How to Optimize the Title and Description Tags?

The title plays a vital role in getting the web page ranking on search engines, and the page can be visible on the first page because of its title only. Optimizing the title and description tags is one of the most effective on-page SEO techniques, and this technique has proved that it can be the best to get the page rank on Google. The title gives a little idea to its readers about the topic of the article, and the description has everything about the topic in it. If any internet users want to know something about the topic and description, their optimization will help users search it easily, and the web page will get a good ranking.

How to Write SEO Content?

Above, we have discussed the factors responsible for On-page SEO now. Let us talk about writing SEO Friendly articles and getting your web page ranked on any search engine. Try to be generous with keywords, but add other features too. Firstly create bizarre content. Make sure that your article is similar to some other article. There are few tools available to check the plagiarism of your content, and rank on Google originality is one of the important factors, so make sure the article you write is 100% original and fresh! A creative idea is something everyone is looking for, and it can be anything that may be a piece of advice, a different strategy, new research points, etc. On-page SEO content requires unusual content. The content should be rich in knowledge, strong, and relevant. If you are looking to have the edge over others and be an outstanding writer, you need to pull up your socks and work hard. You have to write excellent and distinct articles that will make you an expert in on-page SEO and will be able to get your web page rank on Google with the help of digital marketing also.

Tips to Become an Expert in On-Page SEO

These days everyone wants to become a digital marketer and wants to be a blogger but to become a successful one, you need to invest a lot of time, energy, and creativity. We have a few tips for you to practice these skills while blogging and writing articles, and these tips will help you get your web page ranked on Google and other search engines after learning the digital marketing course SEO. Let’s have a look below.

1) Originality – It is very important and necessary for a blogger to use original images while writing a blog because using stock images is not a good idea and is not something we recommend. We suggest you take your photographs and post that along with your blog. Writers who begin with unique images rather than stock images for their web pages are likely to have a better ranking in comparison. 

2) Build Internal Links – The second tip but the most important one, a writer should try and make internal links and support this internal linking concept. Many bloggers link small pages with high-rank pages to give a boost to their web pages. 

3) LSI keyword – Thirdly, the best method to rank your blogs with the help of On-page SEO is using LSI Keywords while writing. With the help of these keywords, Google will evaluate the relevancy of the page. Particularly for shorter articles, you require to put great effort and use LSI keywords. 

4)  Loading Speed of the Page- The page’s loading speed provides a reward to the SEO ranking and gives your page a better SEO ranking. This trivia is shared by Google which supports loading speed as one of the SEO ranking factors. Now Page Speed has converted as one of the most crucial and relevant on-page SEO factors that define the success of a page. To achieve a better loading speed, shift to a more reliable and faster-hosting provider, and that will give you a better speed. However, for some great results, eliminating third-party scripts is important. The higher they are not present better would be the loading speed of your web page. Third-party scripts decrease the entire volume of the page and also negatively affect the page loading time.

Summing Up!

The above-mentioned on-page SEO techniques and the tips we have discussed above will assist you in improving the ranking of your web page, which you might have dreamed about. As we conclude, we hope you would have clearly understood the role and importance of on-page SEO to rank the web page and website and how on-page SEO can help in optimizing the web pages with its various techniques and factors. If you want to acquire more knowledge about SEO in detail and become a certified SEO expert or a digital marketer, get yourself enrolled in the most modernized SEO course available in the market.

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