Let’s first talk about Marketing. What is Marketing? How it is done? And Why?

Marketing is many concepts that are summarized in one word. It is all about finding the target audience for your product, introducing it in the market, then choosing the strategies through which customers will buy your product and also keeps coming back. And, it is solely done to earn profit in the business, or sometimes for giving information or even for getting famous. 

When we see back in time companies use every possible means to market their products such as radios, televisions, newspapers, pamphlets, and other offline mediums as well. And those strategies partially work for them at that time but not anymore. 

If you think that you can achieve success in your business with these old methods, then I wouldn’t be feeling sorry for you when your business goes down because today online is ‘king’.

Today fewer and fewer number of your potential customers are still using these old methods and this number is decreasing manifold every day. So you have to think differently. You have to think ONLINE.

Today if you want to tell people about a job opening you go to LinkedIn. If you want to target the younger generation, you go to Facebook or Instagram, or maybe Snapchat. If you want to run ads for your company then run them on various websites including social media. Whatever you do, just do it online.

Now you see, not everyone is a master of Digital Marketing Services. Or just don’t want to do it because they are not properly trained, don’t have time, or simply don’t have the energy to do it after whole days of work. That’s where the job of a Digital Marketer starts.

Digital marketing is a booming industry and you can find many digital marketers out there who are also good. But, nothing can beat the best Digital Marketing Agency in India in this matter because in a good digital marketing company, you can find many digital marketers under one roof and everybody is an expert in their field. These digital marketing experts help you to increase your sales by using various methods according to your requirements.

Now you must be thinking about what these various methods are.

Digital Marketing Agency In India can offer various services but these are the ones which you can expect in general:

  • Search Engine Optimization 

SEO is the top digital marketing service and is done to make the content appear on the first page of a Google search. This can be done by using relevant keywords in the article and creating backlinks of the same by SEO experts in India. 

  • Social Media Marketing

SMM for short is done to market yourself and the company on social media platforms by posting stories, new products, upcoming sales, running ads, and many other digital marketing services.

  • Email Marketing 

It is done by sending e-mails to your potential customers or those customers who had not visited your site for a long time. Digital marketing services are done to make customers remember you and tell them about your various offers and interesting products. 

  • Retargeting Ads

You must have seen ads of those websites that you recently visited on other sites as well, those are Retargeting Ads. This digital marketing services is done so that customer comes back to your website again and again and also purchase something. This is basically done to target the minds of the customer’s marketing experts.

  • Video Marketing 

Video marketing can be done on various video platforms like youtube and various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. o,r on other websites as well. These top digital marketing services are done for interacting with customers in an interesting way. 

  • Content Creation

Content Creation is done by writing articles or making images, videos, or even stories for social media platforms. Digital marketing services are done to inform people about things or announce a new product or sale offer.

  • Google AdWords

Google AdWords is platform where you can create your own and run them for customers who may be interested in your products. Digital marketing services work on PPC(pay per click) in which you have to pay a certain amount of money every time a user clicks on your ad.

Now, you know what to expect when you go to the best Digital Marketing Agency in India. So, I bring specifically for you the Top 40 Online Marketing Agency in India (the list is updated in July 2022). Now, without any further ado let’s see India’s Top 40 Digital Marketing Agency.

SEO Valley Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

SEO Valley Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the 1st Digital Marketing service in India on my list because of the recognition they have achieved with their Hard work since the year 2000. This top Digital Marketing agency has offices in two of the Indian states and also has a marketing office in the USA, UK, Spain, and many more major and developed countries. SEO Valley Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the best digital marketing serviced and has 108 in-house employees who are working even for foreign clients from over 50 countries. The digital marketing agency in India practices digital marketing through services like SEO, Google Ad Remarketing, Social Media Marketing, Link Acquisition, PPC, Google Penalty Recovery, Conversion Optimization, and whatnot. These SEO experts in India have made over 6k clients happy and are still counting. And those clients are companies like HCL, Tata Consultancy Services, Waggers, Styloko, and many more. SEO Valley digital marketing experts also provide its customers with free SEO and Audit and are also awarded as the top 10 best SEM companies by PromotionWorld, Find Best SEO, and many other awards in the year 2022 what to say about previous years. Apart from India they also have marketing offices in the USA, UK, Spain, New Zealand, and Australia. These top Digital Marketing Experts are also partnering and affiliating with google analytics,  Moz, Clutch, Bing Ads, and many more.

