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The proposed Security.txt standard for website security data is designed to make it simple for security researchers to disclose security flaws. Facebook, GitHub, LinkedIn, and Google all use security.txt files.

For those seeking to get in touch with the owner of a website about security concerns, the standard specifies a text file named “security.txt” in the well-known location, with syntax similar to robots.txt but designed to be both machine- and human-readable. 

What exactly is Security.txt? What is the need?

  • This is a suggested protocol that enables sites to establish their security rules and practices, as well as offers security experts clear guidelines regarding how to disclose security flaws. It’s indeed comparable to robots.txt or ads.txt.
  • It’s understandable for you to ask why we even need this in the first place. Security researchers discover thousands of new configuration mistakes and weaknesses every year, and they frequently prefer to expose them so the business or programmer may correct problems.
  • After being originally put forward in 2017, this protocol is still being developed as an online infrastructure. On the screen, we have an Adobe security.txt file that may be found in the well-known/Security.txt section of 
  • Despite this, big companies like Google, Facebook, GitHub, LinkedIn, Dropbox, and others have already adopted it and it is recommended for use by the US and UK government agencies as well.
  • We can easily report a security issue from this point on since we have access to the security policy and the right contact details. Having a security system is crucial, as you can see. An excellent privacy signature for safe communication is the PGP, for instance.
  • The procedure of reporting a security vulnerability using a text file is significantly streamlined because you are aware of who to submit the vulnerability to and the requirements you must meet in order for your report to be accepted.

Structure, Content, and Rules of Security.txt

  • We can tell from the URI that the file is in a well-known directory, but it may also be in the website’s root directory or even in both places at once. Now let’s look at the safety and content.
  • The structure of the text file is lines of key-value pairs separated by columns, and the recognitions are URLs to a web page where persons can be acknowledged for their findings’ canonical listings, there are already eight defined fields.
  • Contact is a necessary feature that offers details on where to report vulnerabilities, such as an email address, and it might be important when someone acquires the security text file by methods other than directly visiting the site.
  • A necessary field that specifies when the data in the file should be deemed outdated and no longer utilized can also include more than one contact field if you require encryption and locates an encryption key that should be used for secure communication when reporting security problems. 
  • The date can be as far in the future as you like, although it’s advised that it be no more than a year away. Finally, preferred languages list the languages that the organization would prefer to use when submitting security reports.
  • As an added precaution, the security.txt file should contain links to a homepage listing security-related employment vacancies within the organization have an internet media type of text plane, and must be served over HTTPS.

How to add a Security.txt file to a website?

Here is the tutorial: configuring the Security.Txt file. The security.txt file can be utilized to give your users a uniform manner to report security flaws on your website. A file format called a security.txt file was created to make it easier for your users to report any bugs.

To finish this tutorial, you must have administrator access and a Developer Portal activated. In these steps, you change the security.txt file and give your clients contact information, such as a website URL, in case they discover a security problem.

  1.  Access your Developer Portal by logging in as the administrator.
  2.  Click Manage to make the administrator dashboard visible if it isn’t already.
  3.  Navigate to Configuration” > then go to ‘System’ > now go to ‘Security.txt’.
  4.  Enable the security text file for your site by checking the box.
  5.  Fill out the form according to your needs.
  6.  To save your changes, choose Save Configuration.

You have successfully done to update the security.txt file. Now, by returning to the page under the configuration settings, you may change the security.txt at any moment. You can visit for further details.

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FAQs related Security.TXT

  1. What is the use of Security.txt?

Security.txt can be used to convey important information about the website.

  1. Where is the Security.txt file located?

This file is not located in the root folder, It is uploaded in the .well known folder. Example:

  1. Is the Security.txt file important for SEO?

This file is not important for SEO.

  1. Does the Security.txt file affect SEO?

This file does not affect your SEO.

  1. Is the Security.txt file important for SEO?

This file is used to let everyone know who and how to contact in case of security issues.

  1. What does security.txt’s primary goal?

Security.txt’s major goal is to facilitate platform security efforts for businesses and security researchers. Security researchers now have an easy way to contact businesses about security concerns thanks to security.txt.

  1. Security.txt: Is it an RFC?

Yes! Public contributions are encouraged:

  1. I need to know where to put the security.txt file.

The .well-known directory (/.well-known/security.txt) is where websites should keep their security.txt files. The /.well-known/ directory can also be added to a website’s root directory (/security.txt) if it cannot be utilized for technical reasons or if it is just being kept as a backup. Both places on a website may receive the file at the same time.

  1. Can spam bots find my email address if I add it?

The email value is a field that is optional. You can set a URI as the value and link to your security policy if you are concerned about spam.

  1. Can the Security.txt file be readable?

It is machine and human both readable.

  1. Is the Security.txt file play any role in SEO?

This file does not play any role in SEO, and it cannot keep your website safe

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