Digital Touch Points for Customers are basically interactions between businesses and customers that happen during the customer’s journey. These interactions significantly impact customer experience as well as the change in brand perception. By describing key touchpoints on a map, businesses can benefit from appropriate possibilities to optimize their client journey.

Customer touchpoints operate in a related way. They essentially describe meaningful communications that happen simultaneously during the customer’s journey. Arranging them in sequence will portray a comprehensive panorama of a normal customer experience with your business. In the below article, we’ll are going to discuss in detail the customer touchpoints and the function they have with digital marketing programs and customer care teams. Also, we will speak about the list of a few customer touchpoints that your business must practice in the year 2021.

Consumer touchpoints are ideally recorded by reviewing the customer’s journey. They all are aligned together in chronological sequence to confirm what a normal customer’s experience is like for any business. This will help the digital marketing training and customer care teams to distinguish the customer touchpoints that cause disagreement so they can eliminate them and improve the customer journey by making necessary changes.

Below we are going to discuss a few examples of customer touchpoint experiences as per their journey.

DG Royals-Customer-Touch Points

a) Customer touchpoints are really very important to understand and improve the customer experience as per their journey and below we will discuss the importance of touchpoints for the Digital marketing and customer service team.

b) The green dots describe the customer’s positive communications, and the red ones describe details of disagreement. Yellow dots describe the time when customers will make a decision, and that would eventually lead to a Green or Red dot.

c) With this particular arrangement, we can understand the various touchpoints throughout the journey of a customer and it will make your task super easy and will give you a clear picture so that you can improvise your weak areas and your customers can be satisfied.

d) We’ve divided the list to comprise all the touchpoints that happen before, during, and after any purchase. Also, we’ve mentioned a few touchpoints that are specifically for the customer service teams.

15 Essential Digital Touchpoints for Customer Journey

1. Social Media to attract customers

Social media is one of the most important customer touchpoints and is covered in all the different sections. Nevertheless, it is most popularly used for attracting customers to your products and services and it is only because social media is a very affordable method of relinquishing a huge population of audience you want to target. Social Media can be very profitable and you can easily promote products, build relationships among clients, and improve the overall image of your brand.

2. Online Advertisement for customer acquisition

Online advertisements are very important to give a boost to your business by bringing in more customers. The display and banner ads on the website will provide leads and it is one of the most efficient ways of increasing traffic on your website.

3. On-Page SEO

Apart from ADs, the best way of customer acquisition is On-page SEO, which means attracting customers through various content like blogs, infographics, brand videos, etc.

4. Live Events on Social Media Platforms

The sales and digital marketing training teams can also promote their brand by organizing certain live events on Social media and presenting their goods and services to the masses it is the most effective way for customer awareness and which would directly improve your sales.

5. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is the best way to promote products and improve business. Customers always trust their family and friends over the advertisements and will definitely try what the family members have advised. This makes it compelling for companies to concentrate on referral digital marketing programs to improve their customer base.

6. Discussions With Sales Representatives

Interactions between customers and sales representatives play a vital role in promoting sales and these communications will definitely impact the customer’s decision of being or not to buy the product.

7. Products and services Brochures

Brochures provide detailed information about all the products and it would hardly make a difference if it’s online or you have a hard copy they are one of the best ways to present your good and services. The description of the products with their image will give a detail of everything before they buy the product. And, you can also eliminate any disagreement by inserting a Call To Action button on the page, so that if customers have any issues they can call directly.

8. Online Business

Nowadays almost all business are running online business too and it is a need of the hour too because of the pandemic the demand for all e-commerce businesses have increased. E-commerce business has made it very easy that you can do whatever you wish from other parts of the world to now in just one click. Knowing about several customer touchpoints within the e-commerce business can tremendously improve the customer journey.

9. Product Critiques

During the digital age, product Critiques are no longer used only as a pre-purchase customer touchpoint. Now, consumers possess smart appliances that can provide them with the quality the product while doing digital marketing programs. Also, a few of the online sellers incorporate reports on the page the product is listed on, you can clearly see the suggestions of other users before buying any product and have satisfaction.

10. Rapport with the Customers

One of the most powerful techniques to strengthen your relationship with customers is to thank them after the purchase and send them a thank you letter. This can be done by sending an email, or, a hand-written note thanking the customer’s efforts. It’s an exceptional idea to tell your clients that you consider and care about them and build a long-term relationship with them.

11. Feedback Surveys of the product

Feedbacks are always important for improvement and are always taken from the customers after the purchase and it’s a great way to evaluate the customer’s experience. In case the client gives negative feedback, for further improving the consumer experience they can be contacted to ask about the scope of improvement. After combining this data the information is further transferred to the concerned team to make the necessary changes in the next batch.

12. Email Flyers

Email flyers are a great way to inform your customers about the new products added and the various schemes available for the consumers to gain benefits from the purchase. It is a very easy way to market your products and services.

13. Client Assistance Channels

Pre-sales services and after-sales services are the most important customer touchpoints. The customer will count his experience the best when they get all the help while just contacting a customer service department and it can be via email, chat, call, social media, reviews, etc. It s very important for all businesses to have an excellent customer service team that provides on-time support to their customers.

14. Customer Success Program

Customer success programs have a variation of customer touchpoints in digital marketing training discovered within them. When customer accomplishment identifies the dormant issue, they relinquish the customers to inform them of the problem or suggest an explication. This shows an involvement in the customer’s intentions which establishes further rapport over time.

15. Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding is a common customer touch-point for all the service and assistance teams because several consumers reject goods soon after purchasing them. This is because they either don’t understand how to manage it, or they don’t have the opportunity to discover how to utilize it. Both results are imperative for organizations to spend on active onboarding programs.