SEO Discovery

SEO Discovery is established in 2007 in Punjab and has 13 years of experience in the digital world. SEO Discovery is the best Digital Marketing Agency that started with just 3 employees since then they had grown immensely and have a team of over 200 employees. They provide many different services of digital marketing such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Web Designing, Content Writing, and App Development. They have already delivered over 12k projects and ranked companies like Pioneer Bricks, Smart Agro, MatchFinder.in, Inspiring Mindz, and many more. Best SEO experts in India also gives free website audit to their clients. This Digital Marketing SeServicen India is also awarded as the most trusted digital marketing agency by PromotionWorld, The Top Tens, Clutch, and 5 more well-known organizations. Besides, apart from India they also have branches in major countries of the world like Singapore, the USA, and London. They are read at whatever they do and are also associated with the industry’s famous names like Google Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner, Bing Partner, NAand SSCOM and it is also ISO Certified.

EZ Rankings

EZ Ranking is the best Digital Marketing Company whose mission is to provide good SEO service at affordable rates so that the user doesn’t have to compromise on either quality or affordability. These SEO experts in India believe in doing work both manually and technically to provide the best services to ittheirlients. They have a team of over 90 professional digital marketers who are handling over 5000 accounts while serving 25+ nations. They have almost all types of SEO services be it local SEO, eCommerce SEO, SEO for small bubusinessesand many more. Services of the best SEO experts in India are not only limited to SEO but they are also a PRO in Reputation Management, Development Solutions, Social Media, and so on. This best Digital Marketing Agency in India has also provided many case studies of their previous projects so that you can check their work and decide accordingly. Let me brief you about it a little, in these case studies the company has given the project’s overview, the SERP which shows the client’s ranking, it’s a recent ranking that has only improved, traffic improvement, and even searches console. And, apart from the India office which is located in Noida these Indian experts of SEO also have a US office in West Chester.

Email Uplers

Email Uplers is all about e-mails. This digital marketing agency in Gujarat, India started as EmailMonks in 2013 and is giving email marketing services since. Then in the same year, the digital marketing experts launched two more branches called Octos and WebMonks for bridging the quality and cost of marketing and launching WordPress respectively. Then while keeping up the good work they merged with their sister company WebMonks and Octos and become Uplers in 2019. With their seven years of experience, these Digital Marketing Experts in India have successfully handled projects of over 5000 brands like National Geographic, Facebook, Disney, UNICEF, and many more reputable brands and made good relations with clients in over 52 countries. They develop over 3000 email templates every month. Uppers have branches in some of the world’s major countries like Australia, the USA, and northwest Europe. This digital marketing agency in India has an exciting history and has grown tremendously in just a few years. They have also received many awards from Bob, Davey Awards, etc. This top digital marketing expert in India provides various services in email template production, email operation support, ESand P support, and also has a dedicated resource team for HTML email, SFMC email, and many more. The best digital marketing experts in India has also given different pricing as per the requirement of the clients. You can ask questions by simply filling out a form given on their website or contact them directly via phone 


IndeedSEO is the best SEO expert in India. The agency is located in Punjab and has more than 10 years of experience in SEO. IndeedSEO has 24*7 customer support with its dedicated staff members. They assure the #1 ranking in Google. The best Online Marketing experts in India even provide many different services of SEO such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Online Reputation Management, Content Writing, and Link Building. They believe to be the #1 SEO company in the industry. These SEO experts in India have already delivered over 1k projects from 100+ satisfied clients. This Online Marketing Experts in India is also awarded as the best SEO company by UpWorks, The Top Tens, Clutch, and many more. Besides, apart from India they also have an office in the USA. The agency is certified as the best digital marketing agency, Google Analytics Partner, Bing Partner, and also Google Partner. They have also written several informational blogs themselves. 

Sweans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Sweans Technologies is a one-stop solution for everything digital marketing companies in India can give. It is a London-based company that has offices in many states of India including Kerala, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Bangalore. The digital marketing experts in India have also established offices in other countries as well, like Bahrain, Saudi, UAE, and Qatar. Sweans Technologies Pvt. Ltd. started working in 2006 and has now become a global brand in the field of digital marketing. This globally recognized online marketing expert is a Microsoft gold certified partner, google partner and Google-trusted online marketing agency. The agency has also won Q3 regional in Google Games and is featured as the top 15 digital marketing agencies in India. Sweans Technologies also earned many awards including the prestigious Muse Award for a Shoba mobile app and website. The company takes every possible step to remain updated with the ever-changing market trends and does the same with its employees. As for the services, Sweans Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides PPC Ads, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Services, Design Services,  and Search Engine Marketing. Everything that you can imagine in digital marketing experts in India to grow your business is provided by this online marketing expert.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc. is one of the top digital marketing services in India that bridges the gap between you and success. It is an IT company that has professionals that take care of the work in different fields in the IT industry. Apart from digital marketing, these digital marketing experts in India also has professionals to designs and develops mobile apps and games, website, and many more. Cyber Infrastructure Inc. has a total of 14 years of experience out of which 7+ years can be counted as marketing experience. The company has a team of over 1k professionals, and over 100 worldwide clients and still counting. This online marketing service has offices in the US/Canada, Singapore, UK/Europe, and South Africa apart from India. They have done many projects with clients of very diverse fields like education, fintech, transportation & logistics, manufacturing, and whatnot. Online marketing experts in India continuously update themselves about the various changes that occur in the industry regularly.

Indiwork Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Indiwork Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is based in Punjab. It is an IT outsourcing company with 15 years of experience in solid software engineering, custom eCommerce solution, mobile apps, online marketing, and strategic IT consulting. This IT cum Digital marketing agency was started in the year 2002 with a small team. Now it has become one of the leading IT and marketing companies with over 100 employees who are working hard to accomplish its objectives of serving its customers well. Indiwork Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top digital marketing companies in India and has done lots of great projects with national and international clients. And those clients have always achieved their goals with the agency’s help. This top digital marketing agency has worked with more than 150 clients from some of the world’s leading economies like the US, and Australia apart from India. This Mohali-based company has also established its branch in the US. Indiwork Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. agency can be easily trusted as it is a top-rated Google partner. The digital marketing experts in India have served some of the well-known client companies such as Promac, Ford, State Bank of India, Holy Land, Pharma Board, and many more like that.


TapOuts is a top digital marketing service in India. The company is partnering with some of the most trusted brands all over the world like eBay, Apple, BMW, Samsung, Amazon, and many more. TapOut works on the principle “Content is king” and makes brands get noticed by customers because of the creative content it provides. The most important thing that a company wants is to continuously increase its customers to increase its sale, therefore, to get better traffic and increase sales most companies prefer to go to TapOuts. Trending digital marketing companies in India convert casual visitors to the website into potential buyers. It provides various services like SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Digital Content Marketing, improves visibility,  grows traffic, and conversions. It also has Online Reputation Management, Online Performance Marketing, and many more services to increase customer satisfaction. TapOuts Digital Marketing experts are also specialized in Video Ads, Branding and Facebook marketing, Digital Marketing Dashboard, Keyboard Brand Traffic, Competitor Tracking, Online Marketing Plan, and whatnot. TapOuts promises to be a 100% result-oriented company at the lowest possible price. It is a US-based company with offices in India and Canada. The online marketing experts’ India office is in Noida and is a great marketing solution for all your problems. 

Fractional CMO

Fractional CMO is a US-based company but has an Indian branch in Hyderabad. Fractional CMO is the best online marketing agency which was founded recently in 2017. Despite being too young in the digital marketing industry it has grown substantially over the gap of 2.5 years. This top digital marketing company is in partnership with one of the greatest power in the digital world and that company is non-other than Hubspot. The best digital marketing experts in India has also done projects with some of the leading companies in the industry. A fractional CMO is providing various services such as Marketing Automation, Marketing Operations, Inbound Marketing, Digital Advertising, and Account-based Marketing. You can schedule a consultation free of cost simply by filling out a form available on its website and you’ll have a great time growing your business. 


Page Traffic is the #1 SEO marketing agency since 2002. With its 18 years of experience, it has served over 9k clients across 36 countries in the world.  The company has received many prestigious awards such as the Top 10 best SEO Companies, best in Search, top 50 SEO Agencies, web Awards, and many more. This SEO expert in India is trusted by many reputable companies like Raymond, Olx, HCL, HolidayIQ, Tata, and more. Digital marketing companies in India have been featured in many top newspapers and magazines in the world such as Forbes, the Huffington Post, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, and Entrepreneur Magazine. In India, PageTraffic has offices in Delhi and Mumbai. The company is serving its client with several services such as Local SEO, Global SEO, eCommerce SEO, Enterprise SEO, Paid Search Marketing, Custom Web Search, and many more. It also gives free SEO analysis to clients. They have also established offices in two of the world’s biggest cities, Chicago and London. You are sure to get maximum benefits from reaching this top digital marketing agency.

Studio Mosaic

Studio Mosaic is a mobile app digital marketing company whose focus is mainly on mobile applications. It was established in 2013 in New Delhi. With its 7 years of experience, it has developed over 500 mobile applications with the help of its trustworthy and professional employees. Studio Mosaic hires the best talents in the industry who are also young and dedicated. This best online marketing company has over 250 clients from different parts of the world. The company has ranked  #1 in the productivity category in France, India, the UK, and many other countries. Their first in-house app was launched in 2013 called StickMe Notes. The second app was launched in 2016 called Dedicate4Me. Due to the success of these applications, they have learned many things including the stress of the launch and marketing of a new launch. Studio Mosaic Digital Marketing Agency in India has also been featured in the Top 25 paid apps in the business category in the USA. It provides many services for mobile applications such as app store optimization, localization, app preview video, press release writing, app review site submission, and user acquisition(PPC/PPI). The company also has different marketing packages to be used according to customer preference, these are bronze, silver, and gold with a visible difference in prices. Some of the projects completed by Studio Mosaic are Hello Pal, My Fitness Trainer, Awesome South Africa, Smart Wallet- recharge and pay Travel Pal, Meetwo, and many more apps. You can easily contact this marketing agency in India via a simple form present on their website.

DOTCOM Infoway

DOTCOM Infoway is founded in the year 2000 with just 5 employees and now they are employing over 100 employees. With over 19 years of experience, it has developed a team of highly professional individuals. These professionals include software developers, mobile app developers, web developers, website designers, mobile app UI-UX designers, blockchain developers, the best SEO experts in India, social media experts, mobile marketers, email marketers, and digital marketing experts. DOTCOM Infoway is the best digital marketing agency that uses the best technologies to deliver the best work like javascript frameworks, PHP, ASP, NET, angular, kotlin, Yii framework, and many more. They also have experience in handling international clients and projects. DOTCOM Infoways is working 24*7 for the help of its customers. The company is a certified Microsoft Gold partner and has a dedicated ISO audit team internally. The best digital marketing services in India have delivered projects for clients like ByteDance, Triad, TradeAsia Group, Hipsto, Mahindra Business City, Sony Music, IPL, Amazon India, and many more trusted brands. The digital marketing experts have also won some of the most reputed awards such as top developers, top mobile app developers, and more.

Socialpulsar Inc.

SocialPulsar Inc. is one of the top digital marketing companies in India powered by AI solutions. The company has made it its mission to solve the problems of other businesses related to marketing with its AI power. It serves a variety of industries such as real estate, health and wellness, advertising, marketing, retail, eCommerce, startups, and many more. This top online marketing agency has been awarded many awards such as 25 most influential mobile marketing leaders, 100 smartest digital marketing leaders, and many more. The services provided by Socialpulsar Inc. are digital strategy, marketing automation, decision science, organic, branding, and many more. Socialpulsar has a 24*7 support system for its national and international clients. It also gives weekly and monthly performance analyses and free consultations only for you. You can reach them by filling out an online form provided on their website.  

IOGOOS Solution

IOGOOS Solution is the best digital marketing expert and is here to change the future of the digital marketing business. The company was founded in 2009 with the sole objective of changing the future of marketing through its efforts and smart ways of doing work. With 11 years of experience and over 150 employees, the company is continuously working towards its goal achievement. Best digital marketing companies in India has been recognized as top-performing partner agency in the USA and Los Angeles by Hubspot and is also Hubspot gold partner. The agency is also recognized by Upwork, NASSCOM, Clutch, and Good Firm. It has the best class and updated technologies in the industry like PHP, LaRavel, SharePoint, Magento, and many more well-known technologies. They will help you in a planned manner from making strategies to the deployment of those strategies. You can easily contact them by filling out the provided form on their website.

Bruce Clay, Inc.

You can term Bruce Clay Inc. as a one-stop solution to all your marketing problems. The company is helping websites in its ranking since 1996. Bruce Clay, Inc.’s digital marketing agency is a search marketing company that is providing services like SEO, SEO Training, SEO Tools, SEM/PPC, Content Writing, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. The company has also created SEOToolSet for WordPress. BCI has offices in some of the world’s major countries like India, the US, Japan, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, and Brazil.

SEOFIED IT Services Pvt. Ltd.

SEOFIED IT Services Pvt. Ltd. is the top digital marketing agency that drives results from its digital marketing strategies. The company has 10 years of experience in the digital world. This best online marketing company has over 90 employees who are ready to serve you 24*7. SEOFIED IT Services Pvt. Ltd. has designed 500+ websites and has over 1000 clients. This top digital marketing agency serves you in different ways such as SEO, Google Adwords Services, Conversion Rate Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Responsive Website Designing, Website Redesigning, CMS Website Development, and eCommerce Website. SEOFIED IT Services Pvt. Ltd. online marketing agency is partnering with the best companies like NASSCOM, CII, Google Certified, and Silicon India. The company has clients in over 30 countries, had delivered over 2k projects, and is also available 24*7 for its customers. This fast, top digital marketing service in India has offices all over the world such as in Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore, the UK, the US, and many more. 

SEOTonic Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

SEOTonic Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2006 with only 3 clients and 5 web designers. With 14 years of experience, the company has developed exponentially. Today the company is employing over 55 professional web designers. The motto of this top digital marketing company is, to be honest, loyal, and dedicated today to the clients. For that reason, the company is now serving over 300 active clients. These highly organized digital marketing experts have branches in various countries apart from India, the US, and the UK. Now let me tell you the services that are provided by SEOTonic Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.:  SEO, Online Marketing Development, Link Building, Link Removal, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC Management, Online Reputation Management, Web Designing, and Development.

ROI Minds

The objective of ROI Minds is to help brands grow.  The best digital marketing agency has over 5 years of experience and yet has achieved all sorts of experience levels. The company has delivered 112 projects very successfully, has a 98% customer satisfaction rate, and has also received 6 prestigious awards. A top digital marketing company in India is a certified partner of Cluth, Google, Bing, Google Analytics, and Facebook marketing partner, and is also Inbound Marketing Certified. The services provided by ROI Minds digital marketing experts are Google ads, Facebook ads, sales funnel, SEO, copyrighting, click funnel, conversion rate optimization, marketing automation, white-label,eCommerce ads, and many more such services. You can also get a free audit report from this agency. Apart from India has an office in the US.

SEE Response

SEE Responses is a B2B digital marketing agency and a lead generation for SaaS businesses. The company drives qualified leads for your business. Services provided by them are marketing automation, b2b marketing, startup marketing, email marketing, outbound marketing, and account-based marketing. SEE Response is the top online marketing agency that has also received many awards like best digital Agents by digitalrush.com, top advertising, and Marketing by the Clutch. It is also a Hubspot-certified partner. Its clients are satisfied with them, those clients are RateGain, JOOV, curacubby, saas plaza, and many more prestigious brands. 

WillShall: Redefining Technology

WillShall is one of the best Digital Marketing companies in India established for redefining technologies for the world. The company works to enhance customer satisfaction, make brands stand out, and make strategies that stand out. WillShall marketing agency is recognized by many top brands in the industry like Clutch, Top SEOs, CrowdReviews, UpWork, Fiverr, and People per Hour. Research and making strategies for delivering work and giving customer support are parts of their strategies for their customers. It is a Google adword certified partner. With 12+ years of experience in hand, it is a top-rated digital marketing company with qualified house developers giving 24*7 support to its clients. Its services are SEO, SMM, PPC, Content marketing, eCommerce, CMS, and website designing. 

First Launch

First Launch is the top online marketing expert established to re-defined marketing for everyone. The company is in Bangalore and is a certified Google Partner. Talking about their services I can only tell that they are experts in everything they do whether it is social media management, SEO, search engine marketing, digital audit, email marketing, content writing, branding, and many more. The best digital marketing companies in India can give you a high ranking on Google with their smart marketing solutions. They have highly satisfied clients like eyecare, patron, unacademy, champ monk, explore, and many more.

WebSpero Solutions

Web Spero Solutions is an award-winning best digital marketing agency. The company has done projects for some major companies in the industry such as UpCity, Yelp, GoodFirms, UpWork, Clutch, and many more reputed brands. WebSpero Solution is a top online marketing agency and is a certified partner of Google, Shopify, and BigCom. The company has been featured in some of the major newspapers and magazines like Forbes, CMS Wire, and Reuters. They have tested and ranked over 500 factors and are employing some of the most renowned SEO professionals. They are specialized in SEO, PPC, and web designing.


NISWEY is the best digital marketing agency and a one-stop solution for all your problems in terms of digital marketing. Their way of doing marketing has made digital marketing a piece of the cake. They have professional marketing experts for every project. Their objective is to help the client by any means possible. The company is a gold member of Hubspot, Terminus Partner, Data Box Certified Partner, Hubspot Partner Advisory Council Member, Google Partner, and many more branded partners. Digital marketing services in India have also won some awards like B2B Advertising and Marketing Agency in India by Clutch and many more. They also provide services like account-based marketing, inbound marketing, Martech Solutions, Hubspot Management, White Label Marketing Services, and many more.

Wild Creek Web Studio

Wild Creek Web Studio is the best online marketing company established in the year 2003.  With 17 years of experience, the company is driving 100+ brands toward growth. They have experienced projects of over 1000 clients and the customers’ satisfaction level is 99%. They have worked with clients like Aparna Avinasiappan, UrbanPro.com, Databyte, and many more. These top digital marketing experts provide services like digital presence, digital performance, digital reputation management, digital empowerment, and many more. 


Oxedent is an online marketing expert established to make companies grow with the least cost. Services they provide are Google Ads, Google Shopping, Paid Social, PPC Management, and White Lable PPC. They give proper guidance to their clients about their marketing strategies. They have handled over 250 clients and saved over $150k in budget. This top online marketing agency has a dedicated in-house team with no priority clients. Oxedent is a Google-certified partner. Some of their clients are Acorn and Pip, Grayfords, River Stone, Boy London, and many more. Apart from India the company also has offices in the UK and the US.


ShootOrder is a top digital marketing company in Hyderabad, India, and is founded in 2013. In its 7 years of experience, it had handled various successful projects. Their approach towards digital marketing is to attract users, engage and interact with them, and delight them with various techniques, and believe it or not this technique never goes wrong. The digital marketing company deals with top digital marketing services in India like SEO, Content Marketing, PPC Advertising, Social  Media, Landing Page Optimization, Data Analytics, etc. ShootOrder has over 300 clients across the globe who never goes unsatisfied.

Godot Media

Godot Media is the best digital marketing expert in content writing. It has over 1000 happy and satisfied clients. It deals with services such as Content Marketing, SEO, Blogs, Copywriting, Social Media, and Product Description. One of the best digital marketing services in India has affordable packages for every service they provide and also offers a discount on your first service or order. They have worked with clients like Ezbob, ProvPlan, Shaw, Marketstomper, Black Glass, and many more. You can see the samples of their work on their website and also contact them with a simple form provided on their site as well.


Inovies is the best web development and marketing agency in India. It is a mobile application development company. The company has over 11 years of experience and has worked with over 700 clients. Inovies has also won as many as 15+ prestigious awards like the top agency 2022 by Clutch and more. The company is partnering with some renowned personalities of the world like Google Cloud, Google Web Designer, NASSCOM members, IMA, IWA, and Google. The top digital marketing company has branches in Dubai also. Inovies are providing services like SEO, SMM, Content marketing, Email Marketing, PPC, and many more development and marketing services.

SEO Experts India

Seo Experts India is a top digital marketing agency for marketing solutions. Their motto is to grow their client’s online performance. The company also gives a free SEO audit for your company. SEO Experts India is the best digital marketing agency that provides various services like SEO, PPC, Online Reputation Management, Link Building, SMM, and many more. The company also gives you a free proposal for your business success. The company is 7 years old with a set of skilled professionals. These top SEO Experts in India provide performance trackers and win the hearts of 98% of clients. SEO Experts India does not make a hole in your pocket, their prices are budget-friendly yet give proven results

SERP Wizard

SERP Wizard has obtained the top b2b companies India award by Clutch. The company gives free SEO audits to its clients. Some of the services that this best online marketing agency provides are Search Optimization, SMM, PPC Advertising, Web Design and Development, and many more. It provides White Label Online Marketing Services. This is the top digital marketing service in India and has worked with some of the best client companies around the globe such as Match Plug, Cash for UK Homes, That’s Italian, and many more. The company has delivered about 2k projects with 600 satisfied customers and is currently handling over 400 projects.

Cibirix: Rise Digitally

Cibirix is the best digital marketing agency based in the US that has a branch offices in India and UAE. The main objective of this company is to raise its client’s business digitally.  Cibirix is an excellent, dedicated company and a very good choice for collaboration. The services that are provided by top digital marketing companies in India have services that they are providing include online marketing, SEO, SMM, creative marketing strategy, content marketing services, UX-UI, and many more. The company is a certified Bing and Google Partner. The company also gives 24*7 support to its clients for their satisfaction.

WebGuruz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

WebGuruz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a digital marketing agency that was launched in the year 2008 and established an office in the UK in the year 2009. The company has worked with some of the reputed names like The Studio, Frog Street, RJR Assist, and many more. After some years of hard work, they established an office in Australia and the USA also.  And what can I say about their services, just think of whatever you want from an online marketing agency, it has all of those features be it SEO, SMM, SMO, web development, mobile app development, software testing, and many more.

ATop Digital

ATop is one of the top Digital marketing companies in India that is here to change the digital world. They help companies by bringing their experience to life, and by utilizing their experience to help achieve the goal of the company. They build creative strategies and use the latest technologies to complete any project. They have an office in the US also apart from India. They provide services like digital marketing, amazon marketing, content writing, web designing, web development, branding services, and much more. The logo of this top digital marketing expert in India is to stay on top and that’s what they feel for their clients such as Micromax, Disney Princess, Roland, quarry, walker law, HDFC home loans, and many more repute brands. Contact them by filling out a simple form provided on their website.

SEO Expert Company India

Yes, you read that right SEO Expert Company India is very much different from the company SEO Experts India wrote about above. SEO Experts is the Best Digital Marketing Company and promises to give 10 times more results with their SEO expertise. You can boost your traffic, earn a high ranking, and drive sales from it. They provide services like a website SEO audit, keyword research, competitor research, on-page SEO optimization,  off-page optimization, and link building, search engine optimization, and tracking. The top digital marketing companies in India are trusted Google partners, Google AdWords partners, and google analytics partners. The company has won the position in the list of best SEO companies in India in 2019. With over 9 years of experience, the company is ready to serve you 24×7.


OLBUZ is a top online marketing company in India. The company has 13 years of experience and is partnering with some of the most reputed brands like Bing, Facebook, Google, Good Firms, and many more. Some of the services provided by the company are mobile app development, the best digital marketing services in India, technical solutions, creative services, etc. These digital marketing experts give free website consultations to their customers and service industries like fashion, healthcare, travel, automobile, and saas product. It has worked with clients like DigiFloor, Hire Fitness, Refer News, Devonshire Caldwell, and many more in and outside the country. It has offices in India and Japan. 


WebFX is the best digital marketing service in India. It is a certified Google partner, millennial partner, Facebook marketing partner, and many more. It provides services that can be categorized as SEO, brand pricing, and marketplace pricing with many subcategories. Also, the digital marketing company is good at content and analytics like content pricing, email pricing, and much more. The company has won many awards over the years, some of which are the best workplaces for Commuters, Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies, horizon distinguished agency,  the Business of the Year, and many more. You can contact them by simply filling out the provided form or by calling them.


WebChoice is a top digital marketing expert that provides a custom solution for your problems. Services offered by them in digital marketing are SEO, advertising, affiliate marketing,  email marketing,  social media marketing, and many more. Some of their happy clients are Nutri agro, AED, connecting dreams foundation, Delhi Visit, and many more. The company’s main objective is to serve its clients unconditionally. This online marketing company has dedicated employees for 24*7 customer support. 

AMR Softec

AMR Softec is an online marketing expert that has innovative ideas and the best technologies to fulfill the needs of clients. They are well experienced and has all the expertise to perform their task well and drive better results. They serve industries like banking, education, health care, outdoor activities,  food tech, on-demand solutions, and many such industries. The company has already delivered over 1000 projects with a more than 90% satisfaction rate in its 10 years of doing business. One of the best digital marketing companies in India has more than 50 professional team members. Some of their well-known clients are eTeacher, HTK Academy, Bosveld Inc., clears, and many more.

Mandy Web Design

Mandy web design is a well-known digital marketing expert in the industry. The company always focuses on growing its client’s business. The company provides various services like web design, web development, eCommerce, mobile applications, and digital marketing. Some of their best projects are Orchids International, Atlantic, OLAWALE, Dad-in-Paws, and many more. With much experience and a team of dedicated and committed employees, Mandy Web Designing Agency will soon overtake these biggies.


There are many Top Digital Marketing companies in India offering the best work for the cheapest price. They are all good at their work and almost every agency is handling foreign projects but be very careful when choosing the right company for your business growth. But, let me tell you that whatever your decision is please do let me know which of these Top 40 Digital Marketing Companies in India (updated July) is on your list in 2022